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					                                                                                                         July 2003
Guide to Master’s Degree Programs
in the Metropolitan Kansas City Area
The type of program offered by each college and university will vary by degree and major. Some degrees will incorporate
several modes of course delivery while others will employ a single method. Check with the college
or university for additional information regarding availability of a program that fits your needs.

 College /University                               Degree/Majors
 Avila College                                     Master of Business Administration
 11901 Wornall Rd.                                 Accounting concentration
 Kansas City, MO 64145                             Finance concentration
 (816) 942-8400                                    General Mgmt concentration              Health Care Adm concentration
                                                   International Business concentration
                                                   Management Info Systems concentration
                                                   Marketing concentration

                                                   Education and Psychology
                                                   Master of Science in Counseling Psych
                                                   Master of Arts in Ed Completion Program
                                                   Graduate Ed Certification Program

 Baker University                                  Master of Business Administration
 School of Professional                            Master of Science in Management
 and Graduate Studies in                           Master of Arts in Education
 Kansas City                                       Master of Arts in School Leadership
 6600 College Boulevard, Suite 340                 Master of Liberal Arts
 Overland Park, KS 66210
 1-800-955-7747 or (913) 491-4432
 Benedictine College                               Executive Master of Business Administration
 Roeland Park City Hall
 4600 W. 51st Street, Suite 301
 Roeland Park, KS 66202
 (913) 432-3232
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 College /University                     Degree/Majors
 Emporia State University                Master of Science in Business Education
 Office of Lifelong Learning             Master of Library Science
 1-877-332-4249                          Master of Science in Science in Health,        Physical Ed & Recreation
                                         Master of Science in School Counseling
                                         Master of Science in Curriculum &
                                         Master of Science in Educational Adm
                                         Master of Science in Instructional Design &
                                         Master of Science in Physical Sciences
                                         Master of Science in Special Education
 Fort Hays State University              Master of Liberal Studies
 Virtual College                         Master of Science in Nursing

 Friends University                      Master of Management Information Systems
 5700 Broadmoor, Suite 1020              Master of Human Resource
 Mission, KS 66202                        Development/Organizational Development
 (913) 236-9191                          Master of Science Family Therapy
 Kansas State University                 Master of Science in Agribusiness
 Division of Continuing Education        Master of Science in Food Science and Industry
 13 College Court Building               Master of Science Industrial/Organizational
 Manhattan, KS 66506-6001                 Psychology
 1-800-432-8222                          Master of Personal Financial Planning        Master of Youth Development
                                         Master of Gerontology
                                         Master of Electrical Engineering
                                         Master of Civil Engineering
                                         Master of Software Engineering
                                         Master of Chemical Engineering
                                         Master of Engineering Management
                                         Certificate, Endorsement and Specialty Programs
                                         ESL Endorsement in Elementary and
                                          Secondary Education
                                          (limited to Kansas teachers only)
                                         Food Science Graduate Certification Program
                                         Early Childhood Education Endorsement
                                          (limited to Kansas only)
                                         Early Childhood Administration Credential
                                         Other CEU Non-Credit Activities
                                         Personal Financial Planning
                                         Occupational Health Psychology Certificate
                                         Engineering Professional Development Hours
                                         Teacher Certification/Recertification
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 College /University                     Degree/Majors
 Keller Graduate School of Management    Master of Business Administration
 10401 Holmes Road, Suite 310            Master of Accounting and Financial Mgmt
 Kansas City, MO 64131                   Master of Human Resource Management
 (816) 941-0367                          Master of Information Systems Management                          Master of Project Management
                                         Master of Public Administration
                                         Master of Telecommunications Management
 Mid-America Nazarene University         Master of Business Administration
 Graduate and Adult Studies              Master of Education
 2030 E. College Way                     Master of Arts in Counseling
 Olathe, KS 66062                        Master of Educational Technology
 (913) 782-3750                          Teacher Recertification
 Ottawa University-                      Master of Arts in Human Resources
 Kansas City                             Master of Business Administration
 10865 Grandview Dr.
 Overland Park, KS 66210
 (913) 451-1431
 Park University                         Master of Business Administration (Parkville)
 Parkville Campus                        Master of Education in Teaching (Parkville)
 MetroPark (9th & Wyandotte)             Master of Public Affairs (Metro Park)
 Pittsburg State University              Master of Business Administration
 Kansas City Metro Center                Master of Science in Educational Leadership
 12345 W. 95th Street, Suite 204         Master of Science in Educational Technology/
 Overland Park, KS 66215                    Library Media Specialist
 (913) 529-4487                          Master of Science in Teaching (Certification                emphasis for those individuals with a
                                           bachelor’s degree seeking certification)
                                         KS District Level Certification
                                         Library Media Certification
 Rockhurst University                    Master of Communication Sciences and
 1100 Rockhurst Rd.                         Disorders
 Kansas City, MO 64110                   Master of Education
 (816)501-4767                           Master of Occupational Therapy   Physical Therapy (Doctoral Program)
                                         Master of Business Administration
                                         MBA in Health Care Leadership
                                         The Executive Fellows MBA Program
                                         Master of Science in Nursing
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 College/University                                               Degrees/Majors
 Saint Mary College                              Master of Arts in Education
 Johnson County Campus                           Master of Arts in Psychology
 11413 Pflumm Rd.                                Master of Arts in Teaching; Emphasis in
 Overland Park, KS 66215                          curriculum and instruction
 (913) 345-8288   Master of Business Administration
  default.htm                                    Master of Science in Management
 University of Kansas                            Master of Architecture in Architecture Management
 Edwards Campus                                  Master of Science in Architectural Engineering
 12600 Quivira Road                              Master of Science in Computer Science
 Overland Park, KS 66213                          (focus in Software Engineering)
 (913) 897-8400                                  Master of Construction Management                        Master of Science in Education
                                                  in Health, Sport & Exercise Science
                                                 Master of Science in Counseling Psychology
                                                  (emphasis in School Counseling)
                                                 Master of Science in Education (Special Education)
                                                  Learning Disabilities Emphasis
                                                  Behavior Disorders Emphasis
                                                  Autism/Asperger Syndrome Emphasis
                                                 Master of Science in Education
                                                  Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis
                                                  Reading, Math and Sciences Emphasis
                                                  Language Arts Emphasis
                                                  Social Studies Emphasis
                                                  Gifted Education Emphasis
                                                 Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction
                                                  (Teaching English as a Second Language)
                                                 Master of Science in Educational Administration (K – 12)
                                                 Master of Science in Engineering Management
                                                 Master of Health Services Administration
                                                    Health Care Outcomes and Research Concentration
                                                 Master of Arts in International Studies
                                                 Master of Science in Journalism
                                                  Integrated Marketing Communications
                                                 Pharmacy (Non-Traditional Pharm.D Program)
                                                 Master of Public Administration
                                                 Master of Social Work
 University of Kansas Medical Center             Master of Arts in Audiology
 3901 Rainbow Blvd.                              Master of Artsin Speech–Language Pathology
 Kansas City, KS 66160                           Master of Science in Deaf Education
 (913) 588-5000                                  Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition                                    Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
                                                 Master of Occupational Therapy
                                                 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
                                                  (Doctorate Program)
                                                 Master of Science in Nursing Specialist
                                                 Master of Science in Pharmacy
                                                 Master of Public Health
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 College/University                                       Degrees/Majors
 University of Missouri at Kansas City   See attached for complete listing of master’s degrees
 5100 Rockhill Rd.                       offered.
 Kansas City, MO 64110                   The Master of Liberal Arts is an evening program.
 (816) 235-1000                          Check with the specific departments regarding information                            on delivery of course work and when courses are offered.
 University of Phoenix                   Master of Business Administration
 901 E. 104th Street, Suite 200            E-Business
 Kansas City, MO 64131                     Global Management
 (816) 943-9600, ext. 114                  Health Care Management                         Master of Arts in Organizational Management
                                         Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
 Washburn University                     Master of Education
 1700 SW College                         Master of Liberal Studies
 Topeka, KS 66621                        Master of Arts in Psychology
 1-800-332-0291                          Master of Criminal Justice            Master of Social Work
  academics.html                         Master of Business Administration
 Webster University                      Master of Arts in Business
 1740 W. 92nd St.                        Master of Arts in Computer Resources and
 Kansas City, MO                            Information Management
 (816) 444-1000                          Master of Arts in Counseling         Master of Arts in Finance
                                         Master of Arts in Health Services Management
                                         Master of Arts in Human Resources Dev
                                         Master of Arts in Human Resources Mgmt
                                         Master of Arts in Legal Studies
                                         Master of Arts in Management
                                         Master of Arts in Telecommunications Mgmt
                                         Master of Arts in Teaching
Master’s Degree Programs at UMKC
College of Arts & Sciences                School of Biological Sciences          School of Interdisciplinary
Art History                               Biology                                Computing and Engineering
Chemistry                                 Cellular and Molecular Biology         Civil Engineering
   Analytical Chemistry                                                          Computer Science Telecommunications
   Inorganic Chemistry                    Conservatory of Music
                                                                                    Computer Networking
   Organic Chemistry                      Conducting
                                          Music                                     Software Architecture
   Physical Chemistry
   Polymer Chemistry                      Music Therapy                             Telecommunications Networking
Criminal Justice and Criminology          Music Composition                      Electrical Engineering
Economics                                 Music Education                        Mechanical Engineering
English                                   Music History and Literature
   Professional Writing                   Music Theory                           School of Nursing
History                                   Performance                            Nursing
Liberal Studies                              Orchestral Instr, Guitar/Keyboard
Mathematics and Statistics                   Voice
                                             Woodwind                            School of Pharmacy
Physics                                                                          Pharmaceutical Science
Political Science                                                                   Biopharmaceutics/Pharmacokinetics
                                          School of Dentistry
                                          Dental Hygiene Education                  Medicinal Chemistry
Romance Languages and Literature
                                          Oral Biology                              Pharmaceutical Technology
Social Work
Sociology                                                                           Pharmaceutics
                                          School of Education                       Pharmacology & Toxicology
Studio Art
                                          Counseling and Guidance
                                             Elementary & Secondary
Theatre: Acting                                 School Counseling
Theatre: Design and Technology               Marriage and Family Counseling
Urban Environmental Geology                  Mental Health Counseling
                                             Substance Abuse Counseling
Bloch School of Business                  Counseling Psychology
Accounting                                Curriculum and Instruction
Business Administration                      Curriculum Theory & Leadership
   Entrepreneurship                          General
   Finance                                   Early Childhood
   General Management                        Elementary
   Health Services Administration            Subject Matter Specialty
   International Business                    TESL (Teaching English to
   Leadership & Change in Human Systems         Speakers of Other Languages)
   Management of Information Systems         Urban Teaching
   Marketing                              Educational Administration (K–12)
   Operations Management                  Educational Research and Psychology
Public Administration                     Reading Education
   Early Childhood Leadership             Special Education
   Gerontology Administration
   Health Services Administration
   Human Resources
   Information Operations
   Nonprofit Management
   Organizational Behavior
   Urban Administration