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					                  CITY OF YAKIMA, WASHINGTON
                      SEPTEMBER 23, 1997
                    ADJOURNED STUDY SESSION
                   AND AIRPORT BOARD MEMBERS

The City Council met on this date at 7:30 a.m. in the Second Floor
Training Room at the Police Station/Legal Center, 200 South 3rd Street.
Council Members present were Mayor Lynn Buchanan, presiding, Clarence
Barnett, Ernie Berger, John Puccinelli, Bernard Sims, and John Klingele
(present after 7:45 a.m.). Council Member Henry Beauchamp was absent
and excused. Staff members present were City Manager Zais, Assistant
City Manager Rice, City Attorney Ray Paolella, K. Allan. Chronister,
Fire Chief, Assistant City Attorney Larry Peterson, Assistant City
Attorney Paul McMurray, and Deputy City Clerk Skovald. Yakima County
Commissioners Bettie Ingham and Jim Lewis, as well as Airport Board
Members Greg Berndt, Helga Braman, Bill Elkins, Fred Iraola, and Bob
Clem, Airport Manager, were also present.

Proposal   Regarding    Realignment    of    Airport/Community    Fire

Mayor Buchanan explained the original layout of fire stations
throughout the City included one fire station on each side of the
railroad tracks, but after the trains stopped running, fire stations
were scattered more strategically throughout the City.        Since the
reopening of Stampede Pass and increased rail traffic through Yakima,
Mayor Buchanan explained a study was initially done to address concerns
over delayed emergency service response that would occur, particularly
to the downtown area.    Station No. 1 trucks on the east side of the
tracks can be 6-10 minutes away from the nursing homes, hospitals,
schools, and businesses on the west side of the tracks.      To address
concerns of potential loss of life or property, a study was done to
identify and explore alternate sites to possibly relocate Fire Station
No. 4 situated at the Airport. Mayor Buchanan invited Al Chronister,
Fire Chief, to summarize portions of that study.

Chief Chronister pointed out that additional benefits of relocating the
fire station were brought to light once the study was underway.      He
reported the City-owned property at 33rd Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard
showed to be an excellent location to respond to all locations to best
serve the City of Yakima.    A three-man crew from Fire Station No. 4
would be relocated to staff the new fire station; however, there would
only be one firefighter left at the Airport to cover operations. Since
two firefighters are needed at the Airport, consideration needs to be
given to airport fire protection, and the Airport Board, the Yakima
County Commissioners, along with the City Council need to discuss the

Council Member Barnett commented about the National Fire Protection
Association (NFPA) and Gage-Babcock acceptable level of service
recommendations for the fire station relocation and feels it is a good

idea; however, the main issue is how to fund the new facility and man
the Airport Fire Station. Commissioner Ingham asked what direction the
City's Comprehensive Plan projects growth to occur. Chief Chronister
explained growth is expected to the west, but volunteer districts
around the community are in an excellent position to tie in with the
City of Yakima Fire Department as far as response is concerned.
Commissioner Lewis asked when a decision might be reached and when
advanced notice would be given.    Mayor Buchanan explained this issue
has not been decided, and the purpose of this meeting is to explore the
issue.   Chief Chronister added that it would probably take about 18
months to two years after a decision is made to add one firefighter at
the Airport.

There was continued discussion about the proposal, including possible
funding sources, other sites included in the study and why the
recommendation was made. Council Member Berger feels the relocation is
necessary because of the train traffic, but that it is premature to
decide at this time because negotiations are still going on with the
Railroad Administration. Also, consideration needs to be given to the
costs associated with moving the station to the west side, the FAA
regulation changes that need to be addressed, and since it is a
City/County Airport, negotiations with Yakima County are needed so the
City of Yakima is not paying for it all.     Commissioner Lewis agreed
that a funding source needs to be identified and expressed concern
about the possibility of inadequate fire protection at the Airport.
Council Member Barnett feels the Fire Chief has presented a situation
for better fire service delivery and reiterated his feeling that the
bottom line is how is it going to be paid for.     Council Member Sims
feels the critical issues are whether it is necessary to move Station
No. 4, or whether it would be more efficient to move another fire
station.    He also feels all locations should be studied.       Mayor
Buchanan pointed out that retaining existing businesses and expanding
existing businesses is what prompted the study. Protection is needed
for the west side to cover hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.
Commissioner Ingham offered to provide County staff to assist with the
railroad mitigation issue; the underpasses are estimated at $40
million.   Chief Chronister emphasized that the location of the fire
station is not predicated on train traffic; it is predicated on better
service to that section of the City.    The existing fire station will
work; however, the Nob Hill Boulevard location would be a better
location.   Chief Chronister pointed out that the EMS money will be
available for six years.    This meeting is to share information and
provide a question and answer session, and it looks like everyone is
willing to sit down and talk. Bob Clem feels that when the armory is
built there will be growth on the south side, and that is something
that also needs to be addressed.

Status Report on Business Incubator Project-Funding-Construction

City Manager Zais described some of the challenges and summarized the
City's involvement in the Business Incubator Project. The project is
still under development with the partners in the project pursuing the
agreements and documentation necessary to secure the matching funds to


install the Incubator at the airport site.        In summary, Mr. Zais
explained he feels the EDA is comfortable with using Nob Hill Water
expenses of over $200,000 for water lines instead of using the land as
the match for the grant. Those documents will be executed in the near
future. The Incubator Project also reflects higher costs for building
construction which will fall under the Airport rules. It will require
about $54,000 of additional money for construction of the 10,000 square
foot building since it was clear that a 20,000 square foot building was
too expensive.   Another document, the Memorandum of Understanding, is
in draft form and is very close to completion. An informal agreement
amendment has been reached with Mr. Mercy to allow for the carve out.
That agreement will clarify the relationship with the City of Yakima,
Yakima County, and the Airport Board to a point that is consistent and

At Council Member Barnett's request, Larry Peterson clarified some
perspectives:   (1)   Instead of limiting use to 10 years, it seemed
appropriate to set up the lease agreement with the same relationship as
outside third parties have with the Airport.    Essentially, the lease
can be extended for a 50-year period; after that, it would be the sole
asset of the City.     (2)   EDA will review or monitor the Incubator
projects for 10 years, at which time they will no longer be involved in
the project.

Helga Braman directed attention to the interest and fees associated
with the lease agreement. Mr. Zais identified and read sections of the
Tenant Lease document as it relates to comments and costs to be paid to
the Airport. Ms. Braman also asked if the 20-day approval time frame
was agreeable, and Mr. Peterson explained it is the same as other
Airport leases.

Council Member Berger asked Dan Tilley if development of the Industrial
Park is incumbent upon success of the Incubator Project, and whether it
would have a bearing on economic or industrial growth at the Industrial
Park.    Speaking for the developer, Mr. Tilley explained that the
interest shown by the City is good, and it would be a benefit to the
Industrial Park.   There were other questions and comments concerning
infrastructure improvements. Mr. Zais also reported the agreement with
Yakima Valley Community College (YVCC) to fund the incubator is not
complete and will need more discussion which should include the
Economic Development Committee.   Council Member Barnett feels many of
the issues raised by YVCC negate the RFP.    He questioned whether the
RFP should be sent out again. Paul McMurray explained that, although
that is one option available, the RFP was fairly general in its nature
and allows a certain amount of flexibility. Since the City of Yakima
is the provider for the terms of the agreement, it might be advisable
in the future to send out a copy of the agreement with the RFP to spell
out conditions. Mr. McMurray explained the differences between the RFP
process and the bid process.       Council Member Berger felt it is
necessary for YVCC to obtain the proper insurance policy or
indemnification language.    Mr. McMurray reported YVCC indicated in
their RFP that they would obtain insurance or indemnification, but have
since indicated some changes concerning the term of the agreement, and
a request to include a cap on the fees to be paid to the Airport from


YVCC on Incubator income. YVCC has also proposed to only handle tenant
screening and not be responsible for operation or maintenance of the
facility. The City of Yakima, however, has the expectation of having
very limited City staff participation. Since many of YVCC's requested
changes are significant, Mr. McMurray asked for Council direction as
far as whether to proceed and suggested that a meeting be held with the
Economic Development Committee.   Helga Braman directed attention to a
leasehold tax (12.84%) charge on Airport leases.           Mr. McMurray
indicated that is another issue to consider.     Council Members Berger
and Barnett feel no changes should be made from what was outlined in

               ADJOURNED STUDY SESSION -- SEPTEMBER 23, 1997

the RFP, and pointed out the changes requested by YVCC are major
liability changes. There was also discussion about the negotiation

There was continued discussion about the estimated target date and
deadline for construction. The meeting concluded with discussion about
the viability of the project and how it will benefit small businesses
and contribute to economic development in the community. It was MOVED
carried by unanimous voice vote; Beauchamp absent.        The meeting
adjourned at 8:50 a.m.

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Minutes prepared by Deputy City Clerk Skovald.   An audio tape of this meeting is available in the
City Clerk’s Office