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Meeting Minutes McLean_ VA TBG1 - DOC by maclaren1



UN/CEFACT TBG1 (Trade & e-Procurement Group)

 Mc Lean VA Meeting Minutes
               13-17 September, 2004

            2004, September 24th .
         United Nations - CEFACT Forum – TBG Working Group TBG1

     Meeting in McLean, VA – 2004-09-013 until
                       TBG1 Supply chain & e-Procurement

   Tuesday, September 14, 2004
   1. Freddy DeVos, Vice Chairman, opened the meeting. Jean Luc Champion was
       elected during the plenary meeting as Chairman of the TBG and will have to step
       down as Chairman of TBG1.
       Introductions of attendees were made.
   2. The Agenda was reviewed. We will have a joint meeting with TBG6 on
       Wednesday for the e-tendering and e-catalogue projects. Members of TBG5 will
       join the TBG1 meeting for the presentation of the cross industry invoice and the
       cross industry remittance advice. The presentation of a new project ‘Aerospace &
       Defence Supply Chain’ is added to the draft agenda. The Agenda was approved
       as modified.
   3. Jean Luc Champion provided some further clarification to the presentation during
       the opening plenary session concerning the changes to the management of
       UN/CEFACT. The Bureau will help the CEFACT Chairman in strategic
       planning. The group was looking for more transparent management system. 2
       additional persons will represent TBG at the CEFACT Forum Group (FMG).
       These persons are Gordon Gragge Chairman of TBG15 and Yves Gailly chairman
       of TBG5.
       The next UN/CEFACT plenary is scheduled for June 2005.
   4. Following the TBG1 procedures, election for a period of two years of a new Chair
       and Vice Chair were done. Freddy De Vos was elected as Chairman and for the
       moment the position of Vice Chairman will remain open.
   5. The minutes from the Bonn meeting were approved as distributed.
   6. Alice Aguemon presented the present situation of the project ‘EAN supply chain
       management. The class diagram of the Despatch Advice message is finalised and
       the development of the class diagrams of the Receiving Advice and Invoice will
   7. Kim Lambert presented the group with an update on the Material Safety Data
       Sheet. The details of the presentation are distributed together with the minutes.
   8. Freddy De Vos presented to the group an update on the EUROFER ESIDEL
       standard (European Steel Industry Exchange Language) for the exchange of steel
       information between the European steel industry and its customers. The details of
       the presentation are distributed together with the minutes.
   9. Freddy De Vos presented the global class diagram for trade & transport
       development by TBG3. This document together with a list of terms used in trade
       and transport have to be reviewed during the TBG1 meeting prior to the joint
       TBG1-TBG3 meeting.
   10. Due to the absent of Ove Nesvik, Freddy De Vos presented the DMR from the
       Electric Power Industry that will be treated during the week by ATG1. Freddy De
       Vos will present this DMR during the ATG1 meeting.

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         United Nations - CEFACT Forum – TBG Working Group TBG1

     Meeting in McLean, VA – 2004-09-013 until
                       TBG1 Supply chain & e-Procurement

   11. Jean-Luc Champion presented to the group the new Aerospace & defence supply
       chain Project. This project is for the French Aerospace group. AIA from the US
       and ASD from France are involved. The group supported the project to be moved
       forward for approval by the CEFACT Forum.
   12. The documentation of the Cross Sector Invoice Project submitted by CEN-ISSS
       Ws eBES-EEG1 distributed prior to the meeting was presented. The project
       proposal was approved in the March UN/CEFACT Forum meeting. The group
       expects to make a submission for the December TBG17 meeting. Comments are
       welcome until the end of October. Comments are welcome and should be
       submitted to Freddy DeVos.
   13. The new Remittance Advice process project initiated by CEN-ISSS Ws eBES-
       EEG1 was presented in detail. The new project proposal was reviewed and
       approved, and shall be presented to the TBG steering committee meeting for
       approval by the UN/CEFACT Forum. Yves Gailly proposed to set up a meeting
       in Brussels with Swift and members of the IST group to review the class diagram
       of the Remittance advice.
   14. The group will meet with TBG6 tomorrow on the e-Procurement document. A
       group from Europe has started the project, but is not using the Core Components
       Technical Specification.

   Wednesday, September 15, 2005

   1. The meeting was called to order and the Chairman reported on the TBG Steering
      Committee meeting of Tuesday evening and the decisions taken during the FMG
      meeting. The FMG will create supporting documents for new participants of the
      UN/CEFACT Forum. The FMG will undertake steps to align the different
      positions and views between ICG and TBG17 concerning the Requirement
      Specification Mapping (RSM) document and the TBG17 Harmonisation
      spreadsheet. The FMG will take the necessary actions to create a better
      relationship between OASIS/UBL and UN/CEFACT.
      The TBG Chairman reminded the chairmen that at the closing plenary each TBG
      group should report what they completed during the week. To promote better the
      work done by UN/CEFACT each group should provide by the end of the week
      information for a Press Release.
      The two new project proposals of TBG1 were distributed for review and approval
      to the members of the steering committee.
   2. The group reviewed the Trade and Transport global model provided by the
      Transport Group. As this global model was not reflecting the Trade view
      concerning the Despatch process of goods, the group decided to define first a use
      case for the despatch of goods between the supplier and the customer. As the
      definitions of the terms ‘Shipment’ and ‘Consignment’ were difficult to

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          United Nations - CEFACT Forum – TBG Working Group TBG1

        Meeting in McLean, VA – 2004-09-013 until
                         TBG1 Supply chain & e-Procurement

        understand, the group decided to develop the transport scenario for a despatch
        using pre-carriage from the supplier to a harbour of departure using two different
        transport modes. From the harbour of departure the goods are transported to the
        harbour of destination using a vessel. To provide the goods from the harbour of
        destination to the customer the despatch is done using two trucks. Based on the
        use case the definitions of the terms ‘Shipment’ and ‘Consignment’ were
        reviewed. Changes proposed and questions raised were identified for review
        during the joint TBG1 – TBG3 meeting.
   3.   During the afternoon the chairman discussed the outstanding DMR with the
        ATG1 and accepted the changes on the description proposed by the members of
   4.   During the afternoon the members of TBG1 joined TBG6 for the joined meeting
        dealing with the common projects e-Tendering and e-Catalogue. Delegates from
        Japan and Korea presented the work done by TBG6 on the e-Tendering process
        and presented the work to be done on the e-Tendering for goods and services.
        The chairman of TBG6 highlighted the need to define the services and the goods
        in the Tendering process in the same way as they are specified in the trade
        messages. The details of the presentation are made available together with the
        minutes. More details can be found in the minutes of the TBG6 meeting.
        The last version of the documents for e-Tendering were provided to the TBG1
        chairman. These documents will be made available to the members of TBG1 as
        well as to the members of eBES-EEG1. The chairman will see how TBG1 can be
        involved in the project and can contribute to the project.
   5.   The chairman of TBG6 introduced the common project about e-Catalogue, being
        also a common project of TBG1-TBG6 but under control of TBG1. For the
        moment information about the EAN/UCC catalogue is made available by Europe.
        The TBG1 chairman shall take the necessary steps towards the CEN/ISSS Ws
        eCat. He will therefore contact the chairman of this workshop to obtain more
        information about existing catalogues and if possible to have more involvement of
        members of this workshop.
   6.   The TBG1 members prepared the slides to be used during the TBG closing
        meeting presented the activities carried out and the decisions taken during the

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         United Nations - CEFACT Forum – TBG Working Group TBG1

     Meeting in McLean, VA – 2004-09-013 until
                        TBG1 Supply chain & e-Procurement

   Thursday, September 16, 2005

   1. The meeting was called to order and the Chairman reported on the on the TBG
      Steering Committee meeting of Wednesday evening. Two projects proposal from
      TBG9 and TBG12 where approved at the March 2004 UN/CEFACT meeting but
      not yet approved by UN/CEFACT Forum. The Steering meeting committee
      agreed to put these two project proposals forward to the FMG. The steering
      approved the two TBG1 projects proposals and they shall be forwarded to the
      FMG for final approval. The Steering committee agreed with the proposal of the
      chairman to process the new message for agriculture submitted by France through
      TBG1. If more submissions by this sector are done the Steering Committee will
      consider the creation of a new TBG. The spreadsheet presenting the
      UN/CEFACT projects shall be maintain from now one by Alain Dechamps
      chairman of TBG16.
   2. During the joint meeting the use case of the despatch of goods and the global class
      diagram developed during the Wednesday TBG1 meeting, were presented to the
      joint TBG1 – TBG3 meeting. Based on the discussion and the questions raised by
      the members of TBG1, the chairman of TBG3 proposed to review the document
      of TBG1 during the meeting of TBG3 and to establish a small joint working
      groups to define the trade & transport global model.
   3. The TBG chairman informed the meeting that TMG has contacted him with the
      proposal to have some joint meetings with TBG groups having used the UMM for
      the modelling of the business processes and the creation of the class diagrams.
      Seeing that as a good proposal for collaboration between the technical group and
      the business experts, TBG1 was in favour to have a soon as possible a joint
      meeting with TMG.
   4. The joint meeting took place in the afternoon and the business process and the
      business transaction of the Invoice were presented in detail to the meeting. On the
      request of TMG concerning the problems detected during the development of the
      documents the following main issues were raised:
              a. For the modelling of the business process only a small part of UMM is
              b. The same information about the process is repeated up to three times
                  due to the specification of the scope, the description of the use case
                  and the description of the activity diagram
              c. UMM is not supporting the development of the classes of a class
              d. UMM is not supporting the creation of normalised classes starting
                  form the content specification of a transaction

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        United Nations - CEFACT Forum – TBG Working Group TBG1

     Meeting in McLean, VA – 2004-09-013 until
                      TBG1 Supply chain & e-Procurement

              e. Due to the construction of Core Components the normalised class
                  diagram can lose the syntax independency
              f. Core components are developed and harmonised without using
      TMG shall provide to TBG a questionnaire dealing with the use of UMM during
      the development of the Business Requirement Specification. TBG1 provided the
      Business Requirement Specification document about the invoice to TMG for
      further evaluation.
   5. The members prepared the draft agenda for the meeting scheduled in March 2005.
      The following new projects were identified as well as the team members
      responsible to provide the first draft:
              a. A document clarifying what is understood by Supply chain
              b. A document describing e-procurement
              c. Delivery Forecast project
              d. Cross industry Ordering process
      6. The members drafted the information about the TBG1 meeting for the press
          release as decided during the Steering Committee meeting.

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             United Nations - CEFACT Forum – TBG Working Group TBG1

          Meeting in McLean, VA – 2004-09-013 until
                            TBG1 Supply chain & e-Procurement

                                     TBG1 Attendance
Last Name        First Name                 Represent.                       e-Mail

Aguemon          Alice         Gencod-EAN France    

Blantz           Mary Kay      AIAG                 

Mc Carthey       Melanie       General Motors       

Butterfly        Tom           UNECE                

Bruckner         Steven        Sybase               

Champion         Jean-Luc      e-BSD                

Critzer          Judith        NorthrupGruman Corporation

De Vos           Freddy        EUROFER              

Eggers           Kay           DoD/DLA              

Fealy            Tom           NorthrupGruman Corporation

Gailly           Yves          BMP Paulsu           

Joguet           Bruno         Axway                

Lambert          Kim           LMI                            klambert@lmi.lorg

Muus             Hendrik       STUZZA               

Prepin           Bruno         EDIFRANCE                      bprepin@edi/

Webb             Sylvia        GEFEG                

Vessell          Cedric        US DoD               

Youg Jae         Kim           Korea Polytechnic University

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