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Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering by fop21123


									                                                      Geotechnical and
                                           Geoenvironmental Engineering
                                          Whether for civil engineering works or engineering support on environmental projects, ICF
                                          International’s Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering team provides the perfect
                                          blend of hands-on engineering expertise, environmental knowledge, and appreciation for
                                          management concerns. Our engineers have the analytical skills and construction know-how
                                          to help our clients manage risk on complex engineering projects, as well as the necessary
                                          multidisciplinary team experience to design and build solutions for environmental and
                                          security problems. ICF’s perspective on policy and regulatory drivers helps our clients
                                          optimize their project strategies to achieve their core business objectives. We serve clients in
                                          the chemical, construction, mining, petrochemical, petroleum, power, transportation, water
                                          resources, and waste management industries, as well as government agencies worldwide.

For more than 30 years, our
geotechnical and geoenvironmental
                                          Our Approach
engineers have been applying              ICF’s Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Safety Program offers a structured, performance-
engineering fundamentals to solve         based approach to engineering design, construction, and performance evaluation. Our value
client issues on the following types      engineering methodology engineers a facility for its design life by imposing an objective-
                                          prediction-measurement feedback loop. This process creates a buildable design, ensures
of projects:                              construction in accordance with the design, and confirms that the as-built project meets its
   Earth dams and levees                  intended objectives. For more than 30 years, we have successfully used this approach on
   Tailings dams and mine waste           new projects and to extend the service life of existing facilities.
   Land reclamation
                                          Our Services
   Artificial islands                     Engineering Analysis and Design                    Earth Structure Design
   Environmental site remediation
   Foundations for major industrial and   Engineering analysis and design require            ICF’s geotechnical engineers have
                                          application of fundamental principles of           experience in all aspects of the
   transportation facilities
                                          physics to the materials and processes used        design of earth structures, including earth
   Pipelines                              in construction in order to determine a            dams, slopes, embankments, landfills, and
   Shallow and deep foundations           project’s feasibility and safety. Our              excavations. Our services include definition
   Braced excavations                     engineers, by education and experience,            of project objectives, site investigation,
   Stabilization of natural and manmade   have the knowledge and tools to apply              conceptual and detailed designs, alternative
   slopes                                 these principles to real world problems,           design selection, material property
   Landslide prediction and control       such as:                                           evaluation, design analyses, cost estimates,
   Surface water reservoirs                                                                  production of construction drawings,
                                              Static and seismic slope stability
   Oil storage tanks and reservoirs                                                          specification writing, and bid evaluation.
                                              Stability of deep excavations
   Solution mined salt caverns
                                              Shallow and deep foundation capacity           Value Engineering
   Retaining walls
   Municipal solid waste landfills            Evaluation of liquefaction potential           More often than not, proposed designs for
   Industrial landfills                                                                      complex engineering projects benefit from
                                              Groundwater and aquifer modeling               an independent peer review. Our
   Secure hazardous waste storage
                                              Safety of salt caverns                         structured, value engineering approach
                                                                                             systematically compares specific project
   Seepage barriers                           Finite element simulations                     objectives to the expected performance of
   Drainage systems                                                                          the proposed design. Capital, construction,
   Groundwater control                                                                       and operational cost savings realized from
   Rock characterization                                                                     our past reviews have equaled 2 to 30
   Offshore structures                                                                       times the cost of our value engineering
Our Services (continued)
Forensic Engineering                                                           Construction assessment
Forensic engineering seeks to determine the causes of engineering              Performance monitoring
failures or accidents. ICF’s Geotechnical Engineering team has                 Performance evaluation
extensive experience in investigating, determining, and explaining             Safety assessment
failure causes for project owners, insurance companies, and law firms.         Contingency planning
We pride ourselves on giving our clients verifiable, objective analyses        Remedial measures
and balanced, straightforward appraisals. In litigation, we provide the
expertise that wins cases. Our services include:
                                                                           Construction Support
    Review and interpretation of geological and geotechnical data to
                                                                           Geotechnical construction often encounters subsurface conditions and
    identify key material properties
                                                                           involves construction details that require field decisions to keep a
    Analysis of design documents, construction records, and                project moving on track. Our veteran “dirty boots” engineers know
    monitoring data to clarify the sequence of events leading to and       heavy construction. We speak the language, know the heavy
    the conditions at failure                                              equipment, recognize contractors’ time and budget constraints, know
    Design and supervision of site investigation, field instrumentation,   the construction methods and materials, and understand site safety.
    field sampling, and laboratory testing programs to gather              We apply our valuable construction experience to streamline project
    additional data and evidence                                           progress from start to finish, with design stage constructability reviews
                                                                           and construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
    Engineering analyses and reports to explain the failure cause          programs. We often act as an owner’s representative to monitor
    Cost analyses to quantify monetary damages                             construction progress, ensure specification compliance, and make field
                                                                           design modifications. Our engineers have OSHA HAZWOPER health
    Litigation support and expert witness testimony                        and safety certification for projects at potential hazardous waste sites.

Geotechnical Safety and Risk                                               Environmental Engineering
Due to the variability of the natural materials with which they build,     Environmental projects often require the same engineering disciplines
geotechnical engineers and project owners constantly deal with             as other civil works. From groundwater flow, vadose zone multiphase
uncertainty and must constantly balance the economic costs of overly       mass migration, contaminant transport to earthmoving, site
conservative designs against the potential economic, human, and            supervision, and project management, ICF’s engineers have the
environmental risks of project failure. From conceptual design, during     experience to design and implement environmentally sound solutions
construction, and throughout the project’s service life, ICF’s             to challenging client concerns. We design systems for groundwater
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Safety Program provides a                contaminant monitoring, product recovery, hydraulic containment,
proven methodology for evaluating, minimizing, and monitoring the          contaminant extraction, in situ treatment, ex situ treatment, and
risks inherent in geotechnical structures.                                 enhanced biological degradation of pollutants. We design
                                                                           impoundments, seepage barriers, dikes, ponds, and wetlands to
The Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Safety Program has the               protect and restore fragile habitats. Our combined knowledge of
following components:                                                      groundwater flow, chemistry, and advanced treatment technologies
    Establishment of performance criteria                                  produces results tailored to the individual circumstances of each
    Design assessment
    Field measurement system

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