Londontrip 2007_ Sep 23rd - 28th

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					Londontrip 2007, Sep. 23rd - 28th
In the last week of September 31 students of our school went to London accompanied
by Mrs Getzner, Mrs Schaller and Mrs Schöch.
Our guest families were in Mottingham, that’s in the southeast of London. Living in
guest families was a new experience for us and so we were all very excited. But we
had lots of fun and most of the guest families were really okay and very nice.
The first three days we had school in the morning for three hours. But the teachers
were not only teachers they were also actors, so we didn’t have normal English
lessons like at home. The teachers were both very cool and we learned quite a lot.
After school we always went to London city by train and by underground. There we
saw lots of sights like Big Ben, Nelson’s Column, Buckingham Palace, London
Bridge, the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was very interesting
because Mrs. Schaller explained all the sights very well.
On Tuesday we went to Hyde Park and then to the scary London Dungeon. There
you can walk in a house where live actors try to scare you with true stories about the
past of England. The actors frightened us all the time and so we were screaming very
loudly. We had much fun in the London Dungeon!
On Wednesday we went to see the musical ‘’The Lion King’’. It was very beautiful
and we were all really fascinated by the music and the costumes. Everybody enjoyed
it. After the musical we went to Covent Garden. There we bought lots of gifts and
On Thursday we had no school anymore. We went to Madame Tussaud’s. That’s the
most famous waxwork museum in the world. It was very cool and interesting there.
We saw a lot of famous people but of course they were all made out of wax. After
Madame Tussaud’s we went to Carnaby Street and Oxford Street for shopping. Most
of us bought presents and other stuff till all the money was gone. These two famous
streets are both very expensive!
On the last day we had to be at the meeting point early in the mornig. It took us a
long time to get back to Austria! That evening we were all glad to be back home
But it was really great in London. We all hope to go there again one day!

Martina, Michaela, Eva, Sarah, Diana, 4d class

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