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Benefits of directory submission

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Directory submission is an important element of making your website more
approachable on the Net.

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Internet users need a viable method of locating the sites related to
their information needs. There are thousands of sites and many add to
the volume every day. You could add latest content, improve the
aesthetics of the site and make it more easily navigable. Yet, there is
no way someone would find anything about your site unless you submit
links to your site to web directories.

Directory submission is an important element of making your website more
approachable on the Net. A directory is an Internet resource of related
links that could have useful information for the user. Directories were
in vogue long before search engines happened. Despite the preference for
search engines, directories retain their popularity.

The main advantage of web directories is in providing good rankings on
search engines. Out of the many parameters that search engines use to
rank your site, links to the site are most relevant. Naturally, more the
links, better the ranking.

The relationship between directory submission and search engine rankings
is akin to a referral plan. The site with more referrals through links in
several directories gets a higher rank. The crawling spider mechanism of
the search engines is effective in locating the links for exact keywords
related to a topic.

Search engines crawl through the links and add the site pages to their
index. Therefore, your site is ranked automatically. For a new website,
this could be an easier method of finding a place in the search engine
listings. Registering with the search engines could be difficult and or
expensive for a start up. But, getting noticed through directory
submission is the ideal choice in such cases.

Directory submission is an ethical way of building the marketing plan for
your website. Search engines have a serious view on the reciprocal links
that is used as a fraudulent method of building link pages. On the other
hand, one-way links into directories help search engines reach your pages
Another great factor in favor of submitting to directories is the
specific target of keywords or phrases that can be achieved. Directories
allow links to the site with keywords describing your site. Therefore,
search engines rank the site higher than other for the given terms.

Cost wise too, directory submission is advantageous. Most directories
are free to submit to. It therefore makes business sense to submit to as
many directories as possible.

Whether you approach the directories yourself or use directory submission
services, you need to keep a few points in mind.
? Maintain quality content. Most directories have editorial discretion
to reject content they feel objectionable, namely, child pornography,
libel, infringing on intellectual property rights or abetting illegal
? Do not submit sites that contain overlapping or repetitive content
under different URLs. Also do not provide links to sites that direct to
another address.
? Do not submit ‘Under construction’ sites.

A web directory is intended to be a library for the users. It is
therefore the responsibility of the webmasters and developers to
cooperate with the editors of directories so that the users get quality
and reliable information.
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