Complete Inventory 4 glass Nantucket Nectar bottles 12 porcupine by gabyion


									Complete Inventory

4 glass Nantucket Nectar bottles
12 porcupine quills
3 pink folding chairs
1 Haier electric fan
1 sofa
7 throw pillows

1 desk chair
1 desk top
2 black HON two-drawer letter-size file cabinets
1 Continuity of Business binder for day job
reference files - left file cabinet
project files - right file cabinet
1 spindle of old backup CDs
1 160GB external hard drive w/ AC Adapter and FireWire cable
1 Sprint Treo 700p w/ charging cable
1 black 80GB 5th generation iPod w/ charging cable
1 pair of Sennheiser headphones
1 Canon digital camera w/ battery charger, USB cable, and A/V cable
1 iMac w/ keyboard and "Mighty Mouse" (running Mac OS X 10.3.9)
1 cable modem w/ Ethernet cable
“Vita-Mix Whole Food Recipes For Better Living”
“Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
“The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss (book and unadbridged audiobook on 7
3 Moleskine journals
1 Ziploc bag of postcards/notes from last year’s trip to Europe
2 rolls of Scotch tape
4 CD-RWs
1 Core Secrets exercise ball
1 Frelonic exercise mat
1 pair Ivanko 5 lb. Neoprene dumbbells (blue)
1 pair Ivanko 8 lb. Neoprene dumbbells (gray)
1 pair Ivanko 12 lb. Neoprene dumbbells (yellow)
1 pair Ivanko 15 lb. Neoprene dumbbells (green)
1 in-tray
1 Ott-Lite desk lamp (black)
1 flashlight
1 spiral stone paperweight
1 Brother P-Touch labeler
1 manicure set (case, tweezers, toenail clipper, nail clipper, file, 3 in 1 knife)
1 scissors
1 scotch tape dispenser w/ roll of scotch tape
1 stapler
1 box of index cards
1 staple remover
1 bottle of lens cleaner
1 highlighter
1 Sharpie marker (black)
1 Swiss Army knife
23 Pilot G2 0.5 pens (black)
12 Pilot G2 0.7 pens (black)
1 cloth tape measure
1 box staples
1 box paper clips (large)
1 post-it notes

1 bottle of face wash (6 oz.)
1 bottle of Listerine (8.5 oz.)
1 bottle of Face (4 oz.)
1 toothpaste (6 oz.)
assorted condoms/lube
1 banker’s box cards/letters
1 wastebasket (blue)

1 green carry-on roll-aboard suitcase (w/ donations for local thrift store)

1 entertainment center
2 photo albums
grade school yearbooks
original version of grade school detective story
Michel Thomas Italian - Beginner (10 CDs)
Michel Thomas Italian - Vocabulary Builder (5 CDs)
Michel Thomas Italian - Booster (2 CDs)
Michel Thomas Italian - Advanced (5 CDs)
Michel Thomas French - Beginner (10 CDs)
Michel Thomas French - Booster (2 CDs)
Michel Thomas French - Advanced (5 CDs)
Michel Thomas German - Beginner (10 CDs)
Michel Thomas German - Booster (2 CDs)
Michel Thomas German - Advanced (5 CDs)
Rick Steves’ French Phrasebook
Rick Steves’ German Phrasebook
Rick Steves’ Italian Phrasebook
Rick Steves’ Spanish Phrasebook
Rick Steves’ Portuguese Phrasebook
Rick Steves’ Europe - All 70 Shows 2000-2007
Sex and the City - The Complete Series
“First-Time Around the World”
“World Party”
“A Year of Adventures”
“hide this french book”
“hide this spanish book”
“hide this french book 101”
“hide this french book for lovers”
“Ilocano Dictionary & Phrasebook”
“Tagalog: Start Speaking Today!”
“Time Out Shortlist: Paris 2007”
“Lonely Planet Paris Encounter”
“Rough Guides Paris Directions”
“Let’s Go Paris”
“Time Out Shortlist: Amsterdam 2008”
“Rough Guides Amsterdam Directions”
“Let’s Go Amsterdam”
“Time Out Shortlist: Berlin”
“Let’s Go Germany”
“Core Secrets: FUNdamentals/Give Me 20” + instructions/workout cards/eating
“Core Secrets: 25 Minute Full Body Workout + Accelerated Core Training”
“Core Secrets: Training Camp”
“Core Secrets: Accelerated Training Camp”
“Core Secrets: Full Body Challenge”
“Core Secrets: Ab Assault”
“Core Secrets: Bun Battle”
“Core Secrets: Off The Ball”
2 decks of TAG playing cards
2 stacks of TAG poker chips (each stack: 5 black, 10 blue, 10 red)
10 CD-R (Music)
Mac OS X Panther Version 10.3 (installation CDs and instructions)
Print Explosion Deluxe Version 3.0 (installation CDs and instructions)
Case Logic CD case (blue)
Case Logic CD case (yellow)
Case Logic CD case (black)
miscellaneous cables & camera battery
1 camera bag w/ Palm Z22, USB cable, AC adapter, travel charger w/
international adapters, instructions, software installation CD, 3 extra styli
1 Apex DVD player w/ remote
1 Sony Wega TV w/ remote
1 box of coin envelopes
1 box of Rotring pen refills
1 rechargable battery charger
6 rechargable AA batteries
1 box of index cards
25 NoteTaker Wallet replacement notepads
pump/inflation tube/measuring tape for Core Secrets ball
1 Vivitar digital camera/instructions/USB cable/AC adapter
Katie Faulkner, “What I’m Worth” (cassette)
Ruth Levy, “My Song Is Out Now”
mix CD from a buddy
Body & Soul NYC, “Volume 5”
DJ Rekha, “DJ Rekha presents Basement Bhangra”

1 red gym bag
1 pair workout sneakers
Polar heart rate monitor w/ carrying case and instructions
Body Shop coconut body butter
antibacterial towelettes

1 Civita day pack
bottle of Purell hand sanitizer

laundry cart
bungee cord for laundry cart
2 laundry bags

1 dining room table w/ glass tabletop
4 dining room chairs
1 dining room baker’s rack
1 mirror
1 welcome mat
1 pair New Balance sneakers (black)
1 pair flip-flops
1 pair Reef sandals
3 pairs dress shoes
1 wrist blood pressure monitor
1 calendar
1 David Allen ballpoint pen
cash on hand
Notetaker Wallet w/ Rotring ballpoint pen
cards (Metrocard, day job ID, gym ID, health insurance card, day job spending
account card, ATM card, non-driver’s ID, corporate card, NYPL/Queens library
loose change mug
1 Honeywell standing electric fan

1 mini-umbrella
1 blue vellux blanket
1 purple vellux blanket
1 comforter
3 casual sweaters
2 fleece vests
4 sweatshirts
1 fleece
4 light jackets
 black Calvin Klein
blue Izod windbreaker
 gray Caffeine jacket
 gray Weatherproof jacket
1 pin shirt (add a new pin for each new destination)
1 black umbrella w/ bird design
1 red umbrella
1 black London Fog coat (broken zipper)
1 business winter coat (3/4 length)
2 business winter coats (full length)
3 suits (that don’t fit)
3 cedar hangers
1 garment bag
box for Honeywell fan
box for Vornado fan
1 pair dress shoes
1 pair loafers (black)
1 pair Timberland snow boots (black)
1 pair Skechers sneakers (black)
1 duffel bag (black)
5 sweaters

1 knit blanket
3 pillows
2 pillowcases/1 flat sheet (brown)
2 pillowcases (blue)
2 pillowcases/1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (leopard)
2 pillowcases (blue)
1 washcloth/1 hand towel/1 towel (olive green)
1 washcloth/1 hand towel/1 towel (tan)
1 washcloth/1 towel (white/green/brown stripes)
1 washcloth (sea green)
1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (black diamond)
2 pillowcases (dark green)
2 regular pillowcases/1 king pillowcase/1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (dark blue/
green plaid)
2 regular pillowcases/1 light blue king pillowcase/1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (light
blue/green plaid)
2 regular pillowcases/1 light tan king pillowcase/1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (light
tan pattern)
2 regular pillowcases/1 flower king pillowcase/1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (sky
2 regular pillowcases/1 flower king pillowcase/1 flat sheet/1 fitted sheet (purple)
4 ties
instructions on how to tie a tie
2 barong undershirts
4 towels
9 kitchen towels
13 colored washcloths
5 plain washcloths
4 handkerchiefs
1 Brooklyn Cyclones cap
1 USA ‘04 Olympic cap
1 pair black leather gloves
1 pair black Timberland gloves
2 winter hats
1 scarf

1 bottle Advil
1 box Gas-X tablets
1 instant cold pack
1 box sterile gauze pads
1 packet Dramamine
1 box Band-Aids (various sizes)
1 box Pepto-Bismol tablets
2 packets Theraflu
1 tube Neosporin
1 packet blister protection
1 bottle Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
1 Ziploc bag of Ricola throat drops
1 pill box
1 hot water bottle
1 mini-first aid kit (antibiotic ointment, adhesive pads, bandages, first aid guide)

1 jug Dr. Bronner’s soap (40% full)
1 bottle Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo (40% full)
3 mini-bottles Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo
1 set of body grooming tools
8 bars of V-tonic soap
3 containers Body Shop body butter
1 bottle Sabon massage oil
1 bottle Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil shampoo
1 bottle Gelle X (30% full)
1 bottle Anthony Sea Salt Body Scrub
1 bottle Body moisturizer
1 tube sunscreen
2 bottles Balm
2 packages dental floss
7 tubes J*A*S*O*N* Powersmile toothpaste
1 mini-tube Colgate toothpaste
1 Ziploc bag of face wash/moisturizer samples
2 boxes Q-tips (one box already opened, 30% full)
3 Colgate toothbrushes
7 Mentadent toothbrushes
4 bottles J*A*S*O*N* mouthwash

1 extra smoke detector
1 bottle mineral oil
3 eyeglass cases w/ eyeglasses
4 light bulbs
1 Brita filter
1 box cutter
2 lithium batteries
1 9-volt battery
13 AAA batteries
15 AA batteries
7 Salad Sacs
1 spray bottle

1 Convertible Carry-On (black) w/ luggage tag and document pouch
 1 silk moneybelt
 1 towel
 1 clothesline
1 Eagle Creek folding board (18”)
 1 silk sleep sack
 1 Hideaway Tote Bag
 1 packing cube
  2 packing cubes
  1 handy mesh bag
  assorted Ziploc bags
 1 handy mesh bag
  1 electrical adapter for digital camera (Continental)
  2 notepads
  1 wallet
  1 alarm clock
  1 flexilock
 1 headphone adapter for Delta headphones
  1 packet of antibacterial towelettes
  photos of family and friends
  temporary tattoos
  1 set of picnic ware (fork, spoon, soup spoon, knife)
 1 compact toiletries case
  toothbrush + case
  soap + case
Zip-top bag
  travel toothpaste
 1 Hide-Away Tote Bag

box for current iMac
1 red wastebasket

To Recycle
Epson color printer
Apple keyboard
Dell battery
Apple iMac

8 Snapware containers
1 recycling “magnet”
1 health food store calendar magnet

2 ice cube trays
5 boxes frozen spinach
1 box vegan Boca burgers
5 bags frozen broccoli
2 bags frozen peaches
2 bags frozen blueberries
2 bags frozen strawberries
1 box frozen peas
1 box frozen green beans
1 bag frozen peas
3 organic dark chocolate bars

1 silverware organizer
1 can opener
1 vegetable peeler
1 set of measuring spoons
1 tea strainer
4 teaspoons
1 potato masher
2 wooden spoons
1 serving fork
1 serving spoon
4 spoons
4 knives
3 forks
3 salad forks

1 microwave oven (in box)
1 hand broom/dustpan
1 broom
1 string mop
1 mop bucket
1 bag of bags
1 wastebasket

1 stir-fry pan
1 sauce pan
1 steamer/soup pot

box of cleaning supplies
1 bottle all-purpose cleaner
1 tube Bon Ami
1 roll paper towels
6 boxes Brillo pads
3 sponges
1 box Brillo Scrub ‘N Toss
2 boxes recycling bags
3 boxes Ziploc gallon bags
1 box trash bags
1 box Ziploc quart bags
1 box Ziploc snack bags

3 tongs
1 strainer
3 gray tupperware containers
3 serving plates
3 mixing bowls
3 bowls
5 mugs
4 small plates
6 large plates

1 sponge
1 bottle dishwashing liquid
1 paper towel holder + paper towels
1 Vitamix (base, pitcher, tamper)
1 food scale
1 Global kitchen knife
1 cutting board
1 dutch oven
1 set of measuring cups
1 plastic measuring cup

2 cans black beans
1 can white kidney beans
1 can garbanzo beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can red beans
1 can black eyed peas
1 can Great Northern beans
1 can kidney beans
2 cans refried black beans
1 can refried pinto beans
1 container flax seeds
1 container quinoa
1 conatiner millet
1 container Equal Exchange hot cocoa
1 box Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant Green Tea
1 box Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea Sampler
1 box Numi Earl Grey tea
1 box Numi Jasmine Green tea
1 container “get soothed” tea
1 container “get relief” tea
2 containers “Forever Fruit” loose tea
3 containers “Indian Chai” loose tea
1 container “Hibiscus” loose tea
1 container “Chamomile” loose tea
1 container “Peppermint” loose tea
2 Cinnamon Date Nut Popems
1 Chocolate Date Nut Popems
5 Original Date Nut Popems
1 jar medium salsa
1 Vegi-Zest
1 Bragg Liquid Aminos
1 Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette
1 bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
black pepper
dill weed
cayenne pepper
black pepper
garlic powder
organic powder
vodka sauce
cherry peppers

2 regular pillows
1 king pillow
1 tan vellux blanket
1 cotton mattress pad
1 mattress
1 boxspring
1 bedframe (on wheels)
1 Vornado fan
1 alarm clock/radio
1 white plastic hamper frame
1 wastebasket
short-sleeve shirts
long-sleeve shirts
5 sweater vests
3 belts
5 barongs
3 suits
athletic socks
sweat pants
mock turtlenecks

toilet brush + holder
face wash
shower curtain
shower curtain hooks
soap dish
Lysol sanitizing wipes
toilet paper
liquid soap
toothbrush holder
tongue scraper
shaving cream
razor + extra blades
Sabon vanilla coconut body scrub
Sabon vanilla coconut butter cream
boric acid

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