policy at will employment by rsduran1979


Policy Number: 1-101-3
Approved by:                  Date Issued: 6/4/2002
Revised by:                   Last Revision: 12/07/07

“company” seeks to build employment relationships that are both personally and
professionally rewarding. “company” recognizes, however, that an employee’s personal
circumstances may change and that the employee reserves the right to voluntarily
terminate his/her employment at any time with or without cause or notice. “company”
reserves the same privilege.

It is professional courtesy to provide the company with two weeks notice upon
termination of employment. Failure to do so may result in an ineligible for rehire status.
Abandonment of employment may also result in ineligible for rehire status.

Manager is responsible to consult with Human Resources prior to termination of
employment. Manager must also fill out all appropriate documentation before
termination meeting.

Upon termination of employment by an employee, the manager is responsible to
complete an exit interview and documentation. Human Resources will appropriately
notify company personnel of the employee’s status.

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