The Twelve Labors of Hercules

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					                   The Twelve Labors of Hercules
                   A play written by the West Park third grade GT class

The Lion
Narrator: Hera made Hercules go mad and he killed all his children. To resolve this
terrible deed Hercules was told he had to do ten labors. Here is his first labor.

Hercules: (walk)Where is that lion? (walk more)

(Lion stands there thinking Hercules can’t do anything to him.)

Hercules: There it is! I’ll finish my labor! ( hit it lighly with your club)

(Lion still standing there looking at Hercules)

Hercules: This skin can’t be broke!

(The lion gets ready to pounce on Hercules)

Hercules: (runs and yells) AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

(Hercules runs in a circle and jumps on the lion’s back)

Narrator: The lion was killed and skinned with his own claws. Hercules kept the skin as
a trophy from his first labor.

Narrator: Next, Hera sent Hercules to kill the Hydra.

Hercules: (walks and walks and walks…)

Hydra: Grrrroww!!!

Hercules: There you are! Oh! The smell of your breath is deadly!

(Gets to hydra, inhales, doesn’t exhale and wacks hydra heads with a sword)

Narrator: No matter how many heads Hercules cuts off there are still just as many on the
beast as when the battle was started.

Hercules: Chariot Driver, set fire to the beast’s heads!
Chariot Driver: Sure thing, boss.

Boar Script
Eurysthes: Go to Mount Erymanthus and capture the wild boar alive!

Hercules: But Eurysthes!

Eurysthes: Enough! Go now!!

Narrator: On the slopes of Mount Erymathus roamed a wild boar with tusks as sharp as
swords. Eurysthes sent Hercules to capture the boar alive.

Hercules: (screams)

Narrator: Hercules chased the wild boar and drove it with yells.

Hercules: Finally I captured it (smiles). Phew!

Eurysthes: (Moans)

Hercules: (Smiles)

Narrator : For Hercules’s 6th labor , he has to find the deer that belongs to the goddess of
the hunt.

Hercules : (Look for deer) I wish I could find that deer!

Deer : (Sneak behind tree)

Narrator : Two hours later.

Hercules : (Walk around) I wish I could find that deer! Where is it?

Narrator : One minute later.

Hercules : (Look at deer and catch it) Oh, there it is!
Hercules : (Bring to Euristheus) Here it is!

Cleaning the Stables
Hera : Now go! Clean the stables.

Narrator: Hercules set off far away to clean the stables.

Hercules: (holding his nose) Wow! These stables are stinky.

Narrator: Hercules walked outside and glanced at the two rivers.

Hercules : (looking triumphant) Oh! Aw…I will wash the stables with these rivers.

Narrator: He went over to the river and used his powers to make the river flood the
stables. It became clean very soon!

Hercules: (looking happy and strong) Yes! I have done it again!

(Hercules takes long bow to his audience)


Narrator: So Hercules sets off for Hera on his 8th labor.

Hercules: goodbye Hera!

Hera: Bye Hercules!

Narrator: So Hercules sets off. Hours later…..

Hercules: (running and making panting noises) Ah the mares!

Mares: Ggggggrrrrrrrrr!

(Hercules punches a man.) PUNCH!

Mares: Aaaaaaaa!

Kaboom! (sonic boom)

Camera man stumbles and falls.
Narrator: Later….

Hercules: Here ya go brother!


Hercules: Here you go Hera.

The Bull
Narrator: Hercules is about to be told what his labor is.

Hera: You will bring me the fire breathing bull here before me in one day.

Hercules: Yes mam.

Hera: Then be off with you.

Narrator: Hercules is setting off to do his labor.

Hercules: There it is! (jump and run ) Yow! The bull blew fire on my bum!

Narrator: Hercules stabs the bull and captures it. Hercules has finished his labor.

The Red Cows
Narrator: Hercules was sent to an island far out in the ocean. To get there, he needed a
Hercules: Hey! Helios, what ya doin’?
Helios: What does it look like?
Hercules: Give me your boat!
Helios: No! Go away!
Hercules: I will shoot you from the sky if you do not give me that boat.
Helios: (trembling) Okay! Take the boat.
Narrator: Hercules got into the boat and went to the island of the red cows. He sailed to it
quickly. He began to load the herd of red cows, and Geryon’s watch man and his two-
headed dog rushed at him. With one swing of his mighty club, Hercules did away with
them both. Hercules pierced a monster’s body to be safe. Hercules sailed back with the
herd of cows. When he arrived at the mainland, Hera sent a swarm of gadflies to sting
the cows and they all scattered all over Europe. Hercules was able to find them all and
bring them to Eurysthes.
Hera: (whispering to the audience)The labors in which Hercules was helped did not count
so, he must do 2 more.
Hercules: What will I have to do next! (bows to the audience)

The Golden Apples
Hera: Since two of your tasks do not count. You must find a golden apple from my
garden and return it to me. Hurry and be back soon. Off with you now. Go. Bye.

Narrator: Hercules ran out to look for Hera’s secret garden. Then a brilliant idea popped
into his head…

Hercules: I know exactly what to do. I will find out if Hera told somebody about her
secret garden. Yeah that is totally brilliant. This will definitely work.

Narrator: Hercules found a man and asked him.

Hercules: Tell me where Hera’s secret garden is.

Old Man: No!

(Hercules wrestles the man)

Old Man: Okay, I’ll tell you if you let me go.

Hercules: Thank you, I knew you would see things my way after a little while.

Narrator: Hercules traveled to the end of the Earth where Atlas was holding up the sky.
Atlas helped Hercules pick the apples. Hercules took them and brought them back to
Eurysthes who gave them back to Hera.

Narrator: Hercules is about to find out what his twelfth labor is.

Hera: Okay Hercules, let’s get this over with. You have to bring me Cerberus and if you
die, you lose.

Hercules: OKAY!

Narrator: Hercules has set off to finish his labor.

Hercules: Hey Hades, I need to talk to you.
Hades: You must leave now!

Hercules: Please!

Hades: Okay, what do you want?

Hercules: Can I borrow Cerberus for a while?

Hades: Just for fifteen minutes.

Hercules: Okay! ( groan ) Bye Hades.

Narrator: Hercules has finished his last labor. Wait, we just received news that Hercules
will have to do one more labor because Atlas helped him get the apples. Now it’s your
turn to pick what you want Hercules to do for his thirteenth labor.

      The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules

By Ryan (WP - Second Grade)

To bring 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 man-eating buffaloes

and turtles and not get eaten or lose one turtle or buffalo and

bring them to the pit of doom and bring back 1,000,000,000,000

man eating turtle and buffaloes to the king of Death. Not again,

Hercules Story #1. Hercules got all the

2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 but he put them in to the pit of

darkness but Hercules still got the tusk.

By Andrew (WP - Second Grade)
He has to eat 2,000,000,000 donuts in one bite. So he goes to

Mount Olympus, opens his mouth really big, and jumps and his

mouth lands on it.

By Austin (WP - Second Grade)

Pick up Mt. Olympus and get crushed and bring back 700 worms

for the king to make himself powerful and survive. But first he

had to pick fights with the gods until they let him, but not hurt


By Nadine (WP – Third Grade)

Hercules had to capture a man glossing lip gloss monster but the

tricky part is that he can’t get one speck of lip gloss on him.

There Hercules is climbing Mount Olympus right at the middle he

looks over and sees the glossy monster and captures it before

your very eyes but since this is a glossy monster she turned into a

lip gloss small bottle and went through one of the nets and turned

back into the monster once again. Hercules took out a bag

without any holes and captured the monster! Once again,

Hercules has done his labor.
By Kieran (WP – Third Grade)

Hera made Hercules to make a dragon be under her command. So

he went to Aphrodite and stole a bottle of love potion. Then he

forced a dragon to go to Hera. Then used the potion so that the

dragon fell so madly in love with Hera it would do what she said.

By Aidan (WP – Third Grade)

Hera said Hercules had to jump into lava, swim to the bottom and

get the fire breathing, fast biting, lava fishy. So, Hercules set

off to the lava pit far away. To see how deep it was, he got a

small twig and stuck it into the lava. It cracked as it hit the

bottom. Apparently the lava pit was only 3 inches deep. He got a

rather large stick and switched it around at the bottom (hoping

to find the fish). At the bottom of the pit he hit a rock that

slipped. The lava immediately drained and water filled it up.

Hercules took the stick out real fast. Fire was on the tip of the

tip of it. He blew it out. Soon he realized what the rock had

been. It was carved and shaped like a fish. Hercules looked for

another one. When he found it he hugged it. Then the bottom of

the pit cleared and it seemed ocean was under him. He saw a

fishy swimming. He grabbed it and swam to the surface. The

fish started breathing fire on his hands. He took the lion skin
and cornered the fish in that. When he gave it to Hera she put it

in a fish bowl. Apparently the fish didn’t like water anymore so it

turned the water into lava. The lava did not melt the fishy bowl

for some reason. Neither Hercules nor Hera knows why!

By Ari (WP – Third Grade)

He has to swim across the Pacific Ocean in 30 minutes or less

with one breath. Hercules dove in, took a big breath, and went in

the water then pounded the water and made such a big wave it

took him across in one minute and punched all the sharks in his


By Ben (WP – Third Grade)

Hercules, by the order of me, has to collect 60 chunks of silver

and kill the 60 headed snakes that guard them. Quickly Hercules

traveled all over. He killed the snakes, got the silver, and gave

them to Hera. Hera was NOT happy.

By Teddy (WP – Third Grade)

Hercules had to go into outer space get all planets and bring them

back to earth. But Hera talked to the Martians and aliens and

told them to destroy Hercules before he got to earth. So there
were aliens flying every where and they were shooting lasers.

Hercules just swung his club and knocked all the aliens away. He

took the planets back to Hera and her mouth hung open until the

day the world ended.

By ?

For Herculeses thirteenth labor he has to go to a city of giants

and find the king giant and bring back his pet four headed leopard

alive. So, he set off to the city

By Plato’s Assistant

Hera told Hercules that his victory retrieving the golden apples

didn’t count because Atlas helped him. Now, Hercules would have

to perform one last labor before he would be forgiven for killing

his children.

For his thirteenth labor, Hercules would have to drive Helios’ Sun

Chariot across the sky.

Hercules had heard what happened to Helios’ son, Phaeton, when

he attempted to drive the chariot and was determined not to let

this happen again. He went down into a fiery cave to meet with
his half-brother Hephaestus. Hephaestus made Hercules some

forging gloves made to withstand even the hottest of

temperatures. He also made special blinders for the horses that

pulled the chariot. These blinders would keep the horses focused

only on the path Hercules wanted them to travel.

Hercules then challenged Helios to an arm wrestling match. The

winner would be able to request a favor of the other that couldn’t

be refused. Helios had watched Hercules accomplish his twelve

labors and gain much fame, but he though that Hercules had met

his match this time. On the evening of the wrestling match many

lights shimmered in the northern sky. It seemed as if Helios and

Hercules would pass the night in a deadlock when Hercules, with a

final groan, swung Helios’ arm down.

Before the crack of dawn, Hercules blinded the fiery steeds and

raced across the path in the heavens. He used his strong arms to

keep the wild horses on their course just far enough away from

the earth to give it warmth. When the last golden ray vanished

from the earth that day, Hercules had finally made up for his