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									Hydraulics and Pneumatic Systems                                               WVEIS Code 1875
This course will introduce students to the application of hydraulic and pneumatic systems used in
industrial maintenance occupations. Students will become familiar with tools and components of
hydraulics and pneumatics and will perform a variety of operations using them.

Standard 1: Read and interpret hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams. (1875.S.1)

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Diagrams Objectives
Students will:
1875.1.1 Identify and describe the function of component parts of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
1875.1.2 Interpret symbols for hydraulics and pneumatics using CAD.
1875.1.3 Identify and describe mechanical servo valves and cartridge valves.

Standard 2: Refill or clean filters and refill system in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Clean Filters and Refill System Objectives
Students will:
1875.2.1 Describe techniques for draining systems.
1875.2.2 Identify various filters, screen, strainers, and types of hydraulic and compressor oils.

Standard 3: Replace and align hydraulic motors and pumps. (1875.S.3)

Hydraulic Motors and Pumps Objectives
Students will:
1875.3.1 Describe hydraulic pumps, the basic parts and the function of each part.
1875.3.2 Explain how a hydraulic unit functions.
1875.3.3 Identify alignment and couplings.
1875.3.4 Align piston rod of hydraulic pump and adjust pressure.

Standard 4: Install hydraulic and pneumatic lines and measure pressure. (1875.S.4)

Install Hydraulic and Pneumatic Lines Objectives
Students will:
1875.4.1 Identify piping, fittings, gaskets, and seals.
1875.4.2 Inspect and replace pressure relief valve.

Standard 5: Install guards and covers. (1875.S.5)

Guards and Covers Objective
Students will:
1875.5.1 Explain and use manufacturer’s specifications for clearance and attachment techniques.


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