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                                                            No equipment, pots, pans or utensils are to be
                                                            removed from the cannery.
                                                            Patrons to have cans checked and payment made
    THE CANNERY NO LATER THAN 10:30 A.M.                    before leaving the cannery.
♦   Instructors are not permitted to do canning for     ♦   Each patron is expected to follow through com-
    anyone.                                                 pleted canning operations. Be sure to remove
                                                            containers of food from retort basket or crate as
♦   All food containers (cans) must be marked with
                                                            soon as crate of canned foods are removed from
    the patron number assigned.
                                                            cooling water bath spray.
♦   Responsibility for marking is the responsibility    ♦   For Safety Sake: During the regular operating
    of the patron                                           hours, shoes and shirts are required, no sandals/
♦   Each patron must clean up after each operation          or open toe shoes allowed.
    and remove garbage, wash equipment and leave        ♦   BEDFORD COUNTY DISCLAIMS ANY
    area clean by washing tabletop and sink.
                                                            RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURY TO PER-
♦   Do not request that processing procedure, time          SONS OR PROPERTY PROXIMATELY
    or temperature be changed. Cannery personnel            CAUSED BY THE CANNING OPERA-
    have been instructed to observe recommended             TION.
    procedures and processing schedules.
♦   Preparation and processing procedures in the
    cannery must conform to state food regulations
    for community canneries. User cooperation is
                                                        W    HERE CAN I FIND MORE
                                                        INFORMATION ABOUT CANNING?
♦   People using facilities must observe safety pre-    For general information on canning and food
    cautions (steam is dangerous if not properly han-   preservation, see the Virginia Cooperative Ex-
    dled).                                              tension website at
♦   Children under age 15 will not be permitted in
    the processing room                              
♦   All patrons must observe strict sanitary prac-                Health, Nutrition and Foods
    tices. Wear clean protective clothing (no shorts                      or contact
    or halters), closed toe shoes, hands clean, long                   Susan Prillaman
    hair pulled back and secured.                        Extension Agent, Foods, Nutrition and Health
                                                           Virginia Cooperative Extension—Bedford
♦   No smoking, tobacco chewing or spitting in
                                                                 122 E. Main Street, Suite 102
    drains allowed.
                                                                    Bedford, Virginia 24523
♦   No off-grade or spoiled products shall be canned                 Phone: (540)586-7675
    or brought into the cannery. Excessively dirty                                                              12404 E. Lynchburg Salem Turnpike
                                                                     FAX: (540)586-4214
    produce shall be washed at home prior to can-
                                                                                                                         (US 460 at VA 811)
    nery appointment.                                                                                              Behind New London Academy
♦   Patrons must bring sufficient help to prepare and
    process food within allotted time.
                                                   F  REQUENTLY ASKED
                                                                                                       How long will it take?
                                                                                                        The average stay is between two and three
                                                                                                       hours. The time will vary according to the type
                                                                                                       and amount of food plus the help you bring. For
♦   Save money.                                                                                        instance, cooking down apple butter or tomato
                                                   How much does it cost?                              sauce takes several hours, but preparing whole
♦   Know what's in your food.                      There is a processing charge of 35 cents per        tomatoes is much quicker.
♦   Enjoy garden or other locally grown pro-       pint cans and 45 cents for quart cans.
    duce year-round.
♦   Reduce the environmental costs of foods        What do I need to bring?
    produced and shipped across country.            You will need to bring PRODUCE READY TO
                                                   CAN (e.g., beans already washed and snapped,
♦   Enjoy a fun family activity.                   apples cut and cored), spices (i.e. salt), clean
♦   Create meaningful gifts.                       dish cloths and towels, permanent markers,
                                                   measuring utensils, knives.

                                                   What equipment is available?
Bedford County has
                                                    A blancher, kettles, hot water bath and pressure
                                                   canners, food mills, utensils (ladles, spatulas,
                                                   cutting boards), stainless steel buckets and
operated a community                               bowls, food grinder/juicers.
cannery at New London
Academy for the benefit                            I’ve never canned before. Will someone be
of gardeners who want                              there to assist me?
to preserve their har-                              Yes, the cannery staff is there to answer your
vest. (Besides produce,
the cannery can also
preserve meat, by ap-
pointment only). The cannery accommodates
                                                   questions, show you how to use the equipment,
                                                   and assist you through the entire process. They
                                                   cannot do your canning for you or clean up after
                                                                                                             EW LONDON CANNERY
                                                                                                           Is located at 12404 E. Lynchburg Salem
                                                   you. You will be expected to prepare the food
#300 (pint) and #2-1/2 (quart) cans and provides   and place it in the cans. The staff will operate        Turnpike behind New London Academy
the work space, sinks and limited supplies. The    the canners.                                            (US 460 at VA 811)
cannery is open to everyone, whether they live                                                         ♦   Opens the first week of July (or the last
in the county or not. Our cannery currently is     How many cans will I need?                              week of June, depending on the season)
used by individuals as well as several charities   For many fruits and vegetables you will get an
who use the cannery for fundraisers to support                                                         ♦   REGULAR OPERATING HOURS ARE ON
                                                   average of 18 to 22 quarts per bushel of fresh          TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS, FROM 7:30
many community needs. Only a handful of Vir-       produce. Produce such as peas, greens, beans,
ginia counties still operate local canneries.                                                              A.M. UNTIL 1:00 P.M. ANY ITEMS TO BE
                                                   and corn averages about eight quarts per bushel.        PROCESSED MUST BE AT THE CANNERY NO
                                                                                                           LATER THAN 10:30 A.M.
                                                                                                       ♦   Phone number is 434‑525-9706 (in season
                                                                                                           only), Scott Polinèk.

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