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Foot and Ankle Associates by npj10953


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   Foot and Ankle Associates
   Dr. Jacob W. Lamb, D.P.M. and Dr. Lindsay D. Barth D.P.M., FACFAS
   Des Peres: 2315 Dougherty Ferry Rd., Suite 110 • St. Louis, MO 63122 • 314-909-1920
   Alton Foot and Ankle: 3505 College, Suite B • Alton, IL 62002 • 618-462-9695
   The average person takes up to 900 steps a day. For individuals who suffer         patients and reconstructive surgery. In an effort to become paperless, the
   from foot and ankle problems such as fractures, that statistic can amount          office is transitioning to the electronic medical record (EMR) and digital X-
   to immense discomfort. That’s where the professionals at Foot and Ankle            rays. The office staff includes Tiffany Nesbitt, Amy Cuntz, Seth Chauvet,
   Associates come in.                                                                Laura Schallert and Donna Barth.

   The practice, which includes Dr. Lindsay Barth and Dr. Jacob Lamb,                 The practice recently relocated its Tesson Ferry office to a new space at the
   offers complete foot and ankle care for individuals aged 2 to 102, as well as      Medical Arts Pavilion II at Des Peres Hospital. “We anticipate expanding
   conservative treatments to complete lower extremity reconstructive surgery.        our business to add additional locations and to continue to offer our patients
   “We treat the whole patient completely, and we perform all procedures              treatment plans with the latest technology,” says Dr. Barth. His best advice
   personally,” says Dr. Barth, the first podiatric surgeon in St. Louis trained in   to anyone is not to take their feet for granted. “You only have two feet that
   total ankle replacement. His specialties also include reconstructive surgery       need to last your entire life. Take care of them, and if you have a problem,
   and trauma. Dr. Lamb’s specialties include diabetic wound care and surgery.        seek treatment.”

   Recently, the practice has benefitted from numerous developments within the        Anyone suffering from foot and ankle discomfort is encouraged to contact Foot
   field. These include total ankle replacement, micro vas therapy for neuropathy,    and Ankle Associates, where Dr. Barth and Dr. Lamb feel it’s of paramount
   and vascular testing. Recent advances also include limb salvage for diabetic       importance to meet each patient to personally discuss treatment options.

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