Promotion of Gender Equality in the University of Helsinki by fop21123


									Promotion of Gender Equality in the
University of Helsinki

Terhi Saarikoski
University of Helsinki

 11 faculties
 38 800 students, 63 % women
 4 400 degrees yearly
      350 doctorates, 56 % women
 Total number of staff 7 700
 3 800 researchers and teachers
 The proportion of women among professors 25 %

Promoting gender equality in the University of

 Equality committee appointed by the University Senate,
  chaired by the Vice Rector
       consists of representatives of various staff groups, students
        and those groups most likely to suffer discrimination
       responsible for monitoring and promoting equal opportunities
 Equality adviser, full-time position
       disseminates information and provides training in equal
       works with the Equality Committee to develop the practice of
        equal opportunities at the University
 Equality network: each department and institute has a
  contact person

 Gender equality plans since early 1990s
 Diversity plan (concerning other discrimination grounds
  than gender: ethnicity, age, disability etc.) since 2001
 Drafted by the Equality Committee, accepted by the
  university senate (the highest decision making body of the
 Guidelines how to prevent sexual harassment since mid-
 Mainstreaming gender equality in all activities throughout
  the university
       Equality and diversity is included in strategic planning and
        personnel training
 Annual gender equality price
 Mentoring programme since 1997
 Evaluation of the equality activity
       Analysis of statistics
       Interviews of faculty management
       Results
          - Equality policy was not well-known in all faculties
          - Gender dynamics and awareness varied between
 Annual funding for gender equality projects
       in-depth studies of particular departments and Faculties
       faculty level equality plans

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

 Study of sexual harassment in the University in 1995
 Guidelines on how to prevent sexual harassment were
  issued first in 1996
 Revision in 2004: common guidelines for handling all
  kinds of inappropriate treatment, including discrimination,
  harassment and bullying, not only those that are identified
  as gender-related
 Contact persons responsible for dealing with alleged
  sexual harassment of both staff and students
 Training for management of units and contact persons of
  the Student Union
 Team including contact person, University Lawyer and
  Occupational Health Specialist
Success stories in the University of Helsinki

 The existence of detailed guidelines approved by the
  university senate
 Gender equality has been integrated into highest
  university management
 The creation of an infrastructure for monitoring and
  promoting equality
 Funding for equality projects
 The Equality Committee has both women and men as
  members and the male members have been active
 Active involvement of students

Success stories in the University of Helsinki

 The University of Helsinki has also successfully
  introduced new issues on the equality agenda in Finnish
 The University of Helsinki has been active in consolidating
  both national and international networking for gender
  equality promotion in universities
 The University of Helsinki’s gender equality agenda has
  been strongly informed by gender research
 Gender studies promotion as part of gender equality

Future Challenges

 Implementation of mainstreaming equality in all activities
  at all organizational levels
       How to convert strategies to practice
 Amended Equality Act
       Educational institutes under the scope of equality act
       Pay equity
 Developing gender sensitive statistics

Join the European Network on Gender Equality
in HE

 An electronic discussion list to discuss and share
  information on gender equality in HE in Europe.
 400 members from 30 countries and five continents.
 Hosted by the University of Helsinki, moderated by Liisa
  Husu and Terhi Saarikoski.
 How to join: Send an email with the text SUBSCRIBE EQ-
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