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                                         MAY, 2009 NEWSLETTER

    The Black Swamp Spinners Guild meets the second Tuesday of the
    month from 10:00am–3pm, at the Wood County Historic Center
    (13660 County Home Rd Bowling Green, OH 43402), The guild
    Executive Committee also meets the second Tuesday of the month at
    8:00am at Panera in Bowling Green, OH.
    We also meet the third Thursday of the month from 7:00pm-? at
    Grounds For Thought (174 South Main Street Bowling Green Ohio
    43403). Please come join us!
President’s Report

       I am amazed that it is time to remind everyone to send in their membership forms! Time truly
does fly when you are having fun. And next year will be even better as we have a great slate of officers
and some big changes lined up! Evening business meetings will mean many more of you will be able to
join in on our fun. But remember, if anyone at any time is unable to attend the business meeting you are
welcome- ENCOURGED -to contact an officer and discuss your concerns, offer your suggestions, or
clarify any questions you may have. Communication is the key to keeping this diverse, creative, and just
plain fun group of people together.
Katherine Clark

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                                                               President’s Report                    p.1
   Just to remind you that we will be meeting at              Reminders                             p.1
                                                               Business Meeting Minutes              p.2-3
    Panera at 8:00am on Tuesday, May 12th for an
                                                               Upcoming Events                       p.4
    open Executive Meeting
                                                               Long Draw Workshop                    p.5
                                                               WCHC Porch                            p.5
   Morning Surf Scarf Challenge from Summer 08                Officers                              p.5
    Spin-Off....Hope some of you are attempting to             June Franklin                         p.5
    spin and knit the scarf for a May show & tell and          Membership                            p.5
    exchange                                                   Newsletter Note                       p.5
                                                               MLH Swatch                            p.5
   Membership Year starts July 1st, Program booklet           Long Draw Wksp                        p.5
    out in August                                              Wheel Restoration Wksp                p.6
                                                               Membership From                       p.7
       Minutes BSSG April 14, 2009 Business Meeting

The Black Swamp Spinners Guild met at 10:00 A.M., April 14, 2009 at the Wood County Historical Building.
Members in attendance were: Margy Westrick, Susan Cayton, Cindy Tyrrell, Margaret Bouyack, Katherine Clark,
Lee Miller, Janice Ryan, and Bonnie Van Meter. Visitors present were: Colleen Maher and Marilu Walter. Carol
Perry joined us for the spinning program.

President Katherine Clark called the meeting to order.

President’s Report
 President Katherine Clark bid her presidential farewell to the group, as her term concludes in May, and she will
be unable to attend that meeting. Vice-President Susan Cayton will conduct the May meeting. Members would like
to express their appreciation for all the hard work and time Katherine has dedicated to the guild during her term as
 The Executive Board meeting was held from 8:00 – 10:00 A.M. at Panera Bread in Bowling Green prior to the
regular guild meeting.
 A hostess is needed for the May meeting. Lee Miller volunteered.
 If the guild wants to use the museum for evening meetings, there would be a charge of $20-30 per meeting.
 Cindy Tyrrell volunteered to have the November meeting at her home if the museum would not be available that
 Suggested the day gathering be from 1:00-4:00 instead of current 10:00–2:00. Members present were strongly
not in favor of making this change. Daytime gathering at the Historical Building on the second Tuesday of each
month will remain as is.

Vice-President’s Report / Programs
 There is one opening left for the 8/18 “Long Draw Spinning w/Aurelia Young” workshop.
 Scarf exchange at the May meeting, using pattern from Summer 2008 Spin-Off magazine.
 6/12/09 – 6/14/09 – Heritage Days – Those participating will be Susan Cayton, Janice Ryan, Katherine Clark, and
Cindy Tyrrell. Anyone else wishing to take part should call Susan before May 1.
 Restoring Wheels Workshop 10/17/09 – Two people have signed up.
 6/27/09 – Spinning at Sauder Village – one day – free lunch – contact Susan Cayton for more information.
 Anyone wanting to help the Fiber Swatch Committee should contact Susan Cayton.
 Check the current program book for any corrections before the new one is printed.

There was a correction noted in regard to the minutes as printed in the newsletter: Katherine Clark, not Treasurer
Kathy Mills, checked into the status of the account in accordance with not-for-profit compliance, and the signature
card at the bank. Bonnie Van Meter moved and seconded by Janice Ryan to approve the minutes as corrected.
Motion carried.
The Treasurer sent last month’s report in a timely manner, but the President failed to open the email attachment, and
therefore, the report not given at the regular guild meeting. The president apologized for this oversight. Both the
March and April Treasurer’s reports were printed on the April agenda sheet.

Librarian’s Report - The book “Intentional Spinner” by Judith MacKenzie-McCerin is now in the library. Lee
Miller checked the book out to take to Judith’s workshop to obtain the author’s autograph.

Publicity Report – The publicity chairperson compiled membership sheets and guild brochures. Thank you Vicky.

News Editor’s Report - Rene Schumacher had a baby girl, Lydia Margaret, on April 4th. Congratulations, Rene,
from the guild.
Susan Cayton moved and seconded by Bonnie Van Meter to purchase a 10’ X 10’ tent, with side curtains, carrying
case, and other necessary accessories, spending up to $300.00. Motion carried.
The proposed Constitutional amendment, as printed in the newsletter, and read at the February and March meetings
was voted on. All the proposed amendments passed.

A committee will be appointed to develop a rental contract to be signed in the event the guild decides to rent the tent
being purchased.
The slate of officers for 2009/2010, to be voted on at the May meeting, was printed in the newsletter. It is as follows:
President – Deb Yeagle
Vice-President – Janice Ryan
Secretary – Bonnie Van Meter
Treasurer – Kathy Mills

Janice Ryan moved, and seconded by Margaret Bouyack to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned. Our
hostess Janice Ryan served delicious Krispy Cream doughnuts, muffins and special Ritz crackers.

Submitted by: Margaret Bouyack
                       BSSG Upcoming Events /Area Opportunities
5/3-4     Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival / Howard Co. Fairgrounds, West
           Friendship, MD… 250 vendors /

5/12      BSSG Meeting at WCHC…Hostess: Lee Miller
           Program: M. Bouyack “Dyeing”, Annual Business Meeting &
           Election of Officers, Committee Chair appointments & Planning 2009-10

5/23-4    Great Lakes Fiber Show, Wooster, OH / Wayne County Fairgrounds

5/30-31   2nd Annual 577 Fiber Show at 577 Foundation, 577 E. Front St. Perrysburg,
           for juried show, demos & animals, 12-5 /

6/ 6-7    Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival, Johnson Co. Fairgounds, Franklin, IN
           Vendors, Classes, Free adm. & parking /

6/13-14   BSSG at WCHC “Wood County Heritage Days”, demos & sales
           Contact: Susan Cayton 419-874-5633

6/17-20   Knitters Connection at Columbus OH Convention Center for Market,
            Workshops, by MEI www.

6/20      Lynn Fleece Fair / Lions Bldg., US 36 East of Lynn, IN vendors

6/25-27   Midwest Weavers’ Conference, Grinnel, Iowa,
           45 fiber workshops, housing & meals

6/27      Focus on Fiber Arts, Sauder’s Village, Archbold OH
           Demos, free entry & lunch, register 6/1 No Sales. Contact Ann Lux

6/27-28   Wool Fest, Lake Farm Park, Kirkland, OH- BSSG Members Free Admission

8/4-10    Wood County Fair in Bowling Green, Ohio

8/5-9     MLH, Michigan League of Handweavers’ “50th: Golden Reflections”,
           Workshops & Summer Conference, Holland, MI for exhibits, vendors.

8/15-16   Michigan Fiber Festival, Allegan, MI, classes, shows, vendors, animals

9/11-12   BSSG at Black Swamp Arts Festival / Wood County Invitational Art Show
           Bowling Green, OH for demo and sales / Contact Susan: 419-874-5633

9/19-20   Midwest Festival of Fibers “Wool Gathering” at Young’s Dairy,
          Yellow Springs, OH for animals, classes, vendors

10/17     BSSG “SPINNING WHEEL RESTORATION” w/ Lois Lane, members $45,
             non-members $65, 1-4, Center Twp. Fire Hall, 9986 Bowling Green Rd. E
             43402 Contact Susan : 419-874-5633
   Long Draw Workshop
                                                             WCHC Porch almost Complete!!
Our class of seven participants: Margaret Bouyack, Susan
Cayton, Susan Dignam, Shelly Hopson, Janice Ryan,            Good News! The WCHC porch construction project
Mariann Schmitt and Bonnie Van Meter, all were               is nearly completed after a year. So if you want to
challenged by Aurelia Young, our teacher from Michigan,      use the SE porch steps and entrance into the meeting
to try and improve our support spindle spinning in a         room, try it. The first person there should unlock the
ceramic bowl with Shetland, Icelandic and Romney well-       door from the inside. To get closer to the room, park
carded fibers. After lunch we switched to our larger         at the southern end of the visitor parking lot. If you
wheels and were given about 13 baggies full of fibers to     have a lot to carry, drive past the museum and take
try spinning with our eyes closed, spinning two different    the next two lefts in behind the museum east to the
fibers for plying, spinning from the fold, and from a        meeting room entrance, unload and re-park in the
mass. Then we tried an alternate method of fiber             visitors' lot.
preparation; carding, hand-held or mounted combs. We
also attempted was making a center-pull ball on a            June Franklin
Nostepinde. Shoeboxes were cut to hold the support
spindles for balling and plying. A 42-page handout           Former member June Franklin sends her greetings
will keep us all busy with reading about choosing a wheel,   from New Mexico. She has joined the Espanola
making and using spindles and wrist distaffs, and            Valley Fiber Arts Guild, has taken tapestry classes,
checking out the bibliography articles from Spin-Off and     has items for sale in a Santa Fe Gallery and is
several book references. The day was way to short to         building a new home.
complete everything that was assigned. But I think that
we all went home excited about trying all the exercises in   Membership!!!
the comfort of our own homes after resting our hands.
What is needed next year may be a weekend retreat for        Our membership year will begin again starting
more of us to share fibers, tips, techniques and tools to    July 1st. Please fill out and return the form below
improve our spinning. How about it members?                  with your dues before that date to be included in
                                                             the program booklet!

  MLH Swatch Committee
The MLH Newsletter Swatch Committee of Lee
Miller, Janice Ryan, and Susan Cayton are
spinning and dyeing 417 yards each of
                                                        President             Katherine Clark        419-352-0211
Ingeo/corn, Bamboo and Soy Silk for 450- 3"x3"          Vice-President        Susan Cayton           419-874-5633
samples that will also need some more                   Secretary             Margaret Bouyack       419-547-9210
volunteers to cut, tape and assemble them this          Treasurer             Kathy Mills            419-288-2373
summer. If you would like to help with this in          Librarian             Margy Westrick         419-836-9842
any way, please call or email them.                     Newsletter Editor     Rene Schumacher        419-308-0607
                                                        Publicist             Vicki Knauerhase       419-669-2116
                                                        Historian             Janice Ryan            419-424-0319
Newsletter Note                                         Committee:
Thanks again for all your great additions to the        Website               Vicki Knauerhase       419-669-2116
newsletter this month. Just a reminder: please send     Program               Susan Cayton           419-874-5633
any additions for the June/July newsletter to the       Market Day            Edith Bowles           517-486-5898
contact below.                                                                Kathy Mills            419-288-2373
Rene Schumacher 419-308-0607                                                  Janice Ryan            419-424-0319                                                        Vicki Knauerhase       419-669-2116
                                                                              Valerie Black          419-823-0621
1028 Hazel St.
                                                        Learn to Spin         Rene Schumacher        419-308-0607
Fremont, OH 43420                                       Scholarship           Margaret Bouyack       419-547-9210
                                                        Membership            Rene Schumacher        419-308-0607

When: Saturday, October 17, 2009 1-4 pm.

Location: Center Twp. Fire Hall, 9986 Bowling Green Rd. E., 43402
               (at Carter Rd., 1 mile east of Meijer & BGSU Stadium & I-75. Exit #181)

Description: Maybe you’ve gotten your hands on Grandma’s antique spinning wheel, or maybe you found one at an
antique shop or on e-bay…the wheel, that is, not a grandma! You bring her home, complete with dust, dirt and
maybe mouse droppings for decoration. So what now?
    In this class we’ll learn how to clean and hydrate your wheel, look for damage and take her apart. We’ll also learn
the way to remove pegs without damaging the wood. We’ll check the tension device, clean it and the mortise, service
the flyer and the other parts. Then lubricate everything and see how it all goes back together.
    Minor repairs like a new string (driveband) can be completed, but any major repairs or new parts cannot be done
in class. However, discussion of those problems and recommendations for some solutions will take place.

About Lois from Tecumseh, Michigan…a crafter since childhood…painting, sewing, baking, basket making,
soap, weaving, and pottery.
Silver… spinning since the 1970’s, and wheel restoration since 2004 of 75 wheels. Studied with restorer Ron Rees of
Monroe, woodturner Arthur McVicar from Tecumseh, and woodworking class with Allan Mitchell in New

Teacher will supply: handout, comsumables… oil, wax, string, other odds & ends.
Students should bring: old rags / towels, sheet to wrap wheel in for trip home, a box for any loose parts, and, of
course, your spinning wheel.
Guild will provide: Light refreshments and beverage

Registration deadline: October 10, 2009             Cost: BSSG Members $45 / Non-Members $ 65

Send form & check made out to BSSG to: Susan Cayton, 24477 Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
                                      For more information: or 419-874-5633
10/17/09 “Spinning Wheel Restoration” Workshop:                  Date Received ____________

Name______________________________________________________ Check #___________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone __________________________________ email _________________________________________

Name ____________________________________________________________________________

Signature _________________________________________________________________________

Farm Name ________________________ Business Name__________________________________


City __________________________________ State _______________ Zip ____________________

Phone (       ) ___________________E-Mail __________________________

Birthday_________________________           Website_______________________________________

My main fiber interests are (circle one that you could teach) ______________________________

Items for Sale______________________________________________________________________

I would like to learn more about ______________________________________________________

I would be willing to present a 1-2 hour program at a monthly:

Day meeting____       Evening meeting____         Month preferred____

I would be willing to present an all day Saturday workshop about:


I would be willing to host a summer or Saturday spinning gathering for the guild____

I would be willing to provide snacks for a meeting or workshop___

I would like to help at “Learn to Spin 101” on Sat 27 th 2010___

I will donate some fiber (20 small labeled baggies) for Learn to Spin ___

Would you like to receive the Newsletter:    ___ email    ____snail mail     ___none

Would you like to receive other BSSG postings via email ___ yes ___ no

I would like to help with Market Day Sat March 27 th, 2010 Please check...

Help set-up Friday ___                             Welcome Table & hand out vendor list (   ___ am or ___pm)

Check vendors in on Friday ___ Sat. am ___         Help with the Door Prize (___am or ___ pm)

Help clean-up Saturday ____                        Put up outdoor signs EARLY Sat. ____

Demonstrate (___ am or ___ pm)                     Be on Market Day Committee 2010 ____

MEMBERSHIP IS FROM July 1, 2009 TO June 30, 2010
Dues are $20.00

Please send this form and your check made out to: BSSG, c/o;

BSSG Membership Chair: Rene Schumacher 1028 Hazel St, Fremont, OH 43420

Check # __________                Date Received ____________          Comments: ______________________

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