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									LAN 3606 Personal Statement                                      61315/3A Ho Kwan Lam

Graphic Design

I have always been inspired by graphics around my life. It is not only some flat

graphic of products, but also images and photography that I observe in our daily

life. It is my curiosity towards things in this world. For this sake, I always wanted to

follow a further graphic design course after finishing the basic design course. I am

now ready for a new study environment and new challenge.

I am currently a final year student at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

undertaking a Higher Diploma course in Visual Communication. I find the course

challenging and rewarding as it guides me to familiarize about graphic design

which is important for building images for everything. The course, which covers

subjects such as Cultural Studies, has provided me with an overview of Art

movement in each period of time. It fills up my views towards every artwork from

ancient to modern and also enriching my keywords of design principle term. The

Design Studies modules have allowed me to apply the design principles to make

different categories of design such as advertising, branding, multimedia and

typography. Besides, The Computer Aided Design modules have equipped me with

different computer graphic software skills. It helps me to fulfill the quality needs of

each of my design work.

To gain some practical experience, I worked on summer placement as an

Assistant Graphic Designer for a local company where I was mainly responsible for

designing postcards, website and dealing with product promotions, as well as

preparing PowerPoint for meeting clients. After starting final year semester one, I

undertook as a freelance commission for this company. On the other hand, last

LAN 3606 Personal Statement                                    61315/3A Ho Kwan Lam

year, I was lucky that I had been nominated by school to attend a design workshop

to Nagoya, Japan. I lived in Japan for ten days and worked with design students

from different countries and learnt how to improve their city through design.

Moreover, I had been a participant of Icograda Design Week in Hong Kong last


My talents in graphic design have been proved by the various prizes I have won

these years. I won the merit prize of 4As Student Award organized by The

Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Hong Kong last year. I also won the

runners-up of YAHOO!BLOG competition organized by Yahoo this year.

I am very much ambitious to a career in the field of graphic design in which I can

apply my professional knowledge and capability and turn my ideas into reality. In

order to better equip myself for this purpose, I am seeking to pursue a degree in

graphic design with a view to further my professional knowledge as well as

improving my practical skills in this field. I believe my strong background in

graphic design as mentioned above stands me in good stead for the harsh

demanding of the top-up degree program under application.

I very much look forward to the challenges that studying for a degree in graphic

design will bring.


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