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					                                 CITY OF LOVELAND
                             VISUAL ARTS COMMISSION
                                Thursday, May 8th, 2003
                                      5:00 p.m.

The May 8th, 2003 meeting of the Visual Arts Commission was called to order at 5:03 p.m. by
Chairman Doug Erion in the Conference Room of the Loveland Museum/Gallery. Commission
members Susan White, Betsy Ostermiller, Anne Krioussis, Randy Amys, Jim Baldwin and Nita
Starr were present. Susan Ison and Suzanne Janssen were present. Youth Activities Coordinator
Jenni Dobson, Patrick Kipper of Bronze Patination Services and Tom O’Gorman of Bronze
Services were also present to address the Visual Arts Commission.

Additions or corrections to the agenda: Additions: None. Corrections: No corrections. Due to
the presence of others, Items C and D were moved ahead of Items A and B.

Additions or corrections to the minutes: none.

Acceptance of Minutes: Anne Krioussis motioned to accept the minutes as written. Randy Amys
seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously accepted.

Budget: Anne Krioussis questioned as to when the Green Glade Reservoir monies
would be paid out to the Visual Arts Commission. Susan indicated that the monies will
be available at the conclusion of the project.

ArtSteps 2003-2004: Jenni Dobson presented the 2003-2004 R2J School District plans
for the ArtSteps program. The exhibit rotates years for display within the Main Gallery
of the Museum. In 2004, the exhibit will be held in the Foote Gallery. Due to the
reduction in space, the ArtSteps Committee opted to expand their program to include a
public art project involving a greater number of children and to serve as an outreach
effort within the community. As a result, ArtSteps will host an art day on Saturday,
September 27th, 2003 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. Children will work with professional
artists, parent volunteers and teachers to create posters depicting aspects of Loveland
history. These posters will be hung in Loveland bus shelters throughout the month of
March 2004. Jenni indicated that the Historic Preservation Commission had expressed
interest in supporting the committee’s efforts.

Jenni invited the VAC to attend her next ArtSteps planning meeting on Tuesday, May
13th at 3:45 p.m. The precise role the VAC could play was unclear; however, a $1,000
donation for a poster was suggested.

Nita Starr expressed interest in the VAC supporting ArtSteps. Many other VAC
members also expressed interest; however, no one could commit to attending the
planning meeting. Jim Baldwin later offered to rearrange his schedule to try to
accommodate this meeting. Commissioning a mural based upon the ArtSteps projects
was perceived as a great way to promote the ArtSteps program.
Historic Preservation Commission: In Martin Janssen’s absence, Suzanne Janssen
distributed two handouts to the VAC, which expressed the Historic Preservation
Commission’s desire to pursue a working relationship with the Visual Arts Commission.
These handouts expressed similarities in the goals and visions of each commission and
offered suggestions for possible future cooperative projects (art prints, historic walking
tour, etc.).

Maintenance Subcommittee Report: Non-Bronze: Anne Krioussis stated that the
flatwork within the collection was to be addressed in categories. Jeff with the Lincoln
Gallery and the Thompson Valley Art League has offered to help with condition reports
for this aspect of the collection. Anne will address the pieces at the Civic Center. All
pastels and oils need to be reviewed.

Bronze: The goal of the subcommittee is to develop working maintenance procedures
based upon the maintenance policy developed in 2002. Pat Kipper was present to express
his concerns over the present handling of condition reports, hot wax and special treatment
procedures. Pat began by stating that the condition reports he prepared in 2002 were valid
for only six months and did not believe work should be performed on those reports.

Cold Wax: Pat described the cold wax process as the minimum protection for bronze and
a relatively easy procedure for those who have been properly trained on cold wax

Hot Wax: Pat recommended that hot wax treatments only be conducted by a master
patineur, which Pat described as someone with a minimum of seven years training under
another master patineur. Pat felt this requirement was essential to ensure potential
damaging agents were neutralized prior to treatment and the proper technique and
monitoring of temperatures were followed. Pat did not feel confident that Bronze
Services was requiring a master patineur to conduct their hot wax treatments.
Additionally, Pat stressed that it was essential that special treatments were performed by
a master patineur only.

Doug Erion expressed appreciation for Pat sharing his expertise and recommendations
with the VAC. Additionally, Doug explained that the VAC has concerns regarding
potential conflict of interest issues raised by Pat Kipper performing the condition reports
in addition to performing the hot wax and special treatments. A level of maintenance has
not been determined by the VAC and the VAC must ultimately determine the
qualifications of the individuals hired to perform services on the City of Loveland art

Tom O’Gorman expressed concern over the condition of Water Carriers by Herb
Mignery. Both Tom and Pat will take a look at the scale and algae build-up on the
sculpture to determine the best treatment. The VAC looks forward to their suggestions.
Police & Courts Building: Susan Ison reported that Mario Echevarria understood the
request of the VAC and understood the ramifications if the artwork was not installed by
the date promised (May 26th, 2003).

Governor’s Art Show Purchases: Velvet Green by Quang Ho: Suzanne suggested
placement of the work behind the front desk at the Museum and suggested rotating Frosty
Morning by Clyde Aspevig into another highly visible City location. The size, color and
scale of the work would fit nicely into that spot. Anne Krioussis motioned that Velvet
Green be installed at the Museum, Frosty Morning be relocated to the Civic Center, in
the space presently occupied by Seduction of Eve by Sandra Bierman. The Bierman
piece could fit nicely at the Rialto Theater, in the alcove on the left side of the lobby.
Additional light fixtures within that location are highly likely. Jim Baldwin seconded the
motion. The vote was unanimously accepted.

Port Authority by Scott Shaffer: There was general discussion and concensus regarding
the great number of difficulties likely to be encountered by installing this sculpture at the
fishing bridge at South Shore Scenic Parkway. Jim Baldwin suggested an alternative
placement at the McWhinney-Hahn Sculpture Park. Other members felt the piece needed
to be near water and that North Lake Park could be a more desirable location. Jim
Baldwin, Anne Krioussis and Susan White agreed to meet and investigate other
alternative installation sites.

City Dogs by Ann LaRose: Discussion on this item was tabled until Betsy and the
LaRoses meet to discuss the proposed modifications to the sculpture.

Tennis Champion by George Walbye: Suzanne has met with George Walbye and
Susan Williams of Northwest Construction regarding installation. All work is on target
for a June 10th - June 17th installation date. All construction aspects of the installation
will be handled by Northwest Construction. The brick vendor (utilized by Hospice of
Larimer County) has the ability to engrave bricks on-site; therefore, following the initial
laying of the donor bricks, additional bricks may be sold and engraved at a later date.
The plinth for Tennis Champion will be stacked stone, not faced in stone as originally
reported. The plaque will be placed directly upon the top stone of the plinth.

Locator Maps: This item is tabled until June.

City Open Lands Commission: The Larimer County Commissioners were not in favor
of any earthwork project at Hidden Valley. Anne suggested Bruce Geuswel attend the
next VAC meeting to share ideas he may have for that location. Doug reiterated that
earthwork projects are usually very costly and the county appears to be managing the site.

Logo: For a fee of $1,000, Becky Hawley has offered to provide four ideas for a VAC
logo. Susan White made a motion to hire Becky Hawley to design the logo. Betsy
Ostermiller seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
Information Sharing:
Anne Krioussis reported that she and Don Maroni, Chairman of the Handicapped
Advisory Commission, had gone to Benson Park to read the Braille plaques. It was
determined that the Braille only plaques are “perfect.” All other bronze plaques printed
prior to 2002 are also legible, printed in Braille Type 1. The bronze plaques installed for
the 2002 donations are not accurate. The Braille vendor used Braille Type 3. With some
work, one can understand the text; however, there are many confusing line breaks and
extraneous or incorrect letters and symbols which appear in the middle of words.

Doug suggested that a letter be written to LHPAC outlining our understanding of the
issue and suggestions for a solution. Susan will contact Polly regarding this matter.
Betsy recommended another possible vendor for plaques, Slack Horner, in Denver. Anne
indicated that Don is willing to proof any future plaques.

There was much discussion regarding the current maintenance contracts with Bronze
Services and Pat Kipper’s belief that he was not afforded an opportunity to perform hot
wax treatments in 2002-early 2003. Suzanne reiterated the events from fall 2002 which
precipitated Bronze Services being awarded a six-month non-renewable contract to
perform hot wax treatments. In mid-October 2002, Pat Kipper was offered the hot wax
contract; however, he informed the VAC that he was booked through April 2003.
Because Pat Kipper was not available, Bronze Services was asked to perform the services
and a contract was signed. On October 22, 2002, Doug wrote Pat a letter indicating that
these services were to be performed by Bronze Services.

After much discussion, it was determined that special treatments on the City of Loveland
art collection should be performed as part of the conservator contract—which was
recently signed by Pat Kipper. Hereafter, all special treatments will be performed by the
contractor awarded the conservator contract.

Susan White reported that the Mayor’s April 12th, 2003 meeting with Loveland artists
was exciting and illustrated the need for the artistic community to form a centralized
information sharing network. An economic impact study of the arts was highly

Suzanne reminded all members of the Parks Shop Artwork Dedication on Saturday, June
7th at 12:00 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m.

Meeting length: 2:14

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