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Gregory N Becker


									                                           Gregory N. Becker
                                       Senior Technical Consultant
Provide support on IBM, HP, Sun and NT platforms for Oracle Applications. Experience with Unix and
network administration. Systems DBA responsibilities of: Core DBA support, shell scripting, installations of
Databases 7x, 8x and Apps 10.7 and 11.X (NCA), Migration between Hardware Platforms, Automation of
Daily routines, Setting up Unix System Standards. Provide guidance to management and functional
consultants regarding system use, implementation and conversion strategies. Work with Oracle application
functional consultants in areas of PA, HRMS, FA, OTA, OSSWA. Responsibilities include:

           Database backup and recovery planning, testing and implementation.
           Oracle Patch Installation and Testing
           Implementing Unix and NT system Standards
           Oracle database conversions and upgrades, installation of Name server, Enterprise Manager
           Assist project management staffing needs, coordinate consulting resources and facilitate
          daily activities of IT staff and external contractors
           Experience in an Oracle DBA Help Desk environment: Questions of: i.e. grants, indexes,
          views, SQL Loader control files, bugs and patches
        Experience as a Solaris and HP Unix System Administrator: Creating Unix accounts, Logical
       Volume Management, Shell Scripting, one Firewall installation, some mail setup, sub netting and
       long haul communication line experience

Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oracle Corporation (3/99 - Present)
Installed Oracle Applications R11 NCA on Compaq Proliant 6000 and 3000 NT middle Tier Servers and HP
9000 K series running HP-UX 11.
Installation and configuration of Noetix Software for HR implementation. Assisted with PLSQL and JAVA
issues involved with HR, Web Employee and OTA modules. Automated Oracle Nightly backups and exports
with Shell Scripts. Configured HP Omniback Software for Implementation. Implemented an Oracle Patch
Installation Review Process. Applied Patches. Assisted with DNS network Configurations. Some Internal
Applications System Administration responsibilities (i.e. Setting up Printers, creating users, assigning
responsibilities). Handled core DBA responsibilities of Database Migrations, database re-naming, Datafile
resizing, tuning, fragmentation, synonyms and views for developers, imports-exports. Unix System
administration responsibilities as root included: adding and deleting users, updating MOTD file, cron
management, printer setup and configuration, password changes, periodic and routine file system backups
and restores.

New Orleans Parish School Board, Oracle Corporation ( 7/26/99 - 8/13/99)
Stand in DBA for live IBM SP2 Oracle Financials Installation.
Handled Database sizing, cloning, patching and clean up of system.
Helped to automation backups. Handled day to day operations question from
team of 30 oracle developers and functional consultants for 11 databases.

Indiana University, Oracle Corporation ( 1 day Presentation 3/22/99)
Discussed Setup and Installation of IBM SP2 for Oracle Installation(s)
How to utilize IBM hardware to meet oracle software requirements
  - SSA disks for Oracle (Raw or JFS or combination)
How to Setup IBM SP2 Hardware for Oracle with an S7A
How HACMP works
                                           Gregory N. Becker
                                      Senior Technical Consultant
Anomalies with Multiple version of Oracle on same node
Oracle Name Server
Oracle Back Up Solutions and ADSM

SUNY Binghamton University, Oracle Corporation (1/99 - 3/99)
Assisted with Solaris (3500, 5500) UNIX Environment Setup. Working with Oracle Applications Functional
consultants and University Technical Department to identify database requirements for Implementation.
Wrote Technical Architecture Deliverables for the University.
Presentation on Technical Roles and Responsibilities involved with an Oracle Applications Implementation.
Presentation on Issue Tracker and use of Oracle “Tracker” software.
Provided network and PC support to Implementation Team.

West Virginia University, Oracle Corporation (6/98 - 12/98)
Assisted with Migration and Setup of oracle applications on an RS6000 AIX environment.
Developed training schedules for new DBA’s. Implemented and configured a backup and Recovery policy.
Provided UNIX Systems Standards information. Worked to identify Functional patch requirements.
Installed patches and assisted with Setup of Release 11 NCA on AIX. Wrote Technical Architecture

Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC), Oracle Corporation (1/98 - 6/98)
Provided core DBA support on 7 UNIX boxes (HP, SUN, SGI), Implemented UNIX systems standards for
the environments. Assisted with Backup and Recovery Planning, Testing and Implementation.

City of Columbus Water, Oracle Corporation (10/97 - 1/98)
Worked on project to transfer skills pertaining Oracle installations and core DBA responsibilities.
Transferred experience with Oracle Name server.

Wright Patterson Airforce Base (WPAFB) Oracle Corporation (7/96 - 10/97)
Responsible for backups, exports and restorations for 37 databases on 5 HP’s and 1 Sun and 2 NT Boxs.
Part of a backup and recovery team providing support to DBA’s in a development environment. Identify
area’s requiring improvements, gearing current environment towards automation, using e-mal and pagers to
notify off site staff when problems occur. On Site use of Enterprise Manager tools.

Configuration Management Information System (CMIS) CACI Inc. (11/94 - 7/96)
Provide Systems and Network Administration for office. Installations and demonstrations of CMIS client-
server product. Testing product with long haul communication lines.
Installation and administration for Peer to Peer and Client Server networks. Implemented UNIX level
security and systems administration with Network Filing. Purchase and setup of CISCO router and gauntlet
security package on class C network.

Project Leader / P.C. Support Analyst, Frontier Engineering, Inc.(1993 - 1994) Coordinated the
configuration and deployment of 2,800+ computer systems and peripherals.
Scheduled and supervised two to three part-time employees. Trouble shot, installed and maintained
computer hardware and software, also trained employees to troubleshoot PCs.

Artificial Intelligence Research Assistant, Internship(1992)
                                            Gregory N. Becker
                                        Senior Technical Consultant
Researched necessary information supplemental to the Counseling With Expert System Technology (CWEST)
Expert System. Work included library research, data collection and analysis for an expert system that
would assist a student in determining a degree specialization program.

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Majors in Management Information Systems and
International Business
CONTINUING EDUCATION Enrolled in Central Michigan University MSA Degree Program

     Oracle Products:
     Apps R11 NCA and SC, RDBMS V6, 7.X, and 8.X, SQL*Net, Net8, Network Manager, EBU,
     Name Server, Enterprise Manager & Plus Pack, SQL*Loader, Procedure Builder, Replication
     Manager, RMan, Developer and Designer 2000, Apps 10.7, ADE. Worked with Modules of HR,
     OSSWA, OTA, FA and GL.
     Micros - Servers:
     Compac, Dell, GTSI, Zenith, Gateway, ZEOS, Toshiba, Macintosh,Grid, NEC, UCR, DEC
     Shell Scripting(Korn, Bourn, C), SQL, IEF, ObjectView, COBOL, Pascal, JCL, SQL, EDA/SQL,
     Operating Systems:
     HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, NCR, SGI, OS/2, DOS, Linux, WindowsNT - 95, VMS
     TCP-IP, Novell, Windows For Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT, CISCO 10.2
     IBM SP2, SUN (SPARC,3500, 5500), HP-7000, 9000 and 700 workstation, IBM RS6000,
     IBM Power PC, NCR, SGI, Pyramid
     Dec Vax 8530/6610
     Other Databases:
     Rochade, SAP, MS Access, FoxPro 2.5, D-Base, R-Base, Filemaker
     Management/Leadership Skills:
     Team Leader, Conducted Interviews, Training at Client Sites, Delegation of Responsibilities, Created
     Staff Workplans, AIM Technical Architecture Proposals, Configuration Management Tools , Project
     Management Tools, Help Desk Software, Developed schedules for DBA specific tasks.
     Life Cycle Expertise:
     Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Requirements Gathering, Requirements Analysis Testing, Conference Room
     Pilot, Transition, Production
     Specialty Skills:
     Documentation and Communication abilities
     Applications Implementation Methodology (AIM)

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