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					                                  CITY OF PETERSBURG
                                         PURCHASING OFFICE
                                  CITY HALL ANNEX, 103 W. TABB STREET
                                       PETERSBURG, VIRGINIA 23803
                                   (804) 733-2345 FAX (804) 733-2434

January 8, 2010

Sale of 20 West Tabb Street

I.      Purpose

        The City of Petersburg will accept proposals for the acquisition, rehabilitation and
reuse of a 6 story building located at 20 West Tabb Street in downtown Petersburg,
Virginia. The property, commonly known as the Petersburg Hotel and is located on West
Tabb Street between City Hall and the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. The property is
located in a State designated Enterprise Zone.

                              •   Tax Parcel # 011250002
                              •   Assessed Value: $ 102,000
                              •   Zoning B-3 (Central Commercial District)
                              •   Acreage: 0.27
                              •   Building Square Footage: Approximately 44,178 sq. ft.
                              •   Located in the Courthouse Historic District

II.     Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions


        1.      RFP Response: In order to be considered for selection, offerors must
submit a complete response to this RFP. One (1) original, marked “Original,” seven (7)
copies, and one (1) copy on CD of their proposal must be submitted to the Purchasing
Office, City Hall Annex, 103 West Tabb Street, Petersburg, Virginia 23803 and are due
no later than 2:30 P.M. local prevailing time February 11, 2010. No other
distribution of the proposal shall be made by the offeror. The Purchasing Office will
neither accept oral proposals, nor accept proposals received by telephone, FAX, or

      All proposals must be sealed and labeled on the outside of an opaque envelope or
package to show the following:

          a. Title of Proposal
          b. Name of Offeror
          c. Address of Offeror
          d. RFP Number

RFP # P10-0019                                                                            1
Sale of 20 West Tabb Street
          e. Receipt and Closing Date

       Responses received after the due date and time will be deemed unresponsive and
returned to the proposer unopened. Proposals shall be open to public inspection only
after award of the contract. The time proposals are received shall be determined with
reference to the Purchasing Office Official Clock. Offerors are responsible for insuring
that their proposals are stamped by Purchasing Office personnel by the deadline
indicated. In the event the City offices are closed due to inclement weather and/or
emergency situations at the time set aside for a preproposal conference and/or the
advertised proposal receipt date, the conference and/or receipt date will default to the
next open business day at the same time and location.

        2.       Proposal Preparation:

       a. Proposals shall be signed by an authorized representative of the offeror. All
information requested should be submitted.

       b. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a
straightforward, concise description of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP.
Emphasis should be placed on completeness and clarity of content.

       c. Proposals should be organized in the order in which the requirements are
presented in the RFP. All pages of the proposal should be numbered.

        d. Each copy of the proposal should be bound or contained in a single volume
where practical. All documentation submitted with the proposal should be contained in
that single volume.

        e. Ownership of all data, materials, and documentation originated and prepared
for the City pursuant to the RFP shall belong exclusively to the City and be subject to
public inspection in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Trade
secrets or proprietary information submitted by an offeror shall not be subject to public
disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act; however, the offeror must
invoke the protections of § 2.2-4342F of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended, in
writing, either before or at the time the data or other material is submitted. The written
notice must specifically identify the data or materials to be protected and state the
reasons why protection is necessary. The proprietary or trade secret material submitted
must be identified by some distinct method such as highlighting or underlining and must
indicate only the specific words, figures, or paragraphs that constitute trade secret or
proprietary information. The classification of an entire proposal document, line item
prices, and/or total proposal prices as proprietary or trade secrets is not acceptable and
will result in rejection of the proposal.

       3. Oral Presentation: Offerors who submit a proposal in response to this RFP
may be required to give an oral presentation of their proposal to the City. This provides
an opportunity for the offeror to clarify or elaborate on the proposal. This is a fact
finding and explanation session only and does not include negotiation. The Purchasing
Office will schedule the time and location of these presentations. Oral presentations are
an option of the City and may or may not be conducted.


All proposals are required to provide the following information:

RFP # P10-0019                                                                            2
Sale of 20 West Tabb Street
      1. Acquisition: Discuss your purchase (offer) price, terms, and conditions for the
         acquisition of the property.
      2. Building Reuse: Discuss how the building will be used. Provide information
         detailing planned renovations and site improvements, inclusive of drawing
         detailing proposed changes to exterior. Provide a narrative description of planned
         interior changes along with a timetable for completion of said improvements.
      3. For commercial, retail or office projects and/or multi-family rental apartment
         projects, provide breakdown on total square feet of retail/office space, or
         number, type and size of apartment units. Also include projected rental rates.
      4. For residential for-sale (condominium) projects, provide information on number,
         type and size of each unit and projected sales price for each type of
      5. Zoning Impact: Include a discussion of any Special Use Permits, rezoning, or
         variances that may be required for the reuse. Zoning, special use permit, and
         variance questions may be addressed to the Petersburg Zoning Administrator at
      6. Project Development Costs: Include an itemized budget that covers major work
         items and projected sources of financing.
      7. Project Impact: Provide information on how the development will affect the
         surrounding community (and community at-large) based on proposed use (i.e.
         additional traffic, economic impact, compatibility of use).
      8. Financial Capacity:      Provide documentation of the financial capacity of all
         individuals, and or businesses organization/s and/or principals submitting the
         proposal. The City of Petersburg reserves the right to request additional financial
         information, if needed at a later date, to determine capacity to complete the
         proposed reuse on a timely basis.

III.     Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals and Acceptance

A.      All proposals shall be evaluated by the City of Petersburg based in part on the
following criteria:
    1. The Purchase (Offer) Price for property.
    2. Proposed use of the property and projected timetable for completing adaptive
       reuse of the building.
    3. The benefit to the City as a whole and impact on the immediate surrounding land
        uses and neighborhood.
    4. Financial capability of individual or entity to undertake and complete the
       proposed project.
    5. Qualifications of individual or entity to undertake proposed development of

B.       Proposals will be ranked according to the greatest perceived benefit to the City
and negotiations will be conducted with the top ranked offeror for the purpose of
finalizing a sales contract. Final approval of the sale will require an advertised public
hearing and City Council action. Conveyance of this real estate will be by quitclaim deed,
subject to any easements, covenants, and other restrictions, and objections to title.

VI.      Property Inspection

       Arrangements to view the property can be made by calling the Petersburg Office
of Economic Development at (804) 733-2352. The property will be sold “as is” with no
express or implied warranty or guaranty of any kind made by the City of Petersburg.

RFP # P10-0019                                                                            3
Sale of 20 West Tabb Street
The City of Petersburg reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to re-advertise,
or to waive any informality, irregularity, mistake error or omission in any proposal
received and to accept any proposal deemed to be most favorable to the interests of the
City of Petersburg.

                                                  Brandon C. Martin_____
                                                  Brandon C. Martin
                                                  Purchasing Agent

RFP # P10-0019                                                                           4
Sale of 20 West Tabb Street