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									                               BLACK SWAMP SPINNERS GUILD
                                      SPIN A GRAM
                                        APRIL, 2009 NEWSLETTER

    The Black Swamp Spinners Guild meets the second Tuesday of the
    month from 10:00am–3pm, at the Wood County Historic Center
    (13660 County Home Rd Bowling Green, OH 43402), The guild
    Executive Committee also meets the second Tuesday of the month at
    8:00am at Panera in Bowling Green, OH.
    We also meet the third Thursday of the month from 7:00pm-? at
    Grounds For Thought (174 South Main Street Bowling Green Ohio
    43403). Please come join us!
President’s Report
         As I write this everyone is busy making the final arrangements for Market Day! What an
astounding army of people (husbands included) who toil tirelessly each year to pull off this amazing event.
This reminds me… it is an amazing army of people who pull off all our Guild exploits and it will soon be
time to fill committee positions for next year. As you have, I am sure, heard many times, “many hands
make light work.” It is always worth repeating because it is so true! We have many and varied positions
that all need to be filled so I am sure you can find a good fit. The committees are: Historian, Publicity,
Librarian, Newsletter Editor, Membership, Program, Nominating, Auditing, Market Day, Learn to Spin,
and Scholarship.

       Please think about on which committees you would like to serve this next year so when our new
President calls you, you will have a ready answer. Or better yet, give her a call.


                                                                 Newsletter Index
Remember                                                         Spotlight
                                                               President’s Report                   p.1
   Just to remind you that we will be meeting at              Reminders                            p.1
                                                               Business Meeting Minutes             p.2
    Panera at 8:00am on Tuesday, March 10th for an
                                                               Upcoming Events                      p.3
    open Executive Meeting
                                                               Perrysburg Area Arts Council         p.4
                                                               Toledo Area Weavers Guild            p.4
   Morning Surf Scarf Challenge from Summer 08                Officers                             p.4
    Spin-Off....Hope some of you are attempting to             Attention-Constitution Change        p.4
    spin and knit the scarf for a May show & tell and          Newsletter Note                      p.4
    exchange                                                   Long Draw Wksp                       p.5
                                                               Membership updates                   p.6
   Membership Year starts July 1st, Program booklet           Scholarship                          p.6
    out in August
   Minutes BSSG March 10, 2009 Business Meeting

The Black Swamp Spinners Guild met at 10:00 A.M., March 10, 2009 at the Wood County Historical
Building. Members in attendance were: Margy Westrick, Susan Cayton, Cindy Tyrrell, Margaret Bouyack,
Rene Schumacher, Katherine Clark, Lee Miller, and Sue.
President Katherine Clark called the meeting to order.
President’s Report
       The Executive Board meeting was held from 8:00 – 10:00 A.M. at Panera Bread in Bowling Green
prior to the regular guild meeting.
       The nominating committee was appointed by the President. Valerie Black and Cindy Tyrrell will be
serving on this committee. The ballot will be presented at the April meeting.
       If the constitution is amended, spinning groups would continue to meet in different areas. The day
group would continue to meet the second Tuesday of the month from 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. There was a
discussion about contacting the museum for a possible meeting place for the evening group. The President
will take of this.

 Vice-President’s Report / Programs
      The MLH fiber swatch selection will be made after the morning session.
      There are only two (2) openings left for the Long Draw Workshop.
      The Spinning Wheel Restoration Workshop will be $45 for current members. All others will be $65.
Susan Cayton moved and seconded by Lee Miler to approve $75 for workshop expenses. Motion carried.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.
The Treasurer’s report was to be given to guild members at a later time. It will also be printed in the
upcoming newsletter. The Treasurer checked into the status of our account, and reported the amount in the
treasury is in compliance with limitations for not-for-profit organizations. Margaret Bouyack is recorded at
the bank as a second signer for the checking account. A discussion was held concerning disbursement of
guild funds. There was a general consensus that if an individual needs to spend guild money, they must first
get authorized approval.
Librarian’s Report - Recommended the guild purchase two (2) books: “International Spinner” and “Fine
Fleece.” Rene Schumacher moved and seconded by Cindy Tyrrell to purchase these books. Motion carried.
News Editor’s Report - Requested an article for the newsletter about the guild scholarship. Margaret
Bouyack, chairperson of the scholarship committee, will prepare an article and submit it to the News Editor.
Learn to Spin Report – Sixteen (16) members paid for the workshop. We made $133 on the workshop. A
thank you note was sent to Wolf’s Bloom and Berries for donating their lovely meeting room for this
A person is needed to head a committee for BSSG’s participation in the Black Swamp Art Festival. It was
noted the booth rental will be $120.
Rene Schumacher moved and seconded by Cindy Tyrrell to propose an amendment to Article VIII of the
guild’s constitution. The proposed amendment is to list Historian, Publicist, Librarian, News Letter Editor,
and the Web Master in Article VII. Motion carried.
Susan Cayton asked permission for the Toledo Area Weavers’ Guild to publish their calendar in our guild’s
newsletter. No objections were stated.
Lee Miller moved and seconded by Margy Westrick that the guild donate $50 to the MLH Conference for the
best handspun project. Motion carried.
Rene Schumacher moved, and seconded by Cindy Tyrrell to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was
adjourned. Very tasty refreshments were provided by Rene Schumacher.

Submitted by: Margaret Bouyack
                           BSSG Upcoming Events /Area Opportunities
3/27-5/10   Toledo Museum of Art, Community Gallery, Perrysburg Artists, (several fiber pieces included)

4/3-5       WGGC, “Classic Crackle” with Susan Wilson, 9-4, Cincinnati, $165

4/11-12     The Fiber Event at Greencastle, Putnam Co. Fairgrounds, vendors, Workshops, skein & wool

4/14        BSSG Meeting at WCHC…Hostess: J. Ryan, Program: S. Cayton “Russian Lace & Cotton Spinning”
            Bring spindles, charkas, wheels

4/18        BSSG Spring Workshop on “Learning the Long Draw” with Aurelia Young from Michigan at Center
            Twp. Fire Hall / Carter Rd. & Bowling Green Rd. 10-4, $ 70 Members $90 non-member Checks to
            BSSG due by 4/10/09 to Susan Cayton. (Only 4 openings left!)

4/24-6      “Spinning & Knitting Estonian Lace: a Duet for Two Teachers: Nancy Bush & Judith MacKenzie
            McCuin, at Trading Post of Fiber Arts, Pendleton IN; / $180, materials $50 Call:
            Susan Markle at 765-778-3331

4/25 & 26   3rd Annual Upper Valley Fiber Fest, J. Fair Bldg., Miami Co. Fairgrounds, Troy, Ohio/Vendors, Live
            animals, Demos.

5/12        BSSG Meeting at WCHC…Hostess: _______ , Program: M. Bouyack “Dyeing”, Annual Business
            Meeting & Election of Officers & Planning for 09-10

5/23-4      Great Lakes Fiber Show, Wooster, OH / Wayne County Fairgrounds

5/30-31     577 Fiber Show at 577 Foundation, 577 E. Front St. for juried show, demos & animals, 12-5

6/ 6-7      Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival, Johnson Co. Fairgounds, Franklin, IN Vendors, Classes, Free
            adm. & parking /

6/13-14     BSSG at WCHC “Wood County Heritage Days”, demos & sales Contact: Susan Cayton

6/17-20     Knitters Connection at Columbus OH Convention Center for Market, Workshops, by MEI www.

6/20        Lynn Fleece Fair / Lions Bldg., US 36 East of Lynn, IN vendors

6/25-27     Midwest Weavers’ Conference, Grinnel, Iowa, 45 fiber workshops, housing

6/____      Focus on Fibers, Sauder’s Village, Archbold OH Demos, lunch, free entry, No
            Sales. Contact Ann Lux

6/27-28     Wool Fest, Lake Farm Park, Kirtland, OH

8/5-9       MLH, Michigan League of Handweavers’ “50th: Golden Reflections”, Workshops & Summe
            Conference, Holland, MI for exhibits, vendors.

8/15-16     Michigan Fiber Festival, Allegan, MI, classes, shows, vendors, animals

9/19-20     Midwest Festival of Fibers “Wool Gathering” at Young’s Dairy, Yellow Springs, OH for animals,
            classes, vendors

10/9-12     FiberRevival, Eastern Great Lakes Fiber ConferenceClasses, vendors, fashion show
     Perrysburg Area Arts Council
 The Perrysburg Area Arts Council cordially invites you a
 reception for the upcoming Perrysburg Artists Exhibit at                 Proposed Constitutional Changes:
 the Toledo Museum of Art. We hope you can join us! This
 exhibit will run from March 27 through May 10th, 2009 in                 1) Article VII: Meetings Change to read:
 the Community Gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art.                                There shall be a Guild Business meeting each
 Please visit                                                                     month, September through May. (The rest of for                               the article will remain the same.)
 more information.
                                                                          2) Article V: Officers Changes to read:
                                                                                  The officers of this Guild shall be: President,
Toledo Area Weavers Guild                                                         Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These
2009 Calendar
Meetings are held at 7pm the first Tuesday of each month at                       officers shall make up the Executive
The First Unitarian Church, 3205 Glendale Ave., Toledo, OH                        Committee. (The rest of the article will remain
43614 unless otherwise noted. For more information contact :                      the same.)
Chris East, 419-382-6150,
January 6 – Guatemalan Backstrap Weaving at Toledo                        3) Article VIII: Standing Committees Changes to read:
Botanical Garden                                                                  (Separate from Publicity even though the same
                                                                                  person can and is now doing both jobs.)
February 7 – Wool Drying Basket Workshop at Wood Co. Parks.               Website:
Contact Susan Cayton at 419-874-5633. Cost $15                                  The Website Committee will design, set-up
                                                                                and maintain the online web pages with
March 3 – Guatemalan Weaving Collection with Sue Casselman at                   guild information and links, updating as
Toledo Botanical Garden
March 28 – BSSG Market Day (sale) at Wood Co. Fairgrounds,
Bowling Green, OH                                                         The proposed changes have been read into the February                                            & March minutes. The vote will be taken at the April
April 7 – Make your Own Beads with Chris East
                                                                          Any questions or comments should be directed to one of
May 5 – MLH Workshop Challenge Assembly with Holly Monsos                 the present officers.
June 2 – Rug Hooking with Janice Ryan

July 7 – Picnic, Show & Tell, Library Night at Chris East’s house
August 5-9 – Michigan League of Handweavers conference in           President              Katherine Clark         419-352-0211
Holland, MI                                                         Vice-President         Susan Cayton            419-874-5633
                                                                    Secretary              Margaret Bouyack        419-547-9210
September 1 – Annual Meeting and 2010 planning                      Treasurer              Kathy Mills             419-288-2373
                                                                    Librarian              Margy Westrick          419-836-9842
October 6 – Woodcarving Make and Take with Jean McDonald            Newsletter Editor      Rene Schumacher         419-308-0607
                                                                    Publicist              Vicki Knauerhase        419-669-2116
November 3 – Sales Prep – Heralding the Holidays                    Historian              Janice Ryan             419-424-0319
December 4, 5, 6 – Heralding the Holidays, Toledo Botanical         Committee:
                                                                    Website                Vicki Knauerhase        419-669-2116
Newsletter Note                                                     Program                Susan Cayton            419-874-5633
                                                                    Market Day             Edith Bowles            517-486-5898
 Thanks again for all your great additions to the                                          Kathy Mills             419-288-2373
 newsletter this month. Just a reminder: please send any                                   Janice Ryan             419-424-0319
 additions for the March newsletter to the contact below.                                  Vicki Knauerhase        419-669-2116
 Rene Schumacher 419-308-0607                                                              Valerie Black           419-823-0621                                   Learn to Spin                    Rene Schumacher         419-308-0607
 1028 Hazel St.                                           Scholarship                      Margaret Bouyack        419-547-9210
 Fremont, OH 43420                                        Membership                       Rene Schumacher         419-308-0607

When: Saturday, October 17, 2009 1-4 pm.

Location: Center Twp. Fire Hall, 9986 Bowling Green Rd. E., 43402
               (at Carter Rd., 1 mile east of Meijer & BGSU Stadium & I-75. Exit #181)

Description: Maybe you’ve gotten your hands on Grandma’s antique spinning wheel, or maybe you found one at an
antique shop or on e-bay…the wheel, that is, not a grandma! You bring her home, complete with dust, dirt and
maybe mouse droppings for decoration. So what now?
    In this class we’ll learn how to clean and hydrate your wheel, look for damage and take her apart. We’ll also learn
the way to remove pegs without damaging the wood. We’ll check the tension device, clean it and the mortise, service
the flyer and the other parts. Then lubricate everything and see how it all goes back together.
    Minor repairs like a new string (driveband) can be completed, but any major repairs or new parts cannot be done
in class. However, discussion of those problems and recommendations for some solutions will take place.

About Lois from Tecumseh, Michigan…a crafter since childhood…painting, sewing, baking, basket making,
soap, weaving, and pottery.
Silver… spinning since the 1970’s, and wheel restoration since 2004 of 75 wheels. Studied with restorer Ron Rees of
Monroe, woodturner Arthur McVicar from Tecumseh, and woodworking class with Allan Mitchell in New

Teacher will supply: handout, comsumables… oil, wax, string, other odds & ends.
Students should bring: old rags / towels, sheet to wrap wheel in for trip home, a box for any loose parts, and, of
course, your spinning wheel.
Guild will provide: Light refreshments and beverage

Registration deadline: October 10, 2009             Cost: BSSG Members $45 / Non-Members $ 65

Send form & check made out to BSSG to: Susan Cayton, 24477 Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
                                      For more information: or 419-874-5633
10/17/09 “Spinning Wheel Restoration” Workshop:                  Date Received ____________

Name______________________________________________________ Check #___________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone __________________________________ email _________________________________________
Complete Membership List- Additions/ Corrections

Bouyack, Margaret (Sec)                                           Miller, Kris
The Little House                                                  Spruce Ridge Studio
1927 N. Main St.                                                  1786 Eager Rd
Clyde, OH 43410-9704                                              Howell, MI 48855
419-547-9210                                                      517-546-7732

Hopson, Shelly                                                    Roosien, Chris
2130 Brookford Dr.                                                Briar Rose Fibers
Toledo, OH 43614                                                  7950 Hanna Lake Ave.
419-381-7097                                                      Caledonia, MI 49316                                    


 Why not take advantage of the guild scholarship fund? If you are interested in pursuing further
 education in the fiber arts, please fill out an application. Ideas for further education include Lia
 Young’s Long Draw Spinning (presented by BSSG), Judith McKenzie McCuin (Swift, IN Guild –
 April ’09) Knitting workshops, Crotchet classes, Rug Hooking, Dye workshop, or anything dealing
 with fibers. Qualifications for scholarship application are fairly simple. You must be a member in
 good standing for at least one year prior to applying for the scholarship. If you receive the
 scholarship, you will then be required to do one of the following to share what you have learned:
 give a program at a guild meeting, conduct a workshop, or write a news article with a sample or
 photograph about your experience. The applications are due now. The recipient will be notified
 personally, and announced at the December guild meeting. A copy of the guidelines and
 application are in this newsletter. Please fill out the application and mail to the committee via
 Margaret Bouyack, 1927 N. Main St., Clyde, OH 43410.

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