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07-17-09 V1.0

Sea Monsters

Barrel Eye Fish
The bizarre looking Micropinna Microstoma fish has a translucent head with
extremely light sensitive tubular eyes that can rotate to point forwards or upwards.
We’ll examine how Micropinna’s tubular eyes and clear shield allow it to stealthily
hunt jellyfish, stealing their food without getting stung by their tentacles.

Hag Fish
Known as the most disgusting of all sea creatures, the Hag fish secretes copious
amount of slime to extricate itself from its prey. An adult hagfish can secrete enough
slime to turn a 20 litre bucket of water into slime in minutes. We’ll examine how the
properties of the slime and reveal how it is really like a 3 D web for the hagfish’s

Money shot at :28 sec

Vampire Squid
We’ll explain the science that makes this deep-sea denizen transform itself into a
frighteningly bizarre vampire-like creature.

Octopus Escape
Detective work at the Vancouver Aquarium revealed that an octopus was squeezing
through a small filtration system every night to snatch some nearby fish. We’ll set up
our own demonstration to see what really happens when an octopus escapes.
Amazing Animals

Sheep Art
A group of sheep herders from Wales take their profession to the nth degree by
creating moving art with their herd of sheep and a few LEDs. We’ll look into the
training and techniques used to get these sheep in motion.
Wonder if they can do the That’s Amazing logo?

Lyre Bird
The Australian Lyre bird can mimic everything from the sound of a camera shutter
to a chainsaw. Its vocal chords are the most complex of any songbird in the world.
We’ll visit the only one in captivity and re-shoot it’s amazing imitations. (Money
shot starts at 1:54)

2-legged dog
Faith, a Labrador/chow, is the only known dog in the world that walks with two legs
– upright like a human. We’ll dissect dog physiology to see how this is possible.
Video is a news story - demonstrates the dog walking upright inside, outside

Amazing Survival

Hundreds of people die in avalanches yearly, yet many more survive the devastating
natural phenomenon. What is the anatomy of an avalanche? We take a look at the
triggers, movement and destructive power of an avalanche and turn to real life
survivors to see how they came out alive!

***-there are several local stories of guys being buried near Whistler BC. Would
need to recreate…possibility of doing it on the glacier in summer?
***also guy in Montana that does experiments with avalanche huts and crash test
dummies …but only does it in the winter.

Video below is someone being buried and then dug out of avalanche:
Skydive Survive
When his parachute fails the skydiver acknowledges he’s about to die, waves
goodbye to the world through his helmet camera and hits the ground. We’ll talk to
the man who fell over a mile and survived?

Money shot at 1:06

Arm Hacker
Aaron Ralston had to cut off his own arm after getting trapped in a canyon during a
solo mountain climbing accident. We’ll shoot our own demonstration to test the
limits of a human’s pain threshold.
(Will shoot our own demonstration)

iPod Lightning
A British teenager is hit by a 3,000-volt bolt of lightning, but saved by… her iPod?
We show you the science behind how she survived.

Advanced Vehicles

Human Jet
Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy wore a homemade jet-propelled wing to fly 22-miles
over the English Channel in just 15 minutes. We’ll find out how.

Human jet money shot: 50s in.

Bond cars
Bling bling or Bling bang? We’ll show you flame throwing exhaust pipes and
electrocuting door handles, the latest options in personal vehicle defense.

Water Jet Pack
Flying and boating, this water jet pack combines the best of both. We’ll show you
how the technology that launched a well-known children’s toy has spawned the
newest form of personal transportation.
Weird Machines

Wind Beast
Dutch artist Theo Jansen creates large scale prehistoric animals made from plastic
bottles and tubing. Entirely wind powered the animals actually have stomachs,
muscles and lungs…the ultimate fusion of art and engineering.

Big Dog
Four legged rough terrain robot with biologically inspired movements that appear
deer like. Created for military use, the Big Dog can travel almost any terrain that is
too steep, rutted, rocky or snowy for vehicles – righting itself after slipping on any
surface. We’ll put the big dog through an amazing obstacle course of our own.

This beautiful flying object is the first of its kind, as it has a peristaltic drive, a small
motor that works similarly to the human esophagus.

Human Anomolies

Tumor Man
Here, Huang Chuncai recovers from the first of three surgeries to remove his 45-
pound facial tumor. He suffers from a rare genetic disorder affecting his nerve
tissue. We’ll be there during his final surgery, after which doctors believe he’ll be
able to lead a more normal life.

Tree man
Dede has an incredible skin condition: he has root like structures growing out of his
body - branches that can grow up to 5cm a year protruding from his hands and feet.
His condition has baffled doctors for 20 years, but now we follow Dede as he
undergoes follow up treatment to stop these growths, and show you more about
Dede and the science behind his amazing condition.
Key Shot: 0:32 min
Medical phenomenon Rudy Santos – known as Octoman – has four arms and three
legs, while suffering one of the rarest conditions known to man - a parasitic twin.
Recently, medics have performed a series of examinations giving us new
information on this most unusual of human anomalies.
Key Shot: 0:07 min

8 Limbed Girl
A 2-year-old Indian girl was born with four arms and four legs. Considered a Hindu
deity in her own village, Lakshmi’s team of 30 doctors successfully perform life
saving surgery and get a better understanding about her remarkable condition.
Key Shot: 0:29 min

Lizard Boy
Ryan's skin is as hard as a coat of armor. A rare genetic skin disorder (Harlequin-
type ichthyosis) that is usually fatal at birth has left Ryan with reptilian scales,
deeply cracked fissured skin and an uphill battle for his life.

Key Shots:
Amazing Medicine

The micro-surgeons of the medical world – maggots clean wounds by dissolving and
disinfecting dead tissue. Something that is not possible with scalpels and lasers.
Money Shot at 1:32

Lung Machine
Remarkable video of human lungs breathing outside of a human body. We’ll dissect
the medical breakthrough allowing doctors to work on lungs outside the body,
forever changing the world of organ transplantation.

Real Life Faceoff
Fiction turns to fact as a handful of recent facial transplants success stories give
accident victims a fresh outlook on life. We find out exactly what’s behind their fresh
features and how their senses have held up to this dramatic procedure.

James Maki (Boston Globe)
Key Shot: 0:19 min

Cultural Rituals

Bullet Ants
In the Amazon, young Satere Mawe men have a painful entrance into adulthood. All
young boys must a ritual in which each boy wears gloves filled with poisonous and
excessively painful bullet ants. One sting has been said to equal the pain of being
shot by a bullet. We’ll do our own demonstration with local college kids to see how
painful a bullet ant really is.
Money shot at 1:05
Vine Jumping
Vanuatu tribesmen perform a dangerous ritual that could be the precursor to
bungee jumping. Each year they throw themselves from a three to five story
platform with only a mere vine to keep them from crashing into the earth. With
tribesman having to touch their head to the ground upon jumping, a few extra
inches in the vine could mean severe injury or even death. We’ll compare the
elasticity of the vine versus the bungee.
Money Shot at :017

Human Pyramid
Before construction on a human pyramid even begins, a detailed blueprint is
painstakingly completed. While these Spanish castellers can build a 10-tier pyramid
in less than 5 minutes, we’ll put a top cheerleading team to the test to see how high
they can go.

New Ideas

Top Spin Amusement Park
This amusement park ride can do 107 flips without stopping. What’s the science
driving this mechanical marvel and how much G-force can people take?

Vaporized Plane
In this test for the nuclear regulation industry, an F4 Phantom jet completely
disintegrates when it hits a wall at a speed of 500mph. We’ll tell you the science
behind this incredible video.

Limb regeneration
Scientists are genetically modifying the Mexican Axolotl (salamander) in the hopes
its ability to regenerate body parts will help human amputees. We plan to use time
lapse photography to document the process.
3:07 This video demonstrates a time lapse of the regeneration of a salamander’s leg.
Myth Busting

Fifteen minutes after its heart stops beating, a decapitated dog is reanimated by
soviet biologists - twelve hours later, it’s on its feet, wagging its tail, barking, fully
recovered. We’ll show you how this shocking 1940s video fooled TIME magazine
and the entire International science community with some fancy photography.
Key Shot: 5:37 min

Notes: Soviet Scientist Dr. Bryukhoneko’s autojector is the first artificial heart-lung
(artificial circulation) apparatus without which no serious operation is possible
today. Became Time Magazing’s (1942) cover story “ RED SCIENCE”. A patent was
granted for an ‘autojector’ in 1987. The inventor was so horrified at the prospect
that this was now possible that he patented the process so that he could refuse
anyone the right to do it lest it infringe his intellectual property.

Bungee Croc
A man bungee jumping over a river barely escapes with his life, as a croc lurks at
precisely the right spot with jaws ready to snap. We’ll reveal the nasty truth lurking
behind this video.

Cobra baby
A baby in India plays with a cobra in strike mode. We’ll bust the myths around
snake charming.

Various hypotheses have been offered to explain the formation of crop circles of
unknown origin, ranging from the naturalistic to the paranormal. Are these simple
traditional ‘plank and foot’ designs or perhaps military microwave tests? We dig
deep and discover the truth behind the unexplained phenomenon.

Key Shot: 1:59 min
CGI or Real?

Sewer Monster
When the story of an unknown life form, found in a sewer pipe, recently broke no
one knew what it was. Now, one university professor has taken it upon himself to
prove what this throbbing, breathing mound is.
Sewer monster money shot: 55s in.

Sonic Cornstarch
Poured over a reverberating speaker system, cornstarch, mixed with the right
amount of water, may actually help us see how bizarre sound may look like.

Amazing Plants
Are these plants from the deepest darkest regions of the Amazon, or amazig CGI?

Key Shot: 0:18 min

Amazing Video no Science

Heli Beers
Helicopter pilots have a precarious initiation practice of hovering feet off the ground
using their skids to open beer bottles!

Robo Camel Racing
Camel racing, a massive spectator sport in the United Arab Emirates, has been
revamped with Robot riders taking the place of child jockeys.
Money shot at :52
Catfish Noodling
An extreme and deadly form of fishing in southern US where brave fisherman dive
down and reach into submerged dens, waiting for up to 100 lb catfish to clamp on to
their arm. Using no hooks, rods or nets the catfish is dragged to the surface and
slowly starved of oxygen until he releases his jaws from the bloody shredded arm.

Money shots start at :20

Amazing Adaptations

Armless Swimmer
Chinese Swimmer He Junquan is a multiple Paralympic gold medalist who has no
arms. His technique in the water has been compared to dolphins and some wonder,
does his absence of arms give him an aerodynamic advantage?

Ice Man
Wim Hof sets a new world record, swimming a distance of 180 feet under 3-feet of
ice. How does the ancient art of Tummo help him to regulate his body temperature
in such a drastic climate? We’ll find out when we capture his next record-breaking

Seeing with your ears
Daniel Kish is blind, and teaches others to use echolocation to actually ‘see’ with
their ears. We put Daniel through our amazing obstacle course as he navigates
through the science of sound and we show you why Daniel is truly a real life ‘Bat-
Key Shot: 5:01 min

Notes: Daniel Kish through the non-profit organization World Access for the
Blind.[8] He has developed a click-emitting device and trains other blind people in
the use of echolocation and in what he calls "echo-mobility". Daniel has taught many
blind people to utilize echolocation and expand their mobility.
Tech Innovations

Iron man suit
A new robot suit amplifies a person’s movements making the individual bigger,
stronger, and faster. We’ll run our own obstacle course in the suit that gives regular
people superhuman abilities.

Bomb suits
Improvised explosive devices are the biggest killer of U.S and coalition forces
serving overseas. From the lab to the battlefield, we’ll test homegrown solutions to
an overseas threat.

Non lethal weapons
Ray guns, laser guns and force fields are real. We’ll test non-lethal weapons straight
out of a science fiction movie.

Amazing Insects

Insect Infestation
Killer Bees and Fire Ant swarms can be deadly while locust invasions have the
potential to starve people to death. Now some towns are experiencing ladybug
invasions! Are they dangerous too? What’s driving these recent infestations? We’ll
examine how global warming could be to blame.
Video of Locusts swarming in Congo:
Video of Lady Bugs:

Bee man
We’ll cover a person in an entire suit of bees, reveal what’s underneath and show
how it’s done.
Ants eat Gecko
A gecko carcass is devoured by a colony of hungry army ants in only a matter of
hours! Through an amazing demonstration, we compare ant and human
communication, proportionate strength and or course appetite with astonishing


Amazing Sideshows

A female contortionist is known for her unique abilities with glassware.
That’s Amazing will take her through an urban obstacle course challenging
unassuming locals to try her maneuvers.

Human Hotdog Cooker
This Serbian man can conduct enough electricity through his body to cook a hotdog.
We’ll reveal the shocking science behind his high-voltage habit.

Milk Squirter
Cuban doctors analyze one man’s unusual ability to squirt water out his eyes, and
blow up balloons with his eyes too. We’ll explain the human physiology that makes
this possible.
Eye-squirt money shot: 30s in.
Eye-balloon money shot: 60s in.

Human Jack O’ Lantern
After losing his eye and the roof of his mouth to cancer, Scott Salba is now
performing in front of audiences with a number of tricks. From blowing smoke and
water out through his empty eye socket, to his flashlight Jack O’ Lantern impression,
Scott gives us a demonstration into the amazing physiology of the human head.

Brain Science

Monkey Brain
Monkeys control robotic limbs using only their thoughts. We will see the lab where
the testing is done, the robotic arm and how the probe works in the brain. We’ll be
there when they take the next step towards human testing.
Video demonstrates the monkey feeding itself with a robotic arm
:48 seconds

Neural Neckband
It’s the first telepathic communication device – translating human thought to
speech. Beyond the bettering of lives for those who’ve lost their ability to speak, this
amazing invention could enable us to make phone calls without having to actually

Key Shot: 0:59 min

The boy with Half a Brain
An accidental discharge of a gun blew half of 14 year old Ahad Israfil’s brains away.
Incredibly, not only did Ahad survive, he retained sufficient mental faculties to
speak, walk, live a normal life and managed to graduate from his local University
with an honours degree.

We demonstrate left-brain, right-brain functionality, the remarkable recovery
abilities of the human brain, the regenerative powers of brain cells

Key Shot: 0:17 min

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