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									Brian Cohen Guitars                                                          valid from: Jan. 2010
              to order call + 44 (0) 1483 456 422
Guitar Cases: model                                                       Price (VAT included)
Other Brands

       Classical   LiteFlite Standard, black                          £                    84.27
       Classical   Pro 2, black, 2x strength of Liteflite, 3 sizes    £                   115.54
       Classical   Artist, 4 x strength of Liteflite,3 sizes          £                   210.94
Other Models:      I can supply All Hiscox cases, see their website

Winter             Glassfibre, black, silver or white, model CE151    £                   217.30
                   Carbon Fibre, black, model code CE1512K            £                   567.10
                   Wooden shell case, JW3051                          £                   291.50
                   Light polystyrene case, model JW 9051              £                   100.70
                   Gig Bag, semi rigid, model JW 4051                 £                    94.34
Other models:      I can supply all other Winter models

Calton             Glass fibre, very heavy duty. Order only           £                   477.00
                   Check their website for full info                  to confirm prices

SoundWear          special order only- various qualities/weights      to confirm prices
Gigbag             check website for options.Semi-hard case           £                    51.94
POD                various options, Semi- hard case                   £                    51.94

Other options
Fiedler backpack                                                      £                   169.60
              fits most cases, supplied as a kit
              Fitting charge £60

NOTE:              Not all cases are held in stock, some are special order only,
                   We do hold Accord, BAM and Hiscox if possible.

These prices relate to classical guitar cases mainly-
I can supply other types of case from these makers,
 and can possibly source most other types of case for you. Enquire.

Prices include VAT (sales tax) at the current UK rate.
Non EU residents can deduct this tax, if certain conditions are fulfilled- enquire.
To calculate the amount of VAT, deduct 7/47ths of the total shown.
Prices do not include delivery.
All information on how to purchase on the website 'Order ' page

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