SERVICE MANAGEMENT FORUM
                                6th August 2008

                                    Notes and Actions


John Small (JS) - Openreach                        Steve Terry (ST) – Easynet
Dave Brown (DB) – One IT for Openreach             Laura Belt (LB) - Openreach
Su Bowler (SB) – Openreach                         Grenville Dowse (GD) – Updata
Phil Johnson (PJ) – Sky                            Pauline Ballard (PB) – C&W
Danny Morgan (DM) – AOL                            Dave Moulson (DM) – BT Retail
Tony Ginty (TG) – BTW                              Peter Boyle (PBO) – Openreach
Mark Collins (MC) – Openreach                      Marie Vernon (MV) – CPW Networks
Martin Romer (MR) – Tiscali                        Kojo Owusu-Sekyere (KO) – Telcom Plus
Dave Shales (DS) – O2                              Steve Hardy (SH) – BTW
Steve Farleigh (SF) – B Sky B                      Mark Fletcher (MF) – Openreach
Tony Birkbeck (TB) – Openreach                     Trevor Benjamin (TBO) - Openreach
Iain Morrison (IM) – Openreach                     Paul Hendron (PH) – Openreach
Ian Lawrence (IL) – Openreach                      Bob Downes (BD) – Openreach

Ann Pinsent, Tony Smith, Gill Thompson

1     Introductions and Welcome
John welcomed everyone to the Service Management Forum and introductions made. The
agenda was agreed.

2        Review of Actions
All actions are listed and updated at the end of this document. PBO to distribute slides
presented at this meeting to all attendees.

3 WLR Service Update
Laura Belt gave the August WLR report and talked through “a day in the life” of 3 real life typical
provision failures:
    - A moving customer
    - A new provision of service at a property where service already exists
    - A new provision of service where there is no existing service.
Learning and actions from each failure was captured to improve service to customers going
forward. A key failure is number portability especially at the back end of the day and Openreach
do not communicate this to CP‟s, Laura Belt to look into this.

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                         1
“On-site” customer contact is not always actually on-site and could be at a head office some
distance away, this can hold up an order or fail if the engineer needs to make contact. In
instances where the on-site contact is not available it was suggested the engineers contact the
CP SMC direct, John Small was keen on this concept and Bob Downes was asked to engage
CP‟s for further discussions and feedback what briefing we could give our engineers. AP1
(08/08) Bob Downes to set up audio call with CP’s to seek feedback on briefing to

WLR Repair failure examples will be presented at the September forum, Martin Romer (Tiscali)
to send real life failure examples to Laura Belt for use in her presentation. AP2 (08/08) Martin
to send examples to Laura.

Laura gave an update on WLR tails reduction showing Openreach SMC‟s are performing ahead
of tail target due to the following actions:-
    - Visibility and accountability of queues.
    - Daily work stack reviews.
    - Queues monitored daily from 8AM through to close of play.
    - Face to face briefings run with the teams to position the work for the day.
    - RCA carried out if a job fails its queue dwell to understand the reason for the failure and
          learn from it.

4     Frames and Capacity Update
Paul Hendron gave the latest update on current projects and initiatives showing those in
deployment and those in trial / development.
In Deployment:
    - HAWK training
    - Eclipse (Frames)
    - Fix to TOK
    - X25 Replacement
    - CP Process Improvement
In Trial / Development:
    - HAWK FEU
    - Eclipse to Field
    - HAWK replacement
    - New Test Heads
    - SIN5XX
    - CP Data Capture
Eclipse to frame timeline – Paul presented an update on completions to date and what is
planned for this quarter, in August changeover from the EAC development database to the Live
Platform has been completed, changeover from Phase 1 to Phase 2 within London & HC region
is underway, and rollout to Frames OM‟s is on schedule. In September, rollout across the
remaining Regions is on schedule.

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                           2
Blocked Frames Update – there are currently 56 Blocked frames where Openreach does not
have capacity to deliver confirmed orders, 21 sites have been removed since last forum meeting
and 16 sites have been added. A number of initiatives are under way to ease the congestion
problems. Moorgate was showing as a blocked site after it has been closed, why? Paul to find
out and feedback to forum at next meeting. AP3 (08/08) Paul to find out why Moorgate is
still showing as a blocked site.
The forum stated that no communications had gone out regarding the status of Haydon Wick
exchange, John Small said he would investigate. AP4 (08/08) John to communicate to CP’s
the current status.

Tie Pair closures – Paul showed the exchanges where tie pair closure issues existed and the
latest progress update on each.

4 Long lines and Not spots
Ian Lawrence presented why we have “Not spots” and the rationale why possible transmission
rate decreases with increasing loop length, why its effect is more dramatic at higher
frequencies, and the need to reserve and protect lowest frequencies for longest loops.
Long lines - DSL performance is affected by many influencers. On long lines, this is
predominantly the length of the line, the quality of the physical line, the „noise environment‟, and
the CPE. A trial of long lines will take place in Scotland in quarter 3 and Ian Lawrence will share
the findings at the Jan meeting.
Openreach is exploring further technology options that may provide a preferable solution for „not
spots‟ and potentially long lines in the future. Openreach is committed to evaluating everything
physically and commercially possible to increase the coverage of Broadband in the UK.
The forum discussed swapping of e-side pairs on long lines to improve service and in many
cases this does not have the desired effect, we acknowledged that our records on e-side swap
outs were poor.
DACS removal – Ian presented an update to Openreach policy where customers will now be
asked to fund costs above £8k per order via excess charges, the allowance was previously
£20k, this effects 0.7% of orders.

5 Service Harmonisation
Mark Fletcher explained what Service Harmonisation was about, alignment of Care levels
across the portfolio, including new care products, and changing the traditional hours that the
Openreach engineering workforce do business in. The industry requirement was to provide 3
levels of choice for CP‟s.
Level 1 - Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm standard working week (excluding PBH) in tariff, fix by
end of next working day. Suitable for consumer users
Level 2 - 7 day working week including PBH. For loss of service faults reported between 8am-
2pm, fix by 8am, report 2pm-8am, fix by 2pm. Includes 2 hour timed appointment slots suitable
for business users.

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                          3
Level 3 - Appropriate for corporate users who require true 24/7 working (i.e. not 8am-8pm)
including PBH. May be expensive due to call-out and therefore it could be more appropriate for
CPs to use alternatives.
A working forum was set up with all CP‟s invited to attend, three cross industry working groups
have been held, the last by conference call on July 21st (very well attended). There has been a
large emphasis on Level 1 being within the existing tariff from CPs, Openreach to check this
aspect as part of the pricing work and return Level 1 indicative pricing at the next Working
Group (August 20th). A debate focusing on reducing the Industry request to mitigate any tariff
price rises concluded that Monday – Saturday is crucial, but evening working may be better
suited to a premium offering. Requirements outside the traditional day (i.e. 6pm-8pm) will now
be represented with the Out Of Hours Appointing (OOHA) trial and was discussed at a
collaborative hot-house on July 30th. A second OOHA trial will be started during Q3, including
appointed Frame visits. AP5 (08/08) Peter Boyle to attach all CP attendees at the working
forum with these notes. John Small ensured the forum that this will get senior level focus in
Openreach to make this a success and asked all CP‟s to do the same. John asked that the
working forum come to this forum when a decision is made on a go / no-go. Mark Fletcher was
asked to put a condensed overview of this project to go out with these notes. AP6 (08/08) Mark
to send Peter condensed overview.

Out Of Hours appointment trial - The trial was suspended at the end of May 08 due to zero take
up of OOHA slots during the 9 weeks the trial was run. Openreach hosted a bespoke hothouse
on July 30th, open to all interested CPs to discuss the learning from the first trial, Openreach‟s
understanding of captured CP requirements balanced against what Openreach can offer, and
examine key issues from Openreach and CPs perspectives. This will fine tune the proposition
for a second OOHA trial with 7 CP‟s starting in Q3. The success of this second trial will be
agents “selling” this to end users and they must be given full support in order for end users to
take this up.

6 Systems and Helpdesk Update
Dave Brown shared the IT dashboard performance over the past month, Openreach service
availability (excluding planned outages) was 99.8%. Customer experience availability measure
(including any type of service degradation) is estimated at 97%.
Customer experience performance over the past month on EMP (i.e. the customers perceived
level of service considering ALL service impacting incidents) was 98.7%. Year to Date
performance is 98%. To improve the customer experience proactive and reactive initiatives are
planned and Dave showed the glide path for delivery.
Service Experience
     ITIL Service Management Processes
     ASG Service Improvement Plans
     Design for supportability

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                         4
Defect Management
    Defect reduction in running system
    Defect avoidance programme
Data issues
    RCA on data related issues raised through bridge.
Resilience - Uptime
    Industrialisation Process
    Improved infrastructure change control
Release Overruns
    Deployment confidence testing improvements
    Contingency planning and exercises
    Co-location
    Improvements to Communications

Release Overruns
    Review of plans and scripts
Release information for CPs
    Release documentation refresh

IT Service desk (Liverpool) performance to CP‟s is not good but only 10% take up from CP‟s to
give honest feedback and this needs to improve if we are going to meet CP‟s requirements.
CP‟s can feedback direct to Dave Brown if this is more convenient. Dave outlined initiatives put
in place to improve service, current target areas where key improvements are needed are: Time
to feedback on Incidents – 68.2% satisfied, Feedback provided on Incident Progress – 61.5%
satisfied, Ability of solving teams to understand your incidents – 62.2% satisfied, Once resolved
RCA / Preventative Actions – 57% satisfied, Ability to understand the issue – 72.9% satisfied.
MAC code checking rejections were at 6.72% for July, a high percentage of 6.72 was CP input
failure, possibly putting a “5” instead of an “S”. Dave was asked if he could drill down per CP to
identify who were failing most and send to the forum CP‟s for action. AP7 (08/08) Dave Brown
to send CP drill down of MAC rejections.

EMP R900 is our next major release scheduled for deployment on Saturday, August 9th. The
impact of R900 to the core Assurance and Fulfilment systems for LLU, WLR3 Analogue and
WLR3 ISDN are broadly similar to that of previous major releases. However there is an
additional upgrade on the Siebel which extends their deployment time scales. We anticipate the
overall deployment outage duration will need to be increased to 24 hours to account for the
extended Siebel times.
The impacts to the Dialogue Service systems are similar to that of previous major releases. We
anticipate the overall Dialogue Service outage duration will be similar to that of R800, i.e. 6

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                         5
hours; however one or two dialogue services may have a longer outage due to deployments on
backend systems. Contingency weekend – 16th / 17th August

6       Flexi Cease
Trevor Benjamin gave a detailed presentation covering billing and charging indicative prices, he
also showed what a typical invoice will look like to the CP. The launch timeline for deployment
will commence after EMP R900 on 8th September for both MPF and SMPF, deployment of MPF
JRO will start 6th October. BTW stated that they would not be able to consume flexi cease
before the end of October.
CP implications on SMPF will be none; CPs will have the full capability available at launch. For
MPF, jumper removal will be available from 6th October and after launch CPs will not be able to
raise singleton or bulk jumper removal orders (only affect CPs who has moved to r900).
However, the removal of MPF left in jumpers is still possible for all CPs when they raise provide
orders that trigger the removal of LIJs. Trevor will update progress at the next forum meeting on
9th September.

Stand Alone Survey – Trevor confirmed the position regarding Stand Alone Survey and the
planned Worksop. He sent out to all CP‟s an invite for the workshop on the 15th August in Judd
St at which an indicative timeline will be presented. As space is tight he urged those wishing to
attend to contact Linda Reid (linda.reid@openreach.co.uk) to confirm space is available.

7 LLU Service Update
Peter gave an update on CPs raising concerns with their daily interaction with the LLU
Provisioning SMC‟s leading to complaints and diminished perception of SMC performance.
Some quick wins can be made by implementing a standard process for dealing with email
enquiries, agreed format heading & content structure of emails with CPs. Openreach are re-
addressing coaching opportunities and focussing on quality checks around the responsiveness
of acknowledgements, quality of data content, and overall communication. AP8 (08/08) Darren
Baythorpe to be invited to the next forum meeting to give an update.

SFI Improvements:
Engineer briefing video production completed, to be rolled out to engineers during August /
September (prolonged due to leave season). “SFI Checklist” to be completed by SFI engineers
on job closure, this is being assessed by system developers. More news of this next month.
There is a new engineer‟s test equipment being evaluated that will be compatible with ADSL2+
and (possibly) SDSL. More of this to be shared at a future Industry Forum.

Missed Appointments:
A change request was submitted to align work allocation team process and procedures across
WLR and LLU for both Provision and Repair. An SMC appointment trial for LLU repair is

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                        6
scheduled to commence on 18th August, there are 3 CP‟s taking part in the trial, BT Wholesale,
Tiscali and Cable & Wireless, the trial is national. RCA during trial will identify failings in Field
Engineering/ Work Allocation Team Process and Procedures. A missed appointment
notification from the work allocation team will be picked up by SMC who inform the CP that
appointment has been missed and that we are rearranging this with the end user. The SMC
contact End User to rearrange appointment, if contact with end user is successful SMC will
agree new appointment. The SMC inform CP that appointment has been rearranged

If the SMC are unable to contact the End User at the first attempt they will try again another
three times over a 24 hour period. If the SMC are unable to arrange appointment (either End
User cannot agree new appointment or 24 hours elapse without successful contact) then fault
will be passed back to CP to deal.

Field / Frames Engineers on 30th June were given refresh training so that they are highly skilled
on the "MPF Data Only" Product. A frames briefing to supplement existing documents to be
rolled out – Aug 08, with frames best practice guide. To improve testing during installation a
trial in South Wales commenced on the 16th June to provide dial tone during frames
provisioning and self actuated test tone on field provision. Agreement has been reached to
rollout this out nationally following the trials completion.
Agreement has also been reached to scope the redesign of SDSL SFI process and equip
engineers with necessary equipment to perform the job. Overall perception of this product from
CP‟s was provision was marginally better but more improvements around repair are needed.
MPF no dial tone needs to be in the scope for EMP R1100, a request from Martin (Tiscali) was
to retrospectively tag lines in the exchange identifying an MPF line, Paul Hendron to update at
the next meeting. AP9 (08/08) Paul to update at next meeting on retrospective tagging in
the exchange of MPF lines.

8       MIS Orbit update
Teresa Wright updated the forum with the project delivery; the first request for CP reporting was
at the Service forum in April based on measures provided by Openreach via Netview. A
compliance statement was delivered on capabilities of ORBIT v Netview in June and the
recommendation was to delivery via OR Strategic MIS tool – ORBIT. The scope of delivery was
agreed for „free‟ product offering at the end of September. Teresa said a final workshop would
be held on 22nd August which would give CP‟s the opportunity to see and play with live data on
Openreach domain; this will be an “open day” in Judd Street for CP‟s to attend throughout the
Darren Harrison then gave an update of what ORBIT offers to CP‟s.
ORBIT offers
     Structured MIS to external CPs in support of product supported performance measures.
     Access through Openreach Portal to MIS through single sign on.

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                            7
      Fast Measure Switching: This enables a user to navigate a measure to a particular point,
       including the application of filters, and then to fast switch to the same view of an
       alternative measure in the same measure group.
      Filter Section: Consists of dashboard filters using which the user can prompt the report
       to filter the data.
      Report Section: Consists of different views of the reporting like tabular view, chart view,
       pivot view etc…
      Column Selector: User has the option to analyse the report from different perspective by
       changing the pivot table axis.
      View Selector: User has the option to select the different charts

Martin (Tiscali) – can we bring all system improvements together into one briefing to CP‟s.
AP10 (08/08) Dave Brown to look at one briefing showing all system improvements.
Dave (BTR) – exchange temperature issues with overheating, any examples to be sent to Pete
Mason in Openreach.
Stand alone product – Trevor Benjamin to feedback to CP‟s the latest update.

Next Meeting Monday 9th September 10.00 to 14.00, Room 1.02, Riverside House.

  Reference                            Action                                      Status
AP8 (05/03)        AS to request Tony Smith to update on general                  Ongoing
                   process review at the April forum.
                   Update: Tony will now present at June’s forum
                   Tony unable to attend. New date to be
                   Aug update: Tony Smith agreed to attend
                   September forum
AP1 (10/06)        PC to seek information on Multi MPF                          Completed –
                   Assurance proposals/processes.                              see AP9 (08/08)
                   Update - once installed via the multi MPF
                   process the repair process is then no different
                   from BAU. Where commoning can occur, e.g.
                   for common cable faults Openreach will do so
                   as part of backend processes
                   7/7/2008 Forum not comfortable with this
                   response as a co-ordinated repair offering is
                   required. AS investigating further and update
                   will be given at August forum.

AP3 (10/06)        JP/DG to update RFT performance on a                           Ongoing
                   quarterly basis.
                   Aug update: update at Sep forum

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                                         8
AP1 (08/08)     Where the on-site contact is not available it was   New
                suggested the engineers contact the CP SMC
                direct. Bob Downes to set up audio call with
                CP’s to seek feedback on briefing to engineers.
AP2 (08/08)     Martin Romer (Tiscali) to send WLR repair           New
                failure examples to Laura Belt.
AP3 (08/08)     Paul Hendron to find out why Moorgate is still      New
                showing as a blocked site.
AP4 (08/08)     John Small to communicate to CP’s the current       New
                status of Haydon Wick.
AP5 (08/08      Peter Boyle to attach all CP attendees at the       New
                Service Harmonisation working forum with
                these notes.
AP6 (08/08)     Mark Fletcher to send Peter condensed               New
                overview of Service Harmonisation for onward
                cascade to forum attendees.
AP7 (08/08)     Dave Brown to send CP drill down of MAC             New
AP8 (08/08)     Darren Baythorpe to be invited to the next          New
                forum meeting to give an update on LLU
                Provisioning SMC improvements.
AP9 (08/08)     Paul Hendron to update at next meeting on           New
                retrospective tagging in the exchange of MPF
AP10 (08/08)    Dave Brown to look at one briefing showing all      New
                system improvements to send to CP’s.

c9ce94de-be7c-49d7-ac88-20c890384b6d.doc                                  9

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