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									                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Acne sufferers wind up desperate to find a solution to their skin problems. Feeling alone and anxious they try
        costly and dangerous tactics to relieve their acne, to no avail. Some even ruin their skin with abrasive
                                              chemicals in the process.
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                                                   The Shocking Truth About Acne
                                                                  By Brad Thomas

   Want to know how to cure acne permanently without using another face wash, antibiotics, benzoyl
peroxide, facial creams, salicylic acid, gels, laser, birth control pills, phototherapy, hormonal therapy,
glycolic acid, prescription drugs or cortisone shots?

 Before I let you in on this secret, let me give you some interesting facts. First fact is that the Japanese
island of Okinawa NEVER had a single case of acne reported before the 1960’s. And this is without the
luxury of modern acne treatments we see today.

 During this time period Americans had a much higher rate of acne than their Japanese counterparts.
(source: Dr. Harumi Terado. University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine)

 But the surprising thing about all this is that genetics is NOT the main cause of their acne as you may
have been led to believe. Despite what doctors and parents have told you since you were a teenager, it
turns out the proper nutrition is the most powerful factor of how much acne you will get. Here’s why:

 Recent studies reveal that the acne rate for the Japanese has skyrocketed to similar levels as
Western nations! (source: Japanese Journal Of Dermatology 2001) Keep in mind that these are the
same people with the exact same genetics! The only difference between this time period is the change
of diet!

So if it’s not genetics that is causing the Japanese to breakout with acne, what is?

Now pay close attention because this could possibly be your missing link to clear acne free skin.

 It turns out that when Western fast foods and sodas invaded the island of Japan replacing their
traditional healthy nutrition, the Japanese were robbed of beneficial anti-acne nutrients in their bodies
allowing pus and inflammation to form beneath their skin and force itself out into ugly pimples!

 Sure there are people who have genetically clear skin no matter what they eat, and there are those
who will always have acne no matter how many dermatologists they see. But the fact is that most acne
sufferers are able to have almost flawless clear skin by eating a diet with the right anti-acne nutrients.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Getting the right amount of anti-acne nutrients is the most important factor to getting rid of your acne,
and while you may get temporary results using external treatments you get over-the-counter and from
your dermatologist you’ll never be able experience PERMANENT clear skin until you get into the root
of what’s really causing your acne.

 So while you may think modern treatments are the way to go because your dermatologist says so, I
challenge you to change the way you eat, get a good anti acne vitamin supplement and learn to control
your stress levels.

 Not only will you finally be able to get permanent clear acne free skin results, but your doctor or
dermatologist will be blown away at the results. Although natural acne vitamins and diet have been
dismissed as being ineffective, the shocking truth is that nutrition alone can possibly be stronger than
your genetic influence on acne!

Want to learn how nutrition can get rid of acne permanently without the harmful side effects of
prescription? If you want more information on how powerful anti-acne nutrients and proper diet can get
rid of your acne visit:

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                         Treating Acne For Sure
                                                              By Andrew Heuw

 Treating acne is not hard as you may think of, especially with advancement of our current medical
science. However, many people loss the basic of foundation of treating acne that cause them failure in
curing acne they have. While hundreds of millions dollars advertisings presented in front of you every
day, and even if you buy them all, it is pointless if you don't know the basic first off.

What is The Foundation

The first foundation is the basic motivation. What is the cause you want to get rid of acne? What kind
of condition you want to have after handling your acne. Identify this cause will make a huge different in
your acne treatment. It will serve you during the hard time and remind you when you get setbacks.

Remind yourself over and over that you will not stop trying until you get rid of acne. This is what called
autosuggestion and this work like a charm.

Distinguish The Fact from The Hype

There are millions of words being talked everyday, and most of them simply useless, this one
especially true when it comes to acne. In curing your acne you will find many myths that have no value
at all to help you. So you need to know which is the myths and which is the truth, you will not want to
react based on wrong direction and eventually hit a tree. Our website has an article that discuss more
specifically on this.

Discipline - The Key to Your Success

Treating acne is a matter of discipline. It is useless to buy products worth thousands of dollars if you
not use them. It is useless to read hundreds of pages if you need use the information. So the first step
of all is making acne treatment become your daily habit. Just keep doing your treatment once at a time,
in the end you will get what you wanted, the clean skin. has been experienced helping people just like you to get rid of acne
with much TREMENDOUS success. To read our treatment tips and acne product review. Visit our site

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

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