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					                                       PH.D. DEGREE IN
                                  ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP

The Ph.D. degree in Organizational             community within an organizational                   managing information in a
Leadership provides an interdisciplinary       framework, which prepares you for                    variety of organizations through
approach to the study of topics, theories      executive positions in government,                   the use of automated data
and research critical to the professional      education and military and private sector            processing systems.
success of leaders in a multitude of           organizations.                                  •    The role of values and ethics in
different organizational settings. This is a      Students in the program accomplish a              contemporary organizations.
research-based degree program that             core set of goals and objectives and
prepares students to contribute, through       additionally pursue individually tailored     Organizational Leadership
their scholarly work, to the body of           outcomes. Students will be able to apply      Program of Study Overview
knowledge and theoretical foundations of       learning related to the following:               A minimum of 90 semester hours of
their chosen disciplines and apply this           • Leadership and influence                 credit are required for any doctoral degree
knowledge in the workplace. The design                 strategies applied to public          offered by the University of Oklahoma.
of the program allows students to explore              administration, education,            Students who enter the program must
a variety of relevant fields and then to               corporate and community service       have earned a master’s degree from a U.S.
apply each field to their areas of interest.           sectors.                              regionally accredited university. The
The Ph.D. degree program is currently             • The process of human interaction         degree must consist of at least 30 graduate
offered only at:                                       in persuasion, free speech,           semester hours with a graduate grade
      • Heidelberg                                     organizations and social change.      point average of at least 3.4 on a 4.0
           Germany                                • Listening, public speaking, group        grading system. All students will complete
                                                       discussion and interviewing skills.   an additional 60 hours of credit with the
   The Ph.D. program is delivered in a            • The effects of communication             University of Oklahoma in order to fulfill
cohort format. A cohort of 23-30 students              environments and organizational       the requirements for this interdisciplinary
is admitted at the same time as a result of            designs on small groups and           Ph.D. program. Students whose master’s
a rigorous application and screening                   organizational communication.         degrees include more than 30 hours must
process. Members of the cohort must take          • Contemporary economic theory             still complete the required 60 hour
all but one elective course as each of the             and methodology as applied to         curriculum. Transfer credit beyond the 30
program courses is offered. Individuals                national and international            credit hours from the master’s degree
interested in the formation of the next                problems and issues.                  cannot be used to satisfy degree
cohort should contact their closest OU            • The roles and responsibilities of        requirements.
site director.                                         administrators and supervisors in        The curriculum uses a model that has
                                                       solving organization, educational     the following components and
What You Can Do with                                   and training problems.                characteristics:
this Degree                                       • The contributions of training,              • Students develop competencies
   The Organizational Leadership Ph.D.                 organizational development,                    to understand, design, conduct
integrates theoretical and practical                   career development and                         and evaluate research by taking a
applications in developing leaders for                 continuing education to the                    series of five three-credit hour
roles in the dynamic organizational                    solution of organizational                     courses in research tools,
environment of the 21st century. A                     problems.                                      methods and prospectus
challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum         • The applications of quantitative                  development.
is offered, which includes study in                    and qualitative research methods         • An interdisciplinary core is
strategic planning, research methods,                  in a variety of research designs to            presented as the major
public policy, educational leadership,                 organizational issues.                         component of the three-credit
economics, organizational behavior,               • Contemporary human relations                      hour courses from the following
communications and training and                        problems facing leaders in diverse             academic disciplines:
development. This is a research-based                  organizations, racism, sexism,                 communication, economics,
degree program that prepares you to                    poverty, human rights, etc.                    educational leadership and
contribute, through your scholarly work,          • Management of diversity in the                    policy studies, educational
to the body of knowledge and theoretical               workplace.                                     psychology, human relations,
foundations of your chosen discipline and         • Multiculturalism and its impact                   political science, organizational
to apply this knowledge to the workplace.              on all types of organizations.                 management, organizational
The interdisciplinary approach allows you         • The use of print and online                       dynamics, research
to pursue a program of study and research              sources to include the Internet to             methodologies and statistical
interests in areas that are relevant to your           locate resources.                              analysis.
own professional pursuits.                        • Organizational structure,                   • Through electives and research,
   This degree seeks to immediately                    processes and behaviors in a wide              students focus their studies on a
enhance your leadership abilities. Your                variety of organizational and                  specific area of interest in the
curriculum emphasizes an understanding                 administrative contexts.                       degree program.
of people, groups and the global                  • Tools and techniques for                    • Students begin formulating ideas

advisory conference to finalize the            Representative Course Offerings              discussion by instructor over general
program of study and the committee.                                                         area or areas selected for research. Paper
Following the meeting, the student must        CURRICULUM                                   prepared by students and based upon
submit one completed advisory                     The courses listed and described on the   individual research presented to the
committee report to the Graduate               following pages are representatives of the   seminar for analysis and discussion.
College. When approved by the graduate         type and range of interdisciplinary topics
dean this becomes the student’s program        to be delivered in the doctoral degree       P SC 6223
of study. Any proposed change in               program. As with all graduate degree         Public Policy Value Choices
committee membership or program of             programs at the University of Oklahoma,      An exploration of the role of ethics in
study must be requested on a Change of         academic oversight for this program will     American Government, especially
Advisory Conference form.                      be placed under the authority of the         public administration. Topics to be
                                               graduate dean and the graduate council.      studied include codes of professional
Dissertation                                                                                ethics and the ethical implications of
   The doctoral dissertation is the final      COMM 5333                                    differing approaches to administrative
and most important component of the            Organizational Communication                 work and democracy.
series of academic experiences, which          Focuses on the communication
culminate with the awarding of the             environment of organizations, both           PSY 5003
doctoral degree. Three major functions         internal and external, emphasizing           Psychological Statistics I
are fulfilled by the dissertation              implications of organizational designs       Applied statistics with emphasis upon
experiences: (1) it is a work of original      for communication, communication             statistical problems in behavioral
research which makes a contribution to         principles to motivate employees and         sciences research. Includes probability,
existing knowledge, (2) it demonstrates        the role of communication for                descriptive statistics, estimations and
the candidate’s mastery of research            productivity and the quality of life.        test of hypotheses. Techniques covered
methods and tools of the special field, and                                                 in depth include t-test, one and two
(3) it demonstrates the student’s ability to   COMM 5353                                    factor ANOVA methods, multiple
address significant intellectual problems      Conflict Management                          comparison methods (e.g., Scheff,
and arrive at a successful conclusion.         This is an advanced survey course to         Tukey, Ryan, etc.) and the robustness of
   The initial enrollment in 6980              examine the kinds of conflict that occur     these techniques to violation of their
(Research for Doctor’s Dissertation) must      between individuals, groups,                 assumptions.
be for at least two semester hours.            organizations and nations. It will address
Following the initial enrollment in 6980,      the roles of communication in conflict       PSY 5013
each graduate student must maintain            and the roles of conflict in                 Psychological Statistics II
continuous enrollment through the              communication. Ultimately it will            The general linear model is covered as it
University of Oklahoma in at least two         discuss communication strategies for         applies to the analysis of variance
semester hours of 6980 during each             reducing or managing conflict in social      including fixed, mixed and random
semester while working on and                  situations.                                  models, individual comparisons, analysis
completing their research. Students have                                                    of covariance and multiple regressions.
up to five years to complete their doctoral    COMM 6233                                    Also, some nonparametric techniques
dissertation after successfully completing     Small Group Processes                        are discussed including chi-square and
the general examination and presenting         Considers the status of small group          distribution free procedures.
their defense. In addition to the two          theory and research, emphasizing
semester hours of enrollment per term,         leadership. Includes both the                SOC 5953
students must also return to campus            development of a tentative theory of         Advanced Methods in Social Research
                                               leadership and the application of small      Advanced research methodology; heavy
annually to meet the annual in-residence
                                               group theory to the process of decision-     focus of attention will be on concept
requirement as dictated by the Graduate
                                               making.                                      and index formation and data analysis.
College of the University of Oklahoma.
                                                                                            Each student will conduct his or her
                                               ECON 5853                                    own research study.
Oral Defense
                                               World Economic Development
    The oral defense of the dissertation is
                                               The economics of the developing              MGMT 5113
open to the public. At the time it is
                                               nations; a review and analysis of            Organizational Behavior and
scheduled, a reading copy of the
                                               common problems and issues.                  Administration
dissertation with a letter of approval from
                                                                                            Explores the factors that affect human
the dissertation director and receipts
                                               H R 5113                                     behavior in organizational settings by
showing all fees have been paid must be
                                               Cultural Diversity                           examining the impact of alternative
presented to the Graduate College. If all
                                               In-depth studies of outstanding problems     administrative practices on
is in order, authority to hold the             facing social practitioners, including       organizational effectiveness and member
dissertation defense will be granted by the    racism, sexism, poverty and human            satisfaction. Topics include: perception,
Graduate College. The defense must be          rights. Strategies for change and ethics     motivation, communication, decision
conducted in the semester it is authorized     of intervention also will be discussed.      making, groups, leadership and
to be given. Additional general guidelines
                                                                                            organizational development.
are available in the Graduate College          P SC 6173
Bulletin published by the Graduate             Leading Public Organizations
College.                                       Directed research in selected areas of
                                               public administration. Commentary and

                                                                                  OFFICERS AND STAFF

EDUC 6990                                                      Oklahoma State Regents for                  David L. Maloney, Vice President for
Leadership Perspectives                                        Higher Education                              University Development
The seminar will examine the most                              Phil Moss, Interim Chancellor               James P. Pappas, Vice President for
current thinking about leadership in                           John Massey, Chairman                         University Outreach and Dean of the
institutions. Topics to be covered                             Bill W. Burgess, Jr., Vice Chairman           College of Liberal Studies
include transformational, inspirational                        Ronald H. White, Secretary                  W. Arthur Porter, University Vice
and charismatic leadership, why leaders                        William Stuart Price,                         President for Technology
fail to lead, leadership in chaotic and                           Assistant Secretary                        Development and Dean of the
difficult times, principles for effective                      Julie Carson                                  College of Engineering
leadership, leadership as stewardship,                         James D. “Jimmy” Harrel                     Kenneth Rowe, Vice President for
leadership as service and research on                          Cheryl P. Hunter                              Administrative Affairs, Health
effective leadership.                                          Joseph L. Parker                              Sciences Center
                                                               Carl R. Renfro                              Clarke Stroud, Vice President for
For additional course descriptions please see the University                                                 Student Affairs and Dean of Students
of Oklahoma General Catalog. Please note that degree
program requirements are subject to change.                    Board of Regents                            Dr. Joseph L.Waner, Vice President for
                                                               Paul D. Austin, Chairman                      Research, Health Sciences Center
                                                               Tom Clark, Vice Chairman                    T.H. Williams, Vice President for
                                                               John M. Bell                                  Research and Dean of the Graduate
                                                               Jon R. Stuart                                 College, Norman Campus
                                                               Leslie J. Rainbolt-Forbes
                                                               Larry R. Wade                               Continuing Education Council
                                                               A. Max Weitzenhoffer                           Comprised of University of Oklahoma
                                                                                                           faculty, CCE staff and public members,
                                                               Administrative Officers of the              the Continuing Education Council
                                                               University of Oklahoma                      advises the president and the vice
                                                               David L. Boren, President                   president for University Outreach and
                                                               Nancy L. Mergler, Senior Vice President     dean of the College of Liberal Studies on
                                                                  and Provost, Norman Campus               matters related to continuing education
                                                               Joseph J. Ferretti, Senior Vice President   and public service.
                                                                  and Provost, Health Sciences Center
                                                               Kenneth J. Levit, President, OU Tulsa       Belinda Biscoe
                                                               Joseph Harroz, Jr., Vice President of the   Janet Brennan Croft
                                                                  University and General Counsel of        Loraine Dunn
                                                                  OU, Cameron University and Rogers        Wayne Elisens
                                                                  State University                         Brenda Elledge
                                                               Chris A. Purcell, Vice President for        George Henderson
                                                                  University Governance and                Pam Kennedy
                                                                  Executive Secretary of the Board of      Nancy Mergler
                                                                  Regents governing the University of      James P. Pappas
                                                                  Oklahoma, Cameron University and         Avi Scherman
                                                                  Rogers State University                  T. H. Lee Williams
                                                               Dennis Aebersold, University Vice
                                                                  President for Information Technology     Advanced Programs Executive
                                                                  and Chief Information Officer            Advisory Committee
                                                               Dewayne Andrews, Vice President for         Paul Bell, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts
                                                                  Health Affairs and Executive Dean,         and Sciences, and Vice Provost for
                                                                  College of Medicine                        Instruction, Director of
                                                               Brad Avery, Director of Internal              Interdisciplinary International
                                                                  Auditing                                   Relations
                                                               Catherine F. Bishop, Vice President for     A. J. Kondonassis, Ph.D., Director,
                                                                  Public Affairs                             Graduate Programs in Economics,
                                                               Ron D. Burton, President, OU                  David Ross Boyd and Regents
                                                                  Foundation                                 Professor of Economics, and Chair,
                                                               Joseph R. Castiglione, Sr., Director of       Advanced Programs Executive
                                                                  Athletics                                  Committee
                                                               Nicolas S. Hathaway, Vice President for     Richard W. Little, Ed.D., Associate Vice
                                                                  Administrative and Executive Affairs       President for University Outreach
                                                               Jerry Jensen, University Equal              Susan Marcus-Mendoza, Ph.D., Chair,
                                                                  Opportunity Officer                        Graduate Programs in Human