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					F.No: Hudco/Scrap/Admn                                              Dated 01/12/08

Sub:- Floating of Quotations for Disposal of Scrap materials in HUDCO Bhawan


HUDCO is a fully owned Govt. of India Enterprise under the administrative control of
Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of India.


HUDCO desires to procure service from various dealer for disposal and scrap material in
HUDCO Bhawan and for this purpose sealed quotations are invited at an estimated cost of
Rs30,000/- (Thirty thousand only) inclusive of all taxes and VAT.

The list of items included for scrap materials are as mentioned below:

1.    Old news papers
2.    Old books
3.    Old and used files
4.    Old magazines
5.    Old cardboards (pukka)
6.    Old cardboards (kacha)
7.    Old iron materials
8.    Old used tyres
9.    Shredded papers
10.   Old, used tubelights and bulbs.


The general terms & conditions applicable for submission of quotation/offer and for award
of contract by HUDCO are as follows :-

        1.The bids may be submitted in three sealed cover envelopes separately which may
        be finally placed in one envelope. The first envelope shall contain EMD, second
        envelope shall contain Technical bid and third envelope shall contain Financial bid.

        2.Quotation/tender must accompany earnest money deposit (EMD) of Rs. 600/- (Rs.
        Six Hundred only) by way of Draft/Pay order/Banker cheque in favour of HUDCO,
        payable at New Delhi. The quotation/tender without EMD will be considered as
        unresponsive and rejected.

        3.Upon receipt of EMD amount, the technical bid shall be opened and after
        qualifying technically, the financial bid will be opened.
4.The rates for item(s) should be quoted in the relevant column of Annexure-II.
Please note that no other alternate item(s)/unit(s) will be considered.

5.The period of validity of quotation for acceptance should be six months from the
closing date. Quotations with less validity shall not be accepted. HUDCO shall not
entertain any request for escalation in cost/price on account of any reason whatsoever
during the period of validity of quotation.

6.All taxes and levies should be clearly mentioned in Annexure-II. No extra cost will
be paid on account of transportation, insurance, packaging & forwarding or on any
other account including budget levies, if any.

7.The rates quoted, should clearly specify whether sales tax and central sales
tax/VAT or excise duty are applicable and, if so, at what rates? In case, this
information is not indicated in the quotation, it would be presumed that the rates
quoted are inclusive of all type of taxes/duties. HUDCO, however, prefers, if price
inclusive of all taxes/duties is quoted.

8. If there is any downward revision of prices during the validity of quotation and
contract period, then the benefit of the same shall have to be passed on to HUDCO.

9. Any modification in offer after the closing of tender will not be considered.

10. Bidder, before submitting quotations, should clearly understand HUDCO’s
requirement and, in case any information/clarification is required, he/she may visit
HUDCO office during working days ( Monday to Friday between 9.30
a.m. to 6 p.m.). It may be noted that no clarification/information, after closure of the
last date of receipt of quotation, would be entertained.

11. Quotations received late, will not be considered. HUDCO will not be responsible
for any postal delay.

12. The EMD of unsuccessful bidder shall be refunded.

13. The evaluation of tenders/quotations will not be based on conditional discounts.

14. The EMD of the selected vendor shall remain with HUDCO during the period of
execution of job order. No interest will be paid on the EMD. The EMD amount shall
be released only after successful completion/satisfactory execution of the contract.

15. In case, the supplier/vendor fails to execute the order whether in full or in the
part, the earnest / security money would be liable to be forfeited in full or in part/to
be determined by HUDCO and the vendor/company will be debarred from dealing
with HUDCO in future.

16. In the event of rejection of service provided, the party would be intimated the
details of such services as well as the reasons for the rejection.

17.In the event of vendor’s failure to execute the order as per specified period, the
company reserves the right to execute the work from any other source at the vendor’s
risk & cost and the difference in the cost shall be borne by the vendor.

    18. If the vendor is not able to execute the order within the specified period, he would
    be liable to pay liquidated damage @ ½% per week or part thereof subject to
    maximum of 5% of the total cost of the price of material(s), which vendor had failed
    to deliver within the delivery schedule. In case, the vendor fails to execute the order
    whether in full or in part, the earnest money would be liable to be forfeited in full or
    in part/to be determined by HUDCO.

    19. If at any point of time, the above mentioned job done in HUDCO is found
    unsatisfactory on account of quality or not matching with the specification laid down
    by HUDCO, no further bills would be processed for payment by HUDCO.

    20. If vendor fails to execute the order, then EMD will be forfeited and the company
    will be debarred from dealing with HUDCO in future.

    21.The vendor should submit the bank details as mentioned in Annexure-III for
    refunding the EMD amount or making other payments through E-payments

    22. Decision of CMD HUDCO shall be final & binding on both the parties in respect
        of all matters of dispute arising out of this tender.

    23.Hudco reserves the right to reject any or all bids and/or alter the quantity without
    assigning any reason.

    25.Payment terms: -

     i. Full payment will be released after receipt of the item/services, provided it is
        found to be strictly as per the specifications given by HUDCO. The payment to
        the vendor will be made within fifteen days of receipt of bill.

    ii. HUDCO shall make payment of bills after deduction of all applicable taxes.


    26.The vendor should have at least 3 years experience of doing similar/relevant

    27. The vendor should quote considering technical specifications given in Annexure-
        II as minimum specifications failing which the tender is liable to be rejected
        without any further notice.

Your quotation should be sent in a sealed cover containing all the three
envelopes as stated in point no. 1 of this letter super scribing "Quotation for installing
Vertical Blinds and should be sent to Chief Administration either by post or
deposited in tender box available at reception at HUDCO Bhawan, India Habitat
Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110 003 by 12.00 P.M on 15.12.2008

Sealed quotations of EMD & Technical bids shall be opened on 15.12.08 at
12.00 P.M. at HUDCO office. Financial bids of those vendors shall be opened which
are technically qualified for which date & time will be informed to technically
qualified vendors. The representatives of bidders can also participate in Tender

Thanking you,

For and on behalf of HUDCO

(Rajiv Malhotra)
Chief Administration

         Annexure -II

S.No        Description        Details /specifications               Rate      per Total      Other terms    Quantity        Expected
            of items                                                 unit/item     Amount     and                            Delivery
                                                                                   quoted     conditions                     Time
                                                                                   (Rs.)      including                      /Date
                                                                                              taxes etc
(1)              (2)                          (3)                      (4)           (5)           (6)          (7)             (8)
                                                                                                             As       per    As           per
                                   1. Old news papers                                                        requirement     requirement of
                                   2. Old books                                                              of HUDCO        HUDCO from
                                   3. Old and used files                                                     from time to    time to time
                                   4. Old magazines
                                   5. Old cardboards (pukka)
                                   6 Old cardboards (kacha)
                                   7. Old iron materials
                                   8. Old used tyres
                                   9. Shredded papers
                                   10. Old, used tubelights and

       1.Work should be executed according to Labour rates.
       2..Column 4,5 and6 are to be filled in by tenderer
       3.No correction/overwriting/misvendoring/additions etc. is allowed in this Annexure.
       4.Rates/Unit & Total amount may be quoted in figures as well as in words.

                                                                                               Name of the Party
                                                                                               Address & Telephone
                                                                                               Signatures    with    Stamp       &      Date

                                      TECHNICAL BID

1.     Name of the Company

A)     Status (Private/PSU/Others)

B)     Date of Establishment                             Present Manpower

2.     Address

       Telephone                             Fax               E-Mail

3.    Whether vendor has experience of 3 years in undertaking similar jobs.            Yes/No

4.    No. of years experience in the field

5.   Name and Phone/Mobile number of the contact person

6.   Name and Phone/Mobile number of the CEO

                                                               (Authorized Signature with seal)


                                         BANK DETAILS

The details of Bank A/c in which     payment is to be transferred and other details are
as follows:-

Bank Name:

Bank A/c Number:

Branch Name:

Branch Address:

Branch Telephone No:

A/C type:
(SB A/c/ CA/Cash Credit with code 10/11/13)

Bank Code:
(9 digit code number of Bank & Branch)


Service Tax No.