How to install the Pharmacalc program onto a PC - PDF - PDF by xpy36219


									How to install the Pharmacalc program:

                                                        1. download
                                                        With most browsers the default
                                                        download folder is the desktop.
                                                        2. unzip
                                                        Choose or create a folder to unzip
                                                        the downloaded file on to your
                                                        hard disk
                                                         (e.g. \My documents

3. install
To install the program, open the folder with the pharmacalc files and double click the
Before installing the program you will be asked for a
Username and Company name; just choose one you like.

                                                                Follow the instructions on
                                                                the screen. After the
                                                                successful installation,
                                                                you will see the program in
                                                                the program folder of
                                                                Windows. Here you will
                                                                find the “uninstaller” of this
                                                                program as well.
                                                                You can delete the files in
                                                                the temp folder now,
                                                                they’re no longer needed.

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