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					     Associated Students of Saint Mary’s College
    Professional Development Fund Request Form
Date ____________________________________ Organization ____________________________________
Contact person____________________________ Phone Number__________________________________
Event Title________________________________ Date of event ___________________________________

   1) Describe the conference/event in detail and give an explanation of the request for funds.

   2) Approximately how many people are expected to attend this conference/event?

   3) Have you fundraised for this? How much?

   4) How will this opportunity benefit the organization’s leadership development and growth?

   5) How will this opportunity help fulfill the organization’s mission?

   6) How will this opportunity benefit the student body?

   •   We have read and understand the general information regarding the allocation of the ASSMC Professional
       Development Fund;
   •   The information herein and any supporting documentation is accurate and complete;
   •   Any with holding, misrepresentation, or falsification of information for purpose of obtaining ASSMC Professional
       Development Fund will affect future eligibility for funding as determined by the Vice President of Finance;
   •   Any misuse or abuse of funding may jeopardize future funding privileges.

_______________________________________                         ___________________________________________
President Name                                                  Advisor Name

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