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					                   Maccabi Elite Travelers Insurance
                                       No matter where you fly,
                                         Maccabi guarantees
                             You receive the best care, wherever you are.
                                          Just like at home.

Maccabi Elite
Travelers Insurance issued by Clal Health Insurance Company – provides exceptionally broad coverage, including
up to $1 million in medical expenses overseas, baggage insurance, insurance covering continued medical care in
Israel, emergency dental care, extensions for skiing and action/adventure sports, search and rescue operations,
pregnancy, emergency evacuation, among many other risk coverages.
How do you obtain a Maccabi Elite policy? It’s simple!
                     Clal Call Center 1-700-702-202 or *2627

Purchase a policy online at Maccabi Online For registered users who have a password
Maccabi Non-Stop Call Center *3555

Travelers Insurance
Under the National Health Insurance Law, Maccabi members are eligible for medical services exclusively in Israel.
For members who travel overseas, Maccabi recommends to purchase appropriate insurance coverage before
leaving Israel.
For Maccabi members’ convenience, Maccabi has joined with Clal Health Insurance Company to offer members
Maccabi Elite a special policy for overseas travelers. Maccabi Elite is available for purchase at the Clal Call Center
(03-71111172 or 1-700-702-202), at Maccabi offices, or on Maccabi’s interactive website, Maccabi Online.

Maccabi Elite covers
Hospitalization expenses and out-of-hospital medical expenses. Total coverage for this section is $1,000,000,
including $500,000 for medical expenses during hospitalization, and $500,000 for out-of-hospital expenses.
The Insurer either pays directly to the hospital, or reimburses the insured for hospitalization expenses incurred
overseas, including surgeon’s fees and Intensive Care treatment required as a result of a medical event that
occurred overseas.
Travel expenses and ancillary expenses, including travel and accommodation expenses for a companion, if one
is required according to a physician’s recommendation, are covered up to $2,000.
In the event of the insured’s death, the Insurer will pay the insured’s legal heirs or estate the expenses relating to
transferring the deceased’s body to Israel, up to $10,000.
Medical emergency evacuation – the Insured’s air travel expenses to return to Israel for medical care are
covered in full.
Dental care – emergency dental care (one visit), and first-aid analgesic, are covered up to an amount of $400.
Local air/marine search and rescue operations – emergency operations including transfer from the
event site to the nearest hospital are covered in full.

Continued medical care in Israel – following a road accident/sports accident, is covered up to $2,000.
Life and accidental injury insurance
In the event of an accident that is the single, direct and immediate cause of the death or permanent injury of the
Insured, the Insurer will pay, in the case of death to the insured’s legal heirs, estate administrator’s, or executors,
up to $15,000 (if the Insured was 65 years old or younger) or up to $5,000 (if the Insured was between the ages
of 65-75).
Personal Baggage Insurance
The Insurer will indemnify the Insured for any direct loss or damage to the Insured’s personal baggage caused
during the insurance term, in the amount of $750 (if the Insured is under the age of 16) or $1,750 (if the Insured
is over the age of 16).
See the policy for additional details on insurance benefits for valuables, document reproduction, etc.
Trip Cancellation/Loss of Deposit – The Insurer will indemnify the Insured for any loss of non-refundable
deposits or payments made in advance or amounts payable in the event of a necessary, unpreventable cancellation
of a trip due to (a) the hospitalization or death of the Insured or the Insured’s close family member;
(b) a serious accident involving the Insured which requires confinement to bed at the time of the scheduled trip,
up to $4,000.
Reimbursement of travel and other expenses
Expenses in respect of a change in travel plans (limiting or extending the trip) due to an accident, illness, or death
of a family member, up to $2,000.

Third Party Liability – The Insurer will handle claims for payment pursuant to the terms of the policy, up to

Riders - (additional insurance coverage)
Deterioration in Medical Condition - This extension covers any sudden and unexpected change
in an existing medical condition, which requires emergency medical care overseas, on the condition that the
existing medical condition was stabilized and no hospitalization was required for the condition over the six months
preceding the trip, up to $200,000.

Pregnancy – Medical and hospitalization expenses resulting from a medical event related to pregnancy that
occurs up to the week 30 of the pregnancy. Up to week 26 of pregnancy, up to $200,000; from week 27 until the
end of week 30, up to $50,000. Requires extra premium.

Action/Adventure Sports
Participation in action/adventure sports including mountain climbing, rappelling into caves , diving, rappelling,
rafting, bungy jumping, air gliding, tandem sky-diving, and surfing, up to age 40.
Requires extra premium.

Skiing and Water Skiing
Up to age 65. Requires extra premium

Search & Rescue Operations
Up to $80,000. Requires extra premium.

Maximum insurance term, by age:
Up to age 49 – 180 days
Between 50-65 – 90 days
Between 66-80 – 60 days
Age 81 or over – 45 days

Discounts are available for recently released soldiers and new Maccabi members.
To purchase a policy or additional information, please contact Maccabi offices or
Clal Call Center at 03-7111172 or 1-700-702-202.
*The complete version of the policy is binding.
*The above is a summary of the policy terms.
*Insured individuals are advised to read the complete terms of the policy.

Schedule of Fees and Maximum Coverage
See a copy of the Maccabi Elite policy for complete details of maximum insurance amounts.

Personal accidents
$15,000 – up to age 65
$5,000 – between the ages of 65 and 75
Personal baggage
$750 – up to age 16
$1,750 – over age 16
$300 – maximum compensation per item
$400 – total for valuables
$300 – compensation for vehicle burglary
$150 document reproduction
$1,750 Total coverage for personal baggage

Third party liability - $100,000
Trip cancellation
Up to $4,000 on deposit loss or trip cancellation

Medical and hospitalization expenses
Total coverage limited to $1,000,000, of which $500,000 for hospital expenses and $500,000 for out-of-hospital
Up to $200,000 for deterioration /medical expenses or hospitalization related to pregnancy up to end of week 26.
Up to $50,000 for medical expenses or hospitalization related to pregnancy between week 27 and end of week 30.
Up to $400 for emergency dental care
Up to $2,000 for companions’ expenses
Up to $10,000 for carriage of dead body
Up to $2,000 for continued medical care in Israel

Local air/marine extraction – full coverage
Medical emergency evacuation – full coverage
Reimbursement of travel expenses – Up to $2,000 for tickets and service fees.
Search & rescue – up to $80,000
$50 per event

                 Schedule of Rates (in NIS) – including medical emergency evacuation
                                          Minimum policy term – 7 days

                            Up to age                                                                81 and
                                              25-49        50-65         66-75          76-80
 Coverage                      24                                                                     over
 Day rate including
 baggage                        5.2           7.00         10.00         24.00          44.00         48.00

 Day rate excluding
 baggage                        4.2           6.00          9.00         23.00          43.00         47.00

 Day rate including
                                9.7           11.5         15.00
 baggage and skiing
 Day rate including
 baggage, action
                                7.4            9.2
 sports (up to age 40),
 and search & rescue

 Including baggage
 and pregnancy                 13.60          15.50
             Keep Handy
       To purchase or extend a policy
“Call Clal Ltd” *2627 from any phone in Israel
       Or 972-3-7111172 from overseas
 Call Center for Medical Emergencies 24 x 7
              Tel: 972-3-9221088
  To submit a claim after returning to Israel
       Contact Clal Insurance Division
     Tel: 03-9420424 or Fax: 03-6874815