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					Craven District Council

                                     PLANNING COMMITTEE

                                         12th January 2009

Present – The Chairman (Councillor Welch) and Councillors Butcher, Camacho, Green, Hart, Lis,
Mason, Place, Roberts and Turner.

Officers – Solicitor, Interim Development Control Manager, Senior Planning Officer, Area Planning
Officer and Committee Officer.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Wheeler.

Start:: 1:30pm                                                           Finish: 3:05pm
Councillor Lis arrived at 1.36pm
Councillor Hart left the meeting at 2.56pm

The minutes of the Committee’s meeting held on 15th December 2008 were confirmed and signed
by the Chairman.

                                        Minutes for Report

PL.479                              PUBLIC PARTICIPATION

The following persons presented representations/addressed the Committee under its public
participation scheme: -

Application 66/2008/8910             : Mrs Watmough (on behalf of objectors)
                                     : Mr J Steel (for the applicant)
Application 56/2008/8842             : Mr J Pickles (applicant)


(a)      Delegated Matters

The Head of Planning and Building Control reported the following applications for planning
permission, which had been dealt with under delegated authority:

15/2008/9027(LB) Demolition of store and making good walls; The Punch Bowl, 9 Low Street,
Burton in Lonsdale – Conditional approval.

15/2008/9026 Demolition of store and making good good walls; The Punch Bowl, 9 Low Street,
Burton in Lonsdale – Conditional approval.

21/2008/9129 Retention of conversion and extension of redundant barn, amendment to previous
application 21/2008/8441. Additional external wall to be rebuilt; Highgate Poultry Farm, Windle
Lane, Cononley – Conditional approval.

22/2008/8957 Conversion of barn to holiday let; Intake Farm, Cowling – Conditional approval.

                                                                   Planning Committee 12 January 2009
Craven District Council

22/2008/9073 Single storey rear and side extensions to form utility room and WC with
conservatory extension, 1 Middleton, Cowling – Conditional approval.

26/2008/9085 Dismantling of conservatory on west elevation and re-erecting on south elevation; 1
Laurel Close, Shires Lane, Embsay – Conditional approval.

28/2008/9094 Construction of sun lounge; Moorgate, Crag Lane, Farnhill – Conditional approval.

30/2008/9218 One Sycamore – crown lift to clear street light; South Street Plantation, junction off
South Street, Gargrave – No Tree Preservation Order (TPO) made.

30/2008/9088 Haybarn to adjoin existing stable block; Station House, Church Street, Gargrave –
Conditional approval.

32/2008.9108 Single storey rear extension; 14 Holmroyd Avenue, Holme Lane, Cross Hills –
Conditional approval.

32/2008/9127 Retention of a two block stable; land at Ling Haw Hill, Cononley Brow, Cononley
Road, Glusburn – Conditional approval.

32/2008/9069 Discharge of conditions 3, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18; land at the eastern
end of Riparian Way, Cross Hills – Conditional approval.

42/2008/9101(LB) Replacement Mullion Windows; High Ground Farm, Hellifield – Conditional

45/2008/8976 Conversion of redundant agricultural barn for business use with ancillary living
accommodation; Clarrick Barn, Tattherthorn Lane, Ingleton – Refusal.

45/2008/9115 Conservatory; The Coach House, Moorgarth New Road, Ingleton – Conditional

62/2008/9037 Single storey rear extension and porch to front elevation; 22 Longdale Avenue,
Settle – Conditional approval.

63/2008/9049 Decking to rear of property; 17 Hall Croft, Skipton – Refusal.

63/2008/9065 Individual letter plates fixed to fascia, no illumination; 2 Sheep Street, Skipton –
Conditional approval.

63/2008/9064(LB) Re paint shop front, remove partition walls internally add new ceilings and form
new rooms on first floor; 2 Sheep Street, Skipton – Conditional approval.

63/2008/9091 Proposed single storey extension to side and conservatory to rear; 8 Tarn Moor
Crescent, Skipton – Conditional approval.

66/2008/9146 Replacement conservatory; 10 Hazel Grove, Sutton-in-Craven – Conditional

66/2008/9034 Discharge of conditions 1-22 on previously approved 66/2007/7709; Woodturners
Site, Holme Lane, Sutton-in-Craven – Split decision.

69/2008/9089 Demolish existing bungalow and replace with dwelling; Rockwood, Cam Lane,
Thornton-in-Craven – Conditional approval.

73/2008/9120 One Oak – fell and replace with two trees, one Sycamore – fell and replace with two
trees; 3 The Crofts, Farnhill – No TPO made.
                                                                     Planning Committee 12 January 2009
Craven District Council

(b)     Applications

Resolved – That decisions on applications for planning permission are made as follows:

                                         Permission Refused

56/2008/8842 Change of use from detached ancillary living accommodation to detached
dwelling house; Boxtree Cottage, East Marton.

Reason for Refusal

        -       The proposed use is considered to be an unacceptable sporadic development which
                does not contribute to the rural need or economy, being set outside the development
                limits. It thus fails to meet the tests of Saved Policy ENV 1.

        -       The creation of a separate dwelling has not been adequately justified against the
                test of either saved Policy H 8 or EMP 9 and thus the development fails to meet the
                requirements of those Policies and the guidance on PPS 1 – Delivering sustainable
                developments, PPS 3 – Housing or PPS 7 – Sustainable development in rural areas.

(Councillor Mason declared a personal interest indicating that the applicant was known to him.)

66/2008/8910 Construction of dwelling and dutch barn and access to improvements,
resubmission of 66/2007/7645; Brow Bottom, Ellers Road, Sutton-in-Craven.

Reasons for Refusal

        -       The requirements for a new dwelling outside of the development limits of a
                settlement within open countryside as outlined in local and national planning
                guidance are not considered to be met. The provision of a new dwelling in this
                location is therefore contrary to Policies ENV1 of the Saved Craven District (Outside
                the Yorkshire Dales National Park) Local Plan and National Planning Policy in PPS1
                and PPS7.

        -       The application site is in a prominent valley side position in a landscape identified in
                the Craven District Outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Forest Of
                Bowland AONB Landscape Appraisal as being a landscape worthy of conservation.
                A highway runs in close proximity and the site is only partially screened from public
                views by deciduous trees. As there is no justification for the development, it
                constitutes sporadic development in the countryside, which will adversely affect the
                open character and appearance of the landscape. The development proposal is
                therefore contrary to Saved Policies ENV1 and ENV2 of the Saved Craven District
                (Outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park) Local Plan and the Policy Guidance
                contained in PPS7. (*)

(Councillor Place declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the above application and left the
room, he informed the Committee that the applicant was a personal friend as were two individuals
who had submitted representations).

(Councillor Hart declared a personal interest in the above application indicating that the applicant
was know to him).

(Councillor Butcher declared a personal interest in the above application indicating that one of the
objectors was known to him.)

                                                                       Planning Committee 12 January 2009
Craven District Council

(*) The Head of Planning and Building Control reported representations received.

PL.481                           CONSTRUCTION OF DWELLINGS AT
                          WESLEY CLOSE, BENTHAM – APPLICATION 8/2008/8693

Further to Minute PL.474(b)/08-09, at which the Committee had authorised the Head of Planning
and Building Control to approve an application (8/2008/8693) for the construction of 34 dwellings at
Wesley Close, Bentham, subject to a section 106 Agreement regarding the provision of affordable
housing and payment of a commuted sum for play equipment/recreation provision within the
settlement, the Interim Development Control Manager submitted a report informing the Committee
of action taken in approving the application.

Members were reminded that the site in question was owned by the Council, and that following
discussion with this Committee’s Chair and Vice Chairman it had been agreed that, to enable the
application to be determined within the time period for a “major” application, the application should
be approved without the Section 106 Agreement, and that the requirements of the proposed
Section 106 Agreement approved by Members should be incorporated into the terms of the transfer
document when the land was transferred to the Registered Social Landlord undertaking the
proposed development.

Resolved – That the action taken in approving application 8/2008/8693 is noted.


                                                                    Planning Committee 12 January 2009