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									Heck, one day back luck struck our success like a dark omen. Our shopping cart provider was going out of business and they suddenly shutdown their processing systems! We had 7 days of sleepless night and we thought we had lost all the customers data and all the vital information we had on their servers and we were right. They never backed up our data as they promised. We ended up with 25% of the total customer and faced a huge loss of business. My new neighbor had moved already and we didn’t know how to setup our website on the new online shopping cart solutions system. Then my hubby’s cousin Jack introduced us to a new online shopping cart company. My spouse is a painter and we do good selling his paintings locally. Our new neighbors had a great respect for art and they were excited after looking at the paintings. They sell stuff on ebay and they recommended us sell our painting on the internet and setup online shopping cart solutions. They said they will help us in return for commissions from sale. My hubby is always scared to try new things but anything can happen in the online world and his concern was right, but neighbors were a pro and they explained the entire process to us and we were in business in few weeks. We were doing very good and making loads of money by mid of 2007. Then you will not believe what happened one day. The stupid shopping cart provider we used was loosing money in his business and went offline. All our data was stored on their server and we lost most of the data. Only a quarter of the total data was recovered and it was the worst time of my life. Our desperate situation could have been miserable if my husband’s cousin Jack would not have come to our rescue. I don’t believe a person can be so much in problem that emergency services too do not have a solution. Oh my god! We were in need of immediate attention and support. Well, we are now proud customers of reliable online shopping cart solutions.

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