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                                            International Travel Program                                                                        Phi Delta Kappa
                                                                                                                                               by August 2, 2010
                                            Registration Form • CHINA
                                            November 10-21, 2010

(Please print clearly)

Name (exactly as it appears on your passport)         (Last)                         (First)                                                  (Middle)

Address (Street address only, no box numbers)

City/State or Province/Zip or Postal Code                                                  Passport Number                               Expiration Date

Telephone (Residence)                       Telephone (Office)                             Specific Title and Employment

Telephone (Cell)                             E-mail Address                                Date of Birth                                  Place of Birth

Membership #
Membership # of traveler whom you are accompanying

    • All ground and air travel in China                                                 ___ I have enclosed my $1,000 deposit (check or credit card).
    • All transfers, baggage, and portage fees within China                              Credit Card Type ________________________________________
    • Double-occupancy lodging in China for 10 nights at four-
      star hotels                                                                        Credit Card Number _____________________________________

    • Three meals per day                                                                Expiration Date __________________________________________
    • Admissions to all events and sites as detailed on itinerary                        Name on Card __________________________________________
                                                                                                               (exactly as it appears)
    • School visits as listed in itinerary
    • Bilingual tour guides                                                              Signature _______________________________________________

                                                                                         Date ____________________________________________________
    The cost does not include visa fees, trip insurance,
    or air travel between China and the United States.

Payment: This registration, due by August 2, 2010, is to be accompanied by a deposit of $1,000 per person. Checks are to be made payable to PDK
International. Send the deposit and application to Phi Delta Kappa International, 408 N. Union St., Bloomington, IN 47405. The remaining balance is
due in full no later than October 29, 2010.
Cancellation Policy: Registration may be cancelled with full refund of deposit until September 24, 2010. Thereafter until October 8, 2010, refund of
half the deposit will be made.
No refund will be made for cancellations after October 8, 2010. Cancellation requests must be made in writing (not fax) and sent to the address above.
PDK reserves the right to cancel the trip with a full refund of deposit.
PDK strongly recommends purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance package from an independent travel agent to assist you in recovering cancel-
lation penalties as a result of certain situations. To buy travel insurance, get information about obtaining a visa, and/or purchase travel to and from
China, please contact your favorite local travel agency. Travelers must arrive in Beijing no later than 7 p.m. local time on November 11, 2010.
Beijing Channel Consulting, LTD. (“BCC”): All travel within China prior to departure from Shanghai will be the responsibility of Beijing Channel
Consulting, LTD.,F7 of JianDa Plaza, 1 Building NO14 Hepingli Dongtucheng Road, Chaoyang District Beijing. BCC reserves the right to make such
adjustments as may seem necessary and advisable, with or without advance notice to tour members. However, PDK intends to share any revisions to
the itinerary with travelers as much as they can. BCC cannot accept responsibility for alterations in the service of transportation companies or for
unforeseen conditions that may arise due to war, weather, sickness, epidemic, strikes, government or civil restrictions, or any cause beyond its con-
trol. The aforesaid organization acts only as a tour agent and shall not be liable for any act, injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity caused
either by reason of defect in any vehicle or through the acts or default of any company or person engaged in the conveying of passengers or carrying
out arrangements of the tour or any hotel used. All such circumstances are to be borne by the tour members.
PDK International makes every effort to provide accurate information at the time of publication. PDK reserves the right to make necessary
changes to the itinerary and costs.

                         Additional information about the China trip can be found at
                                                     or by contacting
                                                          PHONE   812-339-1156 • 800-766-1156 •        FAX   812-339-0018