policy hours of work by rsduran1979


									                             Hours of Work Schedule

Policy Number: 1-102-1
Approved by:        Date Issued: 6/4/2002
Revised by:         Last Revision: 12/07/07

The hours of an employee’s scheduled work shift will largely be determined by the
operational needs of the department in which the employee is assigned. Some
departments will have regular schedules, which rarely change from week to week, and
other departments will have schedules that vary to meet the needs of the department or
Company. If an employee has a specific schedule request, efforts may be made to
accommodate that request, taking into account the operational needs of the department
or Company. However, in all events, work schedule and schedule changes are
determined at the sole discretion of the Company.

Every employee is responsible for knowing and following his or her work schedule,
including, but not limited to, reading the schedule and schedule updates or changes,
knowing start and end times of workdays, shifts, and breaks, complying with such times,
and knowing when meetings are and attending such meetings on time. It is the
employee’s responsibility to clock in and out at the designated times scheduled. Any
desired schedule changes must receive prior supervisor approval.

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