TOWNSHIP OF MINDEN HILLS
                       Thursday, January 10th, 2008

                                                       Commencement: 9:00 a.m.
                                                        Adjournment: 10:58 a.m.

Present:             Deputy Reeve Cheryl Murdoch
                     Councillor at Large Peter Oyler
                     Councillor Bill Obee
                     Councillor Lisa Schell
                     Councillor Barbara Reid
                     Councillor Rick Ratcliff

Regrets:             Reeve Jim McMahon

Staff Present:       CAO Gerry Morrison
                     Clerk Cheryl McCarroll
                     Treasurer Mary Jane Irwin
                     Planning Administrator Elinor Kernohan
                     Planning Assistant Deanna Houghton
                     Director of Community Services Rick Cox
                     Env. & Property Operations Manager Bob Romberg

     Deputy Reeve Murdoch chaired the meeting in the absence of the Reeve.
     She welcomed everyone, wished all present a Happy New Year, stated
     that there was a busy start to 2008 and called the meeting to order.

         Res. #08-01 Peter Oyler – Bill Obee
         Be it resolved that the Council of the Township of Minden Hills
         approves the agenda for the Committee of the Whole/General
         Council Meeting of January 10th, 2008.

     None declared.

a)   Heather Reid, U-Links
     Ms. Reid advised that she had received an invitation from the Clerk to
     attend today’s meeting to have further discussions concerning space for
     U-Links. It was advised that the OPP no longer require the Community
     Policing Building and was available for use mid-January.        Ms. Reid
     advised that they are currently housed at the Pritchard House. Ms. Reid
     noted that she had discussions with the Environment & Property
     Operations Manager prior to the holidays concerning the space, nominal
     rent and utility costs. She noted that U-Links is looking at establishing
     space for the long term.

         Council directed that the Environment and Property Operations Manager
         prepare a recommendation for Council’s consideration at January
         Council with respect to use of the space, rent and utilities.
b)       Jim Blake, Communities in Action
         Mr. Blake discussed the promotion of active transportation and provided
         a tear-off map produced for the Village of Haliburton outlining:
        active transportation routes
        recreation areas
        attractions
        detailed roads
        green space and parks

January 10th, 2008                                                            1
      downtown core
       and stated that Communities in Action was wanting to prepare a map for
       the Village of Minden. He advised that the pads of tear away maps are
       made available to merchants of the area and noted that the maps are
       well received in Haliburton. He discussed the preparation of large signs
       located at key points throughout the Village, promoting “park the car
       and get walking.”

         Mr. Blake asked if members of Council wished to see any additional
         elements on the map. Further discussion involved:
        Director of Community Services sits on committee
        Draft a proposal for Council to consider prior to printing
        Check with Director of Community Services and Env. & Property
         Operations Manager re: sign locations
        Council requested larger print
        Formal resolution is required for County to release mapping data
        Playgrounds, skateboard park, shuffleboard courts, all aspects of
         Cultural Centre (library, gallery, museum RD Lawrence Place) requested
         to be added
        Council supports the concept and looks forward to the proposed map

c)       Representatives from Minden Seniors Shuffleboard Court re: proposals
         for the refurbishing of the courts and financial support
         Maureen Ireland and John Fortune presented three proposals for the
         refurbishing of the shuffleboard courts:
             i)    permanent interlocking court, requiring no maintenance, no
                   beads or wax. A leaf blower would be required to keep the
                   court clean
             ii)   plastic grid that would require placement and storage every
                   years. It was noted that there is no storage space at the
             iii)  resurfacing would require grinding off of court, high
                   maintenance – waxing required in spring, twice through the
                   summer and once in the fall. Court would have to be covered
                   for the winter. Requires beads and stain wax sealing

         Council asked if membership of the club was restricted to strictly
         seniors or open to the public. It was advised that the membership was
         comprised of mostly seniors but was open to anyone wishing to join the

         Discussion took place with respect to:
        membership fees ($35.00 per year which is used to maintain the courts
         and replace equipment)
        membership numbers (65 members in 2007)

         Council further discussed the disrepair of the shuffleboard courts and
         instructed that the Director of Community Services prepare a report
         outlining possible options for their refurbishing (i.e. loans, grants,
         increased membership fees)


         Res. #08-02 Peter Oyler – Bill Obee
         Be it resolved that the Council of the Township of Minden Hills
         approves the payment of accounts in the amount of $284,796.70 for

ENVIRONMENT & PUBLIC WORKS – Councillors Schell and Obee in the Chair

January 10th, 2008                                                           2
a)       Memo from Environment & Property Operations Manager re: expansion
         of the Ingoldsby Landfill site

         The Environment & Property Operations Manager advised that discussions
         with the property owner where wells were to be installed for monitoring
         of the Ingoldsby landfill have fallen through and will not allow
         monitoring wells to be placed on his property. It was advised that this
         is the only property that monitoring wells could be placed on to
         determine the flow of leachate from the landfill site. The Environment
         & Property Operations Manager advised that it was very unlikely that the
         MOE would entertain an application for expansion of the site and
         recommended that the Township abandon any further discussions
         regarding the expansion of the Ingoldsby landfill site and move towards
         the creation of a Transfer Station.

         Discussion ensued, which included:
        Expropriate land for monitoring wells – landfill situation getting worse
         not better and $35,000 is far less than the millions that will be required
         for a new landfill site
        Members not in favour of expropriation and agree with recommendation
         of Environment & Property Operations Manager
        Less than $5000 has been spent to date on study
        Obtain legal opinion re: expropriation of land for the installation of
         monitoring wells – report to be prepared for January Council
        Legal opinion is good next step
        Township has MOE approval for Transfer Station, approval is not a
         certainty for expansion – is it worth spending more money?
        Concern leachate is escaping site and headed towards Canning Lake
        Is temporary expropriation a possibility?

b)       Road Report - 2007
         The chair advised that the Road Superintendent apologized for not being
         present but was extremely busy with clean up from the previous day’s
         weather (downed trees, flooding, road washouts). It was noted that the
         recent bridge work had been completed. The report was received.

CULTURE, PARKS & RECREATION – Deputy Reeve Murdoch in the chair
a)   Cultural Centre Advisory Committee – Minutes of December 14th, 2007
     meeting. The minutes were received for information

b)       Lochlin Park & Community Centre Board – Minutes of November 1st, 2007
         Meeting. The minutes were received for information,

c)       Ontario Trillium Application re: Riverwalk Project – Council supports the
         project and a resolution and by-law to be considered by Council at their
         Special Meeting following Committee of the Whole/General Council

PROTECTION TO PERSONS & PROPERTY – Councillor Ratcliff in the Chair
a)   Report from Fire Chief re: Call Summary – the report was received for

b)       Building Report – December 2007
         It was noted that fees are up and it was advised that the Building
         Inspector/MLEO was actively pursuing permit renewals. The impact of
         the Marcus Beach development was noted. The development of 15 time
         share units (Sliver Birches) was discussed. The report was received for

c)       By-law Occurrence Report – December 2007 – the report was received for

January 10th, 2008                                                               3
d)       Building & By-law Department – year End Report – the report was
         received for information.

PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT – Deputy Reeve Murdoch in the Chair
a)   Report from Planning Administrator re: RA-07-03 (LITWIN) – Portion of
     original Old Cameron Road between Lots 8 , Conc. 11, geographic
     Township of Lutterworth

         Considerable discussion took place with respect to:
        Former Township of Lutterworth Council agreed that there would be no
         land purchase price for the conveyance of this unused portion of Old
         Cameron Road (no appraisal may be required)
        Treasurer advised that this was a colonization road – long before
         Highway 35 was created. She advised that there was a file containing
         significant legal advice – but advised that it may have expired
        Documentation – official survey
        Two weeks public notification required and agencies and MTO will be
        Treasurer advised this was not a concession allowance and not
         maintained by the township.         She advised that Cameron Road was
         turned over to the municipality and suggested that a title search be

         That the application be approved but any costs related to title searches
         etc. be borne by the applicant.

b)       Memo from the Planning Administrator re: Draft Amendment to Policy
         No. 45 (Docks)

         It was noted that the township’s insurance company had been contacted
         concerning liability issues and they recommend that the Township be
         added as an additional insured on the applicant’s insurance policy
         (provides proof of insurance).

         The Planning Administrator advised that she had not received any
         further comments from members of Council.

         Further discussion took place involving:
        Fees for docks adjacent to municipal shore allowance = tax grab and
         onerous to enforce
        Some homeowners not able to purchase road allowance (residence across
         the road)
        Docks at municipal boat launches
        Risk municipality may be exposed to

         It was recommended that this matter be deferred until such time as a
         legal opinion is obtained, (may result in certain docks being removed).

c)       Planning Report – December 2007
         The report was received for information

d)       Planning Department 2007 Yearly Report
         The Planning Administrator was asked what percentage of shoreline road
         allowances have been purchased and she replied that purchases would
         be on-going for some time.

e)       Memo from Planning Assistant re: Proposed Shoreline Road Allowance
         closure and sale, SRA-07-26 (THURSTON HERITAGE RESOURCES

January 10th, 2008                                                             4
       CORPORATION) fronting Part Lot 1, Concession A, geographic Township
       of Anson – Gull River

       Considerable discussion took place concerning:
      Public access to the river
      Planning Assistant clarified the mapping – outlining the property of the
       applicant, actual SRA and adjoining properties
      It was questioned why we would sell SRA beyond the extent of the
       private property
      The survey was explained and existing cabins were discussed
      Noted that in reality a series of privately owned buildings exist on
       municipally owned lands
      Adjacent property is vacant and in a flood zone and future building
       permits may not be issued
      It was suggested that the Township should only consider selling shoreline
       road allowance – straight out (not ends)

FINANCE/GENERAL GOVERNMENT – Councillor Oyler in the Chair
a)   Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative – Lutterworth Pines

       The CAO advised that this is a new initiative and he noted that he had
       been in discussions with Infrastructure Ontario. He noted that the grant
       is identical to the successful application made for the library expansion
       and R. D. Lawrence Place (township would receive all monies requested
       or nothing). The CAO further noted that assurances had been received
       regarding an application for this project and would be supported by a
       letter from the MOE in Peterborough.

       It was asked if the funding would be for both a well and delivery system
       and it was advised that the maximum funding available per project was

PERSONNEL – Deputy Reeve Murdoch in the Chair


     List is on-going

       Council recessed at 10:30 a.m. and reconvened at 10:40 a.m.


       Res. #08-03 Bill Obee – Peter Oyler
       Be it resolved that the next part of the meeting be closed to the
       public. The subject matter being considered is personal matters
       about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board
       employees and labour relations or employee negotiations.

       Res. #08-04 Lisa Schell – Peter Oyler
       Be it resolved that Closed Session adjourn and Open Session resume,
       (10:55 a.m.).

       Res. #08-05 Peter Oyler – Lisa Schell
       Be it resolved that direction(s) given in Closed Session be approved.

January 10th, 2008                                                             5

       Res. #08-06 Lisa Schell – Bill Obee
       Be it resolved that the Committee of the Whole/General Council
       Meeting of January 10th, 2008 be adjourned.

                                                    Head of Council


January 10th, 2008                                                  6

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