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									                                     F EBRUARY
                                                     E M U L A T E N A T U R E I N Y OUR B A C K Y A R D W I T H
                                                     TECHNIQUES LEARNED AT THE NDAL CONFERENCE

                                                           O n T h u r s d ay, M a r ch 1 5 a t                         Rick Darke (author and consultant)
         NATIVE                                      Westchester Community College, The
                                                     NPC will co-sponsor The Layered
                                                                                                                        a n d L a r r y We a n e r ( L a r r y We a n e r
                                                                                                                        Landscape Design Associates).
          PLANT                                      Landscape: Creating Natural Gardens                                      While garden plans are often static

                                                     From the Ground Up with New                                        t wo - d i m e n s i o n a l d o c u m e n t s, o u r
                                                     Directions in the American Landscape                               native           landscapes         consist            of
                                                     (NDAL), an org anization focused on                                i n t e r wov e n          and     mu l t i - l a ye r e d
                        AT WESTCHESTER               educating professionals about native/                              tapestries that transform dramatically
N EWSLETTER           COMMUNITY COLLEGE              natural landscape design. Although                                 ov e r t i m e. I n t h i s c o n f e re n c e w e
N UMBER 18                                           p l a n n e d f o r l a n d s c a p e a r ch i t e c t s,          will illustrate how plants g row and
                                                     designers, planners and other                                      prolifer ate in their nat ive ha bitats,
        FIRST N ATIONAL A FFILIATE                   professionals, it will be of interest to                           a n d h o w t h a t i n fo r m a t i o n c a n b e
        O F THE
        L A D Y B IRD J OHNSON W ILDFLOWER C ENTER   a n yo n e i n t e r e s t e d i n e c o l o g i c a l             u s e d t o c r e a t e m o r e dy n a m i c
                                                     landscaping and native plants.                                     landscape gardens.
                                                           T h i s y e a r ' s c o n fe r e n c e w i l l b e                 Re g i s t r at i o n f o r m a n d f u r t h e r
U PCOMING EVENTS                                     p r e s e n t e d by n a t i o n a l l y r e n ow n e d            conference details available on the web
February 3 - Carolyn Summers                         speakers: William Cullina (New                                     at , or on
Pre-Sale Plant Selection Workshop                    E n g l a n d Wi l d F l ow e r S o c i e t y ) ,                  the 2007 Lecture insert in this newsletter.
March 1                                              I NVENTORY I NCREASES F OR THE 2007 N ATIVE P LANT SALE !
Plant Pre-Sale Order Deadline                        by Carolyn Summers, Plant Sale Chair
                                                           Now that winter is finally here, it                          Nursery in Connecticut (see related
March 3 - A. Megaro & B. Fischer
                                                     must be time to order new plants for                               article on page 2) and another local
Sow & Grow Natives Workshop
                                                     spring from The Native Plant Center !                              source, Pinelands Nursery in New
M a rc h 1 5 - Wi l l i a m C u l l i n a ,          Members should have received a copy                                Jersey. We continue to expand our
Rick Darke & Larry Weaner                            of the Plant Pre-Sale list. By ordering                            offering of affordable groundcovers,
NDAL: The Layered Landscape                          early you will have the best chance of                             grasses, annuals and short-lived
                                                     getting some truly extraordinary plants                            perennials sold as economical,
April 28 - 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.                         this year. The 8th Annual Wildflower                               easy-to-plant “plugs.” Finally, this
2007 Wildflower & Native Plant Sale                  & Native Plant Sale will be held on                                year we’re going for the butterflies,
                                                     Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. - noon                             offering even more plants than usual
May 7-12 - National Wildflower Week
                                                     at Westchester Community Colleg e.                                 that butterflies find irresistible,
Visit for
                                                           Once again, we have some hard-to-                            including, by special request, limited
events around Westchester County
                                                     f i n d n a t iv e p l a n t s f ro m t h e N e w                  quantities of the monarch’s favorite:
May 7 - Carolyn Summers                              E n gl a n d      Wild        Fl o we r  Society                   common milkweed, Ascle pias syriaca,
Gardening with Nature                                (NEWFS), the venerable institution                                 as well as the usual butterf lyweed,
                                                     based in Massachusetts that runs                                   Asclepias tuberosa, and the rare
May 8 - Brooke Beebe                                 Garden in the Woods. These plants are                              nodding milkweed, Asclepias exaltata.
Tour of the NPC Demonstration Gardens                rarely available in the commercial                                     Vi s i t T h e C e n t e r ' s we b s i t e at
                                                     nursery trade, but be aware that                                   www.native for Pre-
May 10 - Carol Gracie
                                                     quantities may be limited, so order                                Sale Plant Photo Gallery. For design
A Closer Look at Spring Wildflowers
                                                     earl y! All plants from NEWFS ar e                                 suggestions to stimulate your creative
May 17                                               ethically propagated and true to name.                             vision, we have indicated which plants
NPC Members' Spring Field Trip                             In addition, we are fortunate to be                          might be appropriate for “Butterfly
Teatown's Wildflower Island                          able to again offer plants from McCue’s                            Border” and “Shady Grove” designs.

July 15                                              A RTICLES F EATURED W ITHIN . . .                                  W ILDFLOWER W EEK : M AY 7 - 12
Garden Conservancy Open Day                          ♦ N ATIVES N ESTLED IN FOR THE W INTER                             E V E N T S A R O U N D T OW N . . .
Free Guided Tours - 12 noon - 4 p.m.                 ♦ W ILDLIFE M INI -M EADOW - P ERFECT                              ♦ T EATOWN L AKE RESERVATION
Park in Lot # 1 at West. Comm. College                 S OL UTION FOR THE H ORIZONTALLY                                     M AY 9, 11 AND 12 - (914) 762-2912
                                                       C HALLENGED B ACKYARD                                            ♦ G REENBURGH N ATURE C ENTER
July 25 - 27 - Phone for Details
                                                     ♦ A NDREW S PANO R ECEIVES                                            MAY 12 - (914) 723-3470
Annual Garden Tour of
                                                       E NVIRONMENTAL A WARD                                            C OMPLETE LISTING OF EVENTS AVAILABLE
Connecticut and Massachusetts
                                                     ♦ N ATIVE P LANT CENTER G ARDEN T OUR                              AT WWW . NATIVEPLANTCENTER . ORG
       MOST EVENTS LISTED ABOVE.                           NOT    AN   NPC M EMBER ? GET YOUR F REE COPY                           OF THE      PLANT P RE-SALE LIST !
     PHONE (914) 606-7870 FOR DETAILS.
                                                       VISIT   O U R W E B S I T E AT W W W . N AT I V E P L A N T C E N T E R . O RG   - O R D E R D E A D L I N E : M A R C H 1.
MCCUE'S NATIVES NESTLED                                                                                             IN FOR THE                                       WINTER
by Carolyn Summers                                             behind the present-day McCue’s                                         McCue about some of his failed attempts
                                                               Nursery). Success with pansies has                                     to prevent stands of precious wildflowers
     Tucked away on a quaint residential                       expanded to success with a vast inventory                              from being mowed down and bulldozed
street in Connecticut, McCue’s Nursery                         of perennials, including some of the more                              all around him in suburban Connecticut
is easy to miss. But if you drive slowly                       difficult to propagate native wildflowers,                             gave me a slightly different perspective.
down the street, a few telltale signs - a                      such as Painted Trillium.                                              Bruce’s evident love of his wildflowers
glimpse of some tarps and equipment in                             Although not strictly a native plant                               clearl y outweighs any business motive
back of a modest home – provide clues                          nur ser y, McCue’s specializes in nat ive                              t h at wo u l d b r i n g h a r m t o w i l d
confirmed by a small sign hanging from                         wildflowers. Tucked away in the back of                                populations.
the house. A walk around back reveals                          the nursery are permanent beds holding                                       As it is the policy of The NPC to offer
the amazingly compact nursery that                             thousands of stock plants of trilliums,                                only nurser y-propag ated native plants,
p ro d u c e s 4 0 0 , 0 0 0 p e r e n n i a l s o n l e s s   orchids and other wildf lowe rs. Most                                  n o n e o f t h e r e c e n t l y r e s c u e d y e l l ow
than three acres.                                              propagation is by division. This rich store                            ladyslippers will be offered at our sale.
     I interviewed owner Bruce McCue as                        of plants was built up over the years by                               We are pleased, however, to be able to
h e wa s i n t h e p r o c e s s o f p u t t i n g t h e       careful, licensed collecting. Bruce                                    o f f e r m a ny of M c C u e ’s ow n nu rs e r y -
nursery to bed for the winter. Most of the                     maintains contact with a network of plant                              p r o p ag at e d w i l d f l o we r s, i n c l u d i n g
tightly packed rows were already covered                       people, including one 80-year-old man                                  ladyslippers from McCue’s own stock.
by wh i t e p o l y e s t e r “ b l a n ke t s ” p u l l e d   who runs salvage operations “in front of ”                                   We are interested in the opinions of
tight over homemade hoops that keep the                        the bulldozers. Bruce showed me a small                                our members on the subject of plant
snow from cr ushing the plants. T his                          section of bed just planted with over 400                              r e s c u e / c o l l e c t i o n . We we l c o m e yo u r
coming season marks the 40 t h year of                         yellow ladyslippers salvaged from a site                               thoughts on whether you feel our policy
o p e r a t i o n f o r M c C u e ’s N u r s e r y. T h e      for a new Walmart.                                                     is too protective, or not protective enough.
teenage Bruce McCue started propagating                            N ow a d ay s, m o s t n at i ve p l a n t                         A n d , r e g a r d l e s s, we h o p e t o s e e yo u
plants on a bet with the original                              enthusiasts consider any type of salvage                               voting with your pocketbook at our 2007
Comstock and Fer re Company (located                           collecting suspect. Speaking with Bruce                                Native Plant Sale on Saturday, April 28.

A W ILDLIFE M INI -M EADOW G ROWS U NDER                                                                                                               Editor's Choice

M Y K I T C H E N W I N D OW - - - L I M I T E D S PAC E ?
by Sandy Morrissey                                             Natives:
                                                               1. * Monarda                       (beebalm).                   To p
      A fritillar y butterfl y f loats by. T he                perf or ming variety is ‘R aspber r y Wine.’
ruby-throated hummingbird helicopters in                       2 . L o n i c e r a s e m p e r v i r e n s ‘ M a g n i f i c a .’ A
for a sip of salvia. The bees are busy on                      native trumpet honeysuckle.
the black-eyed Susan. I enjoy this whirl of                    3.       Echinacea               purpurea               (purple
activity outside my kitchen window as I                        c o n e f l o we r ) .         B i r d s,          especially
                                                                                                                                           M e a d ow A n e m o n e - A n e m o n e c a n a d e n s e
pour my own nectar – a glass of diet Coke.                     g oldfinches, love its seeds                                                          # 53 in the 2007 Pre-Sale
      Two summers ago I removed a bed of                       4.       Phlox paniculata (g arden phlox).
overgrown evergreens and replaced them                         F ra g r a n t . ‘ R o b e r t Po o r e ’ a n d ‘ B r i g h t
                                                               Ey es’ g rea t choices.                                                      Hummingbirds also nectar at my
with plants that I knew – after years of
                                                               5 . * R u d b e c k i a n i t i d a ‘ H e r b s t s o n n e.’          native Heuchera and Lobelia cardinalis,
wildlife gardening - would attract birds
                                                               Attracts butterflies, bees and other                                   also hosta, lantana, zinnia, and impatiens.
and butterflies. My new garden outside
                                                               flying insects. Birds like its seeds.                                  Butterflies visit my *Asclepias tuberosa
my kitchen has been such a delight. In a
                                                               6. * Liatris (gay feather). A native that                              ( bu t t e r f l y we e d ) , * a s t e r s, *E u p a t o r i u m
space that is only 15 feet by 6 feet, I
                                                               attracts the most different species of                                 p u r p u r e u m ( Jo e - p y e we e d ) a n d S e d u m
created a meadow.                                              butterflies.                                                           ‘Autumn Joy’– all important late-summer
      I have listed the top ten best plants in                 Non-Natives:                                                           and fall-blooming perennials.
my g a r d e n i n H a r t s d a l e f o r l u r i n g         7.   Buddleia davidii (butterfly bush).                                      Fo r m o r e i n fo r m a t i o n o n p l a n t
wildlife of the winged variety. All these                      Butterfly nectar plant.                                                culture or questions, please e-mail
p l a n t s d o we l l i n my “ p a r t - s h a d e ”          8 . Salvia g uaranitica . My #1 humming-                               Sandy at
property. Plan to add these plants to your                     bird plant.                                                            Visit for the
g arden in the spring and you, too, can                        9 . Ve r b e n a b o n a r i e n s i s . G r e a t f o r b o t h
                                                                                                                                      complete version of this article.
enjoy this gorgeous fauna flitting amongst                     hummingbirds and butterflies.                                          Sandy Morrissey is a Bronx River-Sound Shore
your beautiful flora. Similar species offered                  10. Nepeta faassenii (catmint). Both                                   Audubon board member and an avid birder,
in our 2007 Plant Sale are marked with *.                      butterflies and hummingbirds visit often.                              b u t t e r f l ye r a n d ga r d e n e r .
ANDREW SPANO R ECEIVES NPC' S E NVIRONMENTAL AWARD                                                                                              WELCOME M EMBERS
   County Executive Andrew J. Spano is the first recipient of the Lady Bird Johnson
                                                                                                                                              Our deepest thanks go to our members who
Environmental Award, which recognizes an individual or group for environmental                                                              support us, and we encourage you to join them.
advocacy and/or leadership, particularly involving native plants. He received the
award from Brooke Beebe, director of The Native Plant Center, at the Art Show Gala                                                                         C ONSERVATORS
                                                                                                                                                     Betsy Ster n* Lucille Werlinich*
on October 14, 2006 at Westchester Community College. Mr. Spano was honored
primarily for his 2001 Executive Order, which mandates the planting of wildflowers                                                                    S USTAINING MEMBERS
                                                                                                                                                            Carolyn Summers*
and native plants on Westchester County properties.
                                                                                                                                                      S UPPORTING M EMBERS
                                                                                                                                                Phyllis Harris-Clements* Laura B. Blau*

 NATIVE N EWS                                                                                             Brooke M. Beebe
                                                                                                                                      Mr.   &
                                                                                                                                                        G IFT M EMBERSHIPS
                                                                                                                                                Mrs. William Gaylin* Bill Hawkey Patricia Young
    On January 9, The Native Plant Center                                Roxana Robinson shared a fine essay
                                                                                                                                                             F RIENDS
w a s p ro u d t o a c c e p t t h e M i l l e n n i u m             with us called The Monarch and the                                         Jane Bloomer      Julie Bouchet-Horwitz
Trophy award given by the Westchester                                Milkweed which begins, “Near my back                             John Whitton Bria      Kay L. Buhler    Nancy A. Dexter
                                                                                                                                            Jean Fitzpatrick    Mrs. Vivian S. Frommer
Fa i r f i e l d H o r t i c u l t u r a l S o c i e t y. T h i s    door is a tall straggly plant, with an                                             Maryann Gallagher
award has been presented annually                                    awkward shape, nearly colorless flowers.                                  Joann L. Pasquale       Marceil Tooley
since 2000 to a g roup or an individual                              If you saw it you’d think it was a weed,                                         R ETURNING M EMBERS
w h o h ave c o n t r i bu t e d t o h o r t i c u l t u re          and you’d be right. I planted it.” Turns                                       Ms. Helen Stier Kathleen Strader
in the local community.                                              out she planted the common milkweed                                              U PGRADED       R ENEWALS
                                                                     (A s c l e p i a s s y r i a c a ) , t h e b e s t n a t i v e              Christine Detmer*     Sandra Morrissey*
                                                                     milkweed for Monarch butterflies' eg gs.                                     Clare M. Pierson*     Peg gy S. Rice*
     S ave t h e d a t e , Jul y 2 5 – 2 7, f o r                    (We’re selling that plant, along with two
T h e N a t i v e P l a n t C e n t e r ’s t r i p t o                                                                                                       R ENEWALS
                                                                     other milkweeds, in our Wildflower and                                       Ms. Lynne Arnold       K atherine Barnard
Connecticut and Massachusetts! We have                               Native Plant Pre- Sale this year.) For the                       Jeri D. Barrett Brooke Beebe* Ms. Libby Brennesholtz
an exclusive invitation to a private 450                             full essay, visit our website.
                                                                                                                                              Margot Burgheimer       Philippa S. Cacciato*
                                                                                                                                            Linda H. Champanier*         Susan Colombaris*
acre estate in the northwest cor ner of                                                                                                 Claire Christ Crasto      Toby Cr ystal     Lydia Dallis
C o n n e c t i c u t . A t o u r o f t h e n at i ve                               *********************                                         Frances Dearing       Harriet Delihas
m e a d ows, l a rg e a r e a s o f p l a n t e d a n d                  On Garden Conservancy Open Day on                                    Gracemarie Dell’Angelo*        Marie DeNoris
                                                                                                                                                 Barbara M. Dille     Lisa L. Dorfman*
managed woodlands, a formal reflecting                               Jul y 1 5 , we a r e d e l i g h t e d t h a t N a n c y          Janet M. Dunckley       June Farnham        Micki Gilbert*
pool, and a highly refined cutting garden                            H o u g h w i l l b e b a ck a t WC C t o                                   Kathy Golden      Ken & Jean Halajian

will be lead by the designer of the natural                          demonstrate how she raises monarchs                               Mary Hinrichs       Eleanor Hoffman         Lauretta Jones
                                                                                                                                        Maxine Jewel K aplan*      Esther Kates      Ellen Klein
plantings, Larry Weaner, who will discuss                            from egg to butterfly. Also, she will hold                                   Hugh Knowlton        Sally A. Krefting

the design, planting and management                                  a butterfly-rearing workshop here on July                             Charles J. Lercara     Marybeth Weston Lobdell*
                                                                                                                                      Pat Macgregor      Patricia MacNaughton        Bea Maguire*
techniques behind this unique landscape.                             28 at 10 a.m. Sign up for the workshop on                         Vera Matic      K athleen McArdle        Michelle McNally
From there we will proceed to historic                               the Lecture Registration Form.                                              Rosalind B. Mendell      Leonard Miller
                                                                                                                                        Pru and Clark Montgomery           Sandra Carr Motland
D e e r f i e l d . V i s i t s t o g a r d e n s, h i s t o r i c       M o n a rc h b u t t e r f l i e s we re ve r y              Mrs. Stanley Newhouse        Sophia Perry     Karen Ragins
homes and native nursery Nasami                                      plentiful in the Northeast this year, and                        Nancy Rice*       Elizabeth Roach       Kaaren B. Rousseve

Farms will follow.                                                   we’re hoping for a repeat performance this                           Trish Schroer    Arthur Lott Scinta      Elsie Smith*
                                                                                                                                         Jean Sparacin     Jack Stadler*      Penny Ste ppacher
                                                                     ye a r. T h e N P C b e c a m e a c e r t i fi e d                       Grace M. Stuart, MD        Theresa Mae Tori
               *********************                                 Monarch Waystation in October. We are                                        Rober t L. Tranzillo    Justine Troia
                                                                                                                                              Helen Weber       John & Phyllis Zekauskas*
     To welcome Spring’s arrival, The NPC                            #895 in the registry.
i s j o i n i n g f o r c e s w i t h Te at ow n L a ke                                                                                        B USINESSES & O RGANIZATIONS
                                                                                    *********************                                   Bedford Garden Club   Lake Mahopac Garden Club
Re s e r va t i o n a n d We s t ch e s t e r C o u n t y
                                                                           Volunteers needed! We are shameless                                 Munz Associates Landscape Architecture
Parks to celebrate Westchester Wildflower                                                                                                           The Garden Club of Yorktown
                                                                     about tapping into the talents of our
We e k M a y 7 – 1 3 . T h e s e t h r e e                                                                                                                   D ONATIONS
                                                                     t i reless volunteers. Without them, we
organizations will co-sponsor the                                                                                                                 Jane Beers    Gracemarie Dell’Angelo
                                                                     wo u l d n’t   h a ve    f ab u l o u s f l o we r
p r o m o t i o n o f t h e w e e k , w h i ch i s                                                                                              Frances MacEachron       Janet S. Matthews
                                                                     arrangements for our Art Show lunches,                                     Kaaren B. Rousseve    Mr s. Dorothy Sebesta
coordinated with the Lady Bird Johnson                                                                                                                      Mr. Alan W. Vernon
                                                                     gardening        and      designing        help,
Wildflower Center’s National Wildflower                                                                                               * Proud supporter of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
                                                                     connections to plant suppliers, and all
                                                                     sorts of other things. If you have a talent                                  A NNUAL F UND D ONORS
     D u r i n g t h i s we e k , t h e t h re e C o -
                                                                     you’d like to share, call us at (914) 606-7876.                          Anne & David Donaldson       Amy Ferrara
Sponsors will have special prog rams to                                                                                                     Hudson River Garden Club     Valerie Kopelman
f o c u s t h e p u b l i c ’s at t e n t i o n o n                                                                                             Barbara E. Marks     Nadia H. Taylor

wildflowers, the threat to wildflowers and                                    NPC N ON - M EMBERS                                                     Mr. and Mrs. James Wood

the need to preser ve them. Members of                                    P HONE (914) 606 - 7876 FOR                                               A RT S HOW D ONORS
                                                                                                                                         Laura B. Blau   Mar y Berol   Linda Champanier
any Sponsoring Organization will receive                                  YOUR P LANT P RE -S ALE L IST .                                   Cece & Richard Fabbr o    Roxana Robinson
m e m b e rs h i p d i s c o u n t s f o r a ny ev e n t .                                                                                 The Framing Galler y    The Iron Horse Grill
L e a r n ab o u t , c o n s e r v e a n d e n j oy                               O RDER D EADLINE :                                             The New York Botanical Garden
                                                                                                                                            Heather & Michael Sandifer     Betsy Stern
wildf lowers!                                                                         M ARCH 1, 2007                                  Carolyn Summers     Phillis Warden    Lucille Werlinich
      Native Plant Center Newsletter is published by                             OF
                                                                              R      R
      Westchester Community Colleg e Foundation,                            BE O U       !
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      Website: www.nativeplantcenter.or g                             A
                                                                   LY    UP A M
      E-mail: wcc.nati                       NT P S G R
                                                               RE EL     RO
      Brooke M. Beebe, Project Director                      R
                                                           CU TO H E P
      Nancy Inzinna, Newsletter Editor                   T          R
                                                       NO OIN U T U
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                                                  AR C. N D F
                                                U    P
                                              YO E N O N A
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 Educating people about the environmental necessity, economic value, and natural beauty of native plants in the Nor theast.
Carolyn Summers                                                     Anne Megaro and Barbara Fischer
Saturday, Febr uar y 3                                              Saturday, March 3
10 – 12 noon at WCC                                                 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at WCC
Plant Sale Chair Carolyn Summers will begin by                      Have you tried to grow your own meadow (or just
showing slides of many of the plants listed in the                  some impatiens) from seed and failed? Take this
2007 Pre-Sale List growing in her own garden.                       course and learn from the mistakes of your teachers!
Then, NPC members can consult with our own                          Class covers the basic techniques and pitfalls of seed
“Personal Shoppers.” They’ll help you choose the                    sowing as well as the more advanced requirements
best plants for your garden from our better-than-                   of many native perennials. This hands-on program
ever Pre-Sale List. NPC members: your list will                     supplies you with soil, packs, seeds and bags for
arrive in late January. Bring your copy and we can                  seeded packs. You will sow and take home packs of
help you fill out the Order Form. Enjoy a morning                   Aquilegia canadensis (wild columbine) and Asclepias
with our volunteer experts and learn more about                     tuberosa (butterfly weed). Proper transplanting and
our wonderful natives. Join as a member to attend.                  aftercare will also be demonstrated.

Carolyn Summers w orked for New York City’s De par tment            Anne Megaro has been teaching planting techniques for 20 years at
of Environmental Pr otection as the Director of Natural Resources   W ildclif f Greenhouse in New Rochelle. As Field Coordinator for
for seven years, and implemented a new native plants policy         Groundwork Yonkers, Inc., she works on envir onmental projects.
for all agency construction projects. She currently works as a
                                                                    Barbara Fischer, a Master Gardener, runs the after-school greenhouse
self-employed consultant on a variety of environmental issues
                                                                    program for The Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry. She is the
and is the Chair of the NPC’s Wildflower and Native Plant Sale.
                                                                    Co-Chair of the NPC’s Steering Committee.

                           C ELEBRATE W ILDFLOWER WEEK AT
                           THE NATIVE PLANT CENTER IN MAY
G ARDENING           WITH      N ATURE                              A CLOSER LOOK                 AT   SPRING WILDFLOWERS
Carolyn Summers                                                     Carol Gracie
Monday, May 7                                                       Thursday, May 10
5 - 7 p.m. at WCC                                                   5 - 7 p.m. at WCC
Integrating native plants with your garden design                   The wildflowers that brighten the Northeastern
is fun and easy and this program will stimulate                     woodlands in spring are more than just a delight
your creativity. This speaker will use examples                     for the eye and a lift for the winter-weary spirit.
from her own g a rdens in Westchester and the                       Come learn about the interesting life histories of
Catskills, and will cover plants for beauty and                     some of your favorite spring wildflowers. Topics
wildlife in shade, sun, wet and dry conditions.                     w i l l i n cl u d e a d a p t a t i o n s fo r e a r l y b l o o m i n g,
S h e w i l l s h ow h ow t o u s e n o n - n at iv e p l a n t s   medicinal and other uses, the origin of wildflower
responsibly by explaining some basic plant                          names, and pollination and seed dispersal.
re productive strate gies, with the emphasis on
gardening with nature rather than against
                                                                    Carol Gracie is the co-author of Wildflowers in the Field and
nature for much better results.                                     Forest: A Field Guide to the Northeaster n United States published
                                                                    in 2006. She is also a co-author and photographer for a two
Car olyn Summers worked for New York City’s Depar tment             volume work on the plants of central French Guiana. Since 1983
of Environmental Protection as the Dir ector of Natural Resources   Carol has organized and led natural history tours for The New
for seven years, and implemented a new native plants policy         York Botanical Garden. Destinations include the Amazon, the
for all agency construction projects. She currently works as a      Galapagos, and European sites known for their scenic beauty and
self-employed consultant on a variety of environmental issues       profusion of wildflowers. Carol lectures on wildflowers, both local
and is the Chair of the NPC’s Wildflower and Native Plant Sale.     and from afar, and on some of her travel destinations.
William Cullina is the Nursery Director at Nasami Far m and Head Propagator at the Garden in the Woods,
both of which are owned and operated by the New England Wild Flower Society. He is also the author of
Nati ve Trees, Shr ubs and Vines and Gr owing and Pr opagating W ildflowers. His newest book, Nati ve Fer ns, Moss
and Grasses will be published in the fall of 2007.

Rick Darke heads a Pennsylvania-based consulting firm focused on landscape ethics, photography, and contextual
design. He has been photographing and studying North American plant communities for over 30 years. His
work has been featured on National Public Radio and is ref lected in his many books including The American
Woodland Garden: Capturing the Spirit of the Deciduous Fo r est and his la test, The Enc yclopedia of Grasses for
Li vable Landscapes. For further infor mation see:

Larr y Weaner is president of Larr y Weaner Landscape Design Associates, a natural landscape design/build
fir m that he founded in 1982. He has lectured throughout the U.S. and his projects have been featured in
numerous publications. He is a past board member and environmental committee chair of the Association of
Professional Landscape Designers, and developed the New Directions in the American Landscape (NDAL)
educational series in 1990.

              R EGISTER         A FRIEND AT REGULAR PRICE AND SAVE                                           $2      ON YOUR REGISTRATION
     REGISTER          FOR     3   OR     M ORE L ECTURES                AND       S AVE $5           ON THE              T OTAL R EGISTRATION F EE
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             (Fee: $25 non-member, $22 member)
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              (Fee: $118 non-member, $110 member)                                       Day Phone:
              (Fee includes lunch and breaks)
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       Fax: (914) 606-6143      Phone: (914) 606-7870
     Special discounts on lecture fees for senior citizens and WCC staff members/students. Phone for details.

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