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									The Border Bistro

Menu           Autumn 2009

private functions            conferences

 weddings                sport & recreation

 accommodation           sand wedge bar
Once you have selected your meal,
please place your order with the Cashier,
quoting your table number.
A waiter will then bring your meal to you.

Entree                                            Light & Healthy
Soup of the Day
$6.50                                                                         Chicken Terrine
Piping Hot Bread                                          Set on a garden salad dressed with a
$7.80                                                             green peppercorn vinaigrette
Served with a trio of dips
                                                                       Sumac Dusted Prawns
Garlic & Cheese Pizza                                                                   $18.50
$7.50                                                    Dusted prawns flash fried, served with
                                                   fresh garden greens and a spicy plum sauce
Thai Beef Salad
$14.50                                                                          Fish of the Day
Medium-rare roasted prime beef, thinly sliced                                            $18.00
& served over an Asian salad of greens,               Oven baked fish of the day with lime and
topped with an authentic Thai dressing                parsley butter, served with your choice of
                                                           seasonal vegetables or our salad bar
Yarrawonga Scallops Mornay
Half $11.80      Dozen $17.80                                     Tikka Chicken Caesar Salad
Plump scallops in a rich cheese sauce,                                                  $15.50
lightly gratinated                                            Traditional Caesar salad mix with
                                                                       marinated Tikka chicken
Prawn Florentine
$16.50                                                           Savoury Pumpkin & Leek Tart
Marinated prawns and sautéed spinach                                                      $13.50
encased in filo pastry, rested on a light salad              Made with the freshest ingredients,
                                                  set in a puff pastry tart shell and topped with
Salt & Pepper Squid                                                  a clubhouse-made chutney
Calamari lightly dusted in salt & pepper,                           Tomato & Basil Brushetta
flash fried and set on a tossed garden salad,                                             $8.50
served with a side of lemon garlic aioli            Basil marinated tomato, grilled and topped
                                                     with mozzarella on a thick slice of Vienna
Tandoori Chicken Skewers                               bread, then drizzled with garlic olive oil
Marinated threaded chicken pieces garnished                                  Indian Lamb Curry
with a light salad and finished with                                                     $16.50
fruit chutney and a side of fragrant rice         Slow cooked with a spiced tomato curry base,
                                                        served with biryani rice and pappadams
Clubhouse made Gnocchi
Clubhouse gnocchi tossed through spinach
and roasted pumpkin, finished with a
rich herb and tomato sauce
Main                                                                                 Dessert
Unless otherwise stated, main meals are                   A selection of tempting desserts, ice creams,
served with chips, salad or vegetables, a                     cheese platters and espresso coffees are
bread roll, and tea or coffee.                                           available from our dessert bar.

                                                                        Kids Meals
Scotch Fillet              Eye Fillet
$23.60                     $25.50
North East Victoria Hereford Prime Rump
$24.00                                                                     Battered Fish & Chips   $7.00
Cooked to order with your choice of the                               Crumbed Calamari & Chips     $7.00
following sauces:                                                              Penne Carbonara     $7.00
- Pepper             - Mushroom         - Garlic Butter                Chicken Nuggets & Chips     $6.50
- Surf & Turf with scallops & prawns (extra $2.50)
                                                                                Lasagna & Chips    $7.00
Guinness Beef Pie                                                    Spicy Wedges & Sour Cream     $7.00
$17.50                                                                             Bowl of Chips   $4.00
Large prime beef pieces slow cooked with                   Small serves of the Parmigiana and Schnitzel
mushrooms, carrot and onion, encased in                   are also available, refer to opposite page, and
puff pastry and baked ‘til golden brown,                                 the Chefs Carvery as per below.
napped with a rich gravy

                                                               Special Menus
Honey Mustard Lamb Loin
Grilled to perfection, set on an
apricot and sage cous cous, napped with our
own rosemary reduction sauce                                                            Chefs Carvery
                                                            Available Friday and Saturday evenings and
Chicken Wellington                                                                   extended periods.
Breast fillet of chicken filled with cheese and           Choice of meats carved by our Chef with your
bacon, wrapped in filo pastry and cooked                             selection of self-serve vegetables.
golden brown, topped with garlic sauce                                                Full Serve $16.50
                                                                                    Small Serve $12.50
Chicken Parmigiana
                                                                                 Children’s Serve $7.00
Full Serve $19.50  Small Serve $15.50
Chicken Schnitzel                                                                          Sunday Roast
Full Serve $17.50          Small Serve $13.50                                Sundays from 12pm - 2pm
                                                                Traditional roast with all the trimmings
Tasmanian Salmon Fillet
$24.50                                                                                Full Serve $16.50
Grilled Tasmanian salmon fillet set on                                              Small Serve $12.50
lemon and sautéed spinach, with a                                                Children’s Serve $7.00
sweet chilli hollandaise                                                The Kids Menu is also available.
Classic Fish and Chips
Full Serve $17.50      Small Serve $13.50                                              Tuesday TOP 8
Fresh flathead fillets in a golden batter,                    Your choice of 8 specials for only $10.00
served with golden fried chips                              or soup of the day and a special for $12.00
                                                                      Or three courses for only $15.00
Pork Porterhouse
$19.60                                                    Plus, 5 chances to halve the cost of your main
Prime cut of pork grilled and topped with our                          meal with Tuesday Lucky Tables.
home-made peach and apricot chutney
                                                                                       Sand Wedge Bar
Club Casserole (ever changing)                                      Open daily from 10.00am - 5.30pm
$15.50                                                         Serving light meals, sandwiches made to
Slow cooked pieces of meat with chunky                                     order, coffee, cake and more
vegetables, served on rice with seasonal
vegetables. Refer to daily specials for the
Casserole of the Day.
                                                                   A 10% discount applies on all beverages
                                     Glass Bottle               on presentation of YBGC Membership Card.
                                      ($)   ($)
                                                          Not a member? Memberships start at just $22.00
                                                       for Social Membership. Ask at Reception for details.
Yellowglen Vintage Pinot Noir Chardonnay     23.00
Yellow - 750ml                               19.00
Yellow - 200ml                                5.00
Pink - 750ml
Pink - 200ml
                                                       Red Wine                                Glass Bottle
                                                                                                ($)   ($)

Great Western Imperial Reserve        3.00   12.00     Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon       23.00
Brown Brothers Zibibbo                       19.00
                                                       Saltram Cabernet Sauvignon               5.00    16.00
                                                       Pepperjack Cabernet Sauvignon                    32.00

White Wine                           Glass Bottle
                                      ($)   ($)
                                                       Monichino Cabernet Sauvignon
                                                       Gapstead Cabernet Sauvignon
                                                       Brown Brothers Cabernet Sauvignon                24.00
Jamiesons Run Chardonnay                     21.00
                                                       Brumby Cabernet Sauvignon                        20.00
Saltram Chardonnay                    5.00   16.00
                                                       Gapstead Durif                                   39.00
Annie’s Lane Chardonnay                      26.00
                                                       Rutherglen Estate Durif                          26.00
Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay              4.50   14.00
                                                       Campbells Bobbie Burns Shiraz                    27.00
Stanton & Killeen Chardonnay                 23.00
                                                       Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz                     29.00
Brown Brothers Chardonnay                    24.00
                                                       Bailey’s Shiraz                                  30.00
Penfolds Semillon Chardonnay                 15.00
                                                       Brown Brothers Shiraz                            24.00
Brown Brothers Chenin Blanc                  18.00
                                                       Plunketts Shiraz                                 23.00
Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)              23.00
                                                       Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet            4.50    14.00
Monichino Sauvignon Blanc                    21.00
                                                       Annie’s Lane Cabernet Merlot                     26.00
Brown Brothers Sauvignon Blanc               24.00
                                                       Rosemount Cabernet Merlot                        18.00
Saltram Sauvignon Blanc               5.00   16.00
                                                       Gehrig’s Cabernet Merlot                         27.00
Pizzini Sauvignon Blanc                      22.00
                                                       Jamiesons Run Cab Shiraz Merlot                  24.00
Four Sisters Sauvignon Blanc                 20.00
                                                       Penfolds Merlot                                  15.00
Rosemount Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc           18.00
                                                       Pizzini Merlot                                   24.00
Fyffe Field Verdelho                         19.50
                                                       Michelini Merlot                                 28.00
Houghton Classic White                       18.00
                                                       Brown Brothers Dolcetto (chilled)                19.00
Montana Pinot Gris (NZ)                      28.00
                                                       Luigi Cavalli Lambrusco (chilled)                11.00
Brown Brothers Spatlese Lexia                19.00
                                                       Oyster Bay Pinot Noir (NZ)                       29.00
Campbells Autumn Harvest                     16.00

House Wine                           Glass 1/2 Carafe
                                      ($) Carafe
                                                 ($)                Cocktails
Brown Brothers Dry White              3.50   7.00    12.00          Please refer to the cocktail list on the
                                                                    main bar for current selection.
Brown Brothers Fruity White           3.50   7.00    12.00
Brown Brothers Dry Red                3.50   7.00    12.00

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