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                       GARLIC OR HERB BREAD                                                                                                   7.5
                       HOUSE BREAD                                                                                                            8.5
                       assorted breads, mixed olives, caramelized balsamic & olive oil
                       BRUSCHETTA AL POMODORO
                       tomato, onion & herbs served with pizza bread
                       BRUSCHETTA AL SALMONE                                                                                                 16.0
                       smoked salmon, goat’s cheese & pesto on toscana bread
                       TRIO OF DIPS                                                                                                          17.5
                       pizza bread, feta cheese, olive tapenade & sun dried tomato paste

                       CAPRESE                                                                                                               18.0
                       mozzarella cheese, roma tomato, rocket leaves, caramelized balsamic & olive oil
                       CAESAR                                                                                                                20.5
                       cos lettuce, bacon, homemade caesar dressing & toasted garlic bread
                       WITH ADDED CHICKEN                                                                                                    23.0
                       BABY SPINACH & PUMPKIN                                                                                                22.5
                       roast walnuts, fresh ricotta cheese & walnut dressing
                       BLUE CHEESE & PEAR                                                                                                    23.0
                       mesclun leaves, pecan nuts & raspberry dressing
                       SMOKED SALMON & AVOCADO                                                                                               25.5
                       rocket leaves, baby capers & a lemon olive oil dressing

                       SOUP OF THE DAY                                                                                                       15.0
                       Served with toasted focaccia
                       NATURAL SYDNEY ROCK OYSTERS                                                                  ½ dozen   21   1 dozen   32.0
                       CARPACCIO DI MANZO                                                                                                    25.5
                       [CAAB] black angus beef, bean sprouts, shaved pecorino & extra virgin olive oil
                       SALT & PEPPER SQUID                                                                                                   25.0
                       rocket leaves, capsicum relish & aioli
                       GARLIC TIGER PRAWNS                                                                                                   26.0
                       sautéed in white wine, served on a bed of baby spinach & cherry tomato
                       TASMANIAN BLACK MUSSELS                                                                                               26.5
                       soaked & simmered in garlic, basil in a rich tomato sauce
                       ANTIPASTO PLATTER                                                                                                     27.5
                       marinated prawns, baby squid, smoked salmon, prosciutto, black olives with sweet chilli & coriander aioli

                       PASTA & RISOTTO
                       PASTA OF THE DAY                                                                                                      -----------
                       please consult our staff for today’s special

10% surcharge applicable on weekends ~ 15% surcharge applicable on public holidays
                         PENNE AL POLLO                                                                              26.0
                         chicken, mushroom, sun dried tomato & creamy garlic sauce
                         TAGLIATELLE AL MAIALE
                         bacon, prosciutto, capsicum in a creamy parmesan sauce
                         RISOTTO AI FUNGHI E PECORINO (V)                                                            27.0
                         mixed mushroom risotto with pecorino cheese
                         RAVIOLI RICOTTA E SPINACCI (V)                                                              27.5
                         spinach, ricotta & pinenut ravioli in a butter & sage emulsion & toasted pinenuts
                         LINGUINE CON VITELLINO AI FUNGHI                                                            28.0
                         tender veal ragout, mushroom, cherry tomato & mint
                         SPAGHETTI AI FRUTTI DI MARE
                         mixed seafood spaghetti with cherry tomato, garlic & a spicy white wine sauce
                         SPAGHETTI AL NERO DI SEPIA                                                                  28.5
                         squid ink spaghetti with baby clams in a spicy tomato sauce
                         RISOTTO CON GAMBERI E RUCOLA                                                                28.5
                         prawns, wild rocket leaves & cherry tomato in a saffron sauce

                                                                                                             SMALL    LARGE
                         PIZZA OF THE DAY                                                                    ----------        -----
                         please consult our staff for today’s special
                         MARGHERITA (V)                                                                              18.5
                         mozzarella, tomato salsa & fresh basil
                         SALAME                                                                              20.5    25.0
                         mild salami, mushroom, mozzarella & shallot
                         ASSORTITO D’ORTAGGI (V)                                                             21.5    26.5
                         pumpkin, eggplant, artichoke, goat’s cheese & mozzarella
                         TANDOORI                                                                            21.5    26.5
                         sliced tandoori chicken, pinenuts, mozzarella & mint yogurt
                         AL MISTO DI CARNE                                                                   22.0    27.0
                         italian sausage, ham, chicken, mozzarella & bbq sauce
                         PROSCIUTTO E RUCOLA                                                                 22.0    27.0
                         shaved prosciutto, fresh rocket leaves, mozzarella & olive oil
                         GAMBERI                                                                             24.0    28.5
                         tiger prawns, sundried tomato & basil
                         ALLA MARINARA                                                                               24.5
                         marinated octopus, prawns, smoked salmon, shallots & sun dried tomato pesto

                         FISH OF THE DAY                                                                                  MP

  10% surcharge applicable on weekends ~ 15% surcharge applicable on public holidays
                       BEER BATTERED FISH & CHIPS
                       bassa fillets, served with garden salad
                       PAN FRIED BARRAMUNDI FILLET                                                              38.0
                       served with fava beans, asparagus, light scampi sauce & avocado oil
                       OVEN ROAST QUAIL                                                                         37.5
                       marinated in lemon & thyme with roast chat potato & a light porcini sauce
                       PAN FRIED KANGAROO FILLET
                       served medium-rare with mash potato, asparagus & blueberry sauce
                       OVEN ROAST LAMB CUTLETS
                       served medium with diced carrot, lentil du puy, rosemary oil & cucumber yoghurt
                       ROAST DUCK BREAST                                                                        38.5
                       field mushroom, poached fig, steamed green beans & roasting fig jus
                       [CAAB] BLACK ANGUS BEEF TENDERLOIN FILLET (220GM)                                        40.5
                       roast sweet potato, wilted spinach & black truffle jus

                       SIDE DISHES
                       CREAMY MASH POTATO                                                                        9.0
                       OVEN ROAST ROSEMARY CHAT POTATO                                                           9.0
                       CRISPY CHIPS, tomato sauce & aioli                                                 9.5
                       POTATO WEDGES, sour cream & sweet chilli sauce                                    10.0
                       MIXED LEAF SALAD, homemade dressing                                                      10.5
                       ROCKET & PARMESAN SALAD, balsamic vinegar & olive oil                             11.5
                       STEAMED SEASONAL VEGETABLES                                                              12.0

                       CHILDREN’S MENU
                       UNDER 14YRS
                       CHICKEN NUGGETS & CHIPS
                       PENNE NAPOLITANA
                       SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE
                       FISH & CHIPS                                                                             15.0

                       GELATO (3 scoops)                                                                        10.5
                       pistachio, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or mango


10% surcharge applicable on weekends ~ 15% surcharge applicable on public holidays
                       CARROT CAKE                                                                                                 12.5
                       filled & topped with walnuts and a cream cheese icing
                       WARM STICKY DATE CAKE                                                                                       12.5
                       served with vanilla gelato & melted caramel toffee
                       BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE                                                                                        13.0
                       baked cheesecake filled with blueberries & topped with a blueberry sauce
                       BON VIVANT (gluten free)                                                                                    13.0
                       a layer of soft flourless hazelnut cake topped with a smooth baked chocolate mousse
                       CHOCOLATE MERINGUE (gluten free)                                                                            13.5
                       layers of biscuit meringue, topped with chocolate & vanilla mousse
                       MORTAL SIN                                                                                                  13.5
                       layers of baked cheesecake, chocolate mousse & caramel cream
                       ITALIAN CHEESECAKE                                                                                          14.0
                       baked ricotta cheese, shortbread base with rolls of shaved chocolate
                       WARM APPLE CRUMBLE PIE (may contain traces of nuts)                                                         14.0
                       fresh apples, cinnamon & mixed nut filling, served with ice cream
                       LEMON MERINGUE PIE
                       tangy lemon curd, shortbread pastry & a soft meringue topping
                       EASTBANK TIRAMISU                                                                                           14.0
                       our interpretation of a traditional italian classic, coffee genoise, mascarpone & vienna almonds
                       CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE                                                                                          14.0
                       rich, buttery chocolate cake with a chocolate glaze
                       CHOCOALTE DOME                                                                                              14.0
                       thin layers of rich chocolate cake filled with 2 layers of chocolate cream, centred with chocolate mousse
                       cream & moistened with raspberry syrup

                             All our cakes and tarts are served with your choice of Vanilla Gelato or whipped cream

10% surcharge applicable on weekends ~ 15% surcharge applicable on public holidays

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