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									    Volume 18 Issue 2                                                                              FEBRUARY 2009

                                                                                             To My Valentine
                                           Ashram News
                                            Ashram News                              Valentine's Day is a velvet day,
                                          Introduction and Launch of the             Calm, smooth, calm, smooth, tranquil,
                                          Global 1,000-Day Meditation for An         Deep flow of the spirit.
                                          Invincible Spirit in the Aquarian Age      The soul of love.
                                                                                     The link between us is the lineage of
                                          February 11, 2009, 7:00 pm                 The human family and the legacy of
                                          Langar Hall                                Divinity.
                                          Class with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa,
                                          PhD Director of Training, Kundalini        This bountiful day, bless us with
                                          Research Institute                         a memory
                                                                                     To meet with love, hugs and kisses,
                                          Recommended donation of $12 or more        Selflessly, humbly, and in the ecstasy
                                          to the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teach-       of God
                                          ings.                                      So we can acknowledge each other
                                                                                     As a wonder of God’s creation.
Guru Dharm, Ruby and Sat Jiwan Kaur       February 14, 2009, 11:30 am
attend celebration in Himachel Pradesh,
India to commemorate Guru Gobind
                                          Meditation for an Invincible Spirit in     With mutual respect and love,
Singh’s Lahore (marriage)                 the Aquarian Age - 1000 Day Medita-        From my being to your being,
                                          tion - Ranch Property                      From my soul to your soul,
•    See more pictures of Guru Gobind                                                From my prayer to your prayer.
     Singh celebration—pg. 8              The sangat and our yoga community
•    Visit from Akal Academy Jetha—       are invited to come together to meditate   In oneness of God I say thank you, thank
     pg. 2                                at the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan's      you, my love,
                                          ranch on Saturday, February 14, 2009       And God bless you.
        Table of Contents                 at 11:30 am, followed by langar at
1000 Day Meditation                 1     12:00 noon at the pool area.               Happy Valentine’s Day!

                                          This is the first day of the 1000 day      With Love,
Ashram Calendar                     2     meditation leading us into the Aquarian
                                          Age and will be led by Nirvair Singh,      Yogi Bhajan
Missal Duties                       2
                                          CEO of KRI. The meditation will last       February, 1992
Community News                      2     for 31 minutes. (See page 9 for medita-
                                          tion details)
Computer Corner                     3
                                          40 Day Narayan Meditation
Ads & Tidbits                       4     Inspired by the Siri Singh Sahib Ji’s
                                          lecture about the power of the Narayan
Food for Health                     5     Shabad, we will sing this shabad for 31
                                          minutes for 40 days at 6 pm right after
Sangat Birthdays                    6     Rehiraas in the Gurdwara. (See page 9
                                          for Siri Singh Sahib’s explanation.)

                                        Hacienda De Guru Ram DAS

             February Ashram Events                                   Community News
2/11             Introduction and launch of the 1000
                 day meditation lead by Gurucharan
                                                              Our sangat was honored with a visit from a special
                 Singh in the Langar Hall, 7:00 pm
                                                              guest, Honorable Baba Iqbal Singh, President of the
2/14             1000 day meditation at the Ranch,            Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, In-
                 11:30 am followed by langar at               dia. Also accompanying him was the Akal Academy
                 12:00 pm.                                    Jetha who blessed us with playing Asa Devar at the
                                                              Ranch Gurdwara on January 27th.
2/14             Valentine’s Day

                 Ongoing Events
6th of the       Gurdwara commemorating the mar-
month            tyrdom of the Akal Takhat.
                 This is traditionally a “Wish-and-a-
                 Dish” langar.
Sundays          Ishnaan Seva, washing the marble
6:30 am          floors in the Gurdwara. All are
                 welcome to participate in this uplift-
                 ing event.
Wednesday,       Sat Nam Rasayan classes are held
6:00 pm          Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to
                 7:30 pm at Terath Nivas, the home
                 of Guru Terath Singh and Jivan Joti            Baba Iqbal Singh addressing the Sangat at the Ranch Gurdwara
                 Kaur. Call 505-753-6241 for more
Every Thurs-     Langar served in the Langar Hall.
day, 12:30 pm    All welcome! To help, call Amrit
                 Kaur, 753-7705 for food prepara-
                 tion, and Deva Singh at 927-0988
                 for general information.
Every Thurs-     Children’s Program every Thurs-
day, 4:00 pm     day: This program is held in the
                 Langar Hall at 4:00pm each Thurs-
                 day. There are activitiesfor the chil-
                 dren followed by a simple meal pre-
                 pared by the parents. Guru Simran
                 Kaur (Ranch) coordinates the pro-
                 gram.                                          The young students of the Akal Academy Jetha playing Asa
Fridays      Prosperity Meditation to “develop
4:30—5:32 pm the intuitive business mind and                  The Kalgidhar Society is dedicated to providing ser-
Gurdwara or  bring prosperity home.”                          vices to the people of India in the areas of education,
langar hall                                                   health care, social welfare and women’s empowerment.
                                                              The work they have done in the area of education is re-
Sunday’s after   Free healing sessions are held in the        markable. They have constructed 41 academies serving
langar           Gurdwara. Acupuncture treatments             30,000 students, 40% which are girls and 20% are poor
                 by Guru Mitar Kaur and Sat Nam               or orphaned. For more information about the Kalgidhar
                 Rasayan Free Clinic facilitated by           Society visit their website at:
                 Jivan Joti Kaur.

                                          Hacienda De Guru Ram DAS

                                                             memory cards now storing 16GB and more, the switch
          Computer Corner                                    to FAT 32 was inevitable.)

                                                             When you take a picture, the camera looks at its FAT
By Guruka Singh                                              table and finds enough unused clusters to hold the file.
                                                             The camera marks the clusters in the FAT table as being
Oh no!                                                       "used," then writes the photo data onto the reserved clus-
Have you ever accidently deleted photos you want to
keep from your digital camera? If so, you know that          When you delete a file, the entries in the FAT table for
awful, sinking feeling of “oh, no! I’ll never get those      that file are changed to say, in effect, "This cluster is
back.” Well, here’s a fast and free way to recover those     available the next time you need more memory." The
deleted photos. But first of all, right away (just as with   clusters themselves — the bytes that form the picture —
any undelete tool,) lock down your camera's memory           aren't touched. If you get to the clusters before they're
card so it cannot be written to!                             overwritten by another file, the data is still sitting there,
                                                             ready to be retrieved.
If you think you might have accidentally deleted pic-
tures or videos from your camera's memory, don't use         Figure 1 shows what happens when you delete a picture
the camera! Don't turn it on, don't plug it into your com-   and your camera overwrites some — but not all — of the
puter, and don't take another shot just to check things      clusters associated with the picture. You see a pastiche
out. If you've already removed the memory card from          of pieces of many shots.
the camera, don't put it back in.
In short, don't do anything until you've digested the ad-
vice in this column.

The chances are very good that Windows can help you
get most — and possibly all — of your deleted pictures
back. However, the more you use the camera, the slim-
mer your chances of recovery become. Simply turning
your camera on could cause the device to create a new
folder, which can zap your pictures.Cameras are funny
that way. (Funny "strange," not funny "ha-ha.")

Of all the Windows tricks I've encountered over the
years, this undelete technique has saved more people,
many more times than any dozen other tips combined.
In fact, you should seriously consider printing this col-
umn and stuffing the hard copy into your camera bag.
                                                             Figure 1. A photo that's been deleted and partially over-
This is one kind of FAT that's good for you                  written.
To understand how a program can bring a file back
from the bit bucket, it helps to have a little background    That's why you don't want to use the camera's memory
on your camera's file system. Digital cameras and cam-       card until you're ready to retrieve the "deleted" pictures,
corders use an ancient DOS-era technique called FAT          which haven't really been deleted at all. If the card is in
(File Allocation Table) to track the data on the camera's    the camera when you use it, saving new images may
memory card. As the name implies, FAT maintains a            overwrite parts of pictures that have been marked for
single database — a table — that tracks the status of        deletion but are still intact.
every cluster on the storage device.
                                                             A free program brings back your lost images
(Techie side-note: until a few years ago, cameras used       Over the years, I've recommended many different file-
the older FAT 16 system, which tops out at 2GB. With         undelete utilities. Some of them are free, while others
                                                                                                         (Continued on page 4)

                                        Hacienda De Guru Ram DAS

(Continued from page 3)
cost $30 or more. Most undelete programs work pretty                             Ads & Tidbits
well, but my favorite is Recuva. The program has
worked on every camera I've tried, every time I've
needed it.                                                          Ancient Healing Ways—To order Siri Singh Sahib
                                                                    lectures, call us at (800) 359-2940 or (505) 747-
Here's how to use Recuva to get your pics back:                     2860
• Step 1: If your PC doesn't already have a memory-
   card reader that accepts the kind of card used by                For other products go to:
   your camera or camcorder, buy one. You can get a       
   high-quality multifunction card reader for about $10
   at any computer store or from your favorite online               Gurdwara Date       Topic                   Lecture Date
• Step 2: Don't turn on the camera. If the memory card              January 4           Hollow, Shallow and     10/2190
   is still in the camera, open the camera and take the                                 Empty
   card out. If the card has a write-protect "lock" tab,
   flip it over so you can't change anything on the card.           January 11          Relationship with       3/6/88
   Buckle up for safety.                                                                your Soul
• Step 3: Download and install Recuva at http://                    January 18          Mangala Charn Bhag- 10/1/89 The Recuva site directs                                      vati
   you to FileHippo, where the download arrow ap-                   January 25          Bana, Bani              11/6/88
   pears in the upper-right corner. Save the rcset-
   up121.exe file to your PC and double-click the file
   to run the installer. When the setup wizard presents             Experience the Shabd Guru through santhya
   you with a list of Install Options, be sure to uncheck           (correct pronunciation) with Ravinder Singh, 4:30
   the box marked Install optional Yahoo! Toolbar.                  to 5:30 pm, Mondays and Tuesdays in the Gurd-
• Step 4: Make sure that the "lock" or write-protect                wara. We will be covering the JapJi of Guru Nanak.
   tab on your camera's memory card has been flipped,               This class will also be repeated Monday and Tues-
   and then insert the card into your computer. Win-                day evenings 6:30 to 7:30 pm.
   dows may report that it needs to scan the card, or it
   may offer to copy its pictures. You may also be pre-             Take part in Gatka practice with Guru Prakash
   sented with an option to dance the Boogaloo in the               Singh - every Monday 7:00pm in the Langar Hall.
   pale moonlight. I know it's difficult, but ignore the            All levels welcome! Half hour Gatka pantran
   temptation and click Cancel.                                     Friday mornings after Sadhana in the Langar Hall.
• Step 5: Click Start, Programs (in Vista, it's All Pro-
   grams), Recuva, then Recuva again. You'll see the
   Recuva Wizard. Click Next.
                                                                                 February Missal Duties
• Step 6: Follow the steps in the wizard to choose the
   kind of files you want to recover. For example, you                 Date      Set-up     Langar Clean-up         Akhand
   may want to look at pictures or at videos. Making a                                                               Path
   choice helps Recuva narrow its search. Click Next.
• Step 7: Recuva lets you point the program at your
                                                                    1/26-2/1        1           2           3             4
   memory card, but in most cases all you have to do is
   click the button marked “On My Media Card.” Click                2/2-2/8         2           3           4             1
• Step 8: On the final screen, check the box marked
                                                                    2/9-2/15        3           4           1             2
   “Enable Deep Scan” and click “Start.”
• Step 9: Grab a cup of Yogi Tea and relax. When
   Recuva comes back with a list of recoverable files,              2/16-2/22       4           1           2             3
   check the boxes next to the files you want to re-
   cover, and finally click the Recover button. It's just
   that easy. Remember, the other person is you.                    2/23-3/1        1           2           3             4
                                        (Continued on page 6)

                                     Hacienda De Guru Ram Das

                                                             •   Grated raw veggies..beets, carrots, turnips, cu-
          Food for Health                                        cumbers, fresh parsley, cilantro, basil, toma-
                                                                 toes..all the regular stuff too.…add different
                                                                 things..Experiment. Grated they are sweet.
      A testimonial on the many virtues of                       (You can grate more than you need so keep it
           “A Delicious Daily Salad!”                            covered in a glass dish in the fridge and make
            By Sat Bachan Kaur Khalsa                            another salad in a few minutes). Add different
                                                                 things at different times. Simple is best.
I have toyed with the fantasy of going raw in the            •   Red onions..very thinly sliced and diced.
past few years. I have now accepted that I will
                                                             •   Garbanzo beans..or refried beans!
most likely never be a Raw Foodist, however out
of this leaning I have come to experience the                •   3 Tablespoons of flax seeds (freshly ground in
benefits of having a daily salad at lunch before I               the Magic Bullet, or coffee grinder) they pro-
eat anything else.                                               vide protein and the magic seed. Good for
The salad contains all the good things I was en-             •   1 Tablespoon of each of the following, almond
couraged to take for my health by various re-                    oil, sesame oil, olive oil,
spected healers and health practitioners. I tell                      Udo’s oil = 4 Tablespoons!!
myself that after the salad I can eat whatever I
                                                             •   1- 2 Tablespoons (depending on how big the
like. It is good to have that option to look for-
                                                                 salad is) of Balsamic Vinegar or lemon or Ap-
ward to, however, the salad is so yummy, filling
                                                                 ple Cider Vinegar to taste, or a combo would
and nutritious that I am really almost forcing my-
                                                                 probably be healthier.(Alkaline).
self to eat much more. This new regime has made
my skin so soft and “not dry” (that for the first            •   A handful of sweet and spicy Pecans from
time in a ling time) I am not lathering my feet and              Trader Joe’s
hands with cream all the time. A friend who                  •   ½ sheet of roasted Nori, ripped up into small
came for lunch and ate “my salad” remarked that                  pieces
it was one of the best three salads he had ever              •   Add Celtic Salt and ground pepper! (Maybe
had! (Someone else then said: “What were the                     fresh Jalapenos…Salt and Jalapenos bring out
other two like?”).                                               the flavor according to a top Raw Food Chef).

Oh, also this habit has helped me keep from gain-            Put in large bowl so it is easy to mix well. Eat
ing weight. The first time in a long time, my                very slowly, chewing very, very well! Enjoy it!
weight has remained constant without a lot of ef-            Of course, you could add raw dates, raisins and
fort. Consider another health regime which also              much more. Go wild!
helps maintaining your right weight: Fast on the
Moon Cycles: The New Moon, the 11th day of
the moon, and the Full Moon! This yogic prac-
tice has the moon cycles benefit your efforts ex-
ponentially. If you are going to fast, why not get
all the help you can get!?

Here is my recipe for a magical salad:

•   Chopped lettuce, wash a whole head , and
    then keep it in the fridge in the spinner so it is
    easy to use for a few days.

                                    Hacienda De Guru Ram Das

(Continued from page 4)
                                                                   February Birthdays
Chandler is an open source “Note-to-Self” Organizer. It
is, essentially, a notebook you can organize, back up and   1st     Varnjeet Kaur
share. It features calendaring, task and note management
                                                            2nd     Nam Nidhan Kaur
and consists of a desktop application, web application
and a free online sharing and back-up service called
                                                            3rd     Amar Singh (son of Sat Kartar S. & Sat
Chandler Hub. Yes, it’s free, and it works the way peo-             Bachan K., Albq)
ple actually work, independently and together, particu-     5th     Jot Kaur
larly in small groups.                                      4th     Abnashi Kaur (daughter of Sadh
                                                                    Bakshish K)
When you start to trace how information comes into our      6th     Hari Amrit Kaur (daughter of Hari
lives and the path it takes through their various produc-           Jiwan Singh & Sat Bachan Kaur)
tivity tools, you realize that every piece of information   8th     Bhai Daya Singh
has its own life-cycle: It is born, it grows in size and    13th    Devta Kaur (daughter of Sat Bir Singh
changes in shape and then it dies, or slowly withers                & Nirinjan Kaur)
away as it loses relevance over time. But your email,
                                                            14th    Sumpuran Kaur
task and calendar applications exist in dumb ignorance
of that simple fact. Your calendar doesn't know about
                                                            15th    Seva Kaur
the note you jotted down about Lunch with Amrit Kaur                Sarib Jot Kaur (daughter of Siri
next Wednesday. Your task list doesn't know about the               Nirongkar S. & Jiwan Shakti K.)
requests coming in via Email. The only way it will know     16th    Ravi Kaur (Bhangra)
is if you make it known, with copy and paste and a lot of           Sat Sundri Kaur
context-switching.                                          18th    Sat Amrit Kaur (daughter of Dr Hari Jot
                                                                    Singh & Seva K)
Chandler is a free, open-source workflow and collabora-     20th    Guru Jai Singh
tion tool for groups and work teams. You don’t need         21st    Ravi Kaur (teacher)
expensive systems like Lotus Notes or Microsoft Groove              Meagath (Har Krishna Kaur)
to do this. Try Chandler instead. Check it out at http://
                                                            23rd    Prabhu Jot Singh (son of Kartar Singh
                                                                    & Deva Kaur),
Please do keep letting me know if this column is useful             Sat Guruprasad Kaur
to you, and also keep sending me your suggestions for       24th    Har Nal Kaur
column topics, along with your own tips or cool             25th    Devmurti Singh (Canada)
downloads, so I can share them with the Sangat here.                Sukhwinder Singh
Just email them to me at Thanks!                 Mukhtiar Kaur
                                                            26th    Karm Singh (grandson of Darshan K. &
   Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Newsletter
                                                            27th    Ardas Singh
   01-A Guru Ram Das Place                                  28th    Mukta Kaur
   Espanola, NM 87532                                               Tyaga Singh

   Co-Editors: GuruMeher Kaur, Sr. and Guru Meher
   Kaur Jr.

   If you would like to submit an announcement or an
   article, call GuruMeher Kaur, Sr. at 505-753-6341
   or email to:

                                        Hacienda De Guru Ram Das

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mural                                       stands on the crescent, which represents the two
Author Unknown                                                    swords.
Many of you may not know the complete story behind our mural in
the Gurdwara. Here is a reprint with all the information on our   Mr. O’Brien was impressed that this universal princi-
beautiful mural.—Editor’s Comment                                 ple meant the same in the East and the West. In the
                                                                  mural the same concept from both ends of the world
                                                                  become one. On the right side of the mural (facing it)
                                                                  is the Golden Temple in India, on the left, the Basil-
                                                                  ica in Mexico. The image of Our Lady on Don
                                                                  Diego’s shawl is filtered and projected through the
                                                                  Adi Shakti. On the left is Yogi Bhajan, who brought
                                                                  Sikh Dharma to the western hemisphere. On the right
                                                                  is an American Sikh bringing Sikh Dharma back to
                                                                  the east. So, Adi Shakti, after being blessed by Guada-
                                                                  lupe is being reintroduced back into Eastern culture.

                                                                   The twelve astrological symbols frame the mural,
                                                                  showing the all-encompassing effect of the Universe
                                                                  and its influence upon man’s life. At the top there are
                                                                  four sections showing the Universe in creation and
 The incomplete mural shown behind sangat in Gurdwara             repose, and showing life taking form from cellular to
 in 1974. (Hari Kaur of Espanola in front row)                    man. Here the Universe is seen in macrocosm and
                                                                  microcosm – in past, present and future, showing
                                                                  God’s constant involvement with creation.
The artist of the mural, Ed O’Brien, was trained in the
1930s in classical mural painting on fresco. He studied for
                                                                  The basic structure of the mural is formed by two
years a technique that is known by few today. This mural is
                                                                  equilateral triangles creating a six pointed star, one
his last work, dedicated to the Universal Mother, and de-
                                                                  rising from the earth towards the heavens, the other
picting the destiny of the Sikhs. The paint is layered in
                                                                  bringing energy down to the earth. The center is the
such a way that as the under layers mature, the painting
                                                                  western symbol, Our Lady of Guadalupe, combined
will look like stained glass. After World War II he went to
                                                                  with the eastern symbol, the Adi Shakti. This com-
Mexico City to the Basilica and saw the Guadalupe. He
                                                                  bined symbol is the Universal Mother to all mankind,
had a great religious experience there, and from that, he
                                                                  the purity and power of feminine principal. It takes
dedicated his life to painting Our Lady of Guadalupe so
                                                                  form as it comes from eternity, through the sphere of
that others could have that same experience. He hired
                                                                  sound, down through the color spectrum, into physi-
himself out to different churches to paint murals. What-
                                                                  cal form. Above her shoulders are two eastern god-
ever the mural was, he always painted Our Lady of Guada-
                                                                  desses, Saraswati and Bhagwati, representing the as-
lupe as part of it. He painted murals in Wisconsin and Chi-
                                                                  pects of beauty and balance in the life of a God con-
cago and then came to New Mexico. Here he painted a
                                                                  scious being.
mural at St. Catherine’s Indian School and a mural at the
church in Pecos.
                                                                  On both sides of the Adi Shakti are portraits of the
                                                                  ten Sikh Gurus, and to the side of each portrait is a
While he was in Pecos he met some young American Sikhs
                                                                  miniature painting detailing a virtue from a significant
who lived in the Ashram. Mr. O’Brien asked them about
                                                                  event in the life of each Guru.
their religious faith – Sikh Dharma. While speaking, the
conversation turned to the Adi Shakti, the representation
                                                                  The left side of the mural represents the formation of
of the feminine principle in Sikh Dharma. Mr. O’Brien
                                                                  Sikh Dharma in the western hemisphere. Here is a
realized that this symbol of the Adi Shakti represented
                                                                  picture of Yogi Bhajan with no pillow of rest behind
Our Lady of Guadalupe. At the center of the Adi Shakti is
                                                                  him, showing the time and work spent in preparing
the double-edged sword – the feminine principle – sur-
                                                                  the destiny of this country. His foot rests on the
rounded by the circle of Infinity, swords on either side
                                                                  United States, symbolizing his mission of coming to
representing spiritual and temporal sovereignty; to be in
                                                                  this country to create teachers and inspire many to a
this world, but of the Spirit at the same time. So, Our Lady
                                                                  new way of life. The right side represents the activity
is in the center of the mural as the feminine principle. She                                            (Continued on page 8)

                                       Hacienda De Guru Ram Das

(Continued from page 7)                                       Celebration honoring Guru Gobind Singh’s
and projection of the Khalsa into the next 5,000 years. The      Lahore in Himachel Pradesh, India
man represents a Sikh man of the future with the attrib-
utes of Guru Ram Das. The pillow behind him symbolizes
our widespread popularity in the east and the prophecy
that our generations would teach, uplift, serve and prosper
for the next 5,000 years. Next to this figure is the Hari-
mandir, Golden Temple, with it’s healing nectar tank in
the foreground.

The last scene painted by Mr. O’Brien was the Lady of
Guadalupe appearing to Don Diego and telling him of her
mission to crush the evil serpent of misunderstanding and
abuse of mankind. Her image is imprinted on his poncho
to prove her presence and her intentions to the Catholic
Church. In the painting this is filtered through the Adi
Shakti to show the universality of her mission.
                                                              The Siri Guru Granth Sahib being carried above the
The Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji (Yogi      crowd.
Bhajan) said of Mr. O’Brien and his work, “When beyond
the interfaith, God is seen and recognized, that is where
man rises above the clouds and sees sunshine. With this
Christ consciousness, Ed O’Brien worked with the Sikh
Dharma and predicted, through the mural, the future
events of the world, through which mankind is grateful.”

On completion of this mural Edward O’Brien left his
body and merged in the Light of God. His photograph is
on the wall to the right of the mural with this inscription
from the Siri Singh Sahib Ji: “He will be known in the his-
tory of man from this time forth. Books will be written on
his works. Pilgrimages will be made to see his murals and
the power of his faith captured in paint.”

                      Edward O’Brien                          Guru Dharm Kaur, Kamal Roop Singh and Prem Siri
                 August 11, 1910 – May 1, 1975                Kaur in the crowd.

  Guru Dharm Kaur almost hidden in the large crowd that       The Panj Piare leading the crowd
  came to participate in the festivities.

Meditation for an Invincible Spirit                          Excerpts about the Narayan Shabd
in the Aquarian Age                                          Siri Singh Sahib Ji
Yogi Bhajan • February 2, 1992                               February 6, 1987

Posture: Sit straight. Left hand is in Gyan Mudra, the       “This Shabad has a history behind it, power be-
tip of the forefinger touching the tip of the thumb, rest-   hind it. That’s what I am asking you, the maxi-
ing on the knee with the arm straight. Raise the right       mum people should come as you have seen the
hand to about 12 inches in front of the chest, holding       success of the other Shabad. Haven’t you? Is
the mantra sheet and concentrating on the written            there anybody here who questions that?
words as you chant. If you don’t have a mantra sheet,
angle your hand as if you were reading a sheet of pa-        This Shabad will do five things.:
per, with the palm open and the wrist straight. (Ideally,    • It will restore the glory of the Khalsa.
you would print the mantra on a sheet of paper and           • It will restore the glory of the Akal Takht.
read the mantra as you chant. We’ve created a printer        • It will bring the character of the Khalsa back
friendly version for you to download.)                          to it.
                                                             • It will bring the future of the Khalsa on a silver
Eyes: Apply Neck Lock and look down the nose to                 plate and God shall present it back to the
see the mantra sheet or the palm. When he gave this             Khalsa.
meditation, he asked us to focus the eyes, to pay at-        • And it shall give you the amalgamation,
tention and not drift. If you do not have the page to           merger and oneness with God, whosoever
read from, use the palm but continue to focus.                  shall sing.

Mantra: Focus on the movement of the tongue and              If that doesn't happen, wherever you perform my
the sensation of the sound as it creates a time and          last rite, as a religious duty, spit at that place and
space. Sing with Nirinjan Kaur’s Aquarian March. Be-         never leave a flower. But as Guru has said, so it
come a symphony. 7 minutes (27 minutes if doing              shall happen and I am just today taking this op-
complete meditation for 31‐minutes)                          portunity to communicate with you.”

Continue chanting, close your eyes and put your              Also, the Narayan Shabad is so important that it
hands on your heart, one palm resting on the other.          is one of three sound currents that the Siri Singh
Press the hands firmly into the chest. Press hard. 2         Sahib Ji asked to be played continuously in the
minutes                                                      Ranch Gurdwara after his death.

Keep your hands on the heart and begin to whisper
the mantra. Whisper powerfully. 1 minute.

To Close: Chant without the music for 30 seconds.
Inhale, exhale and relax.

Sat Siri—Truth, Projective Prosperity and Greatness

Siri Akal—Great Undying One Who Knows No Death

Siri Akal—Great Undying One Who Knows No Death

Maha Akal—Infinite Who Is Deathless

Maha Akal—Infinite Who Is Deathless

Sat Nam—Truth as Identity; or Identity of All That Is

Akal Moort—Embodied Form or Image of the Infinite

Wahe Guru—The Ecstatic Totality of God and                         Photo courtesy of


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