The Natural Way to Quit Smoking by Agustyaan


									   The Natural Way to Quit Smoking

   Cigarettes is so addictive, that is why for most smokers it very
   hard to quit smoking. However, nowadays, there are already            Many smokers of today
   numerous natural ways and tips on how to quit on such habit. In
                                                                         have probably started
   order for you to be able to quit smoking you can try to:
                                                                         smoking because it was
                                                                         “cool” or everyone around
1. Stay away from alcohol, sugar and coffee                              was doing it. But because
   Alcohol, sugar and coffee stimulate your desire for a cigarette and   now that they’ve come to
   avoiding such will be good for you. Instead, you can eat low
                                                                         realize the smoking effects,
   calorie foods like celery, apples and carrots or chew gum or suck
   on cinnamon sticks.
                                                                         they finally think of
                                                                         changing but they don’t
   Furthermore, you need to avoid fatty foods, as your metabolism
                                                                         know how to quit smoking.
   will slow down a bit without the nicotine, and you may gain
   weight even if you eat the same amount of foods as before

                                                                         There are actually various
                                                                         ways on how to quit
2. Take fluids
   The first few days, you need to drink a lot of water, for this will   smoking. Likewise,
   help you to flush out the nicotine and other toxins from your         remember that there are
   body.                                                                 many different kinds of
   Hence, do also remember that the desire to smoke only lasts a         approaches and the best
   few minutes, and will then pass. This will slowly be lost as the      method for one person may
   days gone by.                                                         not always be the best
                                                                         method for another.

3. Exercise regularly
   Go to a gym, and exercise. Change your usual routine, or take
   time to walk or even jog around in your place. In this way, you’d     Also, you must bear in mind
   be able to divert your attention and not think of smoking again.
                                                                         that smoking cessation is
                                                                         not a one-step process. In
4. Have some eagerness to really quit                                    fact, it is common for people
   It is very normal to understand that from time to time, you will      to make several “quit trials”
   still suddenly have the urge to smoke. And usually this will          before they finally succeed.
   happen out of the blue, most especially during moments of stress.

   If you are unprepared and not eager to resist, giving in to one
   cigarette will lead you straightly back to smoking.

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