E-Banking using J2EE Framework and Design Patterns by malj


									ITCS 6148                                                                   Radhakrishna Paleru
                                                                              Siddharth Sharma

     E-Banking using J2EE Framework and Design Patterns
                                 Project Proposal and Plan
1.   Introduction
      Internet based banking applications have been one of the first to embrace the use of
web based technologies. As technology evolved applications have used the same to make
themselves more secure, scalable, interoperable, etc. Technologies have evolved from
simple CGI scripting / ASP etc. (that created separate OS processes as and when it was
invoked) to compiled objects (such as java servlets that created multi-threads thereby
leading to better performance) to current day full server side component based
architecture that depend heavily on object oriented frameworks (such as EJB which are
based on the J2EE framework).
      The advantages of EJB are many such as
                 recording transactions,
                 scalability with component pooling,
                 code reusability,
                 security
                 accessibility only through interfaces
                 accelerated application development
                 better encapsulation of business logic – leading the focus of application
                  developers on business logic and not middleware issues
                 clarity in roles of developers, container providers, application assemblers,
                  deployers etc.
                 better utilization of network resources,
                 better system integration and low maintenance cost etc.

2.   Project Overview

      The online banking application enables a user to log in using a thing client web
browser and undertake various banking functionalities such as:

                  Log in
                  Open Account
                  Deposits
                  Withdrawals
                  Transfers

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ITCS 6148                                                               Radhakrishna Paleru
                                                                          Siddharth Sharma
                 View account summary
                 Log out

       The banking application would use pure java distributed server side computing
technologies such as JSP, EJB, JNDI, Java API, of J2EE framework. The choice of
technologies is based on various advantages of the J2EE framework listed above.

3.    Scope of Work

       Apart      from achieving the above functionalities we propose to implements the
                  Design patterns
                  Software metrics
                  J2EE framework Data persistence through stateful session EJB objects
                  Application architecture using UML
                  Explore possibilities for Aspect Oriented Programming in transaction
                   logging (time and resource permitting)

4.    Resources

4.1 People
1. Radhakrishna Paleru
2. Siddharth Sharma

4.2    Hardware and Software Resources
        The hardware resources for the project are as follows:
       Server - Intel-Pentium 4 machine with 2GHz CPU and 512MB RAM capable of
        running a full J2EE application server
         Client – PC with minimum capability to act as a thin client
       The main software resources to be utilized for the project include the following
(and are not available in the university computing environment). Substantial efforts have
been made to deploy the J2EE application server (purely open source) on notebook PCs:

         J2EE application server (JBoss 1.4)
         Tomcat 5.0 (Integrated on JBoss)
         Apache ANT
         XDoclet
         Log4J
         Microsoft Windows XP OS
         J2SDKEE 1.4

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ITCS 6148                                                              Radhakrishna Paleru
                                                                         Siddharth Sharma
5.   Current Status

     Tasks Completed

            JBoss Application Server
            Tomcat Servlet Engine
            Apache ANT build tool
            XDoclet attribute oriented programming tool
            Log4J for xdoclet logging
            Implemented both Stateless and Stateful Session Bean Examples

     Under Progress:

            Application Design and Coding

     Future Scope:

            Application coding
            Deployment
            Testing
            Documentation
            Presentation

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