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									    Fort Belvoir Community Club
    P.O. Box 176  Building 1200 Taylor Road  Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5908  703-780-0962
    Catering Director, Amber Hodge
    Catering Assistant, John Pope Fax: 703-781-0445

                  Wedding Reception Program
Here at the Community Club we make planning a wedding reception easy. This package includes
all the services we have to offer but please let us know if you have special requests. It is our goal
to make your reception just as you have always envisioned it.

Our beautiful and newly renovated rooms can accommodate from 25 to 350 Party guests. We
have examples of floor plans for each room so you will know the room layout in advance.

We can do everything for you here at the Community Club. We can order wedding cakes, special
occasion cakes, and other baked goods from some of Washington’s finest bakeries.
Arrangements can be made for disc jockeys, rental items, invitations, and other services. We can
even decorate for you. For more details, please contact our Catering Director.

                             Table of Contents
                                    Other Club Activities 2
                                    Booking with us 3
                                    Quick Reference Guide of Deadlines & Policies 3
                                    The Menus 4-7
                                        o Rental Information 8
                                        o Floor Plans 8
                                        o Additional Service Charges 8
                                        o Rental Items 8
                                        o Cake Cutting 8
                                        o Head Table Service 8
                                        o Extra Room 9
                                        o Overtime 9
                                    Additional Food & Beverage Items 9
                                        o Champagne & Cider 9
                                        o Cash Bar 9
                                        o Appetizers 9
                                        o Salads 9
                                        o Beverages 9
                                        o Dessert Bars 9
                                    Community Club Banquet Planner 10
                                        o Party Billing Arrangements 10
                                        o Party Arrangements 10-11
                                        o Security 11
                                        o Hold Harmless 11
                                    Example of Guest List (accessing the base) 11
Fort Belvoir Community Club
P.O. Box 176  Building 1200 Taylor Road  Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5908  Phone: 703-780-0962 Fax: 703-781-0445

   Thank you for showing interest in the Fort Belvoir Community Club. This facility offers a wide range of
   activities available for both military and civilian personnel. We are a non-membership club.

   The Community Club has everything for your catering needs. We can make arrangements for disc jockeys,
   live bands, rental items, invitations, limousine and photography services. Our beautiful and newly
   renovated rooms can accommodate 25-400 party guests. Visit our website for more information.

   Dining Services
   The Dining Room is open Tuesday thru Friday from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm with a fully stocked buffet
   complete with all you can eat salad, soup, hot entrées, dessert and beverage for only $7.95. The menu
   changes daily, but you can always count on us having fried chicken on Wednesdays and our famous fried
   catfish and New England clam chowder on Fridays. Our weekly lunch menu can be found on the Internet
   at the following address:

   Our regular Bingo program is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 2:30 pm. See what
   the Cash Ball Jackpots are and try your luck. Maybe you will be our next $10,000 Winner. See our full
   program at:

   Ask us when we’re having our next $50,000 Megabucks Bingo game. Pick up a program, visit our website
   or ask us about the details. The jackpots include 2 $2,500; 2 $5,000; and 1 $10,000. All $50,000 will go!

   Family Night at the Community Club
   The Community Club would like to invite you and your family to dinner every Wednesday night from 5 to
   8 PM. Our buffet will include items such as Alaskan Crab Legs, Peel n’ Eat Shrimp, Fried Fish, Fried
   Chicken and Ice Cream for the children. Pricing as follows: Adults $12.95, Children ages 12-16 $8.95,
   Children ages 5-11 $5.95, and Children 4 and under eat free.

   Our lounge is open to the public Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. On
   Thursday and Fridays the hours may be extended until midnight depending on participation. Check out our
   weekly specials below:

   Tuesday’s Shrimp Night (4 – 7 PM)
   Half Pound Steamed Shrimp $ 4.00Full Pound Steamed Shrimp $ 7.00
   Thursday’s Alaskan Crab Legs Night (4 – 8 PM)
   Half Pound Steamed Crab Legs $ 5.00Full Pound Steamed Crab Legs $ 8.00
   Friday’s Free Munchies (4 – 7 PM)
   Every Friday Features DJ Mix-Master Ice (Starts Spinning at 5 PM)

                                               Club Officials
           William Gunneson  General Manager       Richard Whetstone  Operations Manager
        Bernadette Mercado  Head Cashier/Bingo Supervisor     Amber Hodge  Catering Director
            Ardella George  Chef     John Pope  Administrative Assistant/Catering Assistant

                Booking With Us Made Easy

Calculating Your Cost
Based on your guest count and room, the menu you have selected and any special
services that you have requested, you can calculate the total cost of your event. For
example, if you have 150 guests and select the Fairfax Menu to be catered in the Grand
Ballroom with Champagne, your cost would be as follows:
Ballroom Fee: $750.00
Fairfax Menu: $32.95 x 150 guests = $4,942.50 + 20% gratuity ($988.50) = 5,931.00
Champagne for 150 guests: 15 bottles = $195.00
Your Total Cost is $6,876

Quick Reference Guide of Deadlines and Policies
    Full payment is due 3 working days before the event is to be held
    Menu selections are due 10 weeks in advance of the event
    Guest list and final head count are due 10 days in advance of the event
    Reasonable guest count estimate is due at least 3 weeks in advance of the event

    Deposit is non-refundable
    Children pricing is as follows:
       Ages under 5 are free, 6-10 are ½ price, and 11 and older are full price
    Methods of acceptable payment:
       Cash, cashiers check, MasterCard, VISA and American Express.
       No personal checks

Other Important Information
    A signature and a deposit are required to make a valid contract
    Event cancellations must be in writing
    Outside catering is unavailable as we are an all-inclusive service. We will make
       exceptions if you want to bring in a wedding cake and you are permitted to book
       your own DJ, Photographer or Decorator
    Catered food and drink may not be taken out of the club
    Special privileges or reduced prices cannot be extended to any individual or group
    There are no deductions for “no shows”

Remember we will do everything possible to accommodate you on your special day. If there is something
you want but don’t see in this Wedding Planner, please ask the Catering Director and every effort will be
made to ensure your wedding is everything you’ve ever wanted.

                                           The Fairfax
                                 (50-guest Minimum)
Included Appetizers
[x] Assorted Deluxe Cheese Platter with Crackers
[x] Fresh Vegetable Crudités with Dips

Choice of (1) Cold Platter Served with Finger Rolls and Condiments
[ ] Carved Breast of Turkey                   [ ] Assorted Cold Meat Platter
[ ] Carved Virginia Ham                       (Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef)

Select (2) Entrees
[ ] Chicken Piccata                               [ ] Pepper Steak with Herb Seasoned
[ ] Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana                     Rice
[ ] Chicken Cacciatore                            [ ] Sliced Sirloin with Natural Au Jus
[ ] Chicken Kiev                                  Gravy
[ ] Chicken Cordon Bleu                           [ ] Italian Sausage and Peppers
[ ] Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles              [ ] Roast Turkey Breast with Gravy
[ ] Beef Burgundy with Egg Noodles                [ ] Loin of Pork with Gravy
                                                  [ ] Swedish Meatballs with Gravy

Select (3) Side Dishes
[ ] Stuffed Pasta Shells with Ricotta Cheese      [ ] Rice Pilaf
[ ] Baked Ziti with Meat Sauce                    [ ] Green Beans Almandine
[ ] Manicotti with Red or White Sauce             [ ] Vegetable Medley
[ ] Buttered Parsley Potatoes                     [ ] Corn O’Brian
[ ] Herb Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes               [ ] Peas with Baby Pearl Onions
[ ] Herbal Seasoned White Rice

Choice of (3) Salads
[ ] Tossed Green Salad with choice of             [ ] Tri-Colored Pasta Salad
Two Dressings                                     [ ] Three Bean Salad
[ ] Caesar Salad                                  [ ] Redskin Potato Salad
[ ] Waldorf Salad                                 [ ] Hawaiian Cole Slaw

All Included
[x] Dinner Rolls and Butter                       [x] Coffee and Hot Tea Service
[x] China                                         [x] Professional Wait Staff
[x] Flatware

                                       $ 32.95 Per Person
                     $ 51.95 Per Person with Four Hour Standard Open Bar
                     $ 53.95 Per Person with Four Hour Premium Open Bar
                               Add 20% Gratuity to above Pricing

               The Alexandrian Cocktail
                                  (50-guest Minimum)

Included Appetizers

[x] Fresh Vegetables with Dip
[x] Deluxe Cheese Platter
[x] Assorted Meat Platter with Rolls and Condiments

Select (5) to be Served Butler Style

[ ] Mini Franks in a Blanket                   [ ] Assorted Petite Quiche
[ ] Mini Pizzas                                [ ] Mozzarella Sticks
[ ] Smoked Chicken Quesadillas                 [ ] Chicken Tender Fritters
[ ] Cheese Puffs

Select (5) Hors d’Oeuvres

[ ] Spicy Buffalo Wings                        [ ] Barbecued Ribettes
[ ] Swedish or Sweet & Sour Meatballs          [ ] Peel and Eat Shrimp with Cocktail
[ ] Fried Chicken Drummies                     Sauce
[ ] Italian Sausage Tid Bits with Onions       [ ] Stuffed Mushrooms
and Peppers                                    [ ] Crab Balls with Cocktail Sauce

All Included

[x] Dinner Rolls and Butter                    [x] Coffee and Hot Tea Service
[x] China Cocktail Plates                      [x] Professional Wait Staff
[x] Flatware

Optional Items (Ask for Quote)

[ ] Carved Choice Fillet of Beef with French Bread and Butter
[ ] Carved Sirloin of Beef with Natural Au Jus Gravy
[ ] Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Homemade Cocktail Sauce
[ ] Carved Virginia Ham with French Bread and Fruit Sauce

                                  $ 27.95 per person
                   $ 45.95 Per Person with Four Hour Standard Bar
                   $ 47.95 Per Person with Four Hour Premium Bar
                          Add 20% Gratuity to above Pricing

                            The Mount Vernon
                                   (100-guest Minimum)

Select (4) Items to be Served Butler Style
[ ] Mini Franks in a Blanket                   [ ] Mozzarella Sticks
[ ] Cheese Puffs                               [ ] Assorted Cheese Canapé’s
[ ] Mini Pizzas                                [ ] Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab Meat
[ ] Pineapple Chicken Kabobs                   [ ] Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu
[ ] Mini Egg Rolls                             [ ] Mini Crab Cakes
[ ] Assorted Mini Quiche

Select (3) Entrees
[ ] Chicken Picatta (Boneless Chicken          [ ] Italian Sausage Giambotta with Peppers,
Breasts with White Wine and Lemon sauce,       Onions, and Potatoes
served with Mushrooms and Capers)              [ ] Beef Stroganoff with Mushrooms, served
[ ] Chicken Marsala (Boneless Chicken          with Egg Noodles
Breasts with Marsala Wine, Prosciutto,         [ ] Beef Burgundy (Sirloin Tips in a Hearty
Onions and Mushrooms)                          Burgundy Sauce served with Egg Noodles)
[ ] Chicken Cacciatore (Boneless Chicken       [ ] Roast Sirloin of Beef with Natural Au Jus
Breasts with Plump Tomatoes, Onions,           Gravy
Peppers and Mushrooms)                         [ ] Whole Carved Virginia Ham Served with
[ ] Roast Chicken (Baked Chicken with a        Fruit Sauce
Lemon glaze, served with Olive Oil and         [ ] Whole Carved Turkey Breast Served with
Italian Spices)                                Poultry Gravy
[ ] Roasted Pork Loin with Natural Gravy

Select (3) Side Dishes
[ ] Roast Baby Potatoes (Herb Seasoned         [ ] Fresh Vegetable Medley (Broccoli,
and Oven Browned)                              Cauliflower, Carrots, Herbs and Butter)
[ ] Roasted Red Skin Potatoes                  [ ] Whole Green Bean Oreganato with
[ ] Stuffed Jumbo Pasta Shells with Ricotta    Butter, Bread Crumbs and Spices
and Mozzarella Filling                         [ ] Rice Pilaf with Baby Peas
[ ] Manicotti with Mariana or Alfredo Sauce    [ ] Tortellini Alfredo (Tri-Colored Pasta
                                               with a Creamy Alfredo Sauce)
Choice of (2) Salads
[ ] Tossed Salad with Choice of Two            [ ] Tri-Colored Pasta Salad
Dressings                                      [ ] Redskin Potato Salad
[ ] Caesar Salad with Seasoned Croutons        [ ] Waldorf Salad
[ ] Fresh Spinach Salad                        [ ] Hawaiian Cole Slaw

All Included
[x] Dinner Rolls & Butter                      [x] Coffee and Hot Tea Service
[x] China                                      [x] Professional Wait Staff
[x] Flatware

                                  $ 46.95 Per Person
                $ 64.95 Per Person with Four Hour Standard Open Bar
                $ 68.95 Per Person with Four Hour Premium Open Bar
                          Add 20% Gratuity to above Pricing

                         The Washingtonian
                                       (100-guest Minimum)

Cocktail Hour
[x] Jumbo Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce               [x] Vegetable and Relish Tray with French
[x] Assorted Imported Cheeses and                  Onion Dip and Creamy Ranch Dressing

Select (2) Items for the Carving Station
[ ] Filet Mignon served with Creamy                [ ] Roasted Turkey Breast with Fruit and
Horseradish Sauce and Sautéed Mushrooms            Nut Dressing, Fresh Cranberry Sauce served
on the Side                                        on the Side
[ ] Prime Rib served with Au Jus and               [ ] Hickory Smoked Pork Loin with
Creamy Horseradish Sauce and Sautéed               Mushroom Gravy
Mushrooms served on the Side                       [ ] Virginia Baked Ham with Traditional
                                                   Cloves Served with Your Choice of
                                                   Pineapple or Raspberry Sauce

Select (3) Side Dishes
[ ] Creamy Garlic and Herb Mashed                  [ ] Traditional Rice Pilaf with Baby Peas
Potatoes                                           and Carrots
[ ] Traditional Baked Potato Bar with all          [ ] Fresh Vegetable Medley (Broccoli,
your Favorite Toppings on the Side: Butter,        Cauliflower, Carrots, Herbs, and Butter)
Sour Cream, Cheese, and Bacon Bits                 [ ] Whole Green Bean Oreganato with
[ ] Fruit and Nut Stuffing with Herbs              Butter, Bread Crumbs and Spices
[ ] Tortellini Alfredo (Tri-Colored Pasta          [ ] Traditional Green Bean Almandine
with a Creamy Alfredo Sauce)

Select (3) Salads
[ ] Tossed Green Salad with choice of Two          [ ] Tri-Colored Pasta Salad
Dressings                                          [ ] Fresh Fruit Salad
[ ] Caesar Salad                                   [ ] Redskin Potato Salad
[ ] Fresh Spinach Salad

Dessert Station
The Dessert Table will consist of an Assortment of Homemade Tortes Baked Fresh by our
Executive Chef, Pastries, Fruit Tarts, and Cream Puffs.

All Included
[x] Assorted Dinner Rolls and Butter               [x] Coffee and Tea Service
[x] China                                          [x] Professional Wait Staff
[x] Flatware

                                   $ 55.95 Per Person
                 $ 73.95 Per Person with Four Hour Standard Open Bar
                 $ 77.95 Per Person with Four Hour Premium Open Bar
                           Add 20% Gratuity to above Pricing

                       RENTAL INFORMATION
The Community Club requires a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit to secure any room, which is
credited to your final bill. Rooms are booked according to the size of your party. If you wish to have
your party upgraded to a larger available room the fee is $500.00. Room fees are added to every
contract and include room setup, table and napkin linens, skirting, breakdown and cleanup. Room
rental fees are as follows:

     The Belvoir Room rents for $300.00 and can accommodate 50 people.

     The Fairfax Room rents for $500.00 and can accommodate 150 people for seated and for
      cocktail-style parties.

     The Ballroom rents for $750.00 and can accommodate 350 people for seated buffets, and 500
      people for cocktail-style parties.

Occasionally a party will be moved to a larger room due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
We do not charge an additional fee in these cases.

Outside catering in not permitted. Please discuss any special requests with the Catering Director.

The Catering Director will be happy to design a floor plan based on your needs. Round tables are
available for $50.00-175.00 depending on the number of guests.

Decorations and special floor plans may require a setup fee. This will differ from function to function
depending on the staff required and the labor involved. Ask our Catering Director for a quote.

Champagne & Punch Fountains: We have two beautiful stainless steel electric fountains that rent for
$25.00 per unit.

Silver Punch Bowl: The service fee is $15.00 per unit.

Silver candelabras: We have two beautiful antique candelabras that can be placed on a head table or a
buffet line. The service fee is $20.00 for the set.

Gazebo: Rental for wedding ceremonies is $300.00 for the gazebo and $2.50 per chair, up to 140
chairs. These charges apply for a 2-hour duration.

Phone and Internet access: Available at $50.00 per day. This includes 5 phone lines and up to 8 high-
speed Internet data lines.

Projector Screen: We have a 7x19 portable screen with dual presentation functionality available for
$75.00 per day.

Portable Dance Floor: We have portable dance floors available in two different sizes. The 12x12
dance floor rents for $125.00 and the 12x20 assembly rents for $150.00.

We will gladly cut and plate your cake for $25.00 per event. If you require table service we will cut,
plate, and serve your cake for $50.00 per event.

We will gladly serve dinner to a head table of 20 guests or less for a service fee of $35.00.

If extra space is needed, the Belvoir Room or Eagle Room can be used for anything from photography
to a breakout room. Half-day rental is $75.00 and depends upon availability.

The maximum time limit for a function is 4 hours. The catering manager prior to the event must
approve any additional time requested. The fee for overtime is $75.00 per half hour.

We offer champagne by the bottle for the price of $13.00. For a champagne toast, your costs will vary
due to the number of guests in your party. One bottle contains approximately 10 glasses of
champagne. With this service, the club will provide the bride and groom with a complementary bottle
of champagne for their head table.

For a non-alcoholic toast, we offer sparkling cider by the bottle for the price of $12.00. One bottle
contains approximately 10 glasses of cider.

To add a cash bar to your special event, $500.00 in sales must be met per bartender. If sales do not
reach $500.00 you are held responsible for the remaining balance plus a fee of $25.00 per hour, per
bartender. This is to be paid at the end of your function.

Carafes of wine including Blush, Burgundy and Chablis are available for $12.00 each. Other wines
are available upon request and prices vary. A wine carafe holds approximately 6 glasses of wine.

Depending upon your request, additional appetizers can be added to any menu for a fee starting at
$2.50 per item. A $2.50 per person service charge will be added if you desire butler style service for

A $1.50 per person service charge will be added for guests desiring preset salads.

Soda, punch, bottled water, juices and iced tea (flavored or regular) are available for $2.50 per person,
per item.

Dessert bars with cookies, cakes, and pies can be added to a menu from $3-6 per person. Items
available include gourmet New York style cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, decorative
pastries and fruit torts.

       Community Club Banquet Planner
1. The following individuals may contract for special functions at the Fort Belvoir
Community Club:
a. Military ID card holders and their dependents.
b. DOD civilians and their dependents.
c. Civic or civilian organizations when the affair is of major interest and benefit of the
military and/or community relations.
d. Installation activities and organizations (including recognized private organizations) and
off-post Department of Defense organizations for meetings, conferences, receptions, dinners,
and similar events.
e. The Installation Commander may approve other written requests for special groups, as
2. The following stipulations also apply:
a. Written party contracts between the sponsor of an event and the club are required in
advance. Use of facilities and services will be limited to those specified in the contract.
b. The sponsor is responsible for full payment of all expenses as contracted in addition to the
conduct and behavior of guests at the function.
c. The introduction of outside food and beverage (alcoholic and/or non alcoholic) for
consumption in the club is not allowed; nor can leftover food be taken from the club.
d. Special privileges or reduced prices cannot be extended to any individual or group,
including those involved in official functions, different from those available to any other
individual or group.

                       PARTY BILLING ARRANGEMENTS
1. A final head count is due to the club no less than ten working days in advance, along with
your guest list for access control. After following the proper format, the list must then be
emailed to the Catering office.
2. Final payment is due to the club no less than three working days in advance of your event.
Failure to make payment as required will result in cancellation of the event.
3. Methods of acceptable payment are as follows: (a) Cash, (b) Cashiers Check, (c) Master
Card, Visa or American Express. Personal checks are not acceptable.

A combination of the above methods of payment is acceptable, provided management
receives notice in advance.

                              PARTY ARRANGEMENTS
1. To avoid misunderstanding or disappointment, sponsors of all special events are required
to come to the club catering office to make contractual arrangements. A function booked by
telephone is tentative until the sponsor comes to the club to sign the special functions contract
and make a deposit. Reservations and contracts should be made as early as possible prior to
the function. Arrangements for room set-up, podiums, microphones, decorations, etc. will be
quoted upon request. Menu selections should be made 10 weeks prior to the date of the

2. The club requires a reasonable estimate of the number of guests expected at least three
weeks in advance of the event. We require a preliminary guest count seven days prior to the
event, and a final guaranteed guest count three days prior to the event. After this point, the
count may be increased but not decreased. There are no deductions for “no shows." In the

           event the count increases at the last minute, we will attempt to provide the same or similar
           entrees for those guests.
           3. Deposits are required for all catered events. A non-refundable deposit of $ 1,000.00
           must be made to secure the date you select. Upon completion of the function the sponsor
           will receive credit for the deposit made. IN THE EVENT THAT A SPONSOR DECIDES
           RETAIN 100% OF THE DEPOSIT.
           4. Management will determine staffing requirements for all functions. However, should
           additional staffing be requested for special setup or services, an additional service charge will
           be assessed.
           5. Special functions that are conducted when the club is normally closed are subject to an
           additional labor charge.
           6. In compliance with health and sanitation regulations, food will be removed from the buffet
           line and Appetizer bar 1.5 hours after its presentation.
           7. We cannot guarantee the quality of food when service is delayed by more than 30 minutes
           due to guests’ late arrival.
           8. All meat entrees will be cooked to one specified doneness.
           9. Management advises the authorized host that all guests under the age of 21 are prohibited
           from purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages. The responsibility for compliance rests
           solely with the host to assure that minors do not consume or “help themselves” to alcoholic
           beverages. Should any minors be discovered consuming such beverages, we will request that
           the host have the minor removed from the club.
           10. Event cancellations must be made in writing; verbal cancellations will not be accepted.
           11. A special cleanup charge of $ 100.00 is enforced if rice, confetti, birdseed, or other such
           items are thrown inside the building.

           The Community Club shall not assume responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise
           or articles brought on to the property.

                                          HOLD HARMLESS
           The Community Club shall be excused and held harmless for the failure to perform any
           obligation hereunder when prevented from doing so by cause or causes beyond its control
           which shall include, but not limited to, labor disputes, civil commotion, war, fire or other
           casualty, inability to obtain material or services, an Act of God, or any serious maintenance
           problem which, in its sole discretion and judgment, will impair efforts to properly host such a
           function. In such cases, monies on deposit shall be refunded.

                         Example of Guest List For Access Control
                            VISITOR’S CONTROL CENTER
01 DEC 03

Bailey, Beetle
Bolton, Michael
Duck, Donald
Jackson, Michael
Man, Super
Mouse, Mickey
Tank, Frank The
                             The club prefers Microsoft Word Documents.


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