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Chooi-Chin Goh, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BCH Hypnotherapist, MSc Multimedia

Chooi-Chin Goh, a dynamic motivational speaker, specializes in the Auto-suggestive Sciences with favorite
subjects such as the 'Mind-Body Connection and Human Potential', 'Stress Management' , Motivation for
Success', ‘Unleashing your Inner Power and Potential', 'Spiritual Intelligence or SQ as in EQ or IQ' and a
wide range of interesting topics tailored to the needs of the audience. In the public speaking circuit for m ore
than 10 years, this eloquent international speaker usually illustrates her talk with eye-opening demonstration
skills which have proven to be a fascination with the media (
to wide ranging sophisticated audiences in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the US and Wales.

                                     Ms. Goh, now living in Wales since the last four years, was a recipient of
                                     the Welsh-based Knowledge Exploitation Fund, KEF Scholarship for
                                     enterprise leading to a SpinOut programme incubating the setting up of
                                     an e-commerce business in Wales. Prior to this, she was working on a
                                     specialized IT project with MSN, Microsoft, as a Human Relevance
                                     Tester/Engineer for their search engines.

                                  A qualified teacher, she also holds a B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design degree
                                  and although recently graduated with MSc Multimedia, University of
                                  Wales, she already had years of working experience in the Advertising
                                  industry. Goh & her ex-partner set up DigiArt Graphics, the 1st computer
graphics company in Malaysia in 1986, pioneering a new industry there. Since then she was a Director of
DigiArt and HAS Productions, specialising in Corporate Video Productions, Audio Visual or Multivision
Shows and creative computer graphics design, in the creative presentation of information, launching
products from lingerie to cars.

She was instrumental in introducing the benefits and efficacies of hypnosis to the Malaysian public since
June 1994. Personally trained by Dr. Gil Boyne (dubbed as the "Father of Hypnosis", California, USA), Brian
Head of New Zealand and Gerald Kein of Florida USA, she holds certifications of Master Hypnotist and
Diploma of Hypnotherapy. She was a Certified Hypnotherapist Member of the Florida Society of
Professional Hypnotherapists and a Board Certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, New
Hampshire, USA.

Ms. Goh works with participants on her unique programs of Self-Hypnosis, and Hypno-Motivation. She
guides the participant to systematically programme the subconscious mind in order to sustain motivation,
and how to utilize the great powers of imagery and visualization when striving to individual goals. Having
excelled in pioneering this field, she is duped the Hypnotist of Malaysia, a favourite with the media, giving
public demos and talks to a wide range of clubs, institutions and professional bodies.

She represented Malaysia as a Main Speaker for the 26th IFTDO Conference (International Federation of
Training and Development Organization) and also in the Silver Dove Congress 2000, Chiang Mai, Thailand,
February, 2000. She was the Malaysian Co-creator of the Earth Rainbow Network.

She advocates and facilitates the 'consciousness awakening process' through teaching self-help in her
regular self hypnotism classes and the various community services she actively led, particularly in the
Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF, Vice-Chairman) and attempted to start Holistic Human Values
Education in Malaysian Schools through the MCPF, The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, in
Malaysia. Currently based in Wales, she is especially active in this LightWorking endeavour, co-maintaining
the International Holistic Therapies Directories (, the
world's biggest of its kind with the founder, Geoffrey Keyte.

She has been the Vice-President of The British Graduates Association Malaysia for 8 years. Having taught
and lectured to thousands in the field of hypnotism, she set up the Hypnosis Association, Malaysia in 1998.
Subsequently she was appointed the Hypnotherapy Chapter Leader of the Malaysian Society of
Complementary Therapies or MSCT, Malaysia. She is also listed in the International Chapter of the National
Guild of Hypnotists, USA, for Malaysia and Wales.
                                 Curriculum Vitae

                                   Ms. CHOOI-CHIN GOH
                   BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BCH Hypnotherapist, MSc. Multimedia

                   100, Caernarvon Way, Winch Wen, Swansea, SA1 7HJ, Wales, UK

                 No. 8, Jalan USJ 20/6C UEP, 46730 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
                                         Mobile: 006016 9927780

   Accomplished marketer with comprehensive blend of hands-on professional
    marketing experience. Consummate marketer, passionate about the potential
    and impact of marketing, having ran several successful businesses in the past.
    Set up and ran a video and a multimedia production house servicing
    multinationals and SMEs, apart from a hypnotism company in Malaysia.
   Innovative teacher with ground-breaking teaching techniques devoted to teaching
    the auto-suggestive sciences, running workshops training thousands of
    participants in self-hypnosis and presented talks and demos about the power of
    the mind to the medical, educational and public sectors.
   Well-established and renowned hypnotherapist with a good 10-year track record
    of successful practice both in Malaysia and Wales (please refer to URL:
   Eloquent international speaker, with eye-opening demonstration skills to wide
    ranging sophisticated audiences.
   Avid multimedia producer of business presentations and co-webmaster of e-
    commerce/media-rich          websites,      e.g., &
   With a sound teaching, advertising/marketing, business, graphic design and
    multimedia background, her multi faceted talents and skills in added value
    creative multimedia contents for any ecommerce website will project the
    organisation into a cutting edge net presence.


   MSc. Multimedia, University of Wales, Swansea Institute, (2004)
    Dissertation: ‘Multimedia Marketing of a Holistic Spa Resort’
   Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist and Diploma of Hypnotherapy,
    Member, the National Guild Of Hypnotist (NGH), USA, (1994)

   Qualified Computer Graphics Designer & Animator- Industrial & Computer
    Graphics training courses in London & San Diego, USA, (1998 & 1993)

   B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design, Demontfort University, Leicester, UK, Majored in
    Audio-visual / Animation / Film & Video Production, (1982)

   Certified Teacher, Specialist Teachers Training Institution, Ceras, Kuala
    Lumpur, Malaysia. Ministry of Education Qualified English Language & Art
    Teacher, (1977)


   Recipient of the Welsh-based Knowledge Exploitation Fund, KEF Scholarship for
    graduate enterprise leading to a SpinOut programme incubating the setting up of
    an e-commerce facility in Swansea – under the Objective One European Funding
    programme - 2004 .

   Second Price winner of the inter-university nationwide Schwann Stabilo Poster
    design Competition, UK 1982

   Bursary Competition winner, Highly Commended by The Royal Society of Arts,
    London, UK, 1982

   Merit Award, Art and English Language Teaching Class of 1977, Specialist
    Teachers Training Institution, Kuala Lumpur.


   Guest lecturer of the Faculty of Psychology, the International Islamic University,
    Malaysia, 2000

    Taught subject: ‘The Mind-body Connectedness of the Auto Suggestive Science’
    to 300 post graduate students of psychology and Psychiatry.
   Guest Speaker to the Education Event of the International Young Presidents
    Association (YPO), March 3, 2000
    Presented a paper and demonstration on "Spiritual Intelligence - connecting with
    your inner self to enhance your potential" to some 60 top CEOs and captains of
    industry in Malaysia.
      Guest lecturer of the Nurses’ Continuing Education Programme, Hospital Tengku
       Ampuan Rahimah, Port Klang, Malaysia, Jan 9,1997

       Taught subject: "Hypnotism as Complementary Medicine" to some 100 nurses
       and medical officers.

      In-house training coach for corporations e.g. Strawberry Park Hotels & Resorts
       Management Group, 1996

       Taught Self-Hypnosis to the executive staff force of about 20

      Guest lecturer of the International Olympic Council of Malaysia to the sporting
       excellence programme, June 9, 1995

       Taught subject: ‘Sports Hypnosis for Enhanced Performance’ to some 200
       sports leaders and coaches of the Olympic Council.

      Main Speaker/Presenter at the Career Guidance Fair of the British Education
       Exhibition (BE ’99), the British Council of Malaysia, Putra World Trade Center,

       Subject presented: ‘A Career in Computer Graphics and Multimedia’ to an
       audience of 60
      Represented Malaysia as a Main Speaker for the International Federation of
       Training and Development Organization (IFTDO) 26th conference, Oct 28, 1997

       Presented paper & demo on "Mind Body Connectedness and Human
       Development" to an audience of 200 international delegates.

      Guest Presenter for the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM), August 15,
       Special Tea Talk: "Self-Hypnosis For Eustress, Motivation and Success" to an
       audience of 200 top management executives.

      Guest Lecturer with the National Film Authority, Malaysia, 1992

       Taught subject: ‘The Growth of Computer Graphics’ to a group of 100 members
       of the film industry.

      Secondary School Teacher, Teaching Art and English Language at the Air Panas
       Secondary Girls’ School, Air Panas, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1977-

• MIM TOASTMASTERS CLUB OF KL, presented talk on "Hypnosis" -October 7, 1995
• SEKOLAH MENENGAH TAMAN S.E.A, PJ presented talk on "Hypno-Motivation" - July
 13, 1996
• Malaysian Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) or PERSATUAN
  AKAUNTAN AWAM BERTAULIAH MALAYSIA. Evening Talk on "Self-Hypnosis"-
  March 20, 1996
• ROYAL IPOH CLUB, Self-Hypnosis Training Programme - May 15, 1996
• Sabah Foundation or YAYASAN SABAH, Auditorium, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, presented
  paper and demonstration on "Hypnosis for Eustress & Motivation for Success" - June
  20th, 1996
  HIGHLANDS, Self-Hypnosis Training Programme - July, 11 and 12, 1996
• ROYAL ROTARY CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR, a talk and demonstration to capacity
  crowd - March 26th, 1997
• SINGAPORE LADIES CLUB, Talk on Hypnotism, - September 2, 1997
• Conducted a seminar on "Develop The Art of Public Speaking" - September 8 -10,
• ESSO, HQ, KL, where about 80 executives were in attendance, presented a talk and a
  relaxation demonstration, "Learn about Stress Management" - 1997
• KIWANIS CLUB-METRO KL, Evening Talk on "Self-Hypnosis for Eustress Motivation &
  Success" - November 2, 1998
• Association of Freight Forwarders’ Agents (AFA) or PERSATUAN EJEN-EJEN
  PENGHANTARAN PELABUHAN KLANG. Dinner Talk: "Stress Management" –
  December 29, 1997
• Association of Credit Management or PERSATUAN PENGURUSAN KREDIT
  MALAYSIA. Tea Talk: "Connect Within To Love Your Work & Wipe out the Stress" –
  March 25, 1999
• LION CLUB OF KL NORTH, Social Meeting Invitation talk and demonstration on
  "Connect Within To Love Your Work & Wipe Out the Stress" - May 20, 1999
 MALINDI CENTER, Carmarthen, Wales, Self-Hypnosis Training Programme, 2001
 WOMEN’S BUSINESS FORUM, Swansea, Wales. Talk on Hypnotism. Sept. 2002
   demonstration: "Self-Hypnosis for Eustress Motivation & Success" April 2003


- The Auto-Suggestive Science
- Self-Hypnosis
- Hypno-Motivation for Success
- Painless Childbirth
- Hypno-sports for better performance
- Public Speaking
- Speed Reading
- Self-confidence
- Hypno-Meditation & Self-healing
- Stop Smoking
- Play Better Golf
- Study Better to Excel in the Exams.
- Stress Management
- Programming for Slimming
- Sleep Better
N/B: For more details/samples of course syllabus/contents/schedule please refer to URL


       Quantitative scores nearly always exceed 4 on a 5-point scale in which 5 is top

       Teaching/course evaluations through testimonials can be found in URL link:


Design Solutions & Multimedia Subjects
       Multimedia & Internet Marketing
       Design-based Marketing Decision Making
       Strategic Marketing
       Advertising and Promotion Management
       Designing Contents for e-Courses


Management Positions

Crystal Nirvana Ltd., UK, Director, 2004
Astral Delta (M) Sdn Bhd as a Managing Director, Consultant, Trainer since 1994
DigiArt Productions Sdn Bhd as Creative Director (Marketing) since 1986
HAS Productions Sdn Bhd as Director since 1991

•       IT project with MSN, Microsoft, as a Human Relevance Tester/Engineer for their
        search engines. 2004
•      19 years of experience in the advertising industry, worked as copywriter,
       Accounts Manager (client servicing), Multivision/Video Producer & Creative
       Director in both international and local ad agencies and owned a video
       production company.
•      Managing Director / Consultant / Trainer in Astral Delta (M) Sdn Bhd since June
•      Director of Digiart Productions Sdn Bhd since December 1991
•      Creative Director & Partner, Digiart Graphics, Kuala Lumpur from May 1986
•      Freelance Designer / Illustrator/ AV Producer in London (1985 – 1986)
•      Account Manager in an ad agency, Ads & Design Services Sdn Bhd., Kota
       Kinabalu, Sabah (1983 – 1984)
•      Freelance Contractor of Graphic Design works and AV productions, Kota
       Kinabalu (1983 – 1984)
•      Copy-writer in an ad agency, Ted Bates (Malaysia), (1982 – 1983)
•      Art & English Teacher (1977 – 1979), teaching in an Upper Secondary School.



•      Co-founded and set up the first computer graphics company in Malaysia, Digiart
       Graphics, with partner.
•      Designed, produced & presented countless presentations and seminars. Trained
       graphic artists/designers on Computer Graphics.
•      Set up Digiart’s creative and marketing departments and trained the staff force.
•      Wrote and contributed articles to the broadcast industry’s magazines.
•      Produced numerous Corporate AVs/Videos, business presentation packages,
       broadcast TV graphics/commercials and many other creative works for SMIs &
       Multinationals both in Malaysia and Singapore.


Conducted self-hypnosis training programme since June 1994 and currently have
trained more than 1000 past participants. In addition, given talks, in-house training and
demonstrations to corporations, organizations such as hospitals, universities,
international clubs and societies.

•       Malaysian Co-creator of the internet based Earth Rainbow Network, the world’s
        biggest network of Consciousness Activists, since 1997
•       Main Speaker in the Silver Dove Congress 2000, Chiang Mai, Thailand
        (February, 2000 - Holistic Congress) with other renowned speakers from 18
•       1st Vice-Chairman of the Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship (INSaF) 1998-2001
•       Vice-President of The British Graduates Association, Malaysia (BGAM) 1992-
        2001. Initiator and Chair-person of the Charity Home Visits Programme, BGAM.
•       Chairman of the Holistic Human Values Education in Malaysian Schools through
        the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) 2000-2001
•       Malaysian United Religions Initiative Kuala Lumpur (URIKLCC) Founder
        Coordinator, Malaysian Representative to URI 1999-2001
•       Founder President, Hypnosis Association, Malaysia, 1998
•       Hypnotherapy Chapter Leader for the Malaysian Society for Complementary
        Therapies or MSCT 1998-2002
•       International Chapter (Malaysia), National Guild of Hypnotists, USA. 2000-2004


       Research interests are directed primarily towards the search for ‘truth and
        knowledge’, perhaps through esoteric teachings and spiritual insights, seeking
        spiritual intelligence or SQ. Based on this primary underlying issue, perhaps one
        can serve humanity by researching into the feasibility of adopting an ancient
        concept of a healing temple into the modern lifestyle of the fast emerging Cultural
        Creatives of our trend-setting populace.

       How to promote and market products and services through multimedia contents
        via media-rich websites.

       Continuing research on the power of the subconscious mind through auto-


       English (Speak, read & write very well)
       Malay language (speak, read and write adequately)
       Chinese (speak only – dialects, Hokkien & Mandarin)

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