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					    Northampton Summer
                            July 5-11

               Graduate Student Program
                       July 5-19


  University                                             College
 Park Campus
                      Northampton, England

                         Sponsored by
The International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
          A Division of the American Counseling Association
Information and Registration Packet
The Northampton Summer Institute is a week-long event which offers a unique and
affordable professional development study-abroad experience for mental health
professionals in the fields of counseling and marriage & family therapy. Concurrent with
the NSI is the Graduate Student Program, a two-week residential summer program
which allows participant graduate students to enroll in on-line and on-campus courses
offered through accredited university counseling programs. The NSI and Graduate
Student Program provides an opportunity for graduate students to interact with
educators and recognized international leaders in the field of counseling in a casual and
extended manner. The Northampton Summer Institute is sponsored by the International
Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC), a division of the American
Counseling Association. 2005 will mark the 4th year the Institute has been held in
England at Park Campus, University College Northampton.

The Institute and summer program schedules allow ample time for sight-seeing and
leisure activities, as well as group and independent weekend travel to destinations
throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. The Northampton venue of the Institute is
ideal for day trips to central London and other destinations throughout central and
southern England. Seven nights of on-campus housing (single occupancy with private
bath) is included in the cost of the Institute. Graduate students are provided 14 nights
housing. Participants may customize their travel plans to include all or part of the
Institute, including an extended stay housing option at Park Campus beyond the
Institute and Graduate Student program dates.

Rich in history and tradition, the United Kingdom is a diverse multi-cultural society.
Given the historical links and on-going relationship between America and Britain, the
institute experience offers a unique international perspective on many professional and
societal issues common to both countries.

Enrollment eligibility - Enrollment in the Northampton Summer Institute is open to
educators, practicing professionals, and graduate students in counseling, marriage &
family therapy, and related fields such as family studies, psychology, and social work.

Institute enrollment fee - The Institute enrollment fee is payable to the “IAMFC
Northampton Summer Institute” at the address provided in the application section. The
Institute fee provides for six nights housing at Park Campus July 5-11 (single occupancy
room with private bath), campus facilities fees, and up to 45 clock hours of continuing
education credit. Summer School participants are provided 14 nights of housing, July 5-
19. Airfare, meals, tuition for optional course credit, and personal expenses are not
covered by the program fee. Tuition for on-line and on-campus credit courses is
additional to the Institute Program Fee and is paid separately and directly to each
participant University based on the number of enrolled credit. hours (see section
on “Credit Course Enrollment”)
IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute - 2005 Schedule
Tuesday, July 5 (Please note: You must depart the USA on Monday, July 4 for arrival in the UK on July 5)
 All day - On-site registration and housing check in at Park Campus (pick up key at Holdenby Hall)
 Afternoon - Welcome Reception - Park Campus

Wednesday, July 6
 Morning - NSI opening session
 Afternoon - NSI content sessions
 6:00 p.m. - NSI social and dinner banquet - Sunley Conservatory, Park Campus

Thursday, July 7
 Morning - NSI content sessions
 Afternoon - NSI content sessions, Tour of Althorpe

Friday, July 8
 Morning - NSI content sessions
 Afternoon - NSI content sessions, Tour of Northampton “Town Centre”

Saturday, July 9
 Open Day - NSI sponsored field trip to central London

Sunday, July 10
 Open Day - Harlestone Village Fair, Tour of Harlestone Village, St. Andrew’s Parish Church,
 Northamptonshire English country side, etc.

                                           Monday, July 11
 Institute Ends - Housing Check Out by 12:00 noon - departure

Institute participants may extend their stay beyond the check-out date for independent travel. Housing is
available at Park Campus at an additional cost per night, contact Institute Staff at for

Monday, July 11 through Tuesday, July 19
 July 11- 19, open days for independent travel, individualized course related immersion experiences,
 independent research, etc.

Tuesday, July 19
 Graduate Student Program residency ends - Housing Check Out by 12:00 noon - departure

Graduate Student participants may extend their stay beyond the check-out date for independent travel.
Housing is available at Park Campus at an additional cost per night, contact Institute Staff at for details.
Institute Fee - residential (includes six nights housing, social and sponsored tour events)
 Early registration paid before February 1, 2005 ...................................... $ 850
 Regular registration ..................................................................................... $ 975

Graduate Student Program Fee (includes all Institute activities and 14 nights housing)
 Early registration paid before February 1, 2005 ...................................... $ 1,325
 Regular registration ..................................................................................... $ 1,475
** Late Registration after May 1, 2005 is subject to space availability and a $100 late fee.

Institute Fee - non residential* (on-campus events only, no housing)
 Early registration paid before February 1, 2005 ...................................... $ 195
 Regular registration ..................................................................................... $ 250
* This registration option is designed for individuals who live in close proximity to Northampton.

Call for proposals - Researchers, educators, and clinicians who wish to present a
workshop, paper, or program at the IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute should
contact the Institute at E-mail: to receive a Institute Program
Proposal submission form. A variety of presentation formats are available including
poster sessions, brief presentations, and day-long workshops. All presenters are
required to register for the Institute and pay the applicable enrollment fee. Graduate
students may co-present with a professional who holds a masters or doctoral degree in
an appropriate field.

Non-participant attendees - The Institute allows housing registration and participation
of a spouse or traveling companion. Non-participant registration provides for housing
and participation for adults in all social events and field trips. The cost for a “non-
participant attendee” is $ 725. Child care is not provided at Park Campus. Participants
who wish to bring a child must make child care arrangements in advance.

Enrollment application and Institute program fee - Attached to this information
                                      packet is an Institute Enrollment
                                      Application. To register, complete the
                                      enrollment application and return with full
                                      payment (or a deposit check in the amount of
                                      $200), payable to the “ IAMFC Northampton
                                      Summer Institute”. For deposit applications,
                                      the balance of payment is due no later than
                                      May 1, 2005. If you have questions concerning
                                      registration, please contact Dr. Brian Canfield,
                                      NSI Director, at telephone (985) 974-8405 or
Continuing education and course credit - Participants in the Northampton Summer
Institute will receive up to 24 clock hours of NBCC approved continuing education
credit. Institute enrollment includes 24-hour Internet access through the University
College Northampton Information Technology Center. As such, participation in the
Northampton Summer Institute allows the option of obtaining university course credit
through enrollment in “on-line” classes offered through several CACREP accredited
university counseling programs. Participants may independently contact graduate
programs which offer summer on-line courses and select from a variety of credit
courses in counseling, marriage and family therapy, human development, social work,
substance abuse counseling, and family studies. Transcripts for completed course work
will be issued through the university of enrollment and earned course credits are
applicable to degree programs or transferable to other institutions as course transfer
policy permits.

Please note: The Northampton Summer Institute is sponsored by the International
Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC), a division of the American
Counseling Association. Although institute participants have the option of obtaining
course credit through independent enrollment in on-line courses offered through several
Universities, the Northampton Summer Institute is solely sponsored by IAMFC and is
not sponsored by, or affiliated with, any University in which a student is concurrently
enrolled for course credit.

Student financial aid - Institute participants who are students enrolled in a program of
study should contact their home institution’s financial aid office to inquire about financial
aid to cover the cost the Institute Program Fee and/or tuition for on-line courses through
approved universities. Application for financial aid should be made early to allow
adequate time for processing and approval. Financial aid, in the form of a student loan,
may be available to cover Institute program fees as well as personal expenses for full-
time students. For students who wish to apply for financial assistance to cover
airfare, meals and other incidental expenses, an itemized list of estimated
expenses can be provided upon request by the Institute.

About IAMFC - The International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
(IAMFC) is the largest division of the American Counseling Association with a world-
wide membership. Membership in IAMFC is open to any professional or student with an
interest in couples and families issues, or individuals with an interest in “systemic”
approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. For more information about IAMFC
membership and sponsored events, contact our website at

Institute Faculty - Institute presenters will include counseling and family therapy
professionals from throughout the United States and other European and non-European

Information Technology Center - Northampton Summer Institute participants will have
access to the Park Campus Information Technology Center which will allow 24-hour
computer terminal access for participation in Internet-based classes, or maintaining
contact with home.

Credit Course Enrollment- Participants who wish to enroll in credit courses should
contact the institution of their choosing directly to obtain enrollment information and
availability of 2005 Summer on-line courses. Please contact the Institute Director for
information about accredited University counseling and marriage & family therapy
programs which plan to offer 100% on-line courses during the 2005 Summer Term.

Expenses covered by the Institute program fee:
•          Six nights housing in the United Kingdom July 5 to July 11, 2005.
           (14 nights housing for graduates students, July 5 to 19, 2005)
•          Reimbursement for daily bus pass for local transportation in Northampton.
•          Park Campus facilities usage, including 24 hour IT Center computer
•          Continuing Education certificate (up to 24 hours)
•          Transportation to central London on program sponsored tour day, including
          all-day bus and underground transportation pass.
•          Transportation and admission to Althorpe House (Spencer Family Estate.)
•          Transportation and tour of St. Andrew’s Parish Church and Harlestone
Expenses not covered by the Institute program fee:
•          Airfare
•          Ground transportation in the United Kingdom (except as specified)
•          Most meals
•          Tuition for optional college credit courses (paid separately to the university
          offering the particular course(s))
•          Personal and incidental expenses
•          Medical expenses or other insurance
•          Cost of optional side trips and independent travel

Estimated cost of daily personal expenses - The following estimated minimum
personal expenses should be considered in addition to the program fee:

      Meals                      $ 30 per day
      Incidental Expenses        $ 20 per day
      Total                      $ 50 per day

      Total minimum estimated personal expenses (6 days) .............. $   300

Please note: The daily personal expense estimate does not include the cost of
side trips or consumer purchases.
Travel information

Safety - World events have created a heightened concern regarding air travel, travel
abroad, and personal safety in recent years. Using reasonable caution, travel to and
within the United Kingdom poses no greater safety risk than travel within the USA.

Food - Meals are not included in the program fee. When dining out, plan on spending a
minimum of $30 per day. Park Campus has several student dining facilities, as well as
kitchen facilities in each residence hall suite. In addition to an on-campus convenience
store, there is a large “Safeway” supermarket within 20 minutes walking distance of Park
Campus. Numerous eating establishments abound in all price ranges in Northampton,
London, and other cities.

Medical - It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they have adequate
medical insurance coverage in the event of illness or accident. Please check with your
current health policy to confirm coverage in the United Kingdom. Participants are
strongly encouraged to purchase short-term medial insurance. The Council Travel
organization offers short-term travel insurance at reasonable

Institute Field Trips - The Institute fee includes an all-day field trip to London and
destinations in Northamptonshire. In past years, faculty and participants have organized
additional field trips on their own to a variety of destinations. The Institute program
schedule is structured to offer ample time for sight seeing and independent travel to
maximize the opportunity for experiencing the rich culture of the United Kingdom.

Independent Travel - In addition to Institute organized “day trips” to various
destinations in London and Northamptonshire, Institute participants typically utilize “open
days” or the long weekend for independent travel. Such travel may be done “solo” or
with other institute participants who share common interests. Northampton’s central
geographic location and proximity by train to central London and London’s Luton Airport
(the major hub of “EasyJet” discount airline and “Ryanair” ), makes it an ideal base for exploring England on day trips and
weekend excursions, as well as destinations throughout Europe.

Popular travel destinations of previous Institute participants include Edinburgh,
Amsterdam, Paris, Loch Ness, the west highlands of Scotland, Isle of Skye, Ireland,
Wales, Ireland, Liverpool, York, Durham, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Switzerland, and
Germany. All, side trips are optional and the cost of these activities are not included in
the Institute program fee. The 2005 NSI staff have traveled extensively throughout the
UK and Europe and will be glad to offer travel suggestions and recommendations.
Outside of formal institute programs, all "extra curricular" activities and travel are entirely
optional. Each participant is encouraged to pursue their own interests and set their own
pace concerning such activities.
Optional side trips sponsored by the International Office of University College
Northampton - In addition to Institute sponsored field trips and independent travel
options, the International Office of our host campus, University College Northampton,
offers several side-trips to destinations in the United Kingdom and Europe. Details on
these UCN sponsored trips will be made available to Institute participants as they
become finalized by the International Office.

Airfare - Traveling to the United Kingdom - In order to enable Institute participants to
customize their travel dates and secure the most favorable airfare from their city of
departure, airfare is not included in the Institute enrollment fee.
The closest international airport to Northampton is Birmingham International (BHX),
which has a direct train link to Northampton train station. This is the recommended
arrival airport. However, the lower cost direct flights from most USA departure cities may
be found to London airports (Gatwick or Heathrow.) Most major airlines fly into London
airports from major US cities on a daily basis. If booked early, airfares to London during
the peak 2005 summer travel season are anticipated to run approximately $900, from
New Orleans, Dallas, or Atlanta, with cheaper fares available from east coast departure
cities. In addition to purchasing fares on line or through a travel agent, Council Travel
membership offers access to discounted airfares through Council Travel
( If booked “last minute”, seats may not be available on many
dates, or fares may be more expensive. Book early and save! Important: Because of
the time difference, remember to arrange your arrival into the UK for July 5, which
means a July 4 departure date from the USA. If you have questions concerning air
travel options contact the Institute Program staff at or telephone at
(985) 974-8405.

Ground Transportation - getting around in the UK
Birmingham Airport to Northampton - there is a British Rail terminal at Birmingham
International Airport which runs directly to Northampton train station. Tickets
(approximately $20) may be purchased at the station upon arrival. Travel time is
approximately 45 minutes.

London Gatwick Airport to Northampton - there is a British Rail terminal at Gatwick
International Airport and tickets (approximately $45) may be purchased at the station
upon arrival. Trains depart Gatwick for Northampton approximately every 90 minutes
during the day. Typically, this requires a train change in route. Updates will be provided
prior to the departure date. Travel time is approximately two hours.

London Heathrow Airport to Northampton - From Heathrow Airport, the “tube”
(subway) runs to Euston Train Station in central London. Trains from Euston Station run
to Northampton station on a more or less hourly basis throughout the day. Travel time is
approximately one hour.
Check with the travel information desk upon arrival regarding direct train service from
Heathrow to Northampton. (Cost of travel from Gatwick to Northampton runs
approximately $50)
Trains - All travel between Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, as well as Northampton and
central London, is best done by train. The Institute Program fee includes travel into
central London. However, individuals who plan to engage in extended travel side trips
outside of the Northampton area should consider purchasing a “Britrail Flexipass”.

Buses and “the Tube” - The Institute program fee includes a bus pass for travel
throughout the Northampton bus service region. Additionally, the program fee includes
travel to London on one designated date which includes an all-day pass allowing
unlimited use of the London bus system, as well as the “Tube” (subway) system.

Taxis - Taxis are a convenient way to get around, but they can get expensive. The cost
of a taxi from Park Campus to the Train Station or town center of Northampton runs
around $11 (one-way.) To reduce costs, use the bus and only use taxis when sharing
among several people, or when returning home in the late evening when the regular bus
service is reduced.

Special Events Travel - Unless specifically noted, the cost of all ground travel (including
buses, taxis, trains, etc.) is the responsibility of each participant.

Key Dates - Northampton Summer Institute - Summer 2005
     February 1        - Early registration fee due
     May 1             - Regular registration fee due
     July 4            - Departure date from USA for arrival into the UK on July 5
     July 5            - Housing check in at Park Campus
     July 6            - First day of institute program
     July 10           - Last day of institute program
     July 11           - Institute checkout, departure (extended stay option available)
     July 18           - Last day of graduate student program
     July 19           - Graduate Student checkout, departure (extended stay available)

Early Arrival- The housing check-in date for both the Northampton Summer Institute
and Graduate Summer School is Tuesday, July 5 at Park Campus, University College
Northampton. Since the UCN academic term ends only days before our arrival, we are
unable to guarantee early arrival housing before the check in date. However, participants
who must arrive early may make independent housing arrangements at a variety of
hotels in Northampton. We will be glad to provide a listing of local accommodations,
upon request.

Extended Stay Housing - Institute participants may stay beyond the check-out date for
an additional cost of $50 per person, per night, payable to the Institute. Please note your
anticipated need for extended stay dates at the time of submitting your Institute
Refund policy on unused housing- Program participants who depart early or stay at
locations other than program designated housing during Institute and program dates, will
not be entitled to a refund or credit for unused housing.

 Questions concerning the IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute should be directed to
    Dr. Brian S. Canfield, telephone (985) 974-8405 or via e-mail

                                    Section II
                                Registration Packet

                   Northampton Summer Institute - Summer 2005
                          and Graduate Summer School
                   Park Campus, University College Northampton
                            Registration - page 1 of 3

                                      Check list
______ Registration Form

______ Participant Contract

______ Deposit - Attach $200 check payable to “IAMFC Northampton Summer

Instructions: All pages of the Registration Packet should be completed, signed, and
returned with deposit check or full payment to:

                       IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute
                             c/o Dr. Brian S. Canfield
                                   NSI Director
                               804 Western Avenue
                           Hammond, Louisiana 70402
                        IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute - 2005
                              and Graduate Summer School
                       Park Campus, University College Northampton
                                Registration - page 2 of 3
                                 Participant Registration


Preferred Mailing Address _______________________________________________

___________________________________Zip code _________________________

Telephone _____________________________ E-Mail_________________________

 Circle One:

 I am enrolling for the Northampton Summer Institute residential (six nights housing)

 I am enrolling for the Graduate Student Program (14 nights housing)    - (Includes all Institute activities)
 I am enrolling for the Northampton Summer Institute content sessions only - non residential

Are you an IAMFC member? ______________.

Are you presently enrolled as a student in a degree program. (if yes, please provide name of University
and program of study.) __________________________________________________

Are you a mental health professional (LPC, LMFT, etc.)? - if yes, please provide a description of your
present work setting, professional licensure(s) or credential(s), along with the name of the University from
which you obtained your graduate degree, program, and date of graduation)


Course credit/continuing education:

_____ I am seeking NBCC approved Continuing Education (up to 24 clock hours) for Institute participation
_____ I do not plan to enroll in on-line credit courses.
_____ I plan to enroll in on-line credit courses through ____________________ University
(do not yet know which University _______________ )

                       2005 IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute Participant Contract
This contract is entered into between the 2005 IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute, a sponsored program of the
International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC), a division of the American Counseling
Association, herein after referred to as the “NSI” and_________________________________________; herein after
referred to as “Participant”. Both the Program and Participant agree to the following:

1. Housing -- The NSI shall make available nightly housing in University accommodations or similar housing
beginning July 5, 2005 and concluding at noon on July 11, 2005 (July 23, 2004 for participant graduate students.)

2. Travel -- Participant shall be responsible for the cost of all ground transportation in the United Kingdom, including
train, taxi, bus, underground, etc, except as noted in the program information packet.

3. Continuing Education and Course Enrollment -- Participant shall automatically obtain continuing education
credit for Institute participation. Participant is responsible for enrolling in any credit courses through universities of
their choosing. Tuition and other applicable enrollment fees are paid directly to that University at the applicable tuition
rate for that institution.

4. Medical Expenses -- Participant assumes full responsibility for the cost of any medical treatment, drugs, or
transportation incurred on behalf of the participant as deemed necessary by program staff in the event of illness or
accident. Participant or their estate assumes responsibility for the full cost of transportation in the event a return to the
USA is necessitated by accident, illness, or death.

5. Meals -- All cost for food and meals are the responsibility of participant, at participant’s expense.

6. Incidental and non-specified expenses -- Participant shall be responsible for all expenses not otherwise
expressly covered by the NSI in this contract. In the event that Participant is alleged liable for damages of any kind,
Participant shall be responsible for ameliorating such liability, including the necessary cost of legal defense, etc. and
for the payment of any fines, court costs, or damages for which the Participant is held legally liable.

7. While the Institute participants may independently enroll in on-line summer courses through a university of their
choice, concurrently course enrollment does not imply any affiliation or sponsorship on the part of that university. The
Northampton Summer Institute is solely sponsored by the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
(IAMFC), a division of the American Counseling Association.

8. Unused Housing or Transportation -- The NSI shall provide no credit or refund for any portion of housing or
scheduled group transportation not utilized by the Participant.

9. Non-Classroom Activities – Participant acknowledges that they are of majority age and are solely responsible for
any consequences resulting from international travel and or participating in activities of the Institute. With the
exception of scheduled Institute activities, participants are “on their own” regarding free time and activities.

10. Refund policy – Until May 1, 2005; a program fee refund will be provided, minus a $200 administrative fee. After
May 1, 2005 until June 15, 2005, a program fee refund of 50% will be provided for cancellations submitted in writing.
Due to booking commitments, no program fee refund will be provided after June 15, 2005; regardless of
circumstances. Course tuition refund policy for Institute participants who concurrently enroll in a University course for
credit will be provided according to the published policies of that Institution.

11. Modification – The program reserves the right to alter the housing venue, program schedule, and other aspects
of the NSI as needed in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.

12. Policy Guidelines -- Participant acknowledges that the full liability of the IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute is
limited to the specific agreement contained in this Participant Contact and the signatory of this contract agrees to hold
harmless and make no claim against the organizers, director, or staff of the Northampton Summer Institute, the
International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and its officers, participant Universities, and other
sponsoring organizations, vendors, or subcontractors for any reason whatsoever resulting from the participant’s travel
outside of the United States and participation in activities of the “IAMFC Northampton Summer Institute.

I have read and fully understand this Institute Participant Contract and agree to the terms as stated.

Name                         Participant’s signature                           Date