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                       "How to Look Good Naked" as Gok Wan hits Westfield London!

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       Dated: Dec 07, 2009

       "How to Look Good Naked" as Gok Wan hits Westfield London!

       Gok Wan spent a whole week advising women how to look good naked at Westfield London! The
       infamous Gok Pod arrived on site and was on site for 5 days as excitement reached fever pitch at the centre!

        The show is focused on taking women and making them feel good about themselves through
       revolutionising their wardrobe's! Of course there is no shortage of great shops to choose from at Westfield
       London!, the exclusive agents for all filming and photography at Westfield London and had to be on
       hand so that the filming was controlled and successful. With the attention that the filming and Gok in
       particular received our man on the ground was kept busy! All in a days work at!


       The idea behind is a simple but effective one – we are a location agency that generates
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        We optimise income at properties that are either vacant or operational by using them as outstanding film
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        Our expertise in this field allows us to capitalise on media opportunities to deliver a structured revenue to
       our clients. By focusing on client’s principal business activities, we are able to utilise property whilst either
       awaiting planning permission or if simply underutilised. We invite you to review testimonials from clients
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