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Laptop battery knowledge:

            Attentions when using your battery replacement
1. Carefulness read narrate book of battery,use commendatory battery.
2. Research the electric appliance and the laptop battery contact elements is whether clean, when
necessity is clean with the wet cloth mop, after dry loads according to the correct polar direction.
3. When non-adult custody, don’t let children replace the battery, compact battery should place the place
which the child cannot attain.
4. Battery should stock in cool place,and dry.Do not expose your battery replacement to water or other
moist/wet substances.
5. Do not incinerate or expose external laptop battery to excessive heat, which may result in an
6. Electro-adapter should cut switch after use. Should take off your battery replacement from adapter
when battery long time no use.
7. Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the Battery.
8. It is normal for a acer laptop battery to become warm to the touch during charging and discharging.

                 Six tips to extend your laptop battery life
Making sure your laptop is ready to run at all times and in any location is important for mobile office
professionals. Help protect and extend your laptop battery life with these simple steps.

Here's How:
1. Use the correct recharging procedure for your laptop. Only use the power cord that came with your
laptop or an authorized replacement.
2. Follow correct maintenance for your laptop battery when not in use. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight,
areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.
3. Use your laptop power management features. The system will run at lower processor speeds when
enabling power management features and it will go into "sleep" mode faster when inactive.
4. Buy laptop batteries with internal processors such as Li-Ion batteries.
5. Non Li-Ion batteries must be fully discharged and then recharged every 2-3 weeks.
6. If you don’t use your laptop for a period of time, you must fully discharge then recharge the battery.

                              Laptop battery usage tips

1. A new battery usually comes in a discharged condition and with a very low capacity. It is
generally recommended to fully charge new battery packs before use. Refer to the users?guide of
your electronic device for charging instructions.
2. A new battery pack needs to be circled (fully discharged and recharged) three to five times to
reach its optimum performance.
3. Rechargeable battery will undergo self-discharging when left unused for a long period of time.
Thus, it should always be stored in a fully charged state and kept in a cool, dry and clean place.
4. To maintain the optimum performance of a battery pack, it is highly recommended to circle (fully
discharging and recharging) it at least once a month.
5. It is normal if a new battery gets warm when being charged or used. However, close attention
should be paid if the battery pack becomes excessively hot. This may indicate there is a problem
with the charging circuit of the electronic device. So, it is necessary to have it checked by a
qualified technician.
6. New batteries are hard to be charged. Sometimes, your electronic device may indicate a fully
charged condition about 10 to 15 minutes when the new battery pack is being charged for the first
time. When this happens, remove the battery pack and let it cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes
then repeat the charging procedure. Sometimes, a new battery will suddenly refuse to be charged.
If this happens, it is then suggested to remove the battery from the device and reinsert it.

                        Laptop Battery Volts and Amperes

   As technology advances, so do power ratings. The toshiba notebook battery you bought last
year may be twice as strong this year, and might even be the same physical size. Batteries have
two main ratings on them: Volts and Amperes. Because laptop batteries do not carry a very large
amount of power when compared to larger batteries such as car batteries, most companies show
their ratings with Volts and Milliamperes. One thousand Milliamperes equals 1 Ampere. When
buying a battery, always go for the battery with the most Milliamperes (or mAh). Batteries are also
rated by Watt-Hours, perhaps the simplest rating of all. This is found by multiplying the Volts and
the Amperes together. We will now show you an example of finding the Watt-Hours for our
example battery.
  Our example battery is 14.4 Volts, 3600mAh
(remember that 3600mAh is equal to 3.6 Amperes).
14.4 x 3.6 = 51.84
  This battery has 51.84 Watt-Hours. The term Watt Hour signifies the energy needed to power
one watt for one hour. Thus this battery can power 51.84 watts for one hour. Suppose your laptop
runs at 25.92 watts (this may be unlikely, but let's use this just for simplicity). This battery could
power your laptop for 2 hours. People usually associate the word 'Watts' with light bulbs, and yes,
this battery could power a 40 watt light bulb for about an hour and 18 minutes, a 60 watt light bulb
for about 52 minutes, or a 100 watt light bulb for 31 minutes; it's the same idea.
   The reason we have shown you watt-hours is because oftentimes the volts and Amperes vary.
For example our laptop that uses a Li-Ion 14.4 Volt, 3600mAh battery may use a NI-MH battery
that is 9.6 Volts, 4000mAh. Now let's do the math and find out which battery is stronger.

Li-Ion: 14.4 Volts x 3.6 Amperes = 51.84 Watt Hours
Ni-MH: 9.6 Volts x 4 Amperes = 38.4 Watt Hours
The Li-Ion is stronger.

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