The Great Gatsby Reading Questions
Answer in complete sentences. Questions are due at the beginning of each class along with the
corresponding reading.

Reading Schedule
Date Due (A/B) Pages            Chapters
Jan 27/28        1-22           1
Jan 29/30        23-38          2*
Feb 2/3          39-60          3
Feb 4/5          61-81          4*
Feb 6/9          82-97          5
Feb 10/11        98-112         6*
Feb 12/13        113-146        7
Feb 17/18        147-163        8*
Feb 19/20        164-182        9
Feb 25/26        Final Test +   Book turn-in
                 Timed Write
* Indicates quiz

Chapter 1
1.   Why did Nick Carraway come to New York?
2.   What does Gatsby represent to Nick?
3.   Why do Daisy and Tom Buchanan invite Nick to dinner?
4.   Describe the Buchanans.
5.   How does Daisy respond to the phone calls from Tom’s “woman in New York”?
6.   Why doesn’t Nick call to Gatsby when Nick first spots him on the lawn? What is Gatsby doing?

Chapter 2
1.   Why does “white ashen dust” veil Mr. Wilson’s “dark suit and his pale hair”?
2.   What is the Valley of Ashes literally?
3.   Who or what is Dr. T. J. Eckleburg?
4.   Why, according to Catherine, has Tom not left Daisy to marry Myrtle Wilson?
5.   Why does Nick, observing the events in the apartment, identify with “the casual watcher in the darkening
6.   What does Tom’s breaking of Myrtle’s nose indicate about his respect for her and for Daisy?

Chapter 3
1.   Why does Gatsby throw huge, expensive parties for people he does not know?
2.   What kinds of preparation go into these parties?
3.   What is Nick’s first impression of Gatsby? What about Gatsby’s smile?
4.   What does the reaction of the driver of the wrecked automobile suggest about the values of Gatsby's guests?
5.   What do Jordan Baker’s leaving “a borrowed car out in the rain with the top down” and her golf tournament
     “scandal” reveal about her?
6.   What does Nick see as his “cardinal virtue”?

Chapter 4
1.   When Nick asks Gatsby what part of the Midwest he is from, Gatsby replies, “San Francisco.” What does
     Nick surmise from Gatsby's answer? What other details does Gatsby reveal about his background to Nick?
2.   Why does Gatsby show Nick the medal from “Little Montenegro down on the Adriatic Sea”?
3.   What is the importance of Gatsby's implied business connection with Meyer Wolfsheim?
4.   As revealed by Jordan, what was Gatsby's original relationship with Daisy? Sum up the details.
5.   What does Gatsby want Daisy to see?
Chapter 5
1.   Why does Nick agree to arrange a meeting between Daisy and Gatsby?
2.   Give at least two details that suggest that Gatsby wants to impress Daisy.
3.   Why does Gatsby act “like a little boy” when Daisy first arrives at Nick's?
4.   After his private conversation with Daisy at Nick's house, how has Gatsby changed?
5.   While taking Nick and Daisy through his house, what does Gatsby do that causes Daisy to “cry stormily”?
6.   Who is the elderly man in the photograph?

Chapter 6
1.   Why does James Gatz of North Dakota row out to Dan Cody's yacht?
2.   Provide details about the lives of James Gatz and Dan Cody. Describe their relationship.
3.   What happened to Gatsby's $25,000 inheritance from Dan Cody?
4.   Why do Tom and the Sloanes snub Gatsby after asking him to dinner?
5.   After the party, when Gatsby tells Nick, “It's hard to make [Daisy] understand,” what does he really want her
     to do?

Chapter 7
1.   Why does Gatsby look at the Buchanans' child “with surprise,” having never “really believed in its existence
2.   How does Daisy reveal to Tom that she is in love with Gatsby?
3.   Why does Wilson lock up his wife in anticipation of taking her west?
4.   Why does Tom's recollection of “that day I carried you down from the Punch Bowl to keep your shoes dry”
     remove “the rancor” from Daisy's voice?
5.   Why does Tom press Gatsby about his dealings with Wolfsheim?
6.   After the accident, why doesn't Daisy stop the car?

Chapter 8
1.   Why had Gatsby first fallen in love with Daisy?
2.   Why didn’t Gatsby and Daisy marry?
3.   Why had Daisy married Tom Buchanan?
4.   Why, after first admitting to himself that Daisy “might have loved [Tom] just for a minute, when they were
     first married,” does Gatsby say, “in any case, it was just personal”?
5.   Describe the state of the Wilsons’ home the day after the accident.
6.   How does Wilson found out who the driver was? Where does he go next?
7.   What does Nick mean when he describes a “new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts,
     breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about...”? Who is the creator and observer of this world?
8.   Who is the “ashen, fantastic figure gliding toward [Gatsby] through the amorphous trees”? What happens to
     the figure? To Gatsby?

Chapter 9
1.  About how many years later is Nick narrating the story?
2.  What doesn’t Wolfsheim want to get “mixed up” in? Why?
3.  Why does no one come to the funeral except the deceased’s father, Owl Eyes, and Nick?
4.  Who made the “schedule” and where was it found?
5.  How do things turn out between Nick and Jordan Baker?
6.  What are Tom's motives in telling Wilson that Gatsby owned the car?
7.  Why, in the end, does Nick say that he cannot forgive or like Tom? How are people like Tom and Daisy
8. Why, after everything, does Nick decide to “come back home” to the Midwest?
9. What did the green light symbolize for Gatsby?
10. How was Gatsby’s dream “already behind him”? What does Nick say about people being forced into the
11. Does the idea of the “American Dream” hurt or help Gatsby? How? What aspects of the American Dream
    does Gatsby believe in?

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