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					     CASID Current
FALL 2009 NuMbEr 46                                                                               OCtObEr 19th, 2009

                               For the Week of October                     For more information, visit
                               19th, 2009

                              Monday, October 19th                         “Lansing’s International Port of
                                                                           Entry and Foreign Trade Zone”
                              “Collecting Migration Narratives of
                              Indian Jewish Women”                         Global Business Club of Lansing
                                                                           Speaker: Robert Selig, Executive Director,
                              Jewish Studies Brown Bag
                                                                           Capital Region International Airport
                              Speaker: Maina Chawla Singh, University of
                                                                           12:00pm, 106-107 Henry Center
                              New Delhi
                                                                           For more information, including cost,
                              12:00pm, 321 Linton Hall
                                                                           contact Beverly Wilkins at wilkinsb@msu.
                                                                           edu or (517) 353-4336
                              “Pens and Swords: How the
                              American Mainstream Media Report
                                                                           “Territorial Development in
                              the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”
                                                                           Northeast Brazil: A case for semi-
                              Muslim Studies Program                       arid Northern Bahia”
                              Speaker: Marda Dunsky, DePaul University     CLACS Seminar Series
                              1:00pm, 303 International Center             Coordinators: Jonas Zoninsein, James
                                                                           Madison College; and Gilberto Almei-
                              “Being Indian, Being Israeli:                da, Federal University of Bahia UFBA
                              Migration, Culture and Identity              Videoconference panel presentation
                              Among Indian Jews in Israel”                 from UFBA and the Bahia Secretariat of
                              Jewish Studies Public Evening Lecture
                                                                           4:00pm, 1208 Engineering Building
                              Speaker: Maina Chawla Singh, University of
                              New Delhi
                              7:00pm, MSU Union Green Room                 Thursday, October 22nd
      Center for Advanced
                                                                           “Research Experience and
     Study of International   Tuesday, October 20th
             Development      “Declarations of Dependence: Labor,          CLACS Retreat #2
  202 International Center    Personhood, and Welfare in South             9:30am - 3:30pm, 303 International Center
         East Lansing, MI     Africa and Beyond”                           All faculty, staff, administrators and
              48824-1035      African Studies Center Special Lecture       graduate students are welcome
                              Speaker: James Ferguson, Chair and           “The African Union and Pan-African       Professor, Department of Anthropology,       Parliament”
                              Stanford University
                                                                           African Studies Center Brown Bag
                              4:00pm, 303 International Center
                                                                           Speaker: Keith Gottschalk, Fulbright
                                                                           Scholar-in-Residence, Department of
                              Wednesday, October 21st                      Political Science, Oakland University
                              “International Opportunities Fair”           12:00pm, 201 International Center
                              Internship – Volunteer – Teach – Work
                              12:00pm - 4:00pm, 2nd Floor MSU Union
 CASID Current                                                                                          JANuAry 27, 2009
                                                                                                       OCtObEr 19th, 2005

Friday, October 23rd                     Wednesday, October 28th                   guage, try different South Asian foods,
                                         “Indigenous Issues in the                 watch movies, do activities and more
“Ecosystem Services: Linking
                                         Americas”                                 5:30pm, 204 International Center
Science to Action in Malawi and
the Region”                              CLACS Seminar Series
                                         Panelists: Laurie Medina, Department      “African Audiences from
CASID-GenCen Friday Forum
                                         of Anthropology; Rocío Quispe-Agnoli      Hollywood to Nollywood”
Speakers: Daimon Kambewa, Faculty
                                         and Eduardo Guizar-Álvarez, Depart-       ASA Presidential Evening Lecture
of Development Studies, Bunda Col-
                                         ment of Spanish and Portuguese            Speaker: Charles Ambler, African
lege, and Anne Ferguson, Center for
Gender in Global Context                 3:00pm, 201 International Center          Studies Association President, Depart-
12:00pm, 201 International Center                                                  ment of History, University of Texas
                                         “Talking About Research in the            6:00pm, 115 International Center
                                         Interview”                                Reception to follow at 7:30pm, Spartan
“International Coffee Hour”                                                        Rooms B&C, International Center
Sponsored by OISS                        Graduate School Workshop
                                         5:00pm, Room 6, Student Services
4:00pm - 6:00pm, Spartan Rooms,                                                    Friday, October 30th
International Center Food Court          Building
                                         For more information and to register,     “Navigating the PhD: Part 1”
“Inside Islam: What a Billion                                                      Graduate School Workshop
Muslims Really Think (Film)”                                                       9:00am, 300 Bessey Hall
                                         “Korean Coffee House”                     For more information and to register,
MSU, Association of Michigan Muslim
Physicians, and Muslim Studies           Practice your Korean while talking with   visit:
                                         Korean Speakers and learning about
Keynote Address: Congressman Mike
                                         Korean culture, music and food
Rogers                                                                             “Climate Change Impact
                                         5:30pm, 201 International Center
6:45pm, MSU Fairchild Theatre                                                      Assessments: Moving from the
Tickets are free, but limited. Contact                                             Local to the Global”
Mohamed Elnabtity at melnabtity@         “Peace Corps Information
                                                                                   Speaker: Julie Winkler, Department of or at (517) 614-1565           Meeting”
                                         Life is Calling. How far will you go?     12:00pm, 201 International Center
 For the Week of
 For the Week of October                 6:00pm, 303 International Center
 October 26th, 2009
 26th, 2009                                                                        “Evaluation: Background and
                                         “Science in Putin’s Russia”               Theories”
Tuesday, October 27th                    Center for European, Russian and          The Evaluation Circle: The Community
                                         Eurasian Studies                          Evaluation and Research Center
“Women in Islam: Myths and
                                         Speaker: Vladimir Zakharov, University    Speaker: Miles McNall, assistant
Realities of Women’s Lives in
                                         of Arizona                                director of the Community Evaluation
Afghanistan and Pakistan”
                                         7:00pm, 103 Kellogg Center                and Research Center
Asian Studies Center Colloquium
Series on Women and Gender Politics                                                1:00pm - 4:00pm, Room 6, Kellogg
in Asia                                  Thursday, October 29th
Speaker: Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah,          “Local Economic Develop-
Chicago Tribune                                                                    “International Coffee Hour”
                                         ment, Poverty Reduction and
3:00pm, 303 International Center         Sustainable Livelihoods within            Sponsored by OISS
                                         Townships in South Africa. Myth           4:00pm - 6:00pm, Spartan Rooms,
“Maintaining a Productive &              or Reality?”                              International Center Food Court
Responsive Environment for               African Studies Center Brown Bag
Conducting Research”                     Speaker: Cecil Madell, University of      Saturday, October 31st
Graduate School Workshop                 Cape Town
6:00pm, 103 Erickson Hall                12:00pm, 201 International Center         “Navigating the PhD: Part 2”
For more information and to register,                                              Graduate School Workshop
visit:    “Hindi/Urdu Chai and Chat”                9:00am, 300 Bessey Hall
                                         Join us for the Hindi/Urdu Chai and       For more information and to register,
                                         Chat, where you can practice your lan-    visit:
CASID Current                                                                                               JANuAry 19th, 2009
                                                                                                            OCtObEr 22ND, 2007
                                                                                                              JANuAry 27, 2005

GRANT OPPORTUNITIES                                               community. Award Categories are: Emerging Prog-
                                                                  ress; Sustained Effort Toward Excellence in Diversity;
Fulbright Fellowship Opportunities                                Excellent Progress toward Achieving Diversity and Plural-
Participants will be informed about the objectives, require-      ism; Advancing Global Competency; Lifetime Achieve-
ments, and deadlines for each program as well as how to:          ment; Diversity and Inclusion: Student Expressions.
1) develop a more competitive application, 2) select a host
country, and 3) make necessary host country contacts. Ful-
                                                                  Nomination packets, artistic entry forms and de-
bright Fellowships are prestigious and career-enhancing.
                                                                  tails about the program are available on the EIDA web-
They confer special status on winners during and following
                                                                  site at
their foreign study, as outstanding, officially recognized
representatives of the United States.                             Please direct any questions to the EIDA Program Office
                                                                  located in 110 Olds Hall or call (517) 432-8384.

The Fulbright Program funds students, faculty, and other
professionals to undertake graduate study, advanced               INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY
research, and teaching at all levels: elementary, secondary,      GenCen Internship Applications for Spring
and university in more than 140 countries. Most grantees          Semester 2010
plan their own programs.                                          Submission Deadline: November 1st, 2009
                                                                  The Center for Gender in Global Context offers internship
Projects may include university coursework, independent           coordination for undergraduate and graduate students
library or field research, classes in a music conservatory or     interested in issues of gender related to social justice,
art school, special projects in the social or life sciences, or   community development, health, domestic violence, and/
some combination. The grants pay for air travel, a monthly        or environmental health and justice. Students are encour-
living stipend, health and accident insurance, and, in some       aged to take advantage of this opportunity to gain hands on
cases, tuition waivers and research allowances.                   experience interning with organizations working on these
                                                                  issues, while receiving MSU credit. More information, such
The approximate application submission deadlines for              as documents describing the program and lists of potential
selected Fulbright Fellowship Programs for the 2010-2011          local, national, and international internship opportunities, as
academic year are:                                                well as a downloadable application form, can be found at
Faculty/Professional Programs Fulbright-Hays Faculty Re- Electronic submissions
search Abroad Program Approximate Deadline: November              are encouraged. Students interested in international intern-
9, 2009                                                           ships should contact the GenCen Internship Coordinator,
                                                                  Marisa Rinkus, at as soon as possible
Student/Graduate Student Programs
                                                                  to discuss programs.
Fulbright-Hays DDRA applications available at
                                                                  SPRING 2010 COURSE ANNOUNCEMENTS
Preliminary MSU Fulbright-Hays DDRA budget deadline:
November 11, 2009                                                 ACR 848 (formerly RD 823)
MSU Fulbright-Hays DDRA application submission dead-              “Community-Based Natural Resource
line: November 24, 2009                                           Management in Developing Countries”
Fulbright-Hays DDRA National application submission               Instructor: John Kerr, Department of CARRS
deadline: December 1, 2009                                        Wednesdays, 4:10pm - 7:00pm
                                                                  This course analyzes rural natural resource management
AWARDS                                                            in developing countries, focusing on the factors that lead to
MSU All University Excellence in Diversity                        natural resource outcomes, e.g. conservation, productivity,
                                                                  and income distribution. The course begins with a look at
Recognition and Annual Awards Program (EIDA)
                                                                  how human and natural systems interact, then addresses
Nomination Submission Deadline: November 16, 2009                 a variety of issues that influence natural resource manage-
Since 1990, the EIDA has recognized and rewarded ef-              ment including people’s perceptions of the natural resource
forts that encourage and support an environment where di-         scarcity, poverty and population density, tenure security,
versity and inclusion are value. Members of the MSU Com-          property rights regimes, collective action and its determi-
munity participate by nominating individuals, units and or-       nants, and governance. It also examines policy tools for
ganizations whose efforts reach the level of excellence           promoting conservation where benefits are off-site.
essential to making MSU a welcoming and inclusive

 CASID Current                                                                                                            JANuAry 27, 2005
                                                                                                                       OCtObEr 19th, 2009

                                              ACR 838 “Participatory Modes of Inquiry”
                                              Instructors: Kimberly Chung & Laurie Thorp
                                              Department of CARRS
                                              Wednesdays, 3:00pm - 4:50pm
                                              This course provides an in-depth, graduate-level exploration of the nature of participa-
                                              tory inquiry. The course surveys the major streams of literature that constitute the fields
                                              of participatory and action research (hereafter referred to as participatory inquiry), with
                                              particular emphasis on identifying the differences across these literatures, their world-
                                              views, theoretical foundations, fields of application, and points of emphasis within their
                                              practice. Throughout the course students are expected to consider how the various ap-
                                              proaches to participatory inquiry coincide or conflict with their current epistemological and
                                              methodological views. Students are asked to consider how they might incorporate par-
                                              ticipatory approaches into their personal and professional lives. The format of the course
                                              is varied and includes mini-lectures, discussion, group work, and individual and collective
  All submissions for the next issue of the
      CASID Current for the Fall Semester     The course is designed as a two-credit survey of the literature, with emphasis placed on
    2009 are due by 12:00pm on October
                                              comparison of the various approaches and understanding the practical applications of as-
   26th. Send information to CASID, 202
  International Center, AttN: Marita Eibl;    sociated principles. There is no field component to the course. Students wishing to apply
  e-mail:; telephone: (517)      these concepts in a community context may include a practicum as a one-credit indepen-
            884-2128; fax (517) 353-8765.     dent study. If interested, please contact Professor Kimberly Chung at

Center for Advanced
Study of International
202 International Center
East Lansing, MI