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					                                                                                                                             Graduate Education

Master’s Degree                                                    b. Comprehensive Examination (written
                                                                      or oral) in the field of study, with a
                                                                                                                   Option in Environmental Policy and Planning
                                                                                                                 MS in Geosciences (Geological and
Requirements                                                          written report prepared by the examin-
                                                                      ing committee describing your exami-
                                                                                                                   Environmental Sciences)
                                                                                                                   Option in Hydrology/Hydrogeology
Master’s degree requirements vary according                           nation and performance: The report         MA in History (History)
to the discipline of study and degree sought.                         will be sent to the Graduate School no     Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and
Though the minimum requirements for a 30-                             later than three weeks prior to the date   Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
unit master’s degree program are indicated                            of your expected graduation and will         (Graduate Education)
below, you should also refer to the appropriate                       be made available to you by the gradu-     MA in Kinesiology (Kinesiology)
academic program chapter in this catalog for the                      ate advisory committee chair.                Option in Athletic Training Education
requirements specific to your degree objective.                    c. Comprehensive Examination and              MS in Mathematics Education (Mathematics)
You must complete all requirements for a                              Supplementary Component (research          MA in Music (Music)
master’s degree within the time limit specified by                    paper, professional paper, recital,        MS in Nursing (Nursing)
your department, either five or seven years from                      etc.) in the field of study: The examin-   MS in Nutritional Science
the end of the semester of enrollment in                              ing committee will prepare a written         (Nutrition and Food Science)
the oldest course on the approved program.                            report describing your examination           Option in Nutrition Education
You must also maintain a minimum 3.0 grade                            and performance and will send it to the    MA in Political Science (Political Science)
point average in each of the following three cat-                     Graduate School no later than three        MA in Psychology (Psychology)
egories: all course work taken at any accredited                      weeks prior to the date of your ex-          Option in Applied Psychology
institution subsequent to admission to the                            pected graduation. The report is to be       Option in Psychological Science
master’s program; all course work taken at CSU,                       made available to you by the graduate      MS in Psychology (Psychology)
Chico subsequent to admission to the program;                         advisory committee chair.                  Master of Public Administration (Political Science)
and all courses taken in fulfillment of your                   3. Approval of the Graduate Council on              Option in Health Administration
approved program.                                                 behalf of the faculty of the University.         Option in Local Government Management
    1. Development and completion of an                    Modifications of Requirements for MFA Program         MA in Recreation Administration
        approved program of at least 30 semester                                                                   (Recreation and Parks Management)
                                                           Modifications of the general master’s degree re-
        units of postbaccalaureate 400/500/600-                                                                  MA in Social Science (Social Science)
                                                           quirements have been approved for the terminal
        level courses as follows:                                                                                  Option in Social Science Education
                                                           MFA degree related to transfer credit limits and
         a. At least 18 units in the program discipline.                                                         Master of Social Work (Social Work)
                                                           inclusion of course work from a previous gradu-
         b. At least 18 of the units required for the                                                            MA in Teaching International Languages
                                                           ate degree. Please refer to the MFA program
            degree in stand-alone 600-level courses                                                                (International Studies)
                                                           description in the academic programs section of
            (those not cross-listed with 400/500-          this catalog for more information.
            level courses). In programs requiring                                                                Postbaccalaureate Certificate Programs
            more than 30 units, at least 60 percent        Graduate Requirement in Writing Proficiency           CSU, Chico offers the following postbaccalaure-
            of the units required for the degree must      All students must demonstrate competency in           ate certificate programs that may be completed
            be in stand-alone 600-level courses.           writing skills as a requirement for graduation.       as independent objectives or in conjunction
         c. Not more than 9 semester units of              Each department has developed a method of             with a master’s degree program. The specific
            transfer and/or CSU, Chico Open Uni-           assuring that its students have adequate writ-        requirements for each program are provided in
            versity credit (correspondence courses         ing skills. Refer to the “Graduate Requirement        this catalog under the academic program chap-
            and University of California extension         in Writing Proficiency” section of individual         ter referenced in parentheses.
            course work are not acceptable).               master’s degree program descriptions for specific     Community College Faculty and
         d. Not more than a total of 10 units of In-       information.                                              Adult Education (Education)
            dependent Study (697), Comprehensive                                                                 Enterprise Information Systems (Business)
            Examination (696), and Master’s Study          Master’s Degree Programs                              Teaching College-Level Writing (English)
            (699) combined; not more than 3 units          and Options                                           Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
            of Comprehensive Examination (696) or          The master’s degrees and options offered by CSU,          (Education)
            6 units of Master’s Study (699).               Chico encompass a broad spectrum of liberal
         e. Not more than 10 units graded CR/NC;           arts, scientific, and professional fields. The fol-   Fellowships and
            no courses in the major department             lowing list summarizes the programs available.
            graded CR/NC, with the exceptions of In-       Detailed information on the MA/MS in Interdisci-      Assistantships
            dependent Study (697), Comprehensive           plinary Studies follows this section—information      The Graduate School currently administers the
            Examination (696), Master’s Study (699),       on each of the other degrees is provided in the       Graduate Equity Fellowship Program for under-
            and courses offered CR/NC only.                University Catalog under the academic program         served master’s degree students. The program is
Any course to be counted towards a master’s                chapter referenced in parentheses.                    designed to encourage students to enter doctoral
degree program may not have been counted                   MA in Anthropology (Anthropology)                     programs and provides fellows with a stipend and
towards any previous degree at any institution.                Option in Museum Studies                          a research assistantship with a faculty mentor.
Further, it must be acceptable for graduate credit         MA in Art (Art)                                       The Graduate School also administers the Cali-
by the discipline offering the course (i.e., a             MFA in Art (Art)                                      fornia Pre-Doctoral Program and the Chancel-
400/500/600-level course that is not acceptable            MS in Biological Sciences (Biological Sciences)       lor’s Doctoral Incentive Program. The Califor-
for its department’s master’s degree cannot be             MS in Botany (Biological Sciences)                    nia Pre-Doctoral Program provides funds for
counted towards a master’s degree in another               Master of Business Administration (Business)          selected upper-division and graduate students to
discipline).                                               MA in Communication Sciences and Disorders            participate in scholarly activities and visit doc-
The program must be planned in consultation                    (Communication Sciences and Disorders)            toral-granting institutions to explore opportuni-
with the graduate coordinator and your graduate            MA in Communication Studies (Communication)           ties for doctoral study. The Chancellor’s Doctoral
advisory committee; a Master’s Degree Program              MS in Computer Science (Computer Science)             Incentive Program provides loans for students to
Plan should be submitted to the Graduate School.           MA in Education (Education)                           complete doctoral study in disciplines of particu-
    2. Completion and final approval of one of the             Option in Curriculum and Instruction              lar interest and relevance to the California State
        following, as specified by the department:             Option in Educational Leadership and              University, with forgiveness of the loans at a rate
         a. Master’s Study (699 enrollment),                       Administration                                of 20 percent for each year of full-time teaching
            whether thesis or project, as specified            Option in Linguistically and Culturally           in the CSU after they complete the doctorate.
            by your advisory committee: Enroll-                    Diverse Learners                              Information and applications for all of the
            ment is required in a minimum of                   Option in Reading/Language Arts                   above programs are available from the Graduate
            1 unit and a maximum of 6 units of                 Option in Special Education                       School.
            Master’s Study (699). You must submit          MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
                                                               (Engineering)                                     Many master’s programs also have Graduate
            to the Graduate School either your                                                                   Assistant and/or Teaching Associate positions
            thesis or, if you have a terminal project,         Option in Computer Engineering
                                                               Option in Electronic Engineering                  available for qualified master’s students. Check
            the written component or description                                                                 with your graduate coordinator to learn more
            of your project as well as any media           MA in English (English)
                                                           MS in Environmental Science (Geological and           about these options and their availability for
            components which will be catalogued                                                                  your discipline.
            by, and shelved in, the library (e.g.,             Environmental Sciences)
            videos, DVDs, etc.). An oral defense of            Option in Professional Science Master’s
            the thesis or project is required as part              (Approval Pending)
            of a 699 enrollment.                           MA in Geography (Geography and Planning)

Graduate Education

The Master’s Degree in                                Prerequisites for Admission to
                                                      Conditionally Classified Status:
                                                                                                                     B– or better, as part of their graduate work
                                                                                                                     at CSU, Chico.
Interdisciplinary Studies                                1. An acceptable baccalaureate from an
                                                            accredited institution, or an equivalent
                                                                                                                  b) Include at least one computer science or
                                                                                                                     computer engineering faculty member on
                                                            approved by the Graduate School.                         the graduate advisory committee.
The Interdisciplinary Studies program provides           2. Satisfactory grade point average as                   c) Have the program approved by the chair
students with an opportunity to design unique               specified in “Admission to Master’s Degree               (or designee) of the Department of Com-
courses of study leading to the MA or MS de-                Programs.”                                               puter Science.
gree. Students normally select the program be-                                                                Computer Engineering
cause their individual interests dictate that core       3. Formation of the graduate advisory com-
courses be drawn from two or three academic                 mittee.                                           Students using the term “computer engineering”
                                                         4. Development of an approved program,               as part of an Interdisciplinary Studies degree title
areas rather than from a single discipline. If aca-         including a Justification Statement and
demic or professional goals are not adequately                                                                must:
                                                            description of the culminating activity, in           a) Include a minimum of 12 units of com-
accommodated by University programs in                      consultation with the graduate coordinator
existing disciplines, the Interdisciplinary Studies                                                                  puter engineering courses in the program.
                                                            and the graduate advisory committee.                  b) Have the program approved by the chair
program may meet the need by allowing special-           5. Approval of the graduate coordinator or
ization in a particular field which is not offered                                                                   (or designee) of the Department of Electri-
                                                            chair of each participating department.                  cal and Computer Engineering.
as a master’s program by the University.                    Students must meet the requirements for           Computer Science
Career Outlook                                              admission to classified status, as specified
                                                            in this catalog, of at least one of the major     Students using the term “computer science” as
Since Interdisciplinary Studies programs are                                                                  part of an Interdisciplinary Studies degree title
uniquely structured to suit individual needs, the           departments involved in their Interdisci-
                                                            plinary Studies program.                          must:
objectives of specific programs vary consider-                                                                    a) Complete the following undergraduate
ably. The majority of students who select this
program have definite occupational goals in           Prerequisites for                                              computer science courses, each with a
                                                      Admission to Classified Status:                                grade of C or better:
mind at the outset. However, others pursue areas
of interest which have little or no direct applica-   In addition to any requirements listed above:           CSCI 311 Algorithms & Data Structures 4.0
tion to their professional lives.                         1. The completion of all prerequisites for          Prerequisites: Grade of C- or higher in CSCI 211.
                                                              courses included in the approved pro-           MATH 217 is recommended.
While it is not possible to predict future employ-
ment opportunities for Interdisciplinary Studies              gram.                                           CSCI 320 Computer Architecture                   3.0
graduates, this program provides a vehicle for            2. A minimum Miller Analogies Test raw              Prerequisites: Grade of C- or higher in CSCI 221.
meeting the needs of students with unusual,                   score of 50, or a minimum combined              CSCI 340 Operating Systems                       4.0
creative, and interdisciplinary professional or               Graduate Record Examination test score          Prerequisites: Grade of C- or higher in CSCI 311.
academic goals.                                               of 900, or an undergraduate grade point         CSCI 430 Software Engineering I                  3.0
                                                              average of 3.0 for the last 60 units and 3.0    Prerequisites: CSCI 311 and ENGL 130 (or its
Course Requirements                                           for any postbaccalaureate work.                 equivalent) with grades of C- or higher.
for the Master’s Degree: 30 units                         3. The completion of the following disci-
                                                                                                                  b) Complete at least one-half of the degree
Continuous enrollment is required. A maximum                  pline-specific requirements if pursuing a
                                                              degree involving course work in the areas              program in computer science course
of 9 units of transfer credit may be applied to-                                                                     work.
wards the degree. See “Master’s Degree Require-               of anthropology, art, business/manage-
                                                              ment, computer engineering, computer                c) Include at least one computer science
ments” earlier in this section for complete details                                                                  faculty member on the graduate advisory
on general degree requirements.                               science, economics, engineering, English,
                                                              health and community services, history, or             committee.
Students wishing to discuss and gain approval                 psychology.                                         d) Have the program approved by the chair
for a proposed interdisciplinary program should                                                                      (or designee) of the Department of Com-
consult the Graduate School.                          Anthropology                                                   puter Science.
                                                      Students using 12 or more units of anthropology         Economics
Interdisciplinary Studies Emphases                    in their program must:
Special Interdisciplinary Studies emphases have           a) Complete the Graduate Record Examina-            Students using 9 units or more of economics
been developed in the following areas. Consult                tion prior to admission to classified status,   course work in the program may be required to:
the Graduate School for specific information.                 with a combined score of 900 on the                 a) Complete the Graduate Record Examina-
Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies:                  verbal and quantitative portions.                      tion with a combined score of at least
    Mathematics Education K–8                             b) Pass a 1- to 3-part candidacy exam admin-               1000 on the verbal and quantitative por-
    Science Teaching                                          istered by the Department of Anthropol-                tions; or
                                                              ogy. This exam, depending on the student’s          b) Achieve a score of at least 600 on the
Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies:                                                                      Graduate Record Examination subject test
    Simulation Science/Computer Simulation                    program plan, will contain at least one of
                                                              the anthropology candidacy exams and                   in economics; or
Note: No applicants will be accepted for the                                                                      c) Complete the requirements for entrance
above program because admissions have been                    possibly all three, as is judged suitable by
                                                              the student’s advisory committee. Upon                 into the MBA program at CSU, Chico.
suspended indefinitely.
                                                              successful completion of the required           In addition, students wishing to use the word
                                                              competency exam(s), the student may be          “economics” in the degree title must have the
                                                              advanced to candidacy.                          specific approval of the Department of Econom-
                                                      Art                                                     ics. Students wishing to obtain such approval
                                                                                                              should petition the economics department chair
                                                      Students using 6 or more units of art course            before their programs are designed.
                                                      work in their program, or including “Art” in
                                                      the title or content of the thesis, must have the       Engineering
                                                      prior approval of the Department of Art and Art         Students using the term “engineering” as part of
                                                      History.                                                the degree title must:
                                                      Business/Management                                         a) Include a minimum of 12 units of engi-
                                                                                                                     neering course work in the program.
                                                      Students using 9 units or more of 600-level busi-           b) Have the program approved by the
                                                      ness course work in their program must satisfy                 engineering graduate coordinator and
                                                      the same entrance requirements established                     the chair of the appropriate engineering
                                                      for MBA applicants. These include a score no                   department.
                                                      lower than the 50th percentile on the Graduate              c) Have a member of the engineering faculty
                                                      Management Admission Test or Graduate Record                   serve on the graduate advisory committee.
                                                                                                              Students planning to include 6 or more units
                                                      Students using the term “computers” or “com-            of English course work in an Interdisciplinary
                                                      puting” as part of an Interdisciplinary Studies         Studies degree program may be required to:
                                                      degree title must:                                          a) Submit a formal research paper, docu-
                                                          a) Complete at least 12 units of 400/500/600-              mented according to the latest MLA
                                                              level computer science and/or computer                 standards, to the graduate coordinator
                                                              engineering courses, each with a grade of              in English. This paper must come to the