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                            SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT FOR THE __________SERVICE

This agreement is made between

                  University of Calgary Information Technologies, Education Technology Services



The agreement covers the provision and support of the Computer Lab service which primarily consists of
building, installing and maintaining computer desktop images that comply with both UCIT standards and
meet the software requirements of the educational environment.

This agreement remains valid until superseded by a revised agreement mutually endorsed by the
signatories below. The agreement will be reviewed annually. Minor changes may be recorded on the form
at the end of the agreement, providing they are mutually endorsed by the parties below. A major change
will require renegotiation of this agreement.


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Service Description
UCIT Education Technology Services (ETS) will, with client collaboration, build software images that are
standard, secure and stable. ETS will deploy those images to lab computers and will maintain and
troubleshoot those software images throughout the school year.

ETS will work with clients to determine appropriate delivery of required software (including licensing and
version control) and will provide time before full image deployment for testing by the client.

Software that is not license compliant, is deemed a security risk, or creates instability in the software
image can be refused by ETS.

Within the software image, ETS will provide, as required, connection to the lab server for software and or
storage. They will also provide access to pay printing if requested.

It is important to note that UCIT ETS is able to take responsibility only for the desktop software
environment. Other UCIT groups are intrinsically involved in the delivery of this service. This SLA does
not cover those groups, however Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) are either currently in place, or
will be in place within a few months to cover the work between IT groups. If Availability or Support
deviates in a negative way from the terms of this SLÅ, it will be noted in the SLA for both sides to


Any U of C Department or Faculty may negotiate for the provision of this service. Funding on the part of
the participating Department or Faculty will be required.

                                                  Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Service Availability
This service has a defined availability of Regular Operation.

Regular Operation – expected availability during business hours; scheduled long outages (4+ hrs)
outside of regular business outages; short outages acceptable during business hours.

This service has a target availability of 99.5%, excluding reserved maintenance windows.

System Monitoring

While the lab environment itself is not subject to monitoring, the UCIT infrastructure is monitored 24 / 7. If
UCIT has an outage or interruption, Operations, Production Control has basic steps that can be taken to
restore services. Many UCIT services that would be utilized in the lab environment are covered by SLAs
with stringent availability requirements.

Reserved Maintenance Windows
For UCIT services that may be utilized in the lab environment (for example, Blackboard, eMail), the
primary service window is:

       Thursday evenings, weekly, between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am, year round.

Problems arising from these changes, however infrequent, may impact the availability of some services to
the lab environment.

Users can anticipate that this service (the lab computers) will not be available during the 2 weeks prior to
semester commencement as software images are tested and then deployed. This time will be booked
with the Client and blocked in Calendar.

If there are emergency mid term changes, ETS will endeavour to take this service down in “off hours”
(evenings or weekends) for repair / re-image.

Client can formally request permanent Changes to service hours in writing to Mr. Garfield Quan for

Communication of Outages
Scheduled outages for longer than 2 hours (major outage) will be communicated to the Client via email to
the technical and or administrative contact at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled outage

Unplanned / Emergency Outages or Updates
Will be communicated via eMail, if possible and will be recorded on the IT Support Centre phone
(403.220.5555) if necessary.

                                    Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Service Support
Incident Reporting

Incident reporting for UCIT supported labs is handled through the IT Support Centre

Phone: 403.220.5555
Online: IT Online Service Request
Location: 7th Floor Math Sciences

Assistance, information and referrals can be provided by email, phone or in person at the IT Support
Centre location. UCIT Support Centre staff is not able to make site visits.

See the IT Support Centre Service Level Agreement for details on service delivery targets, and hours of

In September / January for the start of term:

        Extended Support – End users will be able to contact a person that can assist in resolving their
        incident during and outside business hours.

During the rest of the year:

        Regular Support – End users will be able to contact a person that can assist in resolving their
        incident during business hours.

After hours support:

The voicemail system is monitored outside of the regular defined availability hours of the IT Support
Centre for messages about service outages and system access problems. If messages indicate
widespread system outages, work will commence on resolving the outage prior to the opening of the
UCIT Support Centre.

Service Performance
The service performance is measured by the following quality measures:

This service is considered available if 95% of the computers are functioning. Functioning being defined
as permitting users with the appropriate credentials and permissions to log on to the workstation within 12
seconds. Some response times will be this slow due to group policy application. Once users have
logged in successfully, availability to the requisite applications should be with 10 seconds. Some larger,
more complex applications (e.g. SPSS) take several seconds to launch.

                                   Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2010
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Computer lab support is not deemed as an “essential service” and currently does not require a Service
Availability Recovery Plan (SARP). However, assuming all critical infrastructure services are running,
RTO on each lab is targeted at 8 business hours.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Data is not covered in a back up strategy for computer labs. Therefore, there is no data recovery

Incident Escalation
Operational Use

    1. IT Support Centre Analyst

    2. Ian Whitehead (ITSC Incident Manager)

    3. Garfield Quan (Manager ETS)

    4. David Buhler (Director, Client Services)

    5. Harold Esche (CIO)

Technical System

    1. IT Support Centre Analyst

    2. ETS Team Analysts

    3. Danny Wong (ETS Technical Lead)

    4. Garfield Quan (Manager ETS)

    5. David Buhler (Director, Client Services)

    6. Harold Esche (CIO)

Basic computer lab information will be provided in each lab on posters and in binders as required.
Specialized documents are made available to the IT Support Centre.

                                   Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2010
End User Expectations

       Follow appropriate guidelines (
       Plan to work around system maintenance windows and understand that although every effort is
        made to ensure that systems are available at key times throughout the year, unanticipated
        outages may occur.
       Report service incidents or problems or requests to the IT Support Centre.
       End users (instructors and students) are expected to adhere to the rules of the lab (classroom) as
        outlined in this agreement.
       Users must have appropriate credentials, i.e. IT account with strong password, and, in Active
        Directory labs, they must have that account synchronized with the IT Account. Instructions on
        how to perform this task are provided to each Active Directory lab (physically) and electronically
        via the technical contacts, or by the IT Support Centre.
       Users will not store important data on the local computer. Webdisk or some portable storage
        device is strongly recommended. The My Documents folder is directed to c:\temp on the local
        machine and will survive reboot if stored in that location, however, the data is not guaranteed as
        the computers are used by many students and can be imaged at any time.
       End users will use the lab computers for class work only. They are not personal computers and
        cannot be used as such.
       The lab computers are restricted for use by limited access user accounts and by group policy and
        those restrictions will be accepted and respected by end users.
       End users can request through their instructors changes to software but are not to attempt
        installation on their own.

Client Expectations
       Software requests will be made in writing (email) to the lab administrator no less than 4 weeks
        before start of term
       Ensure that a copy of the software media is available to the lab administrator at that time and to
        have all licensing in place
       Have knowledgeable staff available to test any new software on the image to verify that there are
        no conflicts.
       Understand that any changes to the software image during the term (or under the 4 week
        window) will be made solely at the discretion of the lab administrator and that charges may apply.

Change Management Procedures
This service is not subject to the Change Management Process, however, many of the supporting
infrastructure services are under the control of the Change Management Process, which provides a more
predictable and stable computing environment.

Disaster Recovery (IT Service Continuity)
UCIT has a Master Disaster Recovery Plan (MDRP) to guide University management and technical staff
in the recovery of computing and network facilities operated by UCIT in the event that a disaster destroys
part or all of the facilities.

UCIT has the mandate to provide computing and network services to support the teaching and research
needs of the University of Calgary community. The guidelines and policies developed by the university

                                   Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2010
and IT are an effort to ensure that the university community obtains maximum benefit from the resources
available. More information on security policies is available from

UCIT ETS will, at a minimum, physically secure the workstations and peripherals within the lab. If
required, and funded, additional fibre security is an option as are web cameras as long as they are used
within University of Calgary guidelines.

Charging (if applicable)
Please see the appropriate addendum for both basic charges for this service and for additional charges if

The rental of lab space to non-core (registrar) courses is subject to a fee schedule. This schedule can be
found at

Service Reviews
This document will be reviewed on an annual basis by both UCIT ETS and by the client. If more frequent
review is agreed upon by both parties, then that shall become the new standard.


                                  Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2010

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