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									                     Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation

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March 2008
Downpayment assistance available

New Homes for Sale in North Rosedale

Three beautiful new homes just like this one are being built on Stahelin Street, south of McNichols

         Construction is moving right along on the three new homes            rate for the next 15 years. Additionally, these new homes will be
GRDC is building on Stahelin Street in North Rosedale Park. The               “Energy Star” rated for high energy efficiency and low monthly utility
project began in mid-November, and the homes will be ready for new            bills. All in all, these homes have tremendous value that can’t be
homebuyers to move into by May 2008.                                          matched.
BEAUTIFUL, ROOMY, AND AFFORDABLE                                              CALL TODAY TO LEARN MORE
          Each home will provide its new owners with 1,280-sq. ft. of               Buyers must meet certain income limitations to qualify to pur-
beautiful living space, including three bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, a full         chase one of these homes. To find out if you quality, or to make an
basement, and a one-car attached garage.                                      appointment to view the homes once they are completed, contact
       The homes are selling for $110,000. Up to $20,000 is available in      Martina Orange at 313-835-8190, ext. 108.
downpayment assistance for qualified buyers, effectively reducing the         SPECIAL THANKS TO FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS
price to as low as $90,000!
                                                                                     These terrific opportunities are made possible through gener-
TAX BREAKS FOR NEW OWNERS                                                     ous financial support from the US Dept. of Housing and Urban
       And there’s more good news! Buyers of these new homes will             Development, the City of Detroit, and the Development Corpora-
be eligible for a reduced millage rate on city and county taxes. The          tion of Wayne County. Other partners include the Michigan Interfaith
project site is located at 16823-39 Stahelin, which is in a Neighborhood      Trust Fund and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.
Enterprise Zone (NEZ). Homebuyers will pay a reduced property tax
                                   Thank You to Our Supporters
2008 GRDC
Board of Directors

Rosedale Park
Improvement Assoc.                     GRDC thanks the following families and businesses for their generous support of our programs.
Renee Kent, Vice President
                                 Your contributions of time and money make a real difference in our community!
Frank Raben,Treasurer
Dale Thomson                                                     [All donations received 11/01/07 - 02/01/08]

North Rosedale Park              CONTRIBUTORS                        Charles and Patricia Edmonson       Althea Masterson
Civic Association                David Abbott                        Kenneth Eichhorn                    Catherine Mayberry
Marsha Bruhn                     Iman Abdullah                       Ron English                         Dr. Walter McLean
William Frey, President          John and Anna Anderson              George and Sally Evalt              Dr. John McLean
RIchard Session                                                      John Ewing                          Randy and Jackie McNeil
                                 Willie Anderson
                                 Hilda Andrews                       Ann Featherstone                    Bonnie Mead
Grandmont Community
Association                      Grace Andrews                       Fred Fechheimer and                 Mashuk Meah
Richard Berlin, Secretary        Terrance Atchison                       Rosemary Holland                Shirley Montague-Campbell
Anita Grooms                     John Ballard and Betsy Lindsley     Michael and Deborah Fisher          Frank and Christine Moore
                                 Mark and Judy Barkey                Vincent Ford                        Edwin and Doris Moore
Grandmont #1                     Ted Batts                           Darnell and Carolyn Fowler          James and Carolyn Moore
Improvement Assoc.               Charles Benjamin                    Harry and Marian Franklin           Levon Morgan Jr.
Carol Hanson                     Richard Berlin                      Gloria Franklin                     John and Lorraine Morris
Harold Harris                                                        Michael Friedman and
                                 Charlie Bland                                                           Norris and Harriett Mottley
Richard Smith
                                 Thomas Blaser                           Barbara Harvey                  Mary Murphy
At Large                         Joe and Virginia Blaylock           Ronald Gibson                       Dr. Tammon Nash
Maurice Jones                    Stephen and Denise Boles            Ruthia Glenn                        Leonard and Loretta Neal
Kenneth Wolfe                    Raymond Booth                       Joseph Gordon                       Bill and Margie Nolan
                                 John Boss Sr.                       Lydia Graham                        Jeff Novick
                                 Michael and Renee Bouey             Cliff and Sandy Green               Michael Noxakis
                                 Clement Boyd                        Hulda Haberaecker                   Frank and Connie Obelnicki
                                 Marletta Boyd                       Richard and Bonnie Halloran         Marvin Owens
                                 Thomas and Kathryn Boyer            Kenneth Hamblin and Kim Hatcher     Mildred Parker
                                 David and Karen Bradfield           Edward and Susan Haroutunian        Guy and Narvell Parker
15888 Archdale                   Leon and Constance Bradford         Harold and Geraldine Harris         Dale Payne
Detroit, MI 48227                Joe Bradley                         Rodney and Darcelle Hayes           Frank Perkins Jr.
Voice 313.835.8190               Jennifer Britt                      Robert Heath                        Joya Person
Fax 313.835.2016
                                 Lutricia Brooks                     Robert Heins                        Lois Phillips
E–mail us at       Tamyra Brooks                       Turner and Toni Henton              Benton Phillips
                                 William and Ora Brown               Aileen Hinds                        Charles and Phyllis Pruitt
Visit our web page at            Marsha Bruhn                        Alvin and Joyce Holmes              Troy and Yvette Quinn
                                 Venson Buggs                        Melanie Howard                      Frank and Mary Kay Raben
Our offices are located inside   Matthew Burke and Victoria Sistek   Clarence Hudson                     Shirley Ramos
St. Timothy’s                    Dennis Burnett and Renate Gildea    Willie Huffman                      Chris and Mary Ratkowski
United Methodist Church.                                             Charlie and Louise Jackson          Charles Reese
GRDC thanks St. Timothy’s
                                 Willaim Burton
for their ongoing support.       Vincent and Rita Cardiel            James and Elizabeth Johnson         Clifford Register
                                 Edmon and Gwen Carmichael           Ray Johnson                         Marie Reifel
                                 Robert and LaFrancine Carr          Jocelyn and Leon Johnson Jr.        Chris and Ruth Remus
                                 Jacqueline Carson                   Stanley Johnson                     Peter Rettig
                                 Laura Claiborne                     Timothy Jones                       Ethel Revels
                                 Katrina Clark                       Ronald Jones                        Morris Reynolds
                                 James and Eloise Clark              Terrance Keith                      Jean Richards
                                 Dorothy Clarke                      Michael and Sheryl Kelly            Lee and Monica Richardson Jr.
                                 Lorraine Clay                       Lawrence Kelsey                     Byron and Melissa Ricks
                                 Lanza Cobb                          Danny Kemp                          Thomas and Christine Ridgway
                                 Freddie Cook                        Geneva Kent and Deborah Kent        Willie Riley
                                 Shaun and Elizabeth Cooper          James Kenyon                        Anthony Roberson
                                 Willie and Mildred Crittenden       J.D. and Gloria Killebrew           Keely Robinson
                                 Carolyn Cruse                       Dr. Frank Lanzilote                 Jean Sayles
                                 William and Gladys Davenport        Calvin Leggs                        Ken and Mary Schneider
                                 Luther Davis                        Laverne Lewis                       Daniel Schottenfels and
                                 Kris and Kristin Dighe              Evelyn Littles                          Anita Regalado
                                 Jean Dixon                          Leonard Locke                       Mary Sue Schottenfels
                                 Richard and Eleanor Dow             Linda Lowe                          Richard and Karen Seefelt
                                 Glen and Nancy Dreisbach            Harold Marks                        Al and Linda Shivers
                                 Harrison Duke III                   Alexander Marshall Jr.              Brunetta Smith
                                 Peter and Kathryn Dunbar            Rev. Charles Marshall               Johnny and Karen Smith
2                                Jim Dwight and Pam Weinstein        Avon and Sandra Martin              Jamie Sperl
                                 DeWitt Dykes                        Karen Mason
CONTRIBUTORS (cont.)                       Ernest and Mary Wood                    NEIGHBORHOOD                 Renee Kent
Roland and Sherry Stamps                   Gene and Barbara Yarnell                LEGACY FUND                  Gwen Liggons
Dr. Otis Stanley Jr.                       L. Bennett and Cynthia Young            Leonard and Marta Boehm      Charles Nelson
Frank Stanley                                                                      Michael and Deborah Fisher   Lauren Nelson
Jody Stark and Emma Stark                  Day’s 40 Minute Cleaners                John and Jan Haskin          Pat Nelson
Dr. Susan Steigerwalt                      Drs. Rice & Lanzilote Family            Randy and Jackie McNeil      Charlotte Patnaude
Bill Steiner                               Practice                                James and Carolyn Moore      Jason Plummer
Frank Stella                               Elias Donuts                            Richard and Katherine Paul   Frank Raben
Trudie Strale                              Goodsearch                              Glenn and Christine Pelot    Chris Ridgway
Hurshell and Alice Stroud                  Gospel Church of Faith                  Joseph Pelot Jr.             Tom Ridgway
Michael and Diane Sullivan                 Huntington National Bank                Rita Pridgen                 Frederick Russell Jr.
Jack and Helen Surrell                     Jewell Family Dental                    Bill and Tess Weld-Wallis    Richard Session
John and Mary Tashnick                     Dr. Lawrence B. Rubin, DPM                                           Richard Smith
Rayford Thomas                             State Farm Insurance                                                 LaRita Stallion
William and Patricia Trammell
                                                                                   VOLUNTEERS                   Dale Thomson
                                           Swiss Re Life and Health
Richard Tucker                                                                     Kenya Avant                  Sylvia Upchurch
Charlene Uresy                                                                     Taylorie Bailey              Corinne Vaughn
                                           Building For The Future
Jim and Marjorie Van Hoy                                                           Richard Berlin               Gwen Vaughn
                                           Dr. Paula Dent
Deborah Virgiles                                                                   Maria Bryant                 Jeras Vaughn
                                           Charles and Lois Doniver
Sheila Walker                                                                      Mary Dickerson               Jerome Vaughn
                                           William and Eileen Frey
Robert and Mary Wallington                                                         Sierra Dunklin               Kate Vaughn
                                           Jim and Tracey Goddeeris
Donald Walter                                                                      Louis Fisher                 Leslie Vaughn
                                           Thomas Goddeeris and
Michelle Walters and Suzanne Wait                                                  William Frey                 Olivia Vaughn
                                               Mary Madigan
Glen Warn and Beverly Loudon                                                       Duane Fueslein               Sophie Vaughn
                                           Harold and Geraldine Harris
Ben and Paulette Washburn                                                          Bernard Grunow               Yvette Watkins
                                           Carlton and Wendy Jackson
Francine Washington                                                                Liz Grunow                   Leonard Weber
                                           Chris and Mary Ellen McEvoy
Brian and Doneta Webb                                                              Carol Hanson                 Margaret Weber
                                           Michael Noxakis
Leonard and Margie Weber                                                           Harold Harris                Ken Wolfe
                                           Ron and Charlotte Patnaude
Cary and Queen West                                                                Alma Jackson                 Millard Wright
                                           Richard and Katherine Paul
John Wickey                                                                        Carlton Jackson              Laurie Zyla
                                           Lee and Monica Richardson Jr.
Geraldine Wilder                                                                   Wendy Jackson
                                           Alvin and Harriet Saperstein
Nellie Williams                                                                    Betty Johnson
                                           Jerry and Brenda Springs
Margaret Williams                                                                  Jim Johnson
                                           Raymond and Teresita Tchou
Joe and Myrtis Williams                                                            Maurice Jones
                                           Rev. Richard and Barbara Zeile

Grand Opening Slated for May 22nd
       Plan to join Grandmont Rosedale
Development Corporation as we cel-
ebrate the Grand Opening of our new
headquarters building! The celebration
will be held on Thursday, May 22, 2008
from 4 – 8 PM at GRDC’s new home,
19800 Grand River. Food, music, and
fellowship will all be part of the fun!
       Over 200 generous families and
companies have contributed to the suc-
cess of this office building renovation
project. Construction is underway, and
we are VERY excited about how great
our new offices will look! Various envi-
ronmentally friendly features were
incorporated into the renovation. The
project also includes a community meet-
ing space dedicated to the memory of
the late Maryann Mahaffey. Neighbor-
hood groups will soon have a convenient
and comfortable location to hold their
meetings and workshops.
       Many thanks go out to all the do-
nors and volunteers helping GRDC
establish a presence on Grand River. We
hope to see you on May 22 – come see          Construction in progress at the new GRDC office building
what all of the excitement is about!                                                                                                    3
          GRANDMONT                                                                                                                Non–profit
          ROSEDALE                                                                                                                Organization
                                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage
          DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                 PAID
          CORPORATION                                                                                                              Detroit, MI
                                                                                                                                 Permit No. 217
          15888 Archdale
          Detroit, MI 48227

  Return Service Requested

News Around the Neighborhood
NEW INTERN KENYA AVANT                                                   much is required -- water occasionally, a little weeding and trimming.
        GRDC is happy to welcome                                         The beds are located along Grand River at Bretton, Ashton, Artesian,
our new intern, Kenya Avant. Cur-                                        Glastonbury, and Piedmont. Pick the one that’s closest to you and
rently a graduate student at U-M Ann                                     then let us know -- call Pam Weinstein at 313-835-8190, ext. 103.
Arbor working on her master’s de-
                                                                         MDOT STREETSCAPE BEGINNING IN APRIL
gree in social work, Kenya is a native
                                                                                Finally! The long-awaited, much anticipated Grand River
Detroiter who earned her bachelor’s
                                                                         streetscape project will begin in mid-April. Look for sidewalks on
degree in sociology from Princeton
                                                                         both sides of Grand River to be replaced or repaired, grass and trees to
University. Kenya will serve as
                                                                         be planted, decorative crosswalks and bus stop bump-outs created.
GRDC’s volunteer coordinator and
                                                                         These improvements to our neighborhood shopping district repre-
will also assist with the ever-popular
                                                                         sent a $6 million investment in our area.
Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market,
                                                                                An informational meeting for residents and Grand River busi-
as well as various administrative tasks
                                                                         ness owners will be held on Monday, March 10th at 6:30 PM at the
in our offices. Welcome, Kenya!
                                                                         Neighborhood City Hall, 19180 Grand River. MDOT representatives
DETROIT PARTNERSHIP DAY ON MARCH 29th                                    and a representative from the contractor will be on hand to present the
      Plan to volunteer a few hours of your time between 10 AM and       plans and answer questions. All are welcome.
3 PM on Saturday, March 29 -- that’s Detroit Partnership Day, the
annual day of service by hundreds of eager young U-M students.
These volunteers pay an annual visit to our northwest Detroit neigh-     HOMEBUYER WORKSHOP ON MARCH 13th
borhood to clean up, fix up, and spruce up our area. Make sure you              GRDC and Bank of America will sponsor a homebuyer work-
don’t miss it! Residents are strongly encouraged to participate with     shop on Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 6 PM at St. Timothy’s United
these enthusiastic young people who want to make a connection with       Methodist Church (15888 Archdale at Puritan).
Detroiters. Cleaning up graffiti on Grand River and Schoolcraft is one          NOW IS YOUR TIME TO PURCHASE A HOME and
of the main activities GRDC will be coordinating. Contact Kenya          where better than North Rosedale Park! The workshop will cover
Avant to volunteer at 313-835-8190, ext. 109.                            these topics:
                                                                                • How to qualify for a brand new home in North Rosedale
ADOPT AN ENTRY LANDSCAPE BED                                                    • Getting the Mortgage that’s Right for You
       This past fall, GRDC spearheaded a project to repair the brick           • How to Receive up to $20,000 Down Payment Assistance
entryways along Grand River and to install new landscaping at each of           • Credit Repair
the sites. We are now looking for Grand River businesses or neigh-       To RSVP, please contact Martina Orange at 313-835-8190, ext. 108.
borhood residents to “adopt” these beds and be their caretakers. Not

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