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Open Dump Data Exchange Templat


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									                                                                                                                             Open Dump XML Schema: Data Exchange Template

                                                                                                   XML Schema                                                                                                                                                                 Cross Mapping to Other Systems
ID      Module / Block                 Data Element XML Tag                   Definition                                         Optionality     XML Type          Schema / SSC File Name               Notes / Rules           Field on (3/5/2007) proposed IHS Form             Cherokee DB Table             Cherokee DB Column             DB Data Type
                                                                                                                                                            Existing FRS Elements Used in Open Dump Data Exchange
        facid:FacilitySite             facid:FacilityRegistryIdentifier                                                                see FRS definition                                                                       EPA ID                                            FRS_Facility_Site_Data        Facility_Registry_Identifier   varchar(50)
        facid:FacilitySite             facid:FacilitySiteName                                                                          see FRS definition                                                                       Facility Name                                     FRS_Facility_Site_Data        Facility_Site_Name             varchar(80)
        facid:FacilitySite             facid:TribalLandIndicator                                                                       see FRS definition                                                                       Tribal system(Check Box)                          FRS_Facility_Site_Data        TRIBAL_LAND_INDICATOR          char(1)
        facid:LocationAddress          facid:CountyName                                                                                see FRS definition                                                                       County                                            FRS_Facility_Site_Data        COUNTY_NAME                    varchar(35)
        facid:LocationAddress          facid:StateName                                                                                 see FRS definition                                                                       State                                             FRS_Facility_Site_Data        STATE_NAME                     varchar(35)
        facid:LocationAddress          facid:LocationDescriptionText                                                                   see FRS definition                                                                       General Description                               FRS_Facility_Site_Data        Location_Description_Text      varchar(2000)
           facid:Individual            facid:IndividualFullName                                                                        see FRS definition                                                                       Person responsible for survey                     FRS_Individual_Details        Individual_Full_Name           varchar(70)
        facid:OrganizationDetails /
          facid:Organization           facid:OrganizationFormalName                                                                    see FRS definition                                                                       Organization                                      FRS_Organization_Details      Organization_Formal_Name       varchar(80)
        facid:GeographicCoordinates    facid:LatitudeMeasure                                                                           see FRS definition                                                                       Latitude                                          FRS_Geographic_Details        LATITUDE_MEASURE               varchar(17)
        facid:GeographicCoordinates    facid:LongitudeMeasure                                                                          see FRS definition                                                                       Longitude                                         FRS_Geographic_Details        LONGITUDE_MEASURE              varchar(17)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Date of last facility
        facid:FacilitySiteAllDetails   facid:LastReportedDate                                                                          see FRS definition                                               survey                  Date of last facility survey                      FRS_Facility_Site_Data        LAST_REPORTED_DATE             datetime
                                                                                                                                                                            Open Dump Data Elements
01.01 od:SiteInformationDetails        sc:OrganizationIdentifier              A designator used to uniquely identify a           Mandatory       string            OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd   - defined by SSC        Organization                                      OD_Site_Information_Details   Organization_Identifier        varchar(10)
                                                                              unique business establishment within a                                                                                    (SC_SimpleContent_v1.
                                                                              context.                                                                                                                  0.xsd)
                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Unique ID linked to
01.02 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SiteCertifiedOperatorIndicator      Indicates whether a certified operator exists      Optional        string max 1      OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Certified Operator?(Check Box)                    OD_Site_Information_Details   Certified_Operator_Indicator   char(1)
                                                                              for the site.(Y/N)
01.03 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:IndianPopulationNumeric             The number of Indian people who live by the        Optional        integer           OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Indian Population                                 OD_Site_Information_Details   Indian_Population              varchar(8)
01.04 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:NonIndianPopulationNumeric          The number of Non-Indian people who live           Optional        integer           OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Non-Indian Population                             OD_Site_Information_Details   Non_Indian_Population          varchar(8)
                                                                              by the site
01.05 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SolidWasteSystemTypeName            Shows whether the site is an open dump,            Mandatory       string max 50     OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Solid Waste System Type                           OD_Site_Information_Details   Solid_Waste_System_Type        varchar(50)
                                                                              municipal solid waste landfill, construction
                                                                              and demolition debris landfill,transfer site, or
                                                                              recycling facility
01.06 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SiteStatusText                      Indicates whether the site is active,inactive,     Mandatory       string max 10     OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Status:                                           OD_Site_Information_Details   Site_Status                    varchar(10)
                                                                              or closed
01.07 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SiteConditionText                   Identifies the condition of the site as either     Mandatory       string max 20     OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Condition                                         OD_Site_Information_Details   Site_Condition                 varchar(20)
                                                                              Properly Managed, Buried Open Dump,
                                                                              Surface Open Dump, Closed, Cleaned Up,
                                                                              or Upgraded
01.08 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SiteConditionDate                   The date on which the condition of the site        Optional        date              OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Condition Date                                    OD_Site_Information_Details   Site_Condition_Date            datetime
                                                                              was assessed.
01.09 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:FDSIdentifier                        Indian Health Service Facility Data System        Optional        string max 20     OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           FDS                                               OD_Site_Information_Details   FDS_ID                         varchar(20)
                                                                              (FDS) Identifier for the site.
01.10 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:TribalLandStatusText                Categorizes the tribal land as either Alaska       Mandatory       string max 25     OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Land Status                                       OD_Site_Information_Details   Tribal_Land_Status             varchar(25)
                                                                              Native Land, Allotted, Fee, New Mexico
                                                                              Pueblos, Private, Trust(Individual), or
01.11 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SiteSurfaceAreaValue                Surface Area of the site in acres.                 Mandatory       decimal 8         OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Surface Area                                      OD_Site_Information_Details   Site_Surface_Area              varchar(8)

01.12 od:SiteInformationDetails        od:SiteSurfaceVolumeValue              Estimated Volume of waste on the surface           Mandatory       decimal 10        OD_SiteInformationDetails_v1.0.xsd                           Estimated volume on surface                       OD_Site_Information_Details   Site_Volume                    varchar(10)
                                                                              in cubic yards
02.01 od:LocationDetails               sc:TribalName                          The name of the tribe where the site is            Mandatory       string            OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd          defined by SSC        Tribe                                               OD_Location_Details           Tribe_Name                     varchar(200)
                                                                              located.                                                                                                                  (SC_SimpleContent_v1.
02.02 od:LocationDetails               sc:TribalCode                          The unique identifier of the tribe.                Mandatory       string            OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd          defined by SSC        Tribe                                               OD_Location_Details           Tribe_Identifier               varchar(10)
02.03 od:LocationDetails               od:SiteCommunityName                   The name of the community in which the       Mandatory             string max 50     OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                Communities                                         OD_Location_Details           Community_Name                 varchar(50)
                                                                              site is located
02.04 od:LocationDetails               od:SiteCommunityCode                   The code of the community in which the site Mandatory              string max 10     OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  Communities                                       OD_Location_Details           Community_Code                 varchar(10)
                                                                              is located. The first two characters are the
                                                                              state followed by a number.

02.05 od:LocationDetails               sc:TribalLandName                      The name of the Indian Reservation on              Mandatory       string            OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd          defined by SSC                                                            OD_Location_Details           Tribal_Land_Name               varchar(20)
                                                                              which the site resides.                                                                                                   (SC_SimpleContent_v1.
02.06 od:LocationDetails               od:SiteReservationCode                 The code of the Indian Reservation on which Mandatory              string max 4      OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  Reservation                                       OD_Location_Details           Reservation_Code               varchar(4)
                                                                              the site resides.
02.07 od:LocationDetails               od:IHSServiceUnitName                  The name of the IHS Service Unit for the    Optional               string max 50     OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  IHS Service Unit                                  OD_Location_Details           IHS_Service_Unit_Name          varchar(50)
                                                                              region in which the site is located.
02.08 od:LocationDetails               od:IHSServiceUnitCode                  The numerical code of an IHS Service Unit Optional                 string max 4      OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  IHS Service Unit                                  OD_Location_Details           IHS_Service_Unit_Code          varchar(4)

02.09 od:LocationDetails               od:IHSDistrictName                     The name of the IHS District in which the          Optional        string max 50     OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  IHS District                                      OD_Location_Details           IHS_District_Name              varchar(50)
                                                                              site is located.
02.10   od:LocationDetails             od:IHSDistrictCode                     The numerical code of the IHS District.            Optional        string max 4      OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  IHS District                                      OD_Location_Details           IHS_District_Code              varchar(4)
02.11   od:LocationDetails             od:IHSFieldOfficeName                  The name of the IHS Field Office.                  Optional        string max 50     OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  IHS Field Office                                  OD_Location_Details           IHS_Field_Office_Name          varchar(50)
02.12   od:LocationDetails             od:IHSFieldOfficeCode                  The code of the IHS Field Office.                  Optional        string max 4      OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  IHS Field Office                                  OD_Location_Details           IHS_Field_Office_Code          varchar(4)
02.13   od:LocationDetails             od:EPARegionCode                       The EPA Region in which the site is located.       Optional        string max 2      OD_LocationDetails_v1.0.xsd                                  EPA Region                                        OD_Location_Details           EPA_Region_Code                varchar(2)

03.01 od:HealthThreatDetails           od:SiteHealthThreatScoreValue          A calculated value based on the contents of        Optional        integer           OD_HealthThreatDetails_v1.0.xsd                              Health threat score                               OD_Health_Threat_Details      Health_Threat_Score_Value      varchar(5)
                                                                              the site, the size of the site, and the
                                                                              proximity factors of the site.
03.02 od:HealthThreatDetails           od:SiteHealthThreatScoreText           The health threat score describe as high,          Optional        string max 20     OD_HealthThreatDetails_v1.0.xsd                              Health Threat based on site characteristics       OD_Health_Threat_Details      Health_Threat_Score_Text       varchar(20)
                                                                              medium, or low hazard.
03.03 od:HealthThreatDetails           od:SiteEPAThreatConcurrenceIndicator   Indicates if the EPA agrees with the threat        Optional        string max 1      OD_HealthThreatDetails_v1.0.xsd                              EPA Threat Concurrence:(checkbox)                 OD_Health_Threat_Details      EPA_Threat_Concurrence         char(1)
03.04 od:HealthThreatDetails           od:SiteHealthThreatCommentText         Comment field for describing the health            Optional        string max 500    OD_HealthThreatDetails_v1.0.xsd                              Health Threat Comment                             OD_Health_Threat_Details      Health_Threat_Comment          varchar(500)
                                                                              threat of a site.
04.01 od:HazardFactorDetails           od:DumpContentsText                    The type of contents contained at the site.        Optional        string max 80     OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd                              Contents:(checkboxes for each type)               OD_Hazard_Factor_Contents     Dump_Contents                  varchar(80)
                                                                              E.g., abandoned automobiles, medical
                                                                              waste, electronics, etc.
04.02 od:HazardFactorDetails           od:SiteRainfallText                    The amount of rainfall in inches/year.             Mandatory       string max 30     OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd                              Rainfall                                          OD_Hazard_Factor_Details      Rainfall_Text                  varchar(30)
04.03 od:HazardFactorDetails   od:SiteDrainageLeachateText             The potential for leachate to go beyond the     Mandatory   string max 65   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Site drainage and leachate potential          OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Drainage_Leachate             varchar(65)
                                                                       dump border.
04.04 od:HazardFactorDetails   od:SiteFloodingPotentialText            The potential for the site to get flooded.      Mandatory   string max 30   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Flooding potential                            OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Flooding_Potential            varchar(30)
04.05 od:HazardFactorDetails   od:SiteCoverFrequencyText               The frequency with which the site is            Mandatory   string max 20   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Frequency of cover                            OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Cover_Frequency               varchar(20)
04.06 od:HazardFactorDetails   od:SiteBurningFrequencyText             The frequency with which burning occurs at      Mandatory   string max 40   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Frequency of burning                          OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Burning_Frequency             varchar(40)
                                                                       the dump.
04.07 od:HazardFactorDetails   od:SiteFencedIndicator                  Indicates whether the site is fenced in or      Mandatory   string max 1    OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Fenced Site? (checkbox)                       OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Fenced_Indicator              char(1)
04.08 od:HazardFactorDetails   SiteControlledAccessText                Describes the access to the site,e.g.,          Mandatory   string max 60   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Controlled access                             OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Controlled_Access             varchar(60)
                                                                       effectively controlled access, Ineffective
                                                                       controls or poorly restricted access, and
                                                                       Unrestricted access.
04.09 od:HazardFactorDetails   SitePublicConcernText                   Shows the level of concern being raised by      Optional    string max 40   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Public Concern                                OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Public_Concern                varchar(40)
                                                                       the public.
04.10 od:HazardFactorDetails   SiteVerticalDistanceToAquiferText       One of three ranges for the vertical distance   Optional    string max 30   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Vertical distance to drinking water aquifer   OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   V_Distance_To_Aquifer         varchar(30)
                                                                       between the site and the drinking water
04.11 od:HazardFactorDetails   SiteHorizontalDistanceToSurfaceWaterTex A range of distance from the site to the        Optional    string max 30   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Horizontal distance to surface water bodies   OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   H_Distance_To_Surface_Water   varchar(30)
                               t                                       nearest surface water body.
04.12 od:HazardFactorDetails   SiteDistanceToHomesText                 A range of distance from the site to nearby     Optional    string max 30   OD_HazardFactorDetails_v1.0.xsd   Distance to homes                             OD_Hazard_Factor_Details   Distance_To_Homes             varchar(30)

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